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Julie doesn't tell Paul her real reason for looking him up--or pretty much any reason, actually--and heads home disgusted with Paul for whining about his lot in life. He in turn tracks down her home address, and in creepy-stalker fashion ingratiates himself with Jake and the boy's young blonde sitter, Kiki Anna Camp , who gets a bad enough case of jungle fever that soon Paul's co-babysitting with her.

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This generally involves their ignoring Jake on the playground and his getting physically threatening with moms who complain about Jake pushing around other kids. Kiki later summarily quits when Julie objects to her carelessness, without even a second glance at a child with whom she's presumably bonded.

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This clears the way for Paul to become Jake's "manny," and a silly scene of Julie spying on them in Central Park, "disguised" in sunglasses and a trench coat. Boatman balances his contradictory character, a decent man with the self-absorbed view of many people in the creative fields, making his character feel real and human, and Stephen Spinella, as Julie's drama-critic buddy, does likewise in the standard gay-best-friend role.

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Michael Boatman as Ted. Jeremy Gumbs as Jake Davidson.

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Eartha Kitt as Mona. Ben Vereen as Chuck Cooper. Stephen Spinella as Stuart.

Tommy Nelson as Horatio. Eileen Alana as Miss Missy. Shashi Balooja as Artie.

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Ultimately feels as generic as its title. Jun 23, Full Review….

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  • Jun 15, Rating: It's lightweight and reasonable likeable, but there's nothing special about this predictable rom com in which a single mother finds her son's sperm donor and then deliberates on the options that life offers her Nov 8, Full Review…. Apr 19, Full Review…. It's painful to watch.

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    This article is about the film. For the Ed Townsend song, see Ed Townsend. Films directed by Richard Schenkman. Retrieved from " https:

    Then Came Love Then Came Love
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