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John Moore of Brand Autopsy outlined four basic principles for doing just that. Here are his tips, with examples from the conference. Krispy Kreme donuts found massive success when they gave customers something unique to talk about: That success evaporated when Krispy Kreme donuts could be found, cold and stale, in every gas station. Red Box offered a unique, convenient way to rent DVDs, grabbing buzz. And Southwest Airlines has offered a fun, lighthearted way to travel for less since founding. Mass merchant Costco intentionally stocks a few interestingly bizarre items, just to generate word of mouth.

John described his personal experiences working for Whole Foods and Starbucks. Without big advertising budgets, the brands connected with customers around their interests — conserving the planet and living healthier at Whole Foods, and music and atmosphere at Starbucks.

Dress LILY OF THE VALLEY - more than a FLING

When the campaign was announced by Stevie Ray Vaughn during the Cotton Bowl, the word of mouth infrastructure was already there. The polarizing message got attention.

Billionaires on the Beach 2. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about More Than a Fling , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jun 11, Jennifer rated it it was ok. It bothered me she hooked up with her bff. The book is already hot and steamy.

More Than A Fling

If she's going to be falling in love with andreas, isn't it weird that he was involved in a threesome with her and her bff? I do if I'm going to get the next book.. Jul 06, Terra rated it liked it Shelves: This was definitely a steamy romance, and I did enjoy that part. I was left wanting more for the end of the book.

I felt it ended too quickly, it possibly needed a few more scenes to end more comfortably. Also, I do feel both parts of the book could've been made into one book. May 31, Maria C rated it liked it. I did not see "that" coming!? Really enjoyed the first part. I'm not sure on how I feel about this installment. Oct 10, G rated it did not like it. Straight laced, magna cum laude, full time care giver of sick mother all of a sudden is a whore who dabbles in lesbianism- NO!

Jan 04, Mara rated it it was ok.

Strategies for engaging consumers in a social, mobile, data-driven world.

Jun 11, Judie rated it it was amazing. Going into the office and visiting them -- they're really genuine, down-to-earth people. I didn't know what to expect, just because the quality of some of the records they've put out just makes you think that they're almost God-like. But when you walk in, they're just the sweetest people and they just really love good music and just have a knack for finding good bands.

The new album started off as a full band record -- you did some extended touring with a seven-piece band -- and ultimately it ended up being just you and BJ [Burton, Libraries ' producer]. Did you need to adapt the songs at all since it started out so differently? Did it need to be pared down? Well, the songs for the second record were written in not too much of a different time period. Like, if we pushed the release of the first record back a couple months, we could have put three of these songs on that record.

They were kind of in the same period so I was still working on the demos. I basically had this whole record, like I did demos that more or less sound like the last album, but they were a little more rushed and actually sounding like demos, you know? They were arranged, but that's just how I always write -- I always make a demo recording, more or less, it's just that the first album actually ended up being all those demos.

So all of these songs were already written or fleshed out in my brain, and then the old live band kind of did their own thing with them, and I took some elements from that and sort of mixed them with the demo versions of mine, and then did the album with BJ like that. Does that make any sense at all?

7 Things He Cares About If You're A Fling And 8 If You're The One

I think we were sharing a milk shake and our eyes locked. It was a showcase of a lot of the talent in that area -- correct me if I'm wrong -- to totally promote his studio, Flying Tiger Sound. I'd never heard anything about him, like, "this comp, what?

I don't know anybody on it. Yeah, we thought about not putting it on the record, but I liked it so much, and plus there were only like a hundred of those pressed, I think. Anyways, we did that, and that was the first time I'd been in a studio to record my music, and I had a positive experience -- because I'd pretty much done it on my own up until then -- so we just kept in touch. Then I went through my whole freak-out period about how I was going to do the second record, and talked to him on G-chat -- he was in Raleigh and I was in Chapel Hill -- and I'd be like, "man, I gotta tell the band, I don't know if I can do it with them," and he was like, "dude, just come to Raleigh and make the fucking record.

By that point, we had a month and a half to get it done I was going to say, it took you two months and you only had 30 days to get the record out, the full-length. We just banged it out. A month and a half is a long time, but it seemed like just enough time. We pretty much were in there every day, like 16 hours, just the two of us, multi-tracking So much has been said about the violent, lo-fi sound of the first record -- everything is just totally in-the-red -- and I think the neat trick that the new record pulls off is that it retains what made you guys so special before while feeling more layered and textured without sounding fussy or overdone.

It feels like a natural progression.

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Was that a conscious decision? We just wanted to take what made the first album special and not abandon anything, but also make something new, as well. Yeah, I guess, because I love how the first album sounds. We just didn't want to make the same album again. I mean, he's got that album as demos

More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling More Than a Fling
More Than a Fling

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