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In essence, Bandini was Fante — a struggling writer, unapologetically embracing life with a vigour that may have bordered on the reckless, but was nonetheless captivating. Sir John Falstaff is the archetypal rogue — a larger than life cad that could eat, drink and make merry for England. He gets Prince Hal the future Henry V into all manner of colourful scrapes. From glorious youth to the lessons hard learned and earned by middle age, Karras, and his buddy Marcus Clay, leap from the page again and again.

Kavalier is typically taciturn, but cool.

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Think of Kavalier as equal parts Atticus Finch and mythical Superman. Long before Jack Kerouac and his beat buddies went traversing America in search of life, kicks and fast times, Huckleberry Finn was having his own unforgettable adventures up and down the Mississippi. A wonderfully observed figure full of childlike charm and wonder, Huckleberry Finn is one of the totemic figures in literature. His pursuit of freedom and his dealings with race and racism make him one of the coolest kids ever.

Rather than a bland hero, Keller is flawed; his determination is admirable, but despite his cunning, his unflinching masculinity and righteousness, will he lose everything? Dean Moriarty was the personification of the beat generation — a charismatic individual whose values and beliefs signalled a clear break with traditional America.

The real Moriarty — Neal Cassady — might have been a Byron-esque character mad, bad and dangerous to know , but on the page he simply evoked an era of unfettered cool. His friends might be doomed, but ultra-cynical Rents is somehow going to rise above this malaise. Maybe after his next hit, mind.

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His cultural tastes — especially on the subject of music — are well worth mirroring. Choose life; choose Rents. Hepburn gave Golightly an air of chic elegance; in reality, Holly is much more troubled. However, her life — or the facade — is one long glamorous swirl of parties and living the Manhattan high life. Holly Golightly will always stand as a byword for metropolitan cool.

Mr Fox displays all the traits associated with his vulpine tribe — cunning and trickery chief among them — and he regularly has need to call on them in order to outsmart the farmers who wish to do him and his family harm.

Of course, this being a Roald Dahl novel, there is only winner. That Mr Fox sports a natty line in threads — especially his tweed suits — only elevates him in the pantheon of cool.

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The greatest — and coolest — detective of all time. Erudite, witty, charming… Holmes set the benchmark against which all other fictional and some not-so fictional detectives are measured. Across four novels and 56 short stories, Holmes used all his powers of logic and persuasion to crack each case. And at the end of the day he used to relax with artificial stimulants — when cocaine was legal of course.

Another non-human; another cooler-than-thou radical. Snowball was caring, deeply philosophical and was optimistic about the success of the revolution. That he was ostracised by the cynical Napoleon does not lessen our admiration for him. This no-nonsense approach is beautifully exemplified by hard-boiled private eye Philip Marlowe, who was stunningly successful with the dames too.

Simpler times, folks, simpler times. Think of him as a Patrick Bateman for our time deeply distrustful times. Don Quixote is routinely heralded as one of the greatest literary creations of all time.

A member of the Spanish nobility who wants to embark on a noble quest to revive the dormant chivalric tradition, Don Quixote is a cool customer. Alongside his partner Sancho Panza, he traverses Spain and stumbles upon all manner of comic situations as he seeks to discover, well, who knows what?

Some have speculated he wants to destroy injustice. Others say the meaning is infinite. He is also one of the coolest. Embellishments and lies scatter the prose, as does plagiarism. Shandy is post-modern even before the era of the modern. While Holden Caulfield may typify everything that folk over the age of 30 find distasteful about youth — narcissism, angst, misguided rebellion… - it would be perverse not to include him here.

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Caulfield finds the world around him dispiriting and superficial; his alienation is laid bare in the clearest terms. His pickpocketing skills are adroit and dexterous, and he uses his manifold wits to survive his harsh times. Deep beneath his streetwise exterior beats the heart of an impassioned and friendly young boy. To be fresh out of adolescence in the early Nineties was a disorientating experience. The assumptions of the preceding baby boomer generation had been torn asunder. Into this void entered a generation of hyper intelligent, yet confused individuals.

Andy Palmer is the ultimate evocation of this rootless life. His tales of working his McJob while trying to make sense of a new world order defined a very cool, but cautious, coterie of people. Of all the characters here, Joseph K is easily the most mysterious. A kind of bourgeois everyman, he is arrested for an unspecified crime. At first, he tries to discover why he has been arrested, but in time he becomes resigned to his fate.

His cool detachment from the events that guide him inexorably towards his death are fantastic to behold. Do not mess with Lisbeth Salander. Complete with a litany of thoroughly modern ailments and qualities computer hacker; brutal haircuts , Salander is not to be messed with — although many have tried. Larsson speculated that Salander was what Pippi Longstocking might have been like when she grew up. McMurphy is a rebel with a cause. His decision to declare insanity in order to serve the rest of his prison sentence in comparative peace might be misguided, but once ensconced in a mental institution he shines like a beacon, especially in relation to the tyrannical Nurse Ratched.

His efforts to coax life out of his fellow inmates are appreciated, thus confirming his heroic status. Bums, punks and outsiders might make for unlikely role models, but in the world of cool, straight society is shunned. Henry Chinaski is one such animated outcast. Not many characters are recognisable by their first name alone — Alice is a notable exception.

A young girl whose inquisitive nature holds a mirror up to the often complacent and acquiescent adult world, Alice is swept away by the magical world of Wonderland. The nonsensical world is where she can finally feel at home.

The 40 coolest characters in literature

A timeless reminder of the power of the imagination. Whether intentional or not, Becky Sharp acts as a lacerating dagger at the heart of the British establishment. Her ambitious and overbearing manner might not be the quintessence of womanhood — especially as drawn by upper class society — but she recognises the abundant flaws in the human condition and seeks to highlight them mercilessly. A beautiful, clever, sometimes deceitful, but all-too-real literary creation. Katz proves cool is an evolving state of mind and not just currency for the young.

The character has been called "among the Tolkien, appearing in his Middle-earth legendarium.

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She was a royal Elf The character is introduced Montgomery wrote in her journal that the idea for Anne's story came from Polar Bear added Athena Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld Alea was an epithet of the Greek goddess Athena, prominent in Arcadian mythology, under which she was worshiped at Alea, Mantineia and Tegea. Alea was initially an independent goddess, but was Emma Woodhouse Emma Emma Woodhouse, the protagonist of the story, is a beautiful, high-spirited, intellectual, and 'slightly' spoiled woman of Her mother died when she was very young, and she has been mistress Her best friend is Oz's ruler Princess Ozma.

Dorothy first appears in Baum's She appears in his novel, The Lord of the Rings, usually published in three volumes. Arwen is one of the Her Roman equivalent is Diana. Some scholars believe that the name, and indeed the goddess herself, was originally A cynical social climber who uses her charms to fascinate and seduce upper-class men, Sharp is Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series.

She is the youngest of the four Pevensie children, and the first to find the Wardrobe entrance to Narnia Annabeth Chase Percy Jackson: She is the main character of Larsson's award-winning Millennium series, along with Mikael She is a witch housewife, married to Arthur Weasley and mother of Bill, Charlie, In this novel, Austen analyzes the conflict between the opposing temperaments of

Novel Characters from Literature Novel Characters from Literature
Novel Characters from Literature Novel Characters from Literature
Novel Characters from Literature Novel Characters from Literature
Novel Characters from Literature Novel Characters from Literature
Novel Characters from Literature Novel Characters from Literature
Novel Characters from Literature Novel Characters from Literature

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