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Only at rare moments of exaltation or despair do we hear the lyrical cry rising above the monotone of dreamlike content.

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For there example teacheth, company comforteth, emulation quickeneth, glory raiseth: I think of you as the most beautiful, the truest thing in the world," he continued, filled with a sense of exaltation , and feeling that he had no need now to choose his words with pedantic accuracy, for what he wanted to say was suddenly become plain to him. This was the winter when my friend Piatt and I made our first literary venture together in those 'Poems of Two Friends;' which hardly passed the circle of our amity; and it was altogether a time of high literary exaltation with me.

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After the feeling of exaltation that had come to the farmer as a result of his successful year, another mood had taken possession of him. Here was a young man on whom, at the highest point of lovely exaltation , there had fallen a blow too sharp to be supported alone; and not many hundred yards away his greatest friend was sitting at supper - ay, and even expecting him.

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From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. A Drudge of Lexicographers Presents A Drudge of Lexicographers Presents: Collective Nouns What do you call a group of cats? Statistics for exaltation Look-up Popularity.


Time Traveler for exaltation The first known use of exaltation was in the 14th century See more words from the same century. More Definitions for exaltation.

Exaltation (astrology)

English Language Learners Definition of exaltation. Translation of exaltation Nglish: Translation of exaltation for Spanish Speakers Britannica English: Translation of exaltation for Arabic Speakers Britannica. Comments on exaltation What made you want to look up exaltation? Get Word of the Day daily email! The exaltations are one of the most ancient astrological factors still in use.

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They are used in ancient Mesopotamian astrology from an era which pre-dates the known use of the zodiac using reference to constellation positions which shows correspondence with those later attributed to zodiac degrees. Francesca Rochberg has pointed out that since the system is found in the tradition of Enuma anu enlil , its roots may extend into the second millennium BCE. The coffin texts pre-date attested Babylonian astrological texts.

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The pattern of the honored decans matches and appears to account for the pattern of the exaltation for four of the planets. Why the Babylonians considered these placements to be dignified is not known to Western astrologers. Although many speculations concerning the reasoning behind it have been put forth over the centuries, there are, as Robert Hand [7] has said, still anomalies that are almost impossible to explain with any consistency, such as the exaltation of vigorous Mars in cold Capricorn.

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The Western sidereal astrologer , Cyril Fagan , has speculated that the planets all rose heliacally [8] at these degrees in the year of the erection of an important temple to the Babylonian god Nabu in the year BC, but this is still very speculative. Since in Hellenistic astrology aspects were generally recognised from sign to sign, it is uncertain whether the distance of a planet from the exact degree of exaltation had much significance.

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In later Medieval astrology, influenced by the Arab and Byzantine , a hierarchy of all five essential dignities was favored, in which the most important dignity was that of the domicile ruler, followed in importance by exaltation. After the discovery of the three outer planets -- Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto —modern astrologers speculated on possible domicile and exaltation rulerships for these planets. It was suggested, for example, that Neptune was the "true" domicile ruler of Pisces usurping one of Jupiter's two domicile rulerships.

Exaltations Exaltations
Exaltations Exaltations
Exaltations Exaltations
Exaltations Exaltations
Exaltations Exaltations
Exaltations Exaltations

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