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One strap was trailing down her arm. It caught in the dim light of the LED screen, and for some reason, I couldn't stop staring at it. Noodz had never been in my room before, save that one unfortunate time with the honey badger, and only then just to save my life. As we played, I kept wondering what was wrong. I didn't get very far, mind, on account of all the brain damage 'n that. But I did make the effort. After an hour or so of playing, the nightmare chasms that I use for my lookin' ports were mad tired. I set the controller down, flopping back against my bed.

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I pinched the space between my eyes, yawning. Although it was hard to see in the dark, I thought I saw the corner of her mouth tug. Was she worried I was going to put her out? This seemed to appease her. She exited back to the title screen, selected single player, set the difficulty at max, and launched the thing. As I lay back watching the sharp glow of the screen, it occurred to me just how incredibly weird this was. Noodz had always been super private. Us boys weren't allowed in her tatami room under any circumstances, and she rarely ventured into our spaces.

To be honest, the whole thing was a little off-putting. Did she want something? My mind started to wander. I hadn't had a girl in my room since the last clutch of roadies had come through while we were on tour. I'd never thought about it before! Noodle had always just been Noodle — our weird little Japanese guitarist that got delivered to us in a wooden crate. For years on, she'd always been one of the boys.

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She wore bomber hats and ponchos and did kung-fu. Lately though, Noodle had started dressing a bit… different. Less baggy ponchos and more… um… fitted garments. And while she still hides her face behind her hair, every so often you can catch a glint of phosphorous blue on her eyelids through the parts. I noticed, suddenly, that the air in the room had changed.

Not in terms of smell, mind you — it still smelled like patchouli oil, bong water and old wank — but rather in that, now, there seemed to be a tension that hadn't been there before.

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Noodz wasn't cheering or shit-talking like before. The only noise bouncing off the walls was the clacking of her controller keys. I noticed there was a gap in Noodle's clothing. Like, a gap between where her tank top ended and her pajamas began where a little bit of skin was showing. I suddenly, for no accountable reason, felt the overwhelming urge to cover said patch of skin with my hand. I didn't give it any thought; thinking, of course, being somewhat tricky business for me. On account of all the brain damage 'n that.

Without my meaning it to, my hand snaked out, pressing gently to the exposed skin on the small of her back. I was just as surprised as she was, I'm sure. I felt something warm, looked down and saw my hand resting on her. How'd that get there, I wondered.

One In The Chamber

I didn't have long to ponder it, however, as unbeknownst to me, the rest of my life was in the process of changing forever. Noodle looked over her shoulder — the faintest glint of black peeking between jagged bangs. I noticed for the first time since unboxing her that Noodle had lips. Pretty ones at that. Goosebumps broke out over her skin right beneath my fingers.

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And then suddenly, she was in my lap. It all happened so fast. Season 5 This Is Us: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: One in the Chamber View All Photos 4. In Prague, two skilled assassins make themselves available for hire to the Mafia. However, when one assassin, Carver Gooding takes a job with a gang he was once hired to eliminate, it launches into an all-out mob war where survival is about as certain as the number of bullets left in the clip.

To make things worse, another assassin Lundgren has been hired to take out Carver and the result will make the streets run red. Benjamin Shahrabani , Derek Kolstad. Dolph Lundgren as Aleksey Andreev. Billy Murray as Leo Crosby. Louis Mandylor as Demyan Ivanov.

Claudia Bassols as Janice Knowles. Leo Gregory as Bobby Suverov. After the fall of Communism, criminals from the USA flooded into Eastern Europe where they established a crime syndicate in a land where authorities were powerless and the laws were replaced by the crime. Dealers of weapons and drugs have turned Prague into their headquarters where they could make millions of dollars by selling weapons to various gangs.

Ray Carver Cuba Gooding Jr.

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After Carver fails to assassinate Demyan Ivanov Louis Mandylor , one of the crime bosses he frequently works for, he decides to kill the brother of the other crime boss, Mikhail Suverov. Mikhail is angry and wants to kill Ray Carver to avenge his brother's death, so he calls Aleksey "The Wolf" Andreev Dolph Lundgren , a legendary Russian hitman who is rumoured to be fictional. Aleksey is out for Carver, but soon they both realize that they're in the middle of a huge gang war.

One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber One in tthe Chamber
One in tthe Chamber

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