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'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion'

True Viral News , Oct 25, The end of the year always means tons of great big-screen releases. However, this November, cinephiles can expect to feel just about overwhelmed, as there are nearly twenty new selections worthy of their time and attention. Palacio's best-seller " Wonder " hit the internet Thursday. The film, which comes out nationwide Nov.

Palacio's heartwarming novel has just dropped a new trailer that promises there will be no dry eyes in the room. The film is set for UK screens later in the year. What I love about storytelling is how there are so many ways to express one story.

I love it in all its forms — oral, written, visual. Download the Daily Wonder App! Nate Pullman Owen Wilson. Auggie Pullman Jacob Tremblay. Via Pullman Izabela Vidovic. One soundtrack album of the film has been released with religious music, the other with secular pop. Most British children will be utterly clueless about any message beyond the age-old mythic battle between good and evil. Most of the fairy story works as well as any Norse saga, pagan legend or modern fantasy, so only the minority who are familiar with Christian iconography will see Jesus in the lion.

Among the young - apart from those in faith schools - that number must be considerably higher. This may be regrettable cultural ignorance, but it means Aslan will stay just a lion to most movie-goers. All the same, children may puzzle over the lion and ask embarrassing questions. For non-CS Lewis aficionados, here is a recap. The four children enter Narnia through a wardrobe and find themselves in a land frozen into "always winter, never Christmas" by the white witch, played with elemental force by Tilda Swinton.

Unhappy middle child Edmund, resentful of being bossed about by his older brother, broods with meanness and misery.

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The devil, in the shape of the witch, tempts him: The sins of this "son of Adam" can only be redeemed by the supreme sacrifice of Aslan. This Christ-lion willingly lays down his life, submitting himself to be bound, thrashed and humiliated by the white witch, allowing his golden mane to be cut and himself to be slaughtered on the sacrificial stone table: The two girls lay down their heads and weep, Magdalene and Mary-like. Be warned, the film lingers long and lovingly over all this.

But so far, so good. The story makes sense. The lion exchanging his life for Edmund's is the sort of thing Arthurian legends are made of. Parfait knights and heroes in prisoner-of-war camps do it all the time. After a long, dark night of the soul and women's weeping, the lion is suddenly alive again. Well, it is hard to say why. It does not make any more sense in CS Lewis's tale than in the gospels. Ah, Aslan explains, it is the "deep magic", where pure sacrifice alone vanquishes death. Of all the elements of Christianity, the most repugnant is the notion of the Christ who took our sins upon himself and sacrificed his body in agony to save our souls.

Did we ask him to? Poor child Edmund, to blame for everything, must bear the full weight of a guilt only Christians know how to inflict, with a twisted knife to the heart. Every one of those thorns, the nuns used to tell my mother, is hammered into Jesus's holy head every day that you don't eat your greens or say your prayers when you are told. Oh, am I talkin' too loud? Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth I never had a group of friends before I promise that I'll make y'all proud— From the same song, Hamilton explaining that he had always expected to die young and this is the first time he's had a future to look forward to.

As well as his blink-and-you'll-miss-it remark that though he believes the revolution is inevitable and necessary he knows there is a real possibility it'll only make things worse by starting a cycle of revenge and bloodshed between Britain and the colonies. Hamilton's entire verse in "The World was Wide Enough". He sounds absolutely terrified, conflicted and heartbroken as his voice breaks and he stats calling out his Arc Words , disjointedly, panicking, before he slips into tearful realization as he understands that he's about to die, and sees all his deceased loved ones waiting for him.

His last thoughts are of his wife, and the freedom he helped bring to America. My love, take your time I'll see you on the other side Raise a glass to freedom Burr doesn't just say "Wait! With each word, you can tell he's becoming more and more panicked when he realizes that he just shot Hamilton when he was never aiming at him to begin with, and "Wait!

And just before that: Throughout the song, Hamilton and Burr are on separate sides of the rotating platform, which slowly spins in a circle as everyone except Hamilton and the actor representing the bullet freezes in place, the bullet slowly moving towards an increasingly-frantic Hamilton with the "rise up, rise up, rise up " bit sounding like he's hyperventillating — until he screams Eliza's name.

He turns to face Burr, and Eliza appears in the center of the platform, reaching her hand towards Hamilton. Tomorrow there'll be more of us How do you write like tomorrow won't arrive? How do you write like you're running out of time, like you're running out of time, are you running out of time?

Adding to the pain: Lafayette slumps over after reading the letter , and Mulligan pulls out a flask. What's worse for poor Mulligan, if you recall the lyrics from "My Shot", "I got y'all knuckleheads en loco parentis ", he was a Parental Substitute for John and Lafayette. Laurens' death no-doubt felt like losing a son in Mulligan's eyes. There's a reprise of "Dear Theodosia" that was cut from the final stage version, in which Burr has to tell his young daughter that her mother - his wife - has died.

He breaks down into helpless, tortured sobbing part way through, and almost loses it again later in the song. Both Burr and Hamilton outlive their children. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that Hamilton does so by voting for Jefferson, a man he despises, and accusing Burr of lacking principles after Burr has spent the whole play living by the maxim of not letting anyone know what his opinions are so as to avoid making enemies. The double casting is a bit of a meta tearjerker. Hamilton's overcome with emotion upon first meeting Lafayette, Laurens, and Mulligan, because he's "never had a group of friends before".

Lafayette and Mulligan get replaced with his political enemies, and he gets to watch his best friend die tragically young again as his son. By the end of the musical Aaron Burr is the only friend he has left over from the first act. Hamilton and Washington's fight in "Meet Me Inside". Particularly when Washington admits to denying him command of a battalion out of concern for his safety. Hamilton finds it patronizing rather than touching.

I'm more than willing to die!

Your wife needs you alive, son, I need you alive — Hamilton: Call me "son" one more time! Keep in mind, Washington's called him "son" in "Right-hand Man" as well, prompting no remarks.

Wonder, the movie | Wonder

When he does so in this song, Hamilton says, in order "Don't call me 'son'", "I'm NOT your son," and then finally, yelling, "Call me 'son' one more time! This gets worse in the next song, "That Would Be Enough", when Hamilton learns that Eliza asked Washington to keep him out of danger because she's pregnant and doesn't want their child to be fatherless. In "That Would Be Enough", Eliza tells him just to "stay alive," and he doesn't even manage that by the end of the musical, going to his death by dueling Burr.

Somewhat unexpectedly, since it would be easy for another show to vilify her completely: Maria Reynolds' part in "Say No To This" after Hamilton rushes in to confront her about her husband's blackmail attempt.

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  • INSIDE THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS, ANUNNAKI AND ANUNNAKI-ULEMA: What I saw, what I learned, and what I can teach you. Book 1 (Metaphysical ... of the extraterrestrial Anunnaki).

The show is agnostic about whether she knew about her husband's intentions, but it pulls no punches about her anguish and desperation. Please don't leave me with him, helpless-- And really, even if she did know her husband would blackmail Hamilton, what position would've she been in if she'd tried to say no and refuse to participate? A woman at the time, especially a poor woman like Maria, would've had nowhere else to go. It's clear that her story about him being abusive wasn't a complete fabrication—and she can't leave.

It's even worse if you know how the Reynolds Pamphlet affected her and how the text makes her the seductress in the affair. She had to give up custody of her daughter Susan, and was publicly scorned even after she had divorced Reynolds and moved to another state and changed her name. She also wrote her side of the story, which was never published. In "History Has Its Eyes On You", Washington finally gives Hamilton command, but he opens by describing his disastrous first battle in which he got his men slaughtered.

Then Washington confesses that the prospect of being remembered only for his failures still haunts him. I made every mistake And felt the shame rise in me And even now I lie awake Knowing history has its eyes on me Made worse when you remember Charles Lee saying Washington is unfit for command. This and other mistakes really did haunt Washington's career. The first verse, where he describes a hurricane that hit his town when he was 17 years old, is especially emotional. Already mentioned above, him alluding to his mother's death and how he was sick at the same time Even though he knows he's going to die and is trying to put his affairs in order, Alexander plays it off like another regular meeting so Eliza won't be worried.

I'll be back before you know I'm gone. Eliza must have woken up to the sudden news that her husband, whom she had just spoken to a few hours ago, had been fatally shot. And then she had to watch him die, just as she had watched their eldest son die. A tiny but heartbreaking moment in "Take a Break" - as Angelica arrives, she and Eliza joyfully sing each other's name in their respective melodies, but there's a pregnant, empty pause where Peggy was supposed to chime in. She died at 42 in Angelica crossed the ocean after not seeing Alexander in ages, but doesn't get to spend time with him because he's so focused on his work.

You're not joining us, wait? I'm afraid I cannot join you upstate. Alexander, I came all this way! Also the Irony in that Hamilton does need a break, but he refuses to take it with his family. Instead, he starts his affair with Maria Reynolds. In her invoked Cut Song Angelica calls out Hamilton for this. It's a real punch in the gut that only gets worse when Hamilton tries to convince Washington not to step down. President, they will say you're weak. No, they will say we're strong. Your position is so unique! So, I'll use it to move them along.

If I say goodbye, the nation learns to move on. It outlives me when I'm gone. The next lines show just how tired Washington is by this point. He's led the country to freedom and struggled to keep the whole thing from falling to pieces off-and-on for nearly twenty years when all he really wants to do is go home to Mt. Vernon and live a peaceful life as a farmer. Unlike Jefferson, Burr, and Hamilton, Washington never wanted power, and it's clear that all the work has exhausted him, and he knows he doesn't have much more to give.

Like the scripture says "Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree And no one shall make them afraid.

Meta and Real Life

I want to sit under my own vine and fig tree A moment alone in the shade At home in this nation we've made One last time If you feel stuck where you are for any reason, "Wait For It" can hit hard. The last verse can strike a nerve for anyone who's been overshadowed by a rival: What is it like in his shoes? Hamilton doesn't hesitate, he exhibits no restraint takes and he takes and he takes And he keeps winning anyway Changes the game, plays and he raises the stakes And if there's a reason he seems to thrive when so few survive then goddamnit, I'm willing to wait for it There's some serious Mood Whiplash at the end, but during "I Know Him", King George seems genuinely sad and melancholic when he hears George Washington is retiring, as the real-life version was.

In his own words: There are moments when the words don't reach. There's a grace too powerful to name. We push away what we can never understand, we push away the unimaginable.

People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker
People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker
People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker
People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker
People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker
People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker
People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker People Can Be Mean--Booklet--A tear jerker

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