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The basic search engine works well, and the advanced search could use some work. There are additional helpful resources on the site, which Charles Templeton Jr. This fine collection has become quite expansive with many items found here that aren't elsewhere. Very good source for items that were included in early stage musicals, and nice resource for research as well. An exciting addition to the many on-line archives, there are some very unique items that are to be found in this collection. The single drop-down title page is a bit more difficult to navigate, so the browse by composer pages linked to here are recommended.

Just select Music from the list and Go. A large multi-tiered archive with some standards as well as four to eight hand arrangements, hosted by the University of Maine libraries. There are several ways to search, and good keyword use or filtering by years are recommended to minimize results. Baylor University Library Digital Collections. Baylor University has one of the newer web-based collections available, which is fun and worthwhile to browse through for researchers or casual users.

Many of the sheets are in digital printable format. Presented with the Detroit Public Library, this important collection includes full scans of many pieces of African-American music or that with Negro Themes, and is invaluable for research on composers like Fred S. Stone, Eubie Blake or Bert Williams among others. This collection lives at the University of South Florida. It is a great reference for years of publication and publishers, as well as composers. While mostly not available due to copyright restrictions on many of the items, this collection still has some very unusual items that make it a great research tool, or perhaps confirmation for the existence of rare pieces.

UNT also houses the great Stan Kenton library. Keep refreshing since this one times out after a few minutes. A nicely organized and visually rich archive of African-American based music from to , and worth a lengthy browse into its treasures. Gonzaga University Digital Collections: A substantial cache of nearly 20, scanned sheets dating back to the s, as collected by Howard W. Hard to browse through because of the size, so be prepared to either search or spend a long time browsing.

The Cleveland Library Consortium is a good reference point for Ohio ragtime and beyond, and is involved with exchange or temporary lending programs with most U. So what you find here can often be borrowed or copied for research. A well categorized collection acquired by the Smithsonian Institution, this focus largely on the images and how they reflect the American way of life.

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A sizeable collection of over 7, music sheets, with many unusual ones tied to California history along with the expected fare found in many piano benches. Ohio State University Libraries. Great reference site for listings recordings of ragtime and other music as well as research on composers and what they wrote. Over a century of sheet music and some extraordinary engraved and lithographed covers mixed in with the usual expected content found on archive sites. The Library of Congress section devoted entirely to ragtime. You'll find rarities by many composers including original transcriptions easily downloaded for your perusal.

One of the better references, albeit without on-line images at this time, of works published in and around Kansas City, including a lot of Charles L. Johnson pieces and items from the Jenkins and Hoffman catalogs. This makes for a fair research site on Missouri composers. This school hosts the small but interesting Alvah Sulloway Sheet Music and Theater Program collection that goes beyond the ragtime era, focused in some respects on theater. Another good research tool with the occasional rare find, particularly in some of the programs. Ragtime and other music from Down Under.

This is an interesting resource that features not only music unique to Australia, but many imports from the U. Search on "Rag" or specific composers or titles. There are a surprising amount of great resources and references that include sheet music in this library archive, worth a look when trying to search for more information on any particular composer. Covers and accompanying MIDI sequences for music from the 's to the 's. A very well balanced and represented collection with a good archive. Dedicated to most facets of the life of the "World's Greatest Entertainer". - Patriotic Pieces and Americana

Entertaining in itself, and a very insightful look into a complex life. Held each Memorial Day weekend in Peoria formerly in Decatur , Illinois, since , this is a great gathering of both seasoned and budding ragtime and old-time pianists. The Memorial Day Weekend contest will be the 41st annual and sadly, possibly the last. Interested in not only preserving quality music but representing it through quality performances.

A great organization to be involved with for listeners and performers alike, and one the "Perfessor" regularly partakes in. Now he thankfully contributes to the web on his review site, which also includes links to his weekly radio shows. Based in Sedalia, Missouri, home of the Maple Leaf Rag and other great ragtime compositions, their yearly Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival is held in early June, with top-notch ragtime players from all over the world in attendance, and the ragtime store both in Sedalia and on-line is open all year.

Seminars, concerts, history, and nostalgia are all integral parts of this festival which can always use more support and interest! Traditional Jazz is a direct descendant of Ragtime. This organization both lists and hosts events year-round where exciting instrumental traditional jazz is performed. Established in in Germany and led for most of its life by Klaus Pehl, this group is one of the great instrumental ragtime forces in Europe, and has hosted many great players from all over the world.

An informative site, it also includes downloads of band arrangements, including Standard High Class Rags, long known as the Red Back Book. CDs for sale as well. In addition to providing extensive information on the Festival, their site also provides lists of Ragtime event calendars, performers, vendors, organizations, publications, and MIDI sites, especially ragtime-based ones.

Obviously a destination for those who love the music. All things concerning Traditional Jazz, the immediate child of ragtime, can be found here along with many sound files and related links. Traditional Jazz in NW England. Information and news on the Traditional Jazz scene in the U.

Members of this ring are selected for their dedication to the preservation of Scott Joplin's music and ragtime in general. All of these links are highly recommended for those with casual to intense interests in the music. Automatic Musical Instrument Related Sites. Hosted by noted piano technician and historian Art Reblitz , this site not only features his marvelous and detailed book on mechanical music instruments, but has many articles on the history of such machines and the companies that built them, along with other highly useful information and links related to the topic.

The oldest remaining piano roll provider also offers many new technologies to enhance old players, create new ones from ordinary pianos, and many types of MIDI interfaces, along with a fabulous selection of piano rolls, PianoMation discs, tuning supplies, roll cabinets, piano lights and useful accessories for any piano owner. Douglas Henderson has lovingly recreated or restored a number of piano rolls for reproducing and standard action players, along with some newer interpretations of older pieces.

His recording techniques will bring new life to your Duo-Art or Ampico , or provide added fun for any player piano. The site also features the Pianola News. Hosted by Bob Billings, this site features the late John Farrell's piano roll transcriptions of great stride solos and some MIDI files of the rolls as well. There are more rolls by other artists, great for any player piano or stride enthusiast. Hosted by young enthusiast and band organ expert Mikey Mills, this site has recordings, videos, photographs and event information on various types of restored mechanical music devices.

Multi-tune roll reproductions for a variety of automatic musical instruments, including information on manufacturing, and CD recordings of some rolls. A delightful tour of the instruments restored by Swiss collector Hanspeter Kyburz with good information and many fine pictures of unusual devices.

Automatic Musical Instruments Collector's Association. Lots of information and images of a variety of self-playing musical instruments. A good site for whetting one's interest in the topic.

Bringing new life to piano rolls and making them available to people who mysteriously don't have player pianos already is what Warren is doing for the world. Lots to listen to, and constantly growing. Full of pictures of player pianos and orchestrions, streaming video, MP3 audios, and MIDI files, this is a mechanical music paradise that will take some time to go through.

Classic piano rolls and some newer interpretations, focusing mostly on the genre of blues piano and ragtime. Musical Box Society International is a haven for those interested in all manners of mechanical music, of which music boxes are among the earliest forms. Lots to see there. A moderated digest for owners or lovers or mechanical music devices. Several pages of images, links to other mechanical music sites, and lots of information on the topic.

Started by Arnold S. Caplin and in part by long-time piano roll aficionado Mike Montgomery , this now mostly deprecated label features a number of fabulous piano roll recordings and restorations from the Ragtime and Jazz eras. Some titles still available through this link at Oldies. The best resource for information on Victor Victrolas, the phonographs built by Victor with internal horns. There are links to many other resources as well. A variety of informative articles and other goodies all related to antique phonographs of all varieties. An auction area is included for collectors.

Dedicated to the preservation of early recorded sounds, you can listen to streamed recordings and there are many CDs of material available. Inventing Entertainment- Thomas Edison U. Library of Congress Site. Lots of information on Edison's role in the development of both Cylinder and Disc phonographs, including an article on Diamond Discs and some sound recordings.

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This well-known stop is a good source for much of the ragtime and traditional jazz currently in print, as well as lots of used material that is hard to find. Search on Ragtime Music. Dover has the best of the best of ragtime folios as well as many other genres and categories of historical interest. Search on ragtime or follow the music links.

Owned and operated by delightful pianist and Bill's good friend Richard Dowling, this store is a one-stop shop for virtually any of your sheet music or folio needs, be they classical, ragtime, or instructional. Many other fascinating items to be found here as well. Highly recommended, and reliable. This on-line store has a large selection of ragtime music in both print and downloadable forms.

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Fairly good selection, although some of the better known Dover editions are buried, and the searches are not as focused as may be desirable within such a limited spectrum. Worth a look, though. A European site with digital scores requiring Scorch. This site has a good-sized selection of some music that is hard to locate in other places.

You will have to do some mining to find what you are looking for, but you may turn up som gems. This site allows you to download selected scores to your computer for printing. Covers everything from classical to current styles, including ragtime and jazz, for a variety of instruments as well, and sometimes in a requested key. Within is one of the best online music stores formerly Sunhawk. This includes virtually all of the works by Scott Joplin. Search on "ragtime" or by title or composer.

On a Lark is a duet for flute and piano. I wrote this piece for an advanced-level flautist who wanted to play something original for her solo and ensemble festival. I called this piece "Rag Weed" because many of the accents occur just before the 1st and 3rd beats, reminiscent of the ragtime style. I originally wrote this piece for my daughter to play on the sax, along with her instructor on clarinet. Listen to the MP3 file--it is a recording of a wonderful performance by husband-and-wife team Galen Tromble and Pamela Mason.

You can purchase sheet music for this piece at Imagine Music Publishing. The title "Anticipation" seems to be appropriate because the ostinato octaves played by the piano remind one of the ticking of a clock. The purpose of this competition is to encourage the composition of "inventive, and playable" chamber music featuring the clarinet. The Pripet Marshes is a rhapsody for clarinet quintet clarinet plus string quartet, or for clarinet plus string orchestra. This haunting poem describes how the narrator might put himself in the shoes of an omnipotent power, and transplant his friends to a Jewish village in the northwest Ukraine during World War II.

Each person is a unique character with a human charm and frailties. Then he would snatch the village back to safety before the arrival of the Nazis. While the music does not try to mirror the story--this is not programmatic music--it does try to reflect the mood of the poem. Jewish-style melodies sweep through the piece with a whisper of Klezmer. On a Sunday Afternoon is for clarinet quartet Eb clarinet, two Bb clarinets, and bass clarinet. I composed this happy piece for a local group of clarinetists.

Away with Words Midi: Away with Words is for a clarinet trio: The titles of the movements are: With a midirected sense of urgency II. Calmly, with a false sense of security III. Don't let the syncopaths trip you Each movement is itself in a ternary form. All three movements are rhythmic, and at times especially the third movement is highly syncopated. In addition, much of the piece is strongly modal. The piece requires a moderately high level of skill to play. Ballade for Trombone and Piano is a beautiful, lyrical piece that will melt your heart!

It is 10 minutes in duration, and is intended for an intermediate-level 4th-year trombone player. Long Road Ahead is a 5-minute duet for intermediate-level trombone and piano. Caprice is a 6-minute duet for intermediate-level alto trombone and piano. It has contemporary harmonies, with a jazz-like flavor.

Although written for alto trombone, Caprice can also be played by a tenor trombone with no difficulty. Therefore, the sheet music includes parts for both alto and tenor trombones. This piece for trombone quartet is dedicated to Daniel Baldwin, an enthusiastic trombone player who guided me through the literature of contemporary trombone music.

Against All Odds is for brass quintet 2 trumpets, French horn, trombone, tuba. This is a dramatic--but mostly quiet--piece with a driving rhythm, with contemporary harmonies and lyrical melodies. Easy Street Midi mp3 2. It starts out as an easy-going march. A short middle section relaxes a bit, and then the march resumes. This piece is intended to be played by intermediate-level amateur musicians. Sunday Evening in the Snow for Woodwind Quintet. Sunday Evening in the Snow is an educational piece for woodwind quintet.

This piece has an ABA form. The first section starts slowly, and the second section--though not changing in tempo--has a faster rhythm. Full of counterpoint, each instrument gets a chance to shine by playing the melody. It is an old melody I composed as a teen-ager, but revived for this unusual ensemble. Spirit and Spice for Woodwind Quintet. Spirit and Spice is an upbeat, modern piece for woodwind quintet. It is a lot of fun for performers and audience, alike! The jazzy feel uses lots of contemporary harmonies and rhythms. Much of the piece has a big-band feeling. The melody gets handed off to each instrument, allowing each instruments a chance to shine.

Listen to the marvelous performance by the Ensemble a la Carte quintet, in the MP3 recording. Tea for Five Woodwind Quintet. Tea for Five is a contemporary classical-style piece for woodwind quintet. It is filled with catchy rhythms, counterpoint, and pleasant melodies. Writing it was quite a challenge. The reason is that it was my first composition for multiple woodwinds.

Before this, I usually started the composition process with an interesting harmonic progression and a catchy rhythm, using a pad or multi-voice piano, guitar instrument and taking off from there.

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In this piece, I could not use this approach at all, because each instrument can only play a single note at a time. I don't have a section of strings playing full-bodied chords, or a piano playing chords with a fun rhythm. As a result, the counterpoint aspect is much stronger than usual.

Quartet Fusion is for trumpet, alto trombone, bass clarinet and bassoon. My friend Daniel Baldwin requested a new composition for his unusual ensemble. With lots of syncopation and nervous energy, this piece gives each of the instrumentalists a turn to take center stage. Three Dimensions is for flute, clarinet and bassoon. This is an upbeat piece with a "jazz-and-blues" feel. Each instrument is featured in one of the three movements.

The full piece lasts for about 15 minutes. A Summer Song is for flute, clarinet and bassoon.


This is a contemporary, light-hearted piece, full of counterpoint. Each instrument is equal in importance, getting a chance to share in the main melodies. Shifting Sands is a soft, slow nocturne for piano. The key modulates all over the place--hence the name!. Listen to the beautiful performance by Jeffery Beaudry. Dance of the Sprites, at Daybreak is a piano solo in a contemporary style. Full of spicy dissonances and rapidly modulating keys, this piece is designed to keep an audience dazzled, but should not be very difficult to play.

Play the MP3 file, to hear the dazzling performance by Jeffery Beaudry! I did not aim to write the piece in a "New Age" style--it just sort of happened! The structure is a simple theme and variations, with the original theme returning at the end. The MP3 file contains a wonderful performance by Susan Alexander. Romance Number 1 Midi MP3 3. This flowing nocturne is reminiscent of piano music from the romantic period.

It is sure to invoke an image of beauty and passion. For the performer, this piece gives a good workout to the left hand, while the right hand part is fairly simple. If you enjoy this piece, please send me a note! Romance Number 3 Midi MP3 2. This tranquil waltz is in the style of the Gymnopedies by Eric Satie. Reverie Midi MP3 3. Chutzpa Midi Sheet Music. The music is brassy and irreverent, its melodies gyrate as its sassy rhythms gallop in full chase.

These classical-style pieces were written in response to La Musique Petite Challenge. April Foolishness was my entry for the April, challenge to write a piece in the style of a favorite composer. This piano solo is in the style of Prokofiev. Rondo Jubilee was my entry for the March, challenge to write a piece in the rondo form.

It is in the "Theme and Variations" form. It was written in response to the challenge to compose a piece, without listening to it during the compositional process, that is, to pretend one is deaf! Imagine a day when there are no cares or worries, just a picnic in the park with some games, relaxation, a paddle-boat ride, a barbecue, and some good music. It is very imitative in structure, and at times there are multiple melodies being played in imitative counterpoint.

Piano Trio, Quartet, Quintet. Impulse Midi Sheet Music. Impulse , is for viola, cello and piano. Each of the instruments is given equal prominence. The music is filled with contemporary harmonies and striking, sometimes quirky rhythms. It has a distinctive "feel-good" flavor rather similar to the piano music that accompanies the "Charlie Brown" animated films. It is intended to be played by intermediate-level amateur musicians.

A scalawag is a mischief-maker. This piece mirrors the scheming and conniving that a scalawag uses to cause all sorts of trouble. But even trouble-makers need to take a rest once in a while. During those brief moments, the world seems to take a deep sigh of relief. But in truth, the scalawag simply uses his brief rest to think up new plots and when he wakes up, look out! Summer Day Dreams Midi. This piece is really meant to be performed by live musicians, rather than by electronic means. I hope that it will be performed in the near future.

It should not be a very challenging piece for even amateur musicians to play. Most of the interest in this piece springs from poly-rhythms, mild dissonances, and contrasting textures and moods. The Song I Never Wrote. The song was written specially for a father tenor and daughter soprano duo, with piano accompaniment.

Gordon Roesler and E. Hope Price, a real father-and-daughter team, with Amy Rothstein gave a wonderful performance. You can hear an MP3 recording, view and print the sheet music, and read the lyrics. Three Leaves on the Wind. Barbara Kupferberg wrote the beautiful lyrics, and I wrote the music specially for the Windsong ensemble; Harlie Sponaugle, soprano; Michael Bowyer, flute; Nancy Genovese, clarinet, and Amy Rothstein, piano. You can hear their wonderful performance, view and print the sheet music, and read the lyrics.

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Love Songs of Yehuda Halevi, for alto and woodwind quintet. Yehuda Halevi was a physician who lived years ago in Spain, who wrote many poems in both Hebrew and Arabic, on a wide range of subjects.

His poems are beautiful, and I have tried to capture their exotic qualities in a Ladino style of melodic composition. You must hear this fantastic performance! Elusive Muse is for soprano, flute and clarinet. Scott Emmons writes wonderful, humorous poems, and he wrote the words to this song. It is about Harry, a talented baker who has run into a problem--he has "Baker's Block. Voyage to a New Land MP3 7. Here you can read the lyrics, listen to a Midi file rendition, and print out the score in PDF format.

This piece was written in collaboration with British lyricist Simon Read. This piece is an epic drama, and lasts about 11 minutes in duration. Here is a list of performers: Written in collaboration with Brent Swarthout, Jeanne La Pucelle is a dramatic opera-style trio for soprano, tenor, and baritone, accompanied by piano. Here you can read the lyrics, download an MP3 of a performance, and view and print the sheet music. The song is an overview of the life of Joan of Arc, as seen by Joan soprano , the king of France tenor and a prosecutor baritone. The Power of Music. What a devilish song! My song The Power of Music is for tenor accompanied by piano.

Here you can read the lyrics, listen to a Midi rendition, download an MP3 of a performance, and view and print the sheet music. Based on an old poem by Thomas Lisle, the lyrics retell the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The story is practically turned upside down in this humorous version. I Have a Friend. The song is for a three-part children's chorus. The third part is for changing voices, and is optional. Written in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, , it tries to give reassurance to children that, in times of trouble, they are not alone.

However, this is not a patriotic song, and should be appropriate for children of any nation. The humorous lyrics and parallels in the instrumentals make this a joyful, playful song. Lamentations of Jeremiah Midi Sheet Music. For its text, it uses the first nine verses of the original Hebrew from the book of Lamentations. It uses Haftorah Cantillation as the source for some of its thematic material, and is very modal in nature. I must admit that in midi, voices do not sound very good; midi is only suggestive of what the piece may sound like, when sung by a live choir.

Afterglow Midi sheet music. Afterglow is for a big band jazz ensemble. Careful attention is paid to avoid high notes that may be out of range for average students. Solos are completely written out, so that performers do not need to improvise. Besides the standard piece instrumentation, there are parts for flute, clarinet and violin. Also, a part for French horn doubles the 3rd trombone, in case a French horn is available, and there are too few trombones. The sheet music link above allows you to print out the entire score and all of the parts. Miracle of Eight Days.

This piece for concert band is a medley of Channukah themes, with a klezmer twist. At first, the themes are played in a minor mode, and are just barely recognizable. Then the piece switches to a major key, and the themes are repeated with an upswing in mood. America the Beautiful Midi. This is a concert band arrangement of America the Beautiful.

I arranged it specially for a small community wind band, for my friend Daniel Baldwin. You can purchase the score and parts from my publisher, Imagine Music Publishing. Paula Moore directs this unique ensemble, and the entire experience is incredible! The ensemble plays a wide repertoire of music including classical, jazz, Broadway, folk, and light. All band members learn to play professional percussion, tonal instruments, and a collection of folk instruments from around the world. Folk Tunes is an educational piece for flute, violin, piano and tuba. It's a fun piece, with some snippets of real folk tunes, and some made-up tunes, too.

The Queen of Halloween:

Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File
Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File
Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File
Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File
Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File
Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File
Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File Combination March Sheet Music For Piano with Print Ready Version and MIDI File

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