Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel

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I found it fascinating how Devon wrote those scenes. They, once again, remind me how much I love these unique aspects of this series and how talented this author is. One more thing that made me remember that we are dealing with a talented writer is my feelings for dear old Dad, Daniel Beckstrom.

Overall, I was very very happy with this installment. The turn that the story arc takes is good and I am looking forward to seeing where it takes us. Allie is still a wonderful heroine. She seemed stronger this time around. Jan 09, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. I feel like I absolutely flew through this book. While the last installment kind of dragged, this sixth book in the Allie Beckstrom series barely gives you a moment to breathe between the trials and tribulations of the main characters.

The book actually starts with a well-deserved basking in the Allie and Zayvion reunion, but it only lasts for a very short while. A lot bui I feel like I absolutely flew through this book. A lot builds on what we have learned about the original Soul Compliments, Isabelle and Leander, as well as the volatile history of Sedra and Mikhail.

We got much of that foundation during Magic at the Gate and Devon Monk was really setting the stage for us here. We learn quickly the identity of the shadow man is who has been skulking around —and his mission is nothing I would I have figured out on my own. And speaking of her dad, this plot is progressing a bit. I think Allie and Daniel are becoming a bit more sympathetic to one another. But frankly, I want more. I want to know the details about how he was split in the last book.

I want to know HOW he became such a bastard though I have my theories. The Soul Compliment thing is a very big theme here. And there are a lot of dark rumblings about what that connection could mean for Allie and Zayvion. Let me be clear. These two must stay together. Even though Zay kind of irked me in a couple of scenes in this book by overriding Allie, I still love him.

This couple hits my happy buttons and I believe in their love. One other thing of note, Monk is really good with her twists and turns. I am never really sure who the good guys and bad guys are. A good installment for existing fans of the series. Apr 06, Ratkin rated it really liked it. I've enjoyed the Allie Beckstrom books since the beginning of the series. They're well-written, smartly plotted and have fully alive characters, and this one was no different.

That, however, was also the cause of my unease with it. The series is starting to feel a little formulaic, at this point. You have the ghastly villain, the teamwork and cameraderie of the hunt for said villain, the things-keep-getting-worse section, and then the big final battle.

I'll still get the next book, but I'm hoping for something a little different next time. Sixth in the Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series set in Portland and revolving around Allie, a self-important Hound. My Take Monk uses a first person point-of-view so we get full exposure to Allie's self-importance. And yeah, she's tough. She doesn't need to Proxy her pain, although we have to suffer listening to all the pain she has to endure. Trope, trope, trope, trope…trope, trope… Allie's heart is in the right place even if her brain doesn't engage as often as you would expect from her charact Sixth in the Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series set in Portland and revolving around Allie, a self-important Hound.

Trope, trope, trope, trope…trope, trope… Allie's heart is in the right place even if her brain doesn't engage as often as you would expect from her character. She has a bad habit of leaping into anything whether she knows what she's doing or not and isn't concerned with how her actions will hinder or hurt her friends. Well, she's always concerned afterwards when they are hurt and she realizes it's her fault. Somehow, the girl never learns. She's a pain as well about the cavalier approach the Authority has about Closing.

Yeah, it's wrong that the Authority seems to Close people as casually as if they were eating potato chips, but Allie endangers her friends too often as she argues about it. And she also goes on at Zayvion about his Closing people. She never stops to consider underlying issues, whether it's about Closing, diplomacy, tact, the concept of making a move that puts you in a more powerful position, controlling the damage, gaining background knowledge that might explain it, nothin'.

Monk states that Shame and Terric have a connection ever since Terric used a combination of magics to save Shame's life in Magic on the Storm , 4. Although I seem to recall that they've been sharing a connection since the start of the series due to the high probability that they're Soul Complements. Of course, I could be projecting my irritation with Monk about that detail.

I know, I know. If I'm so irritated with Monk and Allie, why am I reading this? It's that series-long question about what Daniel's plans are. I wanna know if he's as black as he paints himself or if there actually is a glimmer of good guy buried under all his posturing. I also like the warmth and hominess of most of the characters and their interactions. That and I do like the series premise; I do not like Allie.

Jesus, Dane says he and Allie's father have the same approach to a problem: That sounds like Allie's dad all right. I do want to believe Daniel and his loftier stated goal, but he's such a scum sucking liar that he makes it impossible. And then he wonders why his daughter fights him on everything. I do have to agree with Allie about the Hounds, and I'm curious to know why no one ever addresses the reasons why the Authority no longer has Hounds in its roster. I haven't much respect for the Authority.

They're so interested in their own small areas and following the rules that they can't think outside the box. How is it that they've never seen the children's ghosts that are always around Jingo Jingo? Nola tells Allie she's selling the farm, and Allie gets all upset about it. It's been a refuge for her. Whatever will she do without Nola having that farm for her to retreat to? So, she's got all this money she inherited from her dad. Buy that damn farm!

Another thing that bugs me is how much the Authority sits on its hands. They have resources they refuse to use. Anything they learn, anything that needs to be done, Allie and crew are told to stand down. Let the adults handle it. Allie and her friends get into a bad situation, one they were specifically told not to do. But they gain life-changing knowledge. Without their actions no one would know what had happened until it was way too late. So what does the Authority focus on? That they went against orders. Sure, I know that Monk has already told us that the cities are independent, but magic isn't going to limit itself to that one city.

It'll affect all the others too. And what's happening in Portland is not exactly a minor upset. Oopsies, Nola finds out how much Allie has been holding back from her. The Story It's a short rest for Allie and Zayvion, now that the more experienced members of the Authority have locked the solid Veiled away in the secret prison. Now if only people didn't keep escaping… The Characters The claustrophobic Allie Beckstrom is her father's heir and has the ability to work all the branches of magic.

If only she knew how. Unlucky for her, her father took possession of her mind and occasionally wrests control of her body from her. Daniel is her dead and disgusting father who doesn't care who he steps on to gain immortality and power. He does seem to love Violet Beckstrom , though. That's his pregnant widow with whom Kevin Cooper , her bodyguard and Authority member, is in love. Stone is a gargoyle, an Animate, that Allie brought to life. Now he stacks anything in her apartment and keeps an eye on her. Nola Robbins is Allie's non-magic using best friend.

Cody Miller is half the person he used to be, part of the "punishment" for being a crooked Hand in Magic to the Bone , 1, and Nola is fostering him. His other half, his spirit half, is with Mama Rositto in Saint Johns. Nola is also dating Stotts. Zayvion Jones is her Soul Complement and the guardian of the gate with the same ability to wield magics. The Authority is… …a secret organization that polices all magic users. Too bad they don't have anyone to police the ruling Voices, the Watch, or the Ward! Every region in the country, the world, has two overseers, a Watch, and a Ward.

They have the power to Close everyone in Portland. The Portland Authority is… …in turmoil with all the events so far. Rebellion amongst its members, betrayal. Daniel is impressed with his abilities. Sedra Miller is the kidnapped Head of the Authority. The Seattle Authority is… …sitting by, waiting to see what happens, although some of their members have come to help in Portland. Hayden is probably going to be Shamus' stepdad; Daniel had killed Maeve's husband, Hugh.

Terric is Shame's Soul Complement although they haven't been tested. Worse, Shame wants nothing to do with Terric. The three Georgia sisters came down to help, and we finally learn the name of two of them, Savannah and Atlanta. It's only been five books. Flo Hill is an amazing teacher. The other prisoners who escaped include Henry Aslund and Jakob Single.

Magic on the Hunt

There's a third person, but their records were wiped, but Joshua thinks it may be Roman Grimshaw , the last guardian of the gate. The Hounds are… …magic users who scent magic and can track it back to the person who cast the spell. They're in demand by the police, morgues, corporations, and more.

Only they don't Proxy their magic and the pain involved finds many of them resorting to extremes to deal with it. Bonnie is another Hound. Detective Paul Stotts heads this division up. Garnet , Julian , and Roberts are his team. Officer Makanie Love is one of the cops who has worked with Allie in the past.

See a Problem?

Betrayers in Magic on the Storm. Dane Lanister had been Sedra's bodyguard who disappeared after Magic on the Storm. Jingo Jingo was Shame's boss and is a Death magic user. Seems he was also watching over the Death well since he was the cemetery's groundskeeper. The now-dead Mikhail , the previous leader of the Authority, was married to Sedra. Leander followed Allie through the gate from death and has been wreaking havoc on the Authority and the world. He and his Soul Complement had been a distant myth come true. Grant owns Allie's favorite coffeeshop, Get Mugged , and he's her landlord for the warehouse next door.

Jula and Ryan are two of his employees. We met Mama Rositto in Magic to the Bone , 1. She is James Hoskil 's mother; her husband, Perry Hoskil , had been Daniel's business partner before Daniel forced him out of the business. The Veiled are… …fragments of magic users that are still hanging around and are attracted to magic, to eat it. The solid Veiled shouldn't exist, and they're near impossible to kill.

All thanks to Daniel and Violet's magic disks. Closers are the assassins. They also Close people's minds, able to select memories, remove the ability to do magic, kill, and open gates. To Proxy a spell is to cause someone else to endure the pain of the magic you are using. A Disbursement is a spell the user casts choosing what kind of pain to suffer for using magic. The Cover and Title The cover is golden browns with a classical-looking observatory in the background, mountains sloping upwards on either side, a glowing circle of runes in the sky, and a jean-clad Allie in a black cropped tank top just what the Allie who wears lots and lots of layers would not be wearing , a katana balanced over her left shoulder as she looks back over her shoulder at us.

The title is the main activity as Allie, Zay, and Shame go for a Magic on the Hunt for n'er-do-wells. Devon Monk, you made me cry! Okay, so they were tears of joy. The book was awesome. It just is not long enough. Thank goodness the series is still going. Quick Look for my full review visit http: Excitement and tears abound.

He is the Black Knight of this book.

Magic on the Hunt by Devon Monk |

I admit I did cry. I can't help it being a Mom of 2 and 1 on the way. This book is hard to set down because it is action packed in every page. Pizza is what's for dinner. She gave me a happy smile, but that glint in her eyes told me that, yes, she'd just offered to off someone. Let me, just this once, hold my son. Nothing good ever came from letting my father have his way. But I could feel his love for this baby.

And even if he couldn't love me, I knew that at this moment, before the baby could grow up and become a disappointment to him, he truly loved him. I slowly stepped away from the front of my mind, letting him fill that space, letting him feel through my hands, see through my eyes. I took his hand, careful with his fingers that were still wrapped in tape.

I'm not the settling-down type. We pumped three times. Startled, I looked up at him. Apr 01, Kelly rated it really liked it.

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Magic on the Hunt begins with a cute domestic scene; Allie and Zayvion play rock-paper-scissors in bed. The loser has to get out of the nice warm bed and make breakfast for the other. The amount of development in the overarching plot is fantastic. First we learn more about something that was hinted in Magic at the Gate: From there, we move to the main plot of this book: Leander, the legendary undead sorcerer, is wreaking havoc in the city in his quest to gain a physical body and reunite with his Soul Complement, Isabelle. A huge revelation follows.

Allie Beckstrom series

This is the kind of revelation that will rearrange the whole series in your head after you read it. Three Soul Complement couples in their lives illustrate the danger: I look forward to book seven, Magic on the Line. And, having visited Multnomah Falls, I have to say that — if magic existed — there would absolutely be scads of it there.

See this and my other Devon Monk reviews at Fantasy Literature. Jan 11, Kristen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have never missed a beat with her amazing Urban Fantasy. Once again Allie and the gang are trying to track down some magical baddies, with the head of the Authority missing a lot of chaos is happening.

Book number 6 in the series, I swear sometimes I feel the need to wrap Allie in bubble wrap to keep her safe. Allie is a strong lead character and having her father possessing her body is not an easy thing to get use to. Her father was pretty powerful and knew some tricks that make Allie that much stronger. She lost a bit of magic in the last book but gained something else from the death side of things. I felt bad for her this time around because she is the protective type and when her friends are in trouble she really tries her best to protect them, sometimes asking for her father to help out.

But no matter what she does sometimes people she loves get hurt. Zayvion is back of course; Allies lover and magical man extraordinaire, he and his crew Terric and Shame are working for the Authority. They are to take down an undead magic user who is determined to possess a body. Meaning he will stop at nothing to do so and with them in the way a lot injuries are sure to follow.

Shame and Terric are big key characters this time around and I love it. They are a fantastic pair. This is an adult novel with lots of violence but not gruesome. I highly recommend this, so what are you waiting for! Dec 20, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: And Allie and Zayvion do it again: I was not disappointed at all!

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I LOVE this series! I wish there was more Stone in there - but I'm happy to see he has mastered Jinga: One of my favorite block games with my kids - even though I suck at it: Allie, Zayvion and Shame and Terrik are back - well Terrik is mostly trying to follow the rules of course but once Shame stops obeying the rules, Terrik has no excuse but to follow and help clean up after his mess: Allie and Zay and Shame head out to the secret prison that only the Authority knows about and Shame, and Allie's dad to find Leander an undead magic user soul while there, 3 of the prisoners escape, and the head of the Authority is coming to town to find out why everything is falling apart in Portland.

It's Zayvion's job to find the prisoners and bring them back.. We know that Allie's Dad is still possessing her body and can take over her body and mind at will, but in this book, he lets her have the lead a lot more, and takes a side step next to her so they are both working together. In this book, it's more of the same - they're throwing around magic and mouthing off to the authorities - but it still keeps getting better and better with each book.

They really know how to throw their magic around: And their personalities are just so different, it's fun to watch them bicker all the time , just to disagree on everything There was a lot of action in this book - lots of possessed bodies and people not knowing who is whom anymore - I got confused a little over the end, But it fell into place when everything was over.. Feb 29, Tami rated it really liked it.

But mostly Leander and Isabel I still love the series so far as well as all the characters flaws and all.. I really wanted to throw my book across the room at the end of the prison scene.. How dare Zay get so mad at all for that. And of course, typical, Allie just 'goes with it'.. Forces herself to understand that he loved her blah blah blah..

I still find Zay and Allie's relationship strange. I love that he is now spelled to do everything Allie tells him to.

Recommended Reading - Magic on the Hunt by DevonMonk

The part that bothers me is that she never has him do anything.. She could make him give them back, but she never thinks about it. And Allie is completely scatterbrained. Sure she has memory loss, but the stuff she remembers, she still gets funky about. She's funny and smart and when she's hounding, she does a really great job.. BUT, when it's important stuff, she never has a clue, even though she'd know if she just thought about it for 5 minutes. I love the characters and their personalities. And they all mesh so well together. Though I found some parts extremely irritating in this book, I'm still a huge fan.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This series is just so addictive by each book. It's getting clearer and the same time the problem that Allie and her friends must face just get escalated. Not to mention, there seems to be new "leaders" emerge, with the change in the Authority. I also like the progress that Allie has with her Dad. This time, she This series is just so addictive by each book. This time, she is able to take control. Daniel makes me unease. I still don't know his true agenda. However, there are few moments that make me feel that Daniel is just a human, being ripped of his happiness -- especially near the end, with Violet having the baby boy.

I miss him so much in book 4 and 5. He has been part the gang, that it feels weird without him around. I know that he is acting like a jerk several times here, but at the same time, I can understand his frustration. He was practically dead and Allie went all to the death to save him and now he was shot and couldn't protect his girl. His city is falling apart.

Of course the guy loses it. I'm glad that Allie stands her ground. They might fight but they know that they're still strong. Hey, even the most loving couple fights sometimes. It's so good to see Allie taking charge of the Hounds and use them to track Dane. I'm shipping them so hard, it borders near obsession. I'm just happy that I read this series altogether because I can read how Shame and Terric's relationship progress. Sure, sure, they're not a couple Shame said he wasn't gay , but the bond that they have is just as strong IF they're a couple.

I'm glad that Shame no longer runs whenever Terric is in the shame room. Now, if only Shame gets over his denial, that even untested, Terric is his true Soul Complement just like Allie and Zay , and Terric kisses him senseles Apr 18, Theshrewedshrew rated it it was ok Shelves: About 2 books ago, I realized why I had stopped reading after book 1, and then kept reading later on after finishing book I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the idea of this book, I am hung on the plot. But Zay is weird Allie is in control of her father And what is the only thing she does with that control Her father has been molding her, she fin About 2 books ago, I realized why I had stopped reading after book 1, and then kept reading later on after finishing book Her father has been molding her, she finds this out in this book, and she is too worried about their petty squabbles of finding this woman who has never given her the slightest bit of kindness Cause this is the same girl who when learning she had her father on perma influence she had that gleam in her eye.

There are things about her mother, why she left, what the accident when she was 5 was, everything. Her father has all this info And what does allie do, worry about her friend who lives literally miles away, and told her she needs a dog, that she didn't mention something. I don't know, Allie can pretty much do what ever she wants. The authority isn't gonna be closing anyone, specifically no one with as much detail to memory retention, as she has.

First thing on the table, if I loose 5 mins of time, this goes to the media. The hounds would be great, create and deputize a group of hounds per welled area. While it does, increase the members of the authority it also gives fluidity. The ability to know, not only when a rouge magician is casting, but be in the position to tell the police exactly what you want told.

The Allie Beckstrom series has been a well loved favorite personally for The BookWhisperer over the past few years. Allie is a very entertaining character; that while obviously not bullet proof she has the courage and power of even the strongest characters. With the circumstance of the fifth book I had concerns as the the future of Allie and Zay, and just what would be the repercussions of giving her magic for his life. It appears with this novel that she is not at a disadvantage with the lack o The Allie Beckstrom series has been a well loved favorite personally for The BookWhisperer over the past few years.

It appears with this novel that she is not at a disadvantage with the lack of some of her own power. Allie seems to be learning even more magic with the help of her father. I am beginning to wonder if he is truly the monster that we have believed over the past five books. The secondary characters are as wonderful as the mains. This was really a good story but this is a He wants his freedom-and then some.

Now Allie Beckstrom and her lover, Zayvion, are the first line of defense against the chaos he's about to Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel.

Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
Magic on the Hunt: An Allie Beckstrom Novel

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