The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela

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The new English translation of the Guide is given here in full, with concise explanatory notes; and the introduction deals with the Guide in the context of more general concern about the pilgrimage phenomenon in the Middle Ages and its literary traditions. The core of the book is unique, fully illustrated, Gazetteer consisting of entries, in which all the important towns, monuments and buildings even those now lost encountered by the 12th-century traveller are described and illustrated.

There are suggestions for further reading for the non-specia- list, a glossary, and well-marked maps.

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Codex Calixtinus

The Appearances of Medieval Rituals Petersen et al. The collection includes sermons , reports of miracles and liturgical texts associated with Saint James, and a set of polyphonic musical pieces. In it are also found descriptions of the route, works of art to be seen along the way, and the customs of the local people. The compilation of Codex Calixtinus predates , most likely taking place during the late s to early s. The compilation is most likely due to the French scholar Aymeric Picaud. There are some clues suggestive of a later date of around , but none of them render impossible a date of around The miracles in book II are recounted with their dates, between and , so that the completion of the compilation can with some certainty be dated to between and , and with highest probability to the s.

While the individual texts have a complex history, and each of the five books was probably in existence before their compilation in a single "encyclopedia for the pilgrimage and cult of St. James", Codex Calixtinus is the archetype manuscript for the composite Liber sancti Jacobi. For this reason, the terms Liber sancti Jacobi and Codex Calixtinus are often used interchangeably. The historical content of the compilation is emergence of Saint James as a patron saint for the fight against Islam in Iberia.

This date serves as terminus ante quem for the compilation of the Liber excluding appendices. The work was particularly popular at the Abbey of Cluny. Codex Calixtinus was long held in the archives of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and was rediscovered there by the Jesuit scholar Padre Fidel Fita in The book was stolen from its security case in the cathedral's archives on 3 July [7] Spanish press reports speculated that the theft may have been an attempt to embarrass the cathedral administration over lax security measures [8] or an attempt to settle a personal or professional grievance.

On 4 July , the codex was found in the garage of a former employee of the Cathedral. There were also several other objects of worth stolen from the Cathedral found in the home of the former employee.

The Pilgrim's Guide to Santiago de Compostela

The codex appeared to be in perfect condition but an in depth analysis will have to be performed in order to verify it. The former cathedral employee was convicted of the theft of the codex and of EUR 2.

Through The Eyes of a Pilgrim - Camino de Santiago 2016

Its oversized pages were trimmed down during a restoration in With some exceptions, each folio displays a single column of thirty-four lines of text. Book IV had been torn off in , either by accident, theft or at the decree of King Philip III , and it was reinstated during the restoration.

Codex Calixtinus - Wikipedia

The letter of Pope Callixtus II which opens the book, occupies both recto and verso of the first two folios. He also describes how the manuscript survived many hazards from fire to drowning. Book I accounts for almost half of all the codex and contains sermons and homilies concerning Saint James, two descriptions of his martyrdom and official liturgies for his veneration.

Its relative size and the information it contains on the spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage make it the heart of the codex.

The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela
The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela
The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela
The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela
The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela
The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela
The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela The Pilgrim’s Guide to Santiago de Compostela

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