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This romantic space opera is like nothing you've experienced!

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Episode - Choose Your Story. Interactive visual stories where YOU choose what path your character takes! Choose your story — Otome Games. Your choices affect the outcome! Matt - Dating Sim. You are the heroine of the game , the choices you make influence the story. Spoil your Sims with the Luxury Living update! Recognizing that "type" is an imprecise term, an alternate way to classify types of choices is to look at outcomes and the impacted entity. For example, using this approach three types of choices would be: In this approach, establishing the types of choices makes it possible to identify the related decisions that will influence and constrain a specific choice as well as be influenced and constrained by another choice.

As a moral principle, decisions should be made by those most affected by the decision, but this is not normally applied to persons in jail, who might likely make a decision other than to remain in jail.

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When choosing between options one must make judgments about the quality of each option's attributes. For example, if one is choosing between candidates for a job, the quality of relevant attributes such as previous work experience, college or high school GPA, and letters of recommendation will be judged for each option and the decision will likely be based on these attribute judgments.

However, each attribute has a different level of evaluability , that is, the extent to which one can use information from that attribute to make a judgment. An example of a highly evaluable attribute is the SAT score. Because the distribution of scores on this attribute is relatively well known it is a highly evaluable attribute. Compare the SAT score to a poorly evaluable attribute, such as the number of hours spent doing homework. Most employers would not know what 10, hours spent doing homework means because they have no idea of the distribution of scores of potential workers in the population on this attribute.

As a result, evaluability can cause preference reversals between joint and separate evaluations. The canonical example is a hiring decision made about two candidates being hired for a programming job. Subjects in an experiment were asked to give a starting salary to two candidates, Candidate J and Candidate S. However, some viewed both candidates at the same time joint evaluation , whereas others only viewed one candidate separate evaluation. The results showed that in joint evaluation both candidates received roughly the same starting salary from subjects, who apparently thought a low GPA but high experience was approximately equal to a high GPA but low experience.

However, in the separate evaluation, subjects paid Candidate S, the one with the high GPA, substantially more money. The explanation for this is that KY programs is an attribute that is difficult to evaluate and thus people cannot base their judgment on this attribute in separate evaluation.

Personal factors determine food choice. They are preference , associations , habits , ethnic heritage , tradition , values , social pressure , emotional comfort , availability , convenience , economy , image , medical conditions , and nutrition. A number of research studies in economic psychology have focused on how individual behavior differs when the choice set size the number of choices to choose from is low versus when it is high.

Of particular interest is whether individuals are more likely to purchase a product from a large versus a small choice set. Currently, the effect of choice set size on the probability of a purchase is unclear.


In some cases, large choice set sizes discourage individuals from making a choice [10] and in other cases it either encourages them or has no effect. Individuals went virtual shopping in different stores that had a randomly determined set of choices ranging from 4 to 16, with some being good choices and some being bad. Researchers found a stronger effect for the allure of more choice. However, they speculate that due to random assignment of number of choices and goodness of those choices, many of the shops with fewer choices included zero or only one option that was reasonably good, which may have made it easier to make an acceptable choice when more options were available.

There is some evidence that while greater choice has the potential to improve a person's welfare, sometimes there is such a thing as too much choice. For example, in one experiment involving a choice of free soda, individuals explicitly requested to choose from six as opposed to 24 sodas, where the only benefit from the smaller choice set would be to reduce the cognitive burden of the choice. As the number of choices within the extensive-options scenarios increased, the preference for limited options increased as well.

One assumes that perusing a larger number of choices imposes a cognitive burden on the individual.


Further research has expanded on choice overload , suggesting that there is a paradox of choice. As increasing options are available, three problems emerge.

First, there is the issue of gaining adequate information about the choices in order to make a decision. Second, having more choices leads to an escalation of expectation. If there is one choice available, and it ends up being disappointing, the world can be held accountable.

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When there are many options and the choice that one makes is disappointing, the individual is responsible. However, a recent meta-analysis of the literature on choice overload calls such studies into question Scheibehenne, Greigeneder, and Todd, In many cases, researchers have found no effect of choice set size on people's beliefs, feelings, and behavior. Indeed, overall, the effect of "too many options" is minimal at best.

The results suggest that reversible decisions cause people to continue to think about the still relevant choice options, which might increase dissatisfaction with the decision and regret. Individual personality plays a significant role in how individuals deal with large choice set sizes. Psychologists have developed a personality test that determines where an individual lies on the satisficer-maximizer spectrum. Please note that you may need to adjust multiple settings, and not just your location permissions, to opt out of providing precise location information.

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