Von der Weissagung (German Edition)

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The Call of The Mountains (German translation)

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A alarming phenomenon, Rehwaldt joked, undoubtedly, the devoted occultists would feel very uncomfortable. Quatrain Rehwaldt quoted Loog's translation of quatrain and his comment upon it. According to Loog, this quatrain undeniable deals with England since the first line contains the word "Neptune". He doubted, however, if the words Der rote Gegner wird vor Furcht bleich werden wenn er das Weltmeer in Schrecken versetzt would mean that the German social-democracy would be afraid for the consequences of the submarine-war and the British blockade.

In the eyes of Rehwaldt, Loog's comment was strikingly simple. Some marginal notes to Rehwaldt's criticism Rehwaldt is not the only one who characterized Nostradamus as an impostor or a swindler and who criticized the links between a number of quatrains and certain events. In , the French Century -scholar Buget wrote that, as far as he was concerned, not one word in quatrain could be applied to the decease of Henry II. Unlike the contents of this quatrain, neither Henry II nor the Count of Montgomery, his opponent, used a lion as an emblem and the helmet of Henry II was neither of gold nor gilded.

The criticism of Rehwaldt is founded upon the anti-Semitic idea that Nostradamus was a half-Jew, which meant that he was an impostor and a swindler. Pretending to be clairvoyant, this clever Jew published the mysterious Centuries , a practical way to earn money. Rehwaldt's anti-Semitic criticism is not valid.

Someone's gift, integrity or talent can not be jugded by means of race or religion. With such criticism, one can not ascertain of the predictions in the Centuries will be fulfilled or not.

Die Weissagung (German Edition)

According to Rehwaldt, Nostradamus was a prominent member of a secret society and his friends did every possible thing to make him famous. Rehwaldt did not mention the name of this secret society; in Weissagungen , he launched a conspiracy theory without any proof. Rehwaldt not only wanted to debunk the Centuries by categorizing them as the product of an impostor, but also by describing the in his eyes ridiculous daring exploits of Kemmerich and Loog to link quatrains to events and to prove that Nostradamus predicted even the smallest detail.

In his eyes, their link between the fourth line of quatrain and the end of the House of Valois was forced: This argument does not make sense since the fourth line of quatrain does not contain the word chasses , but the word classes.

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Kemmerich copied the translation of the word classes into break from the French Century -scholar Anatole le Pelletier, who referred to the Greek word klasis fracture, branching ; Loog also wrote about a break. He wrote that Kemmerich - which he continously called a professor although Kemmerich had a doctor's degree - committed himself by writing that Nostradamus wisely not mentioned that the coronation of the one brother would be preceded by the decease of the other brother; Rehwaldt saw no reason to assume that Nostradamus had such a detailed knowledge. In the eyes of Rehwaldt, this prediction differed from those in the Centuries , since Nostradamus founded this prediction upon horoscopes, while he wrote the Centuries under the pretence of being clairvoyant.

Contrasts In this article, it is assumed that when Weissagungen was published in , the German army not yet invaded Poland. Between these Nostradamus-campaigns and the contents of Weissagungen in connection with Nostradamus and the Centuries , there are a couple of differences.

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Rehwaldt's attack on Nostradamus and the Centuries was not part of a crusade against superstition, but part of a crusade against the international networks of communists, freemasons, Jews and Roman-Catholics who wanted to seize world-wide power. In November , after the German invasion in Poland and its link to quatrain , dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, the nazi-minister of Propaganda, developed the idea to used the Centuries for psychological warfare.

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  5. By doing so, he wanted to take advantage of the superstition of his adversaries in order to demoralize them. The gloomy words of the Centuries would enable the campaign-compilers to explain them the way they wanted. For the national-socialist campaign-compilers, the Jewish descent of Nostradamus was no impediment in the use of the Centuries for psychological warfare. In a note which most likely dates from June , dr. Heinrich Fesel, in charge of Amt VII of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt , thought it efficacious to use the Centuries for psychological warfare and that Nostradamus at most was a half-Jew.

    As far as known, this version was not brought into circulation.

    However, in the translations of Nostradamus sieht die Zukunft Europas which in were brought into circulation, nothing was written about the Jewish descent of Nostradamus. Alexander Max Centgraf's German source text of Voorspellingen die uitgekomen zijn Notes The titles, places and year of issue of the mentioned authors are listed in the bibliography.

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    In and , a number of his publications, dating from , were reprinted, carrying the name German Pinning as the author's name. Their construction is based upon the "precession of the Equinox", the backward movement in the Sidereal Zodiac of the Vernal Equinox. On the cover of Weissagungen , the ages are moving forward in the Zodiac. Prophezeiungen - Alter Aberglaube oder neue Wahrheit?

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    The first edition was published in ; the second in ; the third in and the fourth in Rehwaldt did not specify which edition he used, he did mention, however, that Kemmerich cautiously did not discuss World War I. This means that Rehwaldt used the first edition of Prophezeiungen - Alter Aberglaube oder neue Wahrheit ; to the second edition, Kemmerich had added the chapter Der Weltkrieg in der Prophetie , which was also part of the third and the fourth edition.

    Erik Jan Hanussen, pseudonym of Hermann Chajm Steinschneider, born in Vienna on June 2, , a swindler who later in his life pretended to be gifted occultly. Although his predictions were not fulfilled, he became well-known. He published his own weekly, the Hanussen bonte Wochenschau , hided his jewish descent, supported national-socialism and acquired the friendship of prominent nazi's because of e.

    On April 8, , his body was found in a wood in the south of Berlin. Recent investigations pointed out that in the night of March 24, , he was murdered in a Berlin police station by three members of the SA source: Alessandro Graf von Cagliostro, pseudonym of Giuseppe Balsamo , an Italian adventurer who occupied himself with the occult, pretended to be an alchemist and made a living with the selling in Europe of cosmetics and elixers and with practicing medicine.

    In , he was initiated in a freemasonry lodge in London.

    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)
    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)
    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)
    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)
    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)
    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)
    Von der Weissagung (German Edition) Von der Weissagung (German Edition)

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