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Strangers in Bars by Whispering Darkness reviews Everyone else was avoiding the strange man but Harry felt himself drawn to him. His loud, archaic speech and enthusiastic drinking seemed to be off-putting to most people but to the Gryffindor it felt comfortingly familiar how different the man was.

Against the Moon by Stoplight Delight reviews The odds were stacked against him: Yet slowly Remus Lupin began to discover there was a place for him in the world, if he could find the courage to claim it. For all the gold he's ever had and all the fame he's ever won, Scrooge can't think of one thing he wants more on his birthday. Little Things by WatchMeSoar reviews The nephews love their uncle, and Scrooge may or may not have forgotten what it was like, not being your own boss.

Casting Moonshadows by Moonsign reviews Lonely and outcast by his classmates, Remus wishes on a moonshadow for a friend who understands him. To his amazement his wish is answered not once, but three times, by his former enemies, the Marauders. They all lost their lives, one after another, until only one remained.

To Randy, this is just a sad story. To Satoru, this is a future he has yet to see. The wheel of fate has never stopped spinning, but now the two ninjas are given the chance to control it. Identity by MarauderLover7 reviews Harry Potter was a highly unusual boy, even among wizards. The most noteworthy thing about him, however, was his talent for getting himself into trouble, which surpassed even that of his godfather. Sequel to "Innocent" and "Initiate".

Wanderer by cywsaphyre reviews Life's a lot easier when no one knows you and your only worry is whether or not people in each world speak the same languages you do. Harry can attest to it; he's been jumping for years. He knows how to keep his head down and not get invested. On hindsight, with his track record, Harry supposed it was only a matter of time until he did exactly that. Utter Chaos, or Something Like It by lychee loving reviews When you have more than a dozen mutant teenagers under a single roof, every day is an exercise in patience A series of oneshots with a focus on the adult population at Xavier's, and a healthy dash of RoLo.

Invisible Chains by Az The Dragon reviews For the past years, the Ninja protected the city from things man had never seen before. No one knew who was behind the mask, why they put so much effort into saving people, or if there was more than one person taking the job through the ages. In retrospect, for being so famous, no one knew much about him. A chance meeting, however, will lead to a great friendship. A World Divided by Iama2p reviews Five years after successfully defending his title, Ash faces a new kind of challenge as an old friend vanishes without a trace. Sequel to 'The Lost Master'.

I Dare You by shadowsontherun reviews 6 months into their bipolar partnership, Black Widow and Hawkeye are still trying to figure each other out. Coming from completely different worlds they work through missions that define who and what they are to each other. Set 9 years before "Avengers", watch Clint and Natasha build a partnership to surpass all others. Stephen Strange doesn't like teaching. However, when a mishap with a mysterious artifact strands him in a dimension full of stick-wielding sorcerers and soul-sucking monsters, a deal with an ancient headmaster could be his only way back.

After all, someone still has to stop Kaecilius. Less Than by whitem reviews Here is a collection of stories that are less than or equal to words. Each chapter is standalone. They are not in chronological order. Standard Disclaimer applies to all. Kim Possible - Rated: Sometimes though, he isn't even that. Set slightly before the Avengers and will go to after the movie. He does something stupid, drags Raven along for the ride, and ends up getting hunted by the Justice League in another dimension. T for X's mouth and violence. Home Away by alwaysALOHA reviews When Danny gets a personal heritage assignment for school, he learns some shocking things about his family that flip his world upside-down.

And here they are! Certian leaguer's reactions and the results of that night. Until then, Dipper and Mabel share their daily antics and life problems with their lifelong friends and attentive great-uncles through an endless string of e-mails. Distance makes the heart grow fonder after all, and there's no place Dipper and Mabel love more than Gravity Falls. People Gonna Talk by JA Baker reviews Everyone seemed to know that they were in love before they did, and much to Korra and Asami's surprise, they were right.

Unfortunately, real life isn't as easy as trashy romance novels would have you believe Heroes Under Drinking Age: Alpha by kineticallyanywhere reviews When Amity Park is evacuated due to an "infestation", neighboring Norrisville decides to lend a hand. Meanwhile, McFist robots are acting strange and the Ninja gets a new friend in crime-fighting.

How is Danny handling the end of his senior year, and how will Randy handle a foe like Vlad? Rated for violence, just to be safe. Eventually crosses with American Dragon and Kim Possible. Roughing It by HaiJu reviews Lost deep in the woods with an undead pack on their heels, Maddie and Phantom find themselves entangled in an awkward alliance. Can they cooperate long enough to get out of this mess? Originally posted a year ago in the Young Justice section. Moved here in case you missed it. BBxRaven, RobStar and others. Chapter 29 is posted.

While Cyborg tries to figure out what it does a strange accident happens. Gold more if she knew that all her life he'd kept her safe from Regina's reach. Mr and Mrs Gold, Season 2 by ShakespeareanHoneyBadgers reviews With the curse broken Belle and her true love Rumplestiltskin are free to continue on their mission to find his long lost son.

But like everything in their lives, the path to Baelfire isn't a straight one, and they will need each other more than ever to overcome the numerous obstacles that they will encounter. But no one ever said true love was easy. Nothing odd going on here The team isn't giving caffeine to speedsters, or kidnapping Arsenal, or shopping in costume, or hugging supervillains, or making fun of La'gaan Empty Promises by Laora reviews He is gone Serted by oxXDaughterOfAthenaXxo reviews Percy had high hopes for a completely normal graduation, but since he's a demigod that would never happen.

Especially when the Team and Wonder Woman interfere. Would one last quest give Percy the life he wants? Or will it end with the half-bloods and Justice League at war? Hopefully, we'll find out. Love Conquers All by allieisrandom reviews Regina and Daniel successfully run away.

CROCHET: Bunny Lovey - Bella Coco

They settle in a village in another kingdom and make a life for themselves with the help of a shepherd, his wife Ruth, and their son James. Little do they know that their disappearance has set in motion a chain of events that will cause a powerful curse to cost them everything, and that their child is everyone's only hope. Paradox Gem by Lost in Flight reviews Danny's multiple trips into alternate realities has forced Clockwork to take drastic measures to prevent the present from imploding on itself.

However, When he isn't around, time itself begins to unravel… Danny comes to find out that, just maybe, he has toyed with Time on one too many occasions. The Search by Ghostface v2 reviews Danny's life is going great Until his parents go missing, and with Vlad supposedly out of the picture he must go incognito in order to save them and find the one, or ones responsible. Originally written by Linhae. Rated K but it may become a T later. On hiatus due to rewrites.

No such Promises by missmamamoo reviews Republic City has been at war with the Equalist for 10 years. How is the team taking there losses? Story dump of random scenarios. Rewritten by The Lady Meow reviews Years ago a wish was made and lives were changed. Rose grew with no memory of the Huntsclan,her destiny or the love she once shared. Now a best selling author running out of inspiration, she returns to the city her dreams take her every night.

Ash wants to be a Pokemon Master. Misty wants Ash-and respect. Jessie and James want out. Mewtwo just wants to be left alone. The three of Ash, Brock and Misty will each be compelled to protect their home and unite the trainers and Pokemon of Kanto. Birth of Serpents by hotmilkytea reviews [, AU of Vengeance is Mine] The Shredder succeeded in mutating the turtles into vicious snakes.

Now Karai needs to turn them back, before it's too late. Come in from the Cold by blacklotus21 reviews As Fawcett City endures a harsh winter, Captain Marvel must combat both vicious villains and the elements. Null Moon by soulful-sin reviews During a time where black magic runs high, Timmy makes a wish with unintended consequences. Fairly OddParents - Rated: Headaches by Ava Miranda Dakedavra reviews And that wasn't because the pillow her nose was incidentally pressed into smelled exactly like Fred.

But that was an upside of course. T for an F bomb. Perception reviews Separately they were six damaged, broken individuals. But together they were they were something amazing. They were more than a team, they were a family. A series of one-shots set in the Savior-verse. So making up an imaginary friend isn't so unusual for her.

But the thing is she just can't stop talking about her Mr. This story follows the little girl Leo has tea with in "Slash and Destroy". However, instead of seeing a senior hero they have worked with before, a new hero is coming to Happy Harbor to keep Mt. Justice from devolving into teenage chaos. His name is Danny Phantom and he's only seventeen years old.

T - English - Friendship - Chapters: The newly formed Justice League go to Amity Park and meet its nervous new hero. Beta by kineticallyanywhere reviews When wanted criminal Shego shows up in New York City, high school junior Jake meets Kim Possible - 20 years young supergirl. How is Kim holding up in life away from home, and how does Jake plan on handling the magical safety of the entire country?

Eventually crosses with Danny Phantom and Randy Cunningham. But everything else might still. Regina doesn't cast the curse, Rumpelstiltskin does. It may make all the difference. She comes, of course, but what exactly is she to expect from this new Stephen? Young and Bullet Proof by wondergirlcassie reviews When Percy and seven other half-bloods are magically dragged into a different world full of superpowered beings, kid heroes, and mysteries, they're desperate for answers- and a way home.

But as a new player starts to make its appearance, they, along with Nightwing and the team, find themselves involved in a delphic plot, one that ends in blood. As a student of law, she learned the right thing is not just hard to do, but hard to identify. When laws both magical and Muggle are brought into question, she'll have to figure it out fast.

Reading it first is not necessary but very highly recommended. Mutations by Withoutausername reviews Are mutations really based on genetics alone or is there something more? A collection of the development of different characters' powers. Start Again by Ava Miranda Dakedavra reviews Hermione is very certain that she is friends with Harry and Ron and is from the nineteen-nineties. However, everyone else is extremely adamant that she is friends with James Potter, Lily Evans and the other Marauders and is from the nineteen-seventies.

Oh, and, also, she may or may not have psychic powers. Just a head's up. Falling by FantasiaWandering reviews Donatello caught her twice that night. So why did she still feel like she was falling? In the aftermath of her abduction and rescue from the Kraang, April O'Neil reflects on how her life has changed forever.

But can she face the coming challenges alone? Meanwhile, Leo learns the nature of a hero, and something strange is coming from the sewers K - English - Chapters: Under the service of Queen Elsa, he spins an elaborate web of deceit to gain her favor and trust, only to find that the endangerment of her life, family, and kingdom compels him to move beyond self-interest. Treachery will inflict all the more a deeper, colder cut. Superboy has the trust and love of Superman from the very beginning. Too bad that's not the case with the rest of the league.

Dumbledore's Questionable Plan by silvershadowrebel reviews Dumbledore fears the upcoming battles against Voldemort. So, he asks his old friend, Chiron, to send reinforcements. Chiron sends Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Nico to pose as wizards and help win the war. As they attend Hogwarts, the Golden Trio becomes suspicious on their identities. Will they blow the demigods' covers before the war is over? Build up to The Winter Soldier Captain America - Rated: The Heartbeat After by Platonic reviews Ghost hunting wasn't meant to be an ethical question, but that was before halfas existed.

Now faced with the truth, Valerie is going to have to make some moral calls and Danny Fenton better learn to keep up. Set before, during, and after PP. Domovoi by Kenya Starflight reviews When the Kaidanovskys miraculously survive the battle at Hong Kong, it opens up all-new questions about the bond between Jaeger co-pilots Pacific Rim - Rated: Rating may go up.

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K - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: But after the Reach Invasion, Wally is thrown through the multiverse and has to find his way home through thousands of alternate universes. His friends think he's dead and Wally has no idea where he is. He knows one thing: He is going to see Artemis if it's the last thing he does. But with Gotham's rising vigilante population, the escape of a new project from CADMUS, disturbances in the Phantom Zone, and escalating tension in the ranks of the Justice Lords, that might not be the case much longer Sequel to "A Thousand Days Later.

What's her memory worth? Faith in Fiction by FeistyFox reviews She wondered what else there was about him she didn't know. She wondered how a man as hurt as he was could find a place in himself to love anyone, let alone her. Mostly she wondered if there was a reason Regina had put her in an insane asylum, because right now she felt anything but sane. M - English - Romance - Chapters: When the Winchesters roll into town, Danny finds himself drawn into a war. He's never had the best of luck, anyway.

Family Ties by Center of the Galaxy reviews "Family isn't just connected by blood, Peter," Natasha told him with a small smile on her lips. T - English - Family - Chapters: What We Once Knew: Changes by UnleashTheBeast reviews As Beast Boy attempts to ensure a better future, Raven embraces new, questionable feelings for him. Under Stormy Skies by anaer reviews Dead. His life was over. Yesterday, no one had ever heard of Wallace Rudolph West.

Today, the whole world knew he was Kid Flash. All because of that stupid field trip. But things are not as they seem: With the Avengers again a divided team and Storybrookers trapped where they are, can Loki ever be found? The odds are not in his favor. Guess who's the lucky wizard assigned to care for the little brats? AwesomeParentHarry giving the Avengers a second chance at childhood, this time done right with lots of love and attention. But what happens during the mission changes everything the team is familiar with Two of their teammates in particular You Should Be Dead by SaphireDragon11 reviews Dash and Kwan are horrified to discover they've accidentally killed their classmate, but perhaps even more so when he shows up at school the next day.

In the following uncontrollable events, Danny's well-preserved secret isn't the only thing at risk. Out of Space and Time by sheraiah reviews The Tesseract and the Bifrost aren't the only ways by which to travel between the worlds, and there are more worlds than Thor has spoken of. When one of the pathways goes awry, the Avengers are called in to clean up the resulting mess. To Do Justice by Harikonotora reviews "Cadmus changes today This is a kinder, gentler Cadmus.

T for violence and mild language. Doctor Who - Rated: Will Stark Tower survive them? Sequel to A Terribly Great Intervention. Steve's agreed, now Jane just has to get Darcy to the coffee shop Jane, Darcy, and Steve. Two years later, by the time Bart was born, the words commonly became known as Soul Words.

Two years later, the words "Geez, hermano, slow down! Wasteland by AnneriaWings reviews It was hopeless. Like a desolate, lonely wasteland, my life had faded into a mere shadow of its former self. Official sequel to Lab Rat. The Team is happy to help out this strange woman, but the Light has plans for Raven. And what about the Teen Titans, mourning the loss of their dear friend?

Little Hounds of Blood and Rank by hotmilkytea reviews [, post The Fourfold Trap] "Try harder" is the wrong thing to say to the one person actually trying. Leo's got a lot of things to learn about being a leader, and about being a brother Once Upon a Parody by The Lark reviews The caffeine-induced play-by-play for those viewers who haven't been paying attention. Episode 4x10 now posted. The Book by angelaumbrello reviews Natasha visits Storybrooke to fulfill a prophecy, and pay a debt. Cllint is there for morale support and to pick up chicks. K - English - Mystery - Chapters: Amigos to the End by Ouren reviews Blue Beetle and his scarab face their last stand together.

The Wizarding world is slowly recovering, and Hogwarts is re-opened. Turning Pages by sapphireswimming reviews A collection of drabbles, each exactly words long. Various characters and genres. The second time was different. I was born one and will die one. Apricity by sapphireswimming reviews A collection of sentence-stories from all over Amity Park, brought to your doorstep like slivers of sunlight on a winter's day.

In tandem with Laora's Anoesis. Stealers Keepers by hotmilkytea reviews [] In which Donnie steals one thing too many, inadvertently causes a space war, and Leo gets a stomach ulcer. Find Your Own Spitfire by habitualnon-sleeper reviews Wally gives Jaime some advice on how to deal with a crush. Implied, vaguely one-sided Bluepulse One shot for now, potential two shot.

Souvenir by altairattorney reviews "I just thought, if Grunkle Stan keeps it close every day, if he touches it from time to time, maybe it can help some more. Every little bit helps, right? What's Wrong With Six? Characters credited to Marvel Studios. Towards the Sun by Foil Candle reviews Ford follows his brother into the nightmare realm, and now it is a race against time for him to safely get them both out alive. Ricochet by Willowfly reviews After nearly sacrificing their lives to stop the Shredder, the Hamato family is transported to the Utrom Homeworld to heal and piece themselves back together.

They say that time heals all wounds, but some leave deeper scars than others. Twilight Galaxy by hotmilkytea reviews [] Donnie tries to make up for the events of Battle for Dimension X by taking April on an impromptu field trip. Just the two of them. Written for Apritello Day ! He has opened a door, and He's stepping through it now. He will reach down from beyond the stars to pluck you and I out of our weak meat with neither fuss nor flair. Don't you see it, Daniel? We're finally going to die.

More accurately, all of the turtles get a dog. Feeling Blue by Captain coughdrop reviews Jaime Reyes has had a hard life. An abusive father, running away, being seen on the team as a weirdo kid that talks to himself Will things ever pick up? Please read, I'm rubbish at summaries. Individual chapters are broken down on my profile. Wonderbeetle Young Justice - Rated: Mechanics by Jack Mirembe reviews There are things you never do in front of a Titan, and insulting a friend is one of them. BBXCyborg friendship, because there just isn't enough out there.

When their newest invention-The Fenton Ghost Portal-failed to work, Danny went inside to try to fix it; and accidently turned the portal on while he was inside it, making him half ghost! I try my best to type the story as if it was part of the canon original episodes; with some minor twists. Inspired by the question: What if Splinter had met April the same night he and the boys mutated? Enter the Nomicon by Chihuahua rocks reviews "You either die a hero, or live long enough to be the villain. Norrisville's darkest secrets are going to be revealed, all hell will break loose.

Will Randy be too overwhelmed? Rated T for violence, language. The Notebook by Alexa Piper reviews A series of generally unrelated oneshots. There's nothing quite like those quiet conversations T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: So Feeling The Mode by SPskater reviews Control Freak wants to rid of the Titans once and for all and thanks to his new machine, he then shoots the Titans into oblivion.

But it didn't destroy them liked planned. Instead, the teen heroes were sent into another dimension and end up in Mount Justice, where they meet another team of teenager heroes. Teen Titans, meet the Young Justice. But it takes a lot of thinking about it for her to admit it to herself. After most of the villains were frozen, who is left? Will Beast Boy keep after the mysterious girl?

And what about the bad guys left? Like Red X, Slade T - English - Angst - Chapters: Secret Santa by TheLastPilot reviews Adrien and Marinette draw each others names in their classes secret santa and do their best to get the perfect gift. Obsession by Kryalla Orchid reviews First instalment in Tendencies. It was meant to be only once but Marinette and her magic hands keep drawing him back. He can't get enough. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! Soon heroes and villains unite to stop the spirit of vengeance and her murderous rampage.

The team side along with the likes of Klarion, Captain Marvel and a strange girl with a dark past named Raven. April's Diary by Connie Nervegas reviews April writes about her daily experiences as a grown woman hanging around with four teenage ninjas. The only place where she can vent openly when they get on her nerves and about what she really thinks of them. Beast boy's true power by musicman reviews Beast boy has a chance to be cured of his powers. But what happens when instead of curing his powers, he enhanes them.

If you read Night on the Titanic you already got a glimse of this story. Tales from the Kiddie Table by m0rrigans reviews Snapshots of the daily lives of Xavier Institute's underclassmen. Technically still on hiatus but here's an update X-Men: Nova Shots by Cordria reviews A collection of short stories. The Fentons finally catch Danny, but they don't like what they find. And there's only one person to turn to for help. T Danny Phantom - Rated: Introverted by Call Brandybuck reviews A collection of moments or deleted scenes involving the characters of Gravity Falls. Whispers in the Dark by Call Brandybuck reviews Dipper should never have come here.

He should never have risked an evening trip to a mysterious cave and thought he could get away with it unharmed. He was putting the both of them in danger - all for some dumb obsession with a journal. The Revenge Of Jeff by missakat reviews They've seen it all. Vampires, ghosts, demons; if you can name it, they've likely encountered it. And yet, for Mabel and Dipper, it's just another summer's day. Drabble Collection by Andrea O'Down reviews A collection of drabbles from my drabble-challenge over on tumblr. If you want to join, please check my profile page for more info.

Freeze on the Stones by Robin4 reviews When Cora casts the curse, everyone suffers. Regina is married to the prince she never wanted. Gold tries to hide his affair with the librarian from Cora. Mary Margaret is drowning in debt, and Emma finds herself stuck in a dangerous town where no one is safe from the Evil Queen. This Storybrooke and its story are darker than the one you know. Korra attempts to find a way to return home, but can she do that without revealing herself as the Avatar?

And possibly adding to the already existing confusion? Blindsided by DarkUnderworld reviews "The knees of Michelangelo's jeans were quickly soaked through with the blood that pooled around his brother's battered, motionless body. Insanity is a State of Mind by 54Viruses reviews One night I am visited by the turtles, a typical authoress meets turtles story The Free Peoples and the Avengers join forces once more to stand against a darkness that threatens to engulf all who oppose it. Sequel to 'Avengers of the Ring'. A story following April after she is forced to move into the lair to hide from Shredder and the Kraang.

Set in the universe and immediately following the episode 'Karai's Vendetta' canon, up to that episode. Imprint by Jack Mirembe reviews Starting right then to forever, he was going to be the one to take care of her. Or he would die trying. If only somebody had let him know that first. BBXRae series set alongside the series. Catch Me, Heal Me by anthrop reviews Skulker isn't hunting you, for once.

That's the good news. Tourmaline by Phantomrose96 reviews A fight with the Crystal Gems has left Peridot cracked within an inch of her life.

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Trapped on Earth, with no one and no way to get home, Peridot's all but given up hope. But she doesn't know the lengths Steven is willing to go to in order to keep her alive. Steven Universe - Rated: The heroes recover enough to go on immediately following the battle at Arkham Chapter 3: Damian wants his newspaper. Snapshots from the altered lives of Gotham's new trio on Earth Doofenshmirtz could only stare in pure shock. More info inside; rated t for blood, abuse, and character death Phineas and Ferb - Rated: Away From Home by JJ reviews During a run in with Klarion, Young Justice is sent to an alternate universe where the Justice League doesn't exist, But instead the unorganized and scattered avengers do.

Cerebus Syndrome by Epsilon Tarantula reviews It's the start of a brand new summer vacation, but when L. Phineas and Ferb - Rated: Someone who goes by the name of Nico di Angelo. Starts off like your average high-school story fanfic, but will turn into something else as the story progresses. Rated T for bits of excessive swearing, violence, dark themes and maybe a little bit of gore. Lakeside Elementary by Phantomrose96 reviews At Connie's persuasion, Steven's decided he wants to start attending public school.

The staff at Lakeside Elementary is always happy to take on transfer students, even those who have three strange, loud, and abnormally violent mothers. The PTA will never be the same. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Specialis Revelio by Daliastarr reviews The Wizarding World has hidden within themselves for so long that when they are finally forced to look to the outside world, what they find may just shock them. Perhaps their secret isn't so secret anymore. Penguin Pajama Pants by Ava Miranda Dakedavra reviews Hermione paused and sniffed as realization seemed to dawn on her as she was pulled into Harry's chest, "I-I've been so busy pretending to be happy for other people, I've forgotten to be happy for me.

Wand and Shield by Morta's Priest reviews The world is breaking. War and technology push on the edge of the unbelievable as S. Soldier and scientist no longer hold the line alone, as an ancient fire burns alongside them. The last of all wizards. Grimm - a lonely imp lured by a woman's tears.

With vast magic but no second sight, he can't see that while he spins gold, Cora spins seduction. When their dance of rivalry and desire comes to its end, who will survive? Ghost Stories by Vexel reviews Danny was not happy. After two years of fighting ghosts, he thought he could handle strange. But when a bunch of costumed weirdos who worked for a super-secret law enforcement agency kidnap him, demanding that he help fight against a wannabe vampire and a megalomanic god with a grudge, he was really considering retirement from the hero gig. Nobody's Drabbles by Mikell reviews A series of word, narrative drabbles.

I've deliberately left out names and dialogue in most , to practice and improve my narrative characterization. Mostly set in the 2k3 series, with occasional references to the 2k7 movie. Sulting by oxXDaughterOfAthenaXxo reviews "Leo was still trying to get used to the feeling of being handcuffed to a table in a dark room with a one-way glass window, while a man in bright blue and red tights was interrogating him. Quick-wit and humor don't seem to be getting him out of this situation. What happens when some citizens of New York find him unconscious and wounded? How will they sweep THIS under the carpet?

He learns the Avengers are more than his team, but are his dysfunctional family. No one should have to endure their dark side on their own. Based off of the Dark Side song by Kelly Clarkson. Tempting Fate by Duesal Bladesinger reviews He's got the deadliest job in the world and he knows it. Birds of a feather flock together? When things go bad with the animals, all you'll have to do is show her where the problem is, and Rexy will take care of it. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. In the aftermath of Jurassic World, a raptor without her pack reflects on what it means to be an Alpha, and the memories that had brought her to this point in time.

Rated "T" for moderate blood and gore. Beta Blue by NotMarge reviews Blue, the beta velociraptor. Spoilers for Jurassic World. New Episode Drabble Series by Firebird Scratches reviews One of my goals is to write one new drabble for each new episode, which I'll collect here. I'll just pick something that jumps out at me and roll with it.

They'll all be K. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Rated: Exile by MerylJeilian reviews The clone's anatomy was horribly off - it was too skinny, too short, too Leonardo knew that he should just kill it off; it was just a clone. Just a clone - with his baby brother's face. And as he learns later, his brother's soul and heart as well. When the Vikings are forced to up and move to Scotland, Stoick agrees to present his oldest son as a suitor for the princess at the games. Meanwhile, Merida is visiting each of the Clans, to see if any of the lords sons can stir her heart.

But when she meets a charming young Viking boy, she starts to rethink her options. Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael died in the assault on the Shredder's stronghold. But what if they hadn't? Out On Our Own by Knightime reviews When a mysterious alien fugitive escapes to Earth, it will take a ragtag group of young heroes to decipher the conspiracy and save the world. Set in an alternate Young Justice universe, with an original version of the origin of the Team. Second Person by hotmilkytea reviews [] Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.

What happens when a turtle accidentally retromutates himself? The Most Astounding Fact by XCGirlie reviews We are a part of this universe; we are in this universe, but more importantly than those two facts is that the universe in in us. Three Little Birds by Weezila reviews The story of three little birds and how truly screwed up and perfect family can be.

Louder Than Words by Vitani reviews They were tired of running away, so an offer from Lex Luthor to stand their ground and fight, on their own terms, was too good to pass up. Yet they knew others were still following their tracks—and it seems not only the Reach and S. Who else was hunting them out? Filler between the episodes Runaways and The Hunt. Rated for language and violence. Far From Ra by Lydja-chan reviews Throughout all ages of time the Kraang have manipulated men and molded monsters to aid them in their conquest of the planet known as earth.

In the shadow of pyramids amongst the halls of ancient kings the Kraang once again try bring the people of earth under their dominion, by impersonating their gods. Hamakto was a priest of Ra who sought only to maintain the balance of his world. Forever a Phantom by Pseudinymous reviews Danny Fenton's life is turned upside-down when he attempts to fix his parents' new invention, the Fenton Ghost Portal.

Unfortunately for him, playing with highly powerful electrical contraptions is actually quite dangerous. Now he's stuck as a ghost as he tries to stumble through the leftover shambles of his life - forever. How Everything's Gonna End by sapphireswimming reviews Danny scores three tickets to see Phantom Planet in concert and nothing is sacred. Not even the fourth wall. Absolution by The Struggling Warrior reviews Everyone thought that the trials would be over when the war was finished.

With traitors and threats to their existence still active, though, the ghosts must keep the peace while gaining new allies such as a team of young heroes. Unfortunately, this is made difficult with past mistakes and new tragedies proving just how difficult it is to forgive and forget. Connections by Andrea O'Down reviews As Donnie reflects on how he met April and how much their lives have changed since, he realizes how much they are connected.

And not only that, he realizes how everything seems to be connected, friends and foes alike. Deals with the first season of the show. Weary Sovereigns by Wribro reviews The whole world is empty. The sands of time howl in a storm that deafens them to the sounds of all else. So unshakably, brutally sane that, at times, they wish that madness would come again, if only to take away the sheer cold of the certainty. The certainty that their story will never Various pairings including our favourite agent. Cuckoo by TwinEnigma reviews Some birds are known to camouflage themselves among the young of another species.

Time Lords are very similar in this respect, as Robin learns. He knew Stan had his secrets, but this was bigger than any of them. HE had so many questions, but the only thing he was sure of was that nothing would ever be the same. Rated T to be safe.

Cancelling the Apocalypse by Lightning Streak reviews In an already-destroyed future, Valerie Gray and Dan Phantom must fight together to avoid total annihilation. Little Snippets by TimidBookworm reviews Random scenes in which have popped into my brain. Humor, brotherly fluff-ness, and anything else that might stop by my door. Crossover - American Dragon: Cabin in the Woods by Ezra Cross reviews Skye has been banished to that lonely cabin so that she can learn to control her powers and to protect the populace if she cant.

But what happens when her little bit of boring solitude is invaded by an injured, smart talking, Hawkeye? And then the Hulk appears? Skye must learn the power of control or face being the world's greatest outcast for accidentally murdering an Avenger. He sighed, ready for the plunge. Drown by Ordis reviews Three months after Operation Avengers all is well.

When Steve and Tony hack into SHIELD to find missing weapons shipments they find more than they bargained for in the form of a prisoner who should, by rights, have been sent to Asgard long ago. Faith by lureplant reviews Dipper could no longer look at her. Closure by Viceroy Elf reviews In the aftermath of the Portal's opening, tensions are high. Can broken bonds be mended so quickly? Can new bonds be formed at all? Grunkle Stan needs to have a word with a certain niece. Stan and Mabel bonding. One-Shot, also posted on my Tumblr account. Show Your Hand by Scarpaw It's never good to show your hand too early, after all.

He's finally closer to unlocking all the mysteries of Gravity Falls. One shot Gravity Falls - Rated: An Unlikely Alliance by Elandil reviews After the war, Nico, Percy and Annabeth foolishly hoped that they could get away from the fighting, but now the earth is facing a new threat that Olympus cannot face alone. Desperate to gain allies, Athena contacts Director Nick Fury with a tempting proposal, 3 major heroes for a chance to save the world!

A Gift of a Heart by Alexa Piper reviews A bank robbery goes wrong and Maddie takes a bullet straight through her heart. Or, at least, that's what she thinks. A continuation of Cordria's oneshot. Cover made by theghostof-sherlockholmes. And when a precious person from the Hulk's past becomes caught in a crossfire, their friendship might be the only thing that can save her, and the Avengers. Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Rated: Prequel to 'Different Effects of the Past.

I don't own any rights to Danny Phantom. Contains descriptions of physical abuse. Soon Danny finds himself in a place where nothing should be real, least of all Danny himself. Pacifica gets in trouble for standing up to her parents and realizes that she can't stay in her house anymore. But where else does she have to go? Rated T for child abuse. I'm still bad at summaries. Sprout by Trumpeteer34 reviews After being exposed to an unknown chemical agent during a battle, Bruce is left unconscious, half-naked, and very young.

Tony with the help of his team takes it upon himself to try to reverse the effects of the chemical, all while caring for the little boy who is one of his closest friends. He's a billionaire, he's an immature genius-level playboy, he's the superhero Iron Man, and not to mention a guy who's into philanthropy. But things like that can change within the blink of an eye, especially when something explodes in your face.

After all, the man's made from a different kind of metal than most would honestly expect Koriand'r and the Kappas by pikachucutie17 reviews A bad day for Starfire only gets worse when she falls through a portal made by the Kraang and ends up in a different dimension. Luckily, four mutant turtles and their human friend, April O'Neil, are willing to help her. What none of them realize is that all the Tamaranean needed was the unusual family to steady her wings when she had trouble flying. She could look out her window if she wanted to watch the aftermath. She watches the news instead, and realizes one very important thing: Wolverine and the X Men: Unfortunately for the team, several spanners have also been hurled into the works.

Twisted Falls by kitsune reviews Demons just love playing games, some of them more dangerous than others. The Pines twins are about to find out just how deadly those games can be, whether they want to or not Rewrite of Gravity Falls where Bill is there from the beginning. You And Your Dog Teeth by cottonfist reviews Desperate to find ends and solutions, Hermann wears himself out to exhaustion looking for answers, especially his already lame leg. Being around as his usual working late night companion, it's up to Newt to help take Dr.

What seemed entirely like a normal night only ends with two scientists realizing there's a lot more between them than they thought. Is it really such a good thing? Set in Monster Falls AU. I do not own Gravity Falls or Monster Falls.

"Past and Presents"

Blind Trust by Narshe reviews The Guys in White have a special treat for the trouble-making ghost kid. They have assigned the "best of the best" to hunt him down: But what happens when the young world saver befriends an adorable dark-haired, blue-eyed boy, Danny Fenton, in Amity Park while hunting down the ghost kid no one seems to know about? Photo credit goes to me! But what if she'd stayed one night before trying to take her revenge on the Shredder?

This is the story of those 24 hours as a family. Ripples by Lady Devonna reviews If there's trouble, all us freaks have is each other. A series of unfortunate events from Christmas to kidnappings forges an unlikely friendship and more. What's the brotherhood goon got in common with the blue boy-scout? Besides mastery over gravity, anyway. Gold needs to get married, quickly, quietly, and with the understanding the marriage will end in six months. A heart-broken Belle French needs a way out. Return of Honor by Firebird Scratches reviews They thought recovering Master Splinter would make their family whole again, would set them on the right path - they were right Soon to be rendered AU by new episodes, but what can ya do?

Spasmodic by Fruitiest of Mallards reviews A series. This seems to be a trend throughout the Phandom nowadays—and who am I do turn down the opportunity to perpetuate a community that should never die? T - English - Drama - Chapters: Settling by Dragon Elexus reviews They may be teenagers. Half of their daemons may not even be settled yet.

But that does NOT mean they're just side-kicks. Spectrum by DeusRexMachina reviews Amity Park has been gaining a reputation as the new city that never sleeps, so it's only natural that the a few people from New York would take an interest in what keeps the city so lively. Chapters are chronological unless otherwise stated and for the most part connect to form one solid overreaching timeline for the American Dragon and Danny Phantom post-show universes. After Korra watches Chief Lin Bei Fong act a little strange, she and the gang try to figure out what's making her behave this way.

Is the Chief of Police having a secret romance under everyone's noses? A little bit of crack but just to taste. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Cycles of Vengeance by servantofclio reviews Shredder got the vengeance he wanted: With the turtles mutated beyond recognition, Karai and April must team up to try to bring them back. They'll also have to decide how far they're willing to go. AU, alternate ending to "Vengeance is Mine. An early encounter with Zetsu has her coming into her inheritance early.

Starts at the end of the Mizuki encounter. Naruto with multiple bloodlines. Hinata replaces Sakura on Team 7. He was asleep and injured. His family gathered him up and took him home, unaware of his current state. Sons of Winter by Taisi reviews This is the story of how Hamato Yoshi found four brothers living on the street, and took them in; and how he learned by doing so that there is a wide gulf between taking someone into your home, and taking them into your heart.

Prequel to "Problem Child. Reforging the Blade by jokerswyld reviews What would happen if a neglected blade, broken in anger, was reforged by someone else?

"The Third Wheel Gets the Grace"

Someone who connected with the spirit it contained, but who was not its original owner. Not a yaoi pairing, sorry if that's what you like. Things You Never Outgrow by Taisi reviews There wasn't always enough food to go around when they were little. Brotherly by Eastonia reviews 1.

Big brothers just know things Jason, Tim and Damian find this relates to Dick all too well The Bat Brothers are forced to watch Naruto, they decide on ranks. Five Years On Tie-in, Dick thinks about fathers and sons. Collection of Vignettes Batman - Rated: Consumed by guilt, Donatello makes a rash decision that puts his life in grave danger.

His brothers race to save him, but will they be too late? Raise Your Glass by rhosinthorn reviews It's been a year since Fairy Tail was disbanded, but the long wait is over. A tale of homecomings, both happy and sad. Old friends reunite and new friends are made. In the Strength of Spirit universe, selected homecomings told through interconnected one shots. Legendary Defender - Rated: While Harry, Ron and Hermione search for the remainder of the Horcruxes, the Soul Reapers stay at Hogwarts to help protect the students and get ready for two upcoming major battles: Now being co-written by Arei-the Peridot Dragon!

Winter's End by BodhiDixon reviews What happens if the events of episode 1x14 took a heartbreaking turn for the Green family. I wrote this on the but never posted it on here until now. Each encounter leaves them both wondering more about their pasts, present and the role of fate. The building of trust and friendship can only lead to good things for our favorite pair, right?

The Last Time by Lindelynia reviews "…try harder! YOU find the answer! Or will that argument have been their last conversation? T - English - Drama - Chapters: Lightning in a Bottle by l0ngl0st reviews Lance suddenly feels like he has a sunburn—his cheeks and the back of his neck are all prickly, and his heart is beating a little faster, but that's only adrenaline or, like, maybe the early signs of heat stroke?

Her Game by Zyellowz reviews Mixed teams aren't allowed in high school competitions, so Kuroko Tetsuko is forced to take drastic measures. Brushes and Blushes by JessieJay13 reviews "By the time Merlin began tracing color onto Arthur's mouth, Arthur was certain he was standing closer than he needed to.

The drag of the brush against his parted lips was torture when Arthur had a sudden and intense desire for something else to take its place. From the way Merlin was biting his own lip again, he didn't think he was alone in that. Finally, the could talk, and Dexter soon comes to realize that Freakazoid's the best thing that's ever happened to him. This story spans the moment Dexter finds the white room until he graduates from high school.

Phantoms, Powers and Prophecies by FantomoDrako reviews Danny keeps dreaming of a strange castle while the ghosts across the world gossip of a 'halfa'. Does it mean anything? Left Behind by animefreak reviews A conversation between Keith and Allura while on the bridge waiting for the arrival of the Blue, Yellow, and Green Lions have both feeling the start of a connection. Little Genius by Neocolai reviews Peter does the math. The Movie - Rated: Phantom by SilverShark Fang reviews Accidentally running head first into a mysterious portal in the Ghost Zone, Danny woke up in an unfamiliar world filled with weird creatures called pokemon.

Will he ever get back? Did he even want to get back? For now, He'll try to make the most out of the situation. Undone by FalllingPetals reviews After his death at Pein's hands and a lecture from a long-dead teammate, Hatake Kakashi finds himself three and a half years back in time to when his students are still new genin. Armed with the knowledge of what will happen, he seeks to prevent the disasters and unfortunate events that happen along the way, particularly preventing Team 7 from falling apart. The brothers feel like Donnie has betrayed them by leaving them behind, after a late night lecture Donnie feels guilty.

Just how far will he go to make it all up to his brothers? The lives of immortals by Meercatwhisperer reviews It is confusing, being alone for years and then suddenly having a family thrust upon you, but Jack reckons he's managing pretty well. A series of drabbles, set both before and after the movie, exploring the lives of the immortals.

The End Rise of the Guardians - Rated: But he's getting none of that- especially when Skulker's out for his head, there's a Ghost Portal beneath the Mystery Shack, and his cousin Wendy's boss' brother has a celebrity crush on Danny Phantom. His luck has always been total shit, huh? I am Here by Lookoutthewindow reviews 'A lone boy stands listlessly in front of a gravestone, his silent tears mixing with the rain. In which Kuroko Tetsuya really is a ghost, and Kagami is the only one who can see him. Of course, haunting ensues.

Update, as of chapter 8. Story now horror and rated T. Observations by FallenQueen2 reviews When Bruce comes back from the 'dead' he observes a change in his family. Or how Dick managed to bring his brothers together and keep them together. Batman is back from the 'dead' and some of Young Justice is thrown in. Walking Dead - Rated: Approval by CelandineGranger reviews Young Donatello seeks to earn his father's approval. Beautiful cover image by Momorawrr. Finding the Pattern by theherocomplex reviews It's a mark of how truly weird Leo's life has become that April saying "So, apparently Donnie and I are married now" over dinner doesn't even make anyone but Fugitoid look up from the table.

His best friend didn't have parents. Roy didn't either — and he didn't get along with Ollie. Kaldur's father was a supervillain for god's sake! In what universe did he have room to complain! So instead he suffered through the abuse. When he can't sleep, hoever, he just wants to talk to his Best friend.

What comes out of that? The teen, the long lost brother of Harry Potter had been found over the summer. Her and Dumbledore had temporarily rejoiced when they received word from the American Magical Congress that Daniel Potter was, in fact, alive and breathing. Daniel hadn't exactly returned their thrill.

What would the future have looked like? Erasure by Quinis reviews Dick's always tried to be there. Catching people before they fall. But, with increasing evidence that his family doesn't need him and the worst time of year coming up, it seems like no one is there to catch him. One particularly bad night, he makes a choice. To Do Justice by Harikonotora reviews "Cadmus changes today This is a kinder, gentler Cadmus. T for violence and mild language.

Twelve year old Danny Phantom has been a ghost for almost two years, but now a new chapter of his life will unravel. In a one week period he loses everything, gains a new guardian, learns he's a wizard, and realizes he was born a twin. Wasteland by AnneriaWings reviews It was hopeless. Like a desolate, lonely wasteland, my life had faded into a mere shadow of its former self.

Official sequel to Lab Rat. Winter Gods by avearia reviews The Guardians discover that, outside of Earth, many races actually worship Jack as a God. Meanwhile, the Avengers deal with the implications that come with an almighty spirit, otherworldly religions, and the revalation that Santa is real. A collection of drabbles for the Thicker Than Water series. Each chapter will address the time and setting of the chapter, so read all notes for context.

Little Hounds of Blood and Rank by hotmilkytea reviews [, post The Fourfold Trap] "Try harder" is the wrong thing to say to the one person actually trying. Leo's got a lot of things to learn about being a leader, and about being a brother Hers by Jaganashi reviews Tang Shen was the love of Yoshi's life. Having never met her, what perceived relationship could the boys have? A short fic inspired by upcoming Mother's Day. Expendable by Maintenant reviews Naruto thinks he's expendable. The others don't react so well to that. Chance at Snow by Garniella reviews Jack gets to interact with people his own age for the first time in over years as he meets the Danny Phantom crew.

K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Namikaze Sayo never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was to kill the councilors responsible for her current plight. So why the hell is she stuck in the time of the shinobi clan wars, befriending a young Uchiha Madara? M - English - Drama - Chapters: Shattered by apriiil reviews Something was wrong with the happiest girl in the guild, but Bickslow was the only one who could see how unhappy she truly was, and he was determined to find out the cause.

After everything that had happened, Lucy never expected the guild's Seith mage to be the one person able to help and understand her the most. Full chapter story] Fairy Tail - Rated: Downstairs and Dead by ArouraLeona reviews Following Fairy Tail's break, Princess Hisui calls upon former heiress, Lucy, to help catch a serial killer hunting in the houses of the wealthy for the last 3 years.

With Laxus as her partner, the two attend winter society balls and parties, hunting the hunter. But can they catch him before he kills again? And what will their partnership lead to? Full Circle by cerberus angel reviews When Fairy Tail along with the other guilds in Earthland are decimated by Acnologia, Zax Dreyar travels into the past to stop it from happening with only a leather bound book, his mother Lucy left, to guide him. The past becomes the present.

The future is unwritten. LaLu Fairy Tail - Rated: Intimate Solutions by RandomJaz reviews Poor Tadashi wakes up in the middle of an interesting dream and has to deal with the aftermath of it while Hiro is asleep near by. As if puberty wasn't hard enough! Big brother comes to the rescue.

Age swap Tadashi and Hiro! Big Hero 6 - Rated: M - English - Angst - Chapters: Sniper's Furry Curse by BeautifulDoom reviews After unintentionally insulting Demoman's mother, Sniper finds himself cursed with a furry problem. Better than it sounds. My princess by RBK Frost-Escarcha reviews Adrien is completely in love with Ladybug, but one day he ends up talking again with Marinette as Chat Noir, he finds she is way more open to him when he is Chat, sassy even, as Adrien it is difficult to get to know her but he wants to, his meetings with her as Chat Noir grow more frequent and his reasons to know her better slowly start to change "Missed me princess?

I thought we'd be at least ten. Not Alone by historyman17 reviews AU. What if Zuko never had to leave that Earth Kingdom village? What if in time the villagers themselves started to trust the banished Prince? This is the story of what would happen if Zuko was allowed to stay in that village. Along the way he will meet new friends and old allies as they come together to defend his new home and to find his true destiny.

Follows after "Zuko Alone" Avatar: My Dragon Soul Mate by levels reviews Lucy is caught between two men, and unfortunately they have to work things out. You get a genius boy who likes turtles and has to deal with all the trouble Matilda had to deal with while finding friendship in the most unlikely places.

Not everything is as it seems though when going to Ninjitsu Hall, and even things that should seem normal have secrets as well. The Desirability Quotient by hummerhouse reviews All teasing aside, Don's brothers may have a point. One shot, 2k3 based. Invisible by Twisted Skys reviews He's been invisible for so long, it's hard to be seen sometimes.

One-shots and mini archs of Jack's life. The smallest things can go terribly wrong, turning a simple task into a rescue mission, a fight for a brother's life. Greyscale by apriiil reviews Bickslow saw the world differently to what everyone else did, but when a pair of glasses allows him to see things the way everyone else does, he only realises one thing: Once More by Gone Wanderlust reviews Kurosaki. A name that he held in reverence, and a name he'd tried to live up to. It had been his own, but He couldn't be a Kurosaki any longer. He'd long since lost the right. He could place the blame elsewhere, Aizen was the start, but he wouldn't.

It had been he that had failed in the end. He was the reason they died No matter the cost. Too close to see by Mediamaniac reviews Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. Akashi and Other Animals by half-sleeping reviews Akashi adopts his friends again, one by one. His new teammates cope gamely with the influx of Miragen pets. Updated with sequel fic! But what of the growing darkness back home that threatens Lily and all he's ever known?

This story is an AU and does not follow HP canon! The Sum of His Parts by Taisi reviews Right away, Yoshi recognized that his little box turtles had become more than just corner store pets. They were children, now, almost human; with wide, bright eyes and dimpled faces. It took him longer to recognize that they were his children. The Phantom in the Alleyway by Merwholocked reviews A body of a fourteen year old kid is found in an alleyway, ok, routine job, but then when Booth goes to inform his family he finds the boy safe at home.

Meanwhile the kid wakes up, on Cam's autopsy table. First Contact by JaggerK reviews Selina has a spot for lost boys. So she takes on a new mission - helping out her favourite kitten's friend, Conner. One-shot Young Justice - Rated: Unbidden Consquences by Ryuu reviews What happens when Clockwork shows some of Danny's enemies that he's concerned about something? What if he tells them it's about Danny? What would happen if they all see the consequences for their actions?

Would it change anything? Or, will they save him before he's pushed to far? I don't own Danny Phantom. The entire team is broken after they watched Shredder murder their beloved father and Sensei. April is having a hard time with losing her second father figure. But when a purple banded brother comes to her for help with dealing with the loss, she comes up with a strange analogy to help him.

Maybe the team can be whole again after all. When Fenton goes missing what will Phantom do to find his other half? Language, sexual contact and violence. Then and Now by Armitage reviews ST: Bones have a moment of remembrance as he struggles to keep Jim alive. Rating for dirty language and sex mentions. Brothers Always by ShadowPillow reviews Harry tugged on his little brother's hand, frowning when he refused to move. He tugged a little more insistently.

In which Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are dimension-hopping superheroes. A new Lucy by Catten90 reviews Lucy gets abandoned by team Natsu but another team saves her. How will things play out as she tries to get over the hurt of abandonment and the scars from her time in captivity.

Will she be able to trust again? Will she find Love? Will more dark events be on the horizon? A short oneshot story. Don't Go by Alltimewh0re reviews Marinette tells Chat that she's moving to America, because of this they decided to reveal who they are. Now it's five years later and Marinette returns to Paris. Nice to Meet you: What will happen when Ruby meets White, and Sapphire meets Black? Will their overwhelming similarities eventually lead to possible romance? Will Cheren, Bianca and N make it worse? Diminish by Mx Akiyata reviews Kageyama felt his heart drowning as all hope diminished.

But he had to take one for the team. He couldn't let his home life interfere with volleyball, especially not on the way to nationals. The team was the closest to family he'd ever had, but that might just break him further. Gail reviews I stared after him until he disappeared inside with a slam of the front door, and worry began to set in. Everyone looked at me, as though I had some explanation for Wilbur's uncharacteristic behavior.

The strange thing was, I did. A Shift in Priorities by Maintenant reviews Sanji sighed. The shift really was obvious, now that he thought about it. Somehow, along the way, without their noticing, their main objectives had changed. And it was all for him. Can Ladybug and Chat Noir figure out who's behind this epidemic?

Or has this new villain set its sights on sweet Marinette? On Black Wings by BlackDragon41 reviews It only takes one little mistake to have everything you've invested your life in to burn before your eyes and fall to ashes. For Oikawa Toru; it was volleyball. Iwaizumi struggles to get him on his feet and begins losing faith in getting the old Oikawa back. That is until a couple of crows from Karasuno drop in and attempt to lift the prideful setter and get him moving once more.

Reluctant Fangirling and Other Seductions by Madrigal-in-training reviews It was probably the strangest proposition he'd ever received. Leo and Donnie brotherly fluff two shot. Rated T just be really, really safe. Meet the Robinsons - Rated: Jason's just determined not to let Bruce screw up any more Robins, like he has in his time. LaLu week by nikoneko reviews Day 1: Here we are again! The first Lalu week of ! Sorry I've started late, but it should be worth it After Tartaros, Lucy was an emotional wreck.

But can a certain Lightning munching slayer pull her back from the edge? All rights and ownership to Hiro Mashima! Enter Naruto Naru Uzumaki: Naru has hit a slump - She's finally Hokage but finds she's not entirely happy with the way things turned out. There's an obvious distance between her and the villagers, her love is hopeless and her home is empty. Kurama might just have a jutsu that can solve all her problems. Regulus has never seen his brother's face so cold.

He drowns in the grip of cold grey hands, in green water that crushes without mercy. Unknown by CrownOfDasies reviews Sakumo would have never guessed that his mission would have come to a failure until a blond woman appears out of nowhere, inevitably saving Sakumo, his comrades, and Konoha in the process.

Preventing a huge misconception, based on Sakumo, how will this blond woman change Konoha's destiny? I receive them, I write them. Clinical Simulation by Sanru reviews Raphael hasn't completed his medical training yet and Don has been wounded and poisoned on the rooftops of New York. All he can do is rely on what he has learned so far and hope that it's enough. A New Family by Sly the gratsulover reviews Jack and Maddie finished the Fenton Portal when Danny was six and Danny went in, but Danny ends up in the Zone, when he makes it home his parents don't recognize him and try to kill him, Johnny 13 who was watching the kid since he came through the portal saves him and decides to take care of the kid with Kitty, and some help from others Might change title later, suggestions?

The Mouse of Konoha by obsidian dreamer reviews Never underestimate the power of good advice. A few wise words into a pair of young ears leads a young would-be ninja to a decision; the Leaf will recognise him, but not as the fox Crystallize by Firehedgehog reviews Humans greed grew, they tried to claim the Digital world and war broke up. Takato sacrificed himself to seal the timeline off before they could move to others. Then he wakes, alive Captured by nikoneko reviews Hatred Laxus was somehow captured by someone with a plan that could spell the end of Fiore, but he would need Laxus' power to do so.

However, it won't only take the lightning dragon slayers magic, as there is another prisoner A Sense of Belonging by therandomer reviews Donatello feels out of place at home but when he leaves for a breather he gets into some trouble. Will he and his brothers realise his differences are a positive thing or will Donnie decide to leave home? Hollow by DcayZombie reviews Regulus feels worthless, unneeded, beaten and hated. He draws more into himself with each passing day, whilst no seems to notice.

He feels alone and resorts to cutting. Is there going to be someone there for he when he falls or will he hit the ground hard and alone. Rated M for self harm, bullying and language. Nothing to Fear by Tallman7 reviews One-shot that wouldn't leave me alone. Naruto banishment plot with a twist. Understanding by Cryst4lB34st reviews Banished, rather than imprisoned. Loki needs to learn a lesson in a form of a monster.

Years went by and soon he was spared by a mortal boy that he couldn't help but compare himself to. Is it possible for this boy to help him understand what he is missing? Ingenious Idiot by Kanae Yuna reviews "The truth is plain and simple: Kirk is a genius, even under the most unfavorable conditions Revenant by ManofManyHats reviews Zuko's fate could have diverged either way on many occasions. At the North Pole. On the day of Sozin's Comet. But when the scale tips the other way the day it all started, the day of the Agni Kai, he finds that destiny is not done with him just yet.

Obsession by Kryalla Orchid reviews First instalment in Tendencies. It was meant to be only once but Marinette and her magic hands keep drawing him back. He can't get enough. Calculated Failure by Jaganashi reviews From a young age, Donatello must learn that being reliable is more important than being right.

★★★★★ TOP 5 BEST KITTY KAT TIPS on Flipboard by Sarah Silva

Think of the loose walking potential disaster What's it like, being in Seirin? But a good sort of chaos. Encounters by petthekat reviews A series of one-shots featuring rooftop conversations between child! Short, sweet and plotless. Make Kageyama Laugh by quidditchchick reviews No one on the team has ever heard Kageyama laugh before, so Hinata, Tanaka, and Nishinoya make it a mission to figure out how to finally get it out of him. What happens when he suddenly gets the chance, remembers everything, and has changed enough to avoid Slytherin?

The Phantom Behind the Bins by angelwings reviews Professor Minerva McGonagall was surprised and more than a little concerned when Daniel Fenton's Hogwarts letter was addressed to a trash bin at a train station, so naturally Hogwarts staff went to investigate. They definitely weren't prepared for what happened when they found a homeless boy with some curious magical abilities. The Last Time I Saw Sammy by RaisingAmara reviews When a hidden hex bag forces a young Dean to abandon his year-old brother in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, the guilt may be his undoing.

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  4. But with Bobby's help and a trail of cell phone messages, can the two hunters find their way back to the youngest Winchester? Once again, I found this prompt -like picture on Pintrest, I own nothing. As a former bounty hunter Zoro typically notices when other hunters are stalking the crew and takes it on himself to handle them before the rest of the Strawhats notice. I didn't sign up for this by erimies reviews Time travel, the ultimate hoax to cheat in life and turn bad odds to your advantage. Or, it would be if Naruto had any idea what he was doing. Trying to save lives he holds dear, he somehow ended up as an international S-class criminal with a flee-on-sight order.

    Returning Home by Tenkasen reviews The road to recovery begins with a phone call. The Phoenix by AileenRoseven reviews What the genius saw that night was not the end… At least not the end for the one who ran in. A new life… Strange abilities… New surroundings. For one, their life as who they were ended that night, up in flames… But just as the bird from a legend… a Phoenix rises from it's ashes. What Are You Holding? That long to know their fears, their desires, the deepest insecurities of their heart and use it against them.

    And he had been holding onto that vile akuma for hours? Li reviews "Honey," said Sabine Dupain-Cheng. That's all he's ever been, and that's all he ever will be. A steamy winter night by zoelda24 reviews Left alone on her Junior year's winter vacation, Marinette and her boyfriend Adrien share a hot battle they won't forget. Excuse to write smut Miraculous: Citrus and Love by Lucicelo reviews Chat Noir finds out about Ladybug's crush through the new intoxicating perfume she wore during their patrol.

    In his normal life, he smells this scent coming from none other then Marinette. Adrien and Marinette work at getting used to their newfound knowledge of each other, and start to make things official. The Strenght Within by ShanaFox15 reviews After the war between Mages and Tartaros The Fairy Tail guild is disband leaving only one Fairy to keep their home safe until the time is right but when a new enemy comes to play in the allys of Magnolia going after our Fairy the ThunderTribe steps in to proctet the last light of their family and in the way creating new and unexpected bonds Fairy Tail - Rated: Rainy Days by TheLastPilot reviews Adrien looked over at the shy girl as she laughed and joked through their classes.

    Why wasn't she like that with him? Had he done something wrong, did he make her uncomfortable? Did he intimidate her? He wanted to hear her jokes too, he didn't understand what he had done wrong, but he was determined to fix it. He would get to know Marinette better, maybe then she would be at ease. Although, not necessarily in that order. Or five times Kirk puts his crew before himself and one time they return the favor. Kirk, Spock - Complete. Tired Eyes Behind Masks by filkcatwearingabell reviews "Fighting akumas could be a pain, both in the literal and figurative sense. Mostly, though, it was just exhausting.

    Dear Mr Sunshine by thylas reviews Tetsuya looks up at his reflection in the mirror. His breath gets stuck in his throat. It hadn't been a dream; Tetsuya had really died and gone back in time. Or, in which Kuroko Tetsuya gets a second chance at life. Criss-Cross by Mysterious Prophetess reviews Inspired by jazztastic panda's tumblr post.

    Marinette and Adrien have lost their kwami. Not Quite so Good News: It's the wrong wielders. Can the day be saved by Just a Little Unstable by Grace-Logan reviews Three years after the zombie virus killed most of the worlds' population, a group of stragglers find Kageyama Tobio in an old University. In The End by Grace-Logan reviews Iwaizumi's phone had been buzzing all throughout the meeting, irritating him in ways only Oikawa could Speak of the devil. Little Red Light by Grace-Logan reviews Sometimes the little twerp made Kageyama want to kill Hinata himself, today however, it wasn't just Hinata that was getting on his nerves.

    It was mostly that little bright red dot that's been trained on Hinata's body since they entered the stadium gym. Traditions that Form by Grace-Logan reviews Kageyama saves Hinata after he is pushed down a flight of stairs. However, every action has a consequence. We're Here by Grace-Logan reviews Oikawa and Kindaichi come across something they never expected to see and they wonder how is it, that they'd never noticed? Catnapping by GoddessApostle reviews All Marinette wanted was some rest. She didn't expect anyone to find her, though, much less her crush. K - English - Chapters: But Lucy, Wendy, and Carla were some of the last to leave.

    Their journey will change them as well as set into motion unforeseen forces and fateful encounters. Not only will they be struggling with enemies this time, but also themselves. This will be seven Semi AU chapters, interconnected at various times which will be posted prior to the chapter title in the lives of our favorite pervy Seith mage and Celestial Spirit Mage of Fairy Tail.

    There will be adult themes, some violence, and all the things that make a story interesting too. Damian's Father by janzen reviews A few short oneshots based off of the fourth Robin Damian Wayne or as he likes to be called in my stories Damian Grayson. Inspired by the arc where Richard becomes Batman and Damian is his Robin.

    Read and Review would ya? Regulus Black is alive, but he's dying. He believes it to be the end, but Sirius has other plans. Regulus lives through it but at a terrible cost. Is it wrong for Sirius to want to tell his brother how very sorry he is for being such a terrible brother, when it would cause Regulus' death if he did?

    This is a collection of one shots and won't they won't be linked to each other unless I state so in the Authors Note. Kisses by PFTones reviews Four times Chat Noir and Ladybug kissed without knowing the person behind the mask, and the one time they did know. Rated K plus for mentions of blood. Of Bonded Souls by notagoodplace4gods reviews The Young Justice Team reports their first mission in space as a complete success. They ended a war, they are now back on Earth, safe and sound, and, oh, Kid Flash and Nightwing may have gotten kind of alien-married.

    Yondu develops a heart. It's all very problematic. Guardians of the Galaxy - Rated: Zapped by CelandineGranger reviews When the turtles are hit with a mysterious blue substance, an unexpected transformation occurs. Can they deal with the consequences of this change? Do they, maybe, want it to be? A thought is triggered when Team Natsu leaves Lucy behind to go on a difficult mission.

    Though the members were simply being thoughtful, she knew that either way, she was too weak to keep up with their level of strength. Now, nights later, how strong is Lucy, really? SAINW Drabble s by staringatstars07 reviews 1 The Hamato brothers return to home base in time to see whatever movie a couple of April's rebels are planning on watching. Turns out, they're not entirely sure what's on the tape, and if they'd known, they'd never have watched it. Rasp by y-ye reviews Asahi was kind, and strong, and just plain manly in a lot of ways Kageyama admired.

    It was difficult though being unable to understand quite what was going on in Asahi's head. To be unable to help fix whatever was wrong. His Personal Dreamcatcher by GoldGuardian reviews When Danny is afraid to sleep because he has nightmares of a recent fight with Vlad and Vlad's evil fear machine, one ghost informs Nocturne, who goes to help the halfa.

    How does it go? What happens when everything he knows comes into question? Will he be able to pick up the pieces? Or, maybe, he might make a new identity? Fallow Danny as he fights to understand his greatest enemy that he never knew he had Four-Way Meeting by staringatstars07 reviews A mishap results in the turtles being separated from each other, with no one to turn to except other versions of themselves.

    Instead of running from it, he faced it head-on? Rated M for future graphic scenes. Don't Look by staringatstars07 reviews Two brothers dive into a burning building to save a life. A Freak Among Freaks by CaseyJ0nes reviews Taking a slight twist in the middle of The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman, Donatello falls into the mutagen with April, undergoing a second mutation that turns him human, or at least human enough to venture through the city in broad daylight. Rated T for language and some sensitive material in later chapters. Oculus by N Harmonic reviews Summary: I've seen stories about Zoro's newest scar, but not about what's under it.

    A blind eyes doesn't count either when there are so many possibilities. Like Kakashi's face- the fuck is he hiding! Anyways, this'll be a drabble multi-crossover, with the use of ocular powers on Zoro's person. Genre vary, T for possible cursing One Piece - Rated: It's hard to return to normal life in a world where war is just a word, a story in a book.

    Where the scars aren't seen on their bodies, but their souls tell a different story. To others, war is just a chapter in history, an answer on a test or a title on a book. But it's okay, they're strong. Even if she has to die by the hands of E. D, the person she loves the most But the Celestial King has a backup plan, one that will require the sacrifice of a single person to save the many. Years of being bullied for his smarts left him dreading when people figured out he was a genius. What better way to throw them off then by acting stupid?

    Dumb Blond Spencer Reid. Criminal Minds - Rated: Luffy ask his crew what they'd do if he died. Ten years later, the Pirate King is sentenced to execution. Sakazuki by N Harmonic reviews Luffy and Zoro share cups of brotherhood. Still Standing by rhosinthorn reviews After Makarov disbanded the guild, the former Fairy Tail members slowly left Magnolia, leaving only Lucy behind.

    Bound by her promise to Natsu, she enters into a contract that becomes more dangerous by the day. When Laxus discovers how far she has gone to protect the guild, he struggles with his own involvement in the matter. Celestial Lightning by xoxmarshaxox reviews Lucy decides to take part in the S-Class exams with a new rage and passion fueling her. After returning from a long period of training, Lucy brings all kinds of surprises with her, even ones she didn't expect herself.

    Yeah I suck at this summary thing Lemons will be included. Pretend by staringatstars07 reviews Master Splinter has a wonderful present to give Donatello on his 6th Mutation Day. Too bad no one is left to celebrate. Harry makes a desperate plan to go back in time, even though it means returning Voldemort to life. Now an 11 year old Harry with 30 year old memories is starting Hogwarts. Can he get it right? Burrito Kisses by SkaianDragonSlayer reviews On the way back to the guild after a job it starts to rain, seems they'll have to stop by Lucy's place to dry off.

    Lightning Storms and Rolling Thunder by laknight11 reviews Laxus has always loved storms. They were exhilarating, but he never expected to be able to share his love for them with any other person. Who could understand what was a part of him anyways? That is, until he saw her on a roof. He just didn't know how much until he met Toothless. If his secret comes out, his village may just kill him, and that's assuming the other tribes don't get him first. After all, no one else can understand the dragons quite like Hiccup can.

    I learned - at least - what home could be by Sparkly Palm Tree reviews Damian squeezes his eyes shut. What if Dick doesn't want him? Nobody else wanted him, what would be any different about Grayson? Why should Grayson care about him when not even his own blood would spare a glance at him?

    What has he done? Where to Belong by Quinis reviews The Court was patient. And the Circus always delivered. The Avatar and the Fire Lord by Eternaltsundere reviews Aang, a young airbender and former student of Avatar Gyatso himself, has awoken from a hundred year slumber to a world ravaged by war. Though he is only a child, Aang's destiny is clear - as the last airbender, it is his destiny to teach the current Avatar, to help them realize their full power and allow them to end the war, once and for all.

    He just has to find them first. Heat Wave by GemNika reviews When temperatures reach a record high in Fiore, there's only one person Lucy can turn to. It's just too bad she didn't think of that sooner. Requiem by claw06 reviews Summary: Rick finds him lying beside his brother's corpse holding a blood-stained knife and staring at it with empty eyes. Chess and Shogi by N Harmonic reviews Summary: Zoro is smarter than everyone take him for; especially given that his full name is Zoro Roronoa-Nara.

    K - English - Mystery - Chapters: One Missed Call by indraaas reviews In a last ditch attempt to evade a relentless stalker in the wee hours of the morning, Lucy ducks into a phone booth with only enough change for one call and the intent to summon some help. Unfortunately, her finger slips and she misdials. The stranger she is connected to, however, may be of more assistance than what she had originally planned. Timer by indraaas reviews Laxus Dreyer excelled at everything from planking for an unholy eleven minutes to getting perfect scores on clearly rigged physics tests.

    Lucy Heartfilia was determined to make him eat her dust literally on the track. Bets were placed, epiphanies were reached, and somewhere along the way, an agreement was made. Dual Comfort by link-senpai reviews 1st chapter occurs during their stay at the abandoned pizzeria After holding onto his guilt for a long time, Donatello stumbles and let's his emotions out in secret. What he didn't expect, however, was to be found by his oldest brother and leader. Fluff and more fluff ensues! It might, maybe, possibly have a little something to do with a certain emotionally constipated Batfamily.

    As Lucy's caught in the whirlwind that is Fairy Tail's Seith mage, she finds that there's a lot more to him than she had originally thought. Rated M for a reason. From Different Angles by Demenior reviews A series of longer than drabbles and oneshots on different perspectives and ideas and relationships in the cast of Class of the Titans. Class of the Titans - Rated: Seuss series - Rated: Now Danny fights crime alongside the Young Justice team while searching for a way home before Plasmius can carry out his evil plans and destroy everything Danny and his friends worked so hard to protect.

    A Fairy Tail Ending by Ice of the Kitsune's Fire reviews When Lucy and Natsu fall into a magical book of fairy tales, the only way to get out is to go through each tale and achieve its happy ending. Who said it would be easy? NatsuxLucy Fairy Tail - Rated: From the Bottom of My Fairy Heart by bluedragon03 reviews The ultimate sacrifice must be made in order to save Natsu from himself, and there's only one person capable of doing what needs to be done. She's willing to do whatever it takes to save him, no matter what the cost.

    Spoilers through chapter Fairy Tail - Rated: Robin Hood by foxdemonsrock reviews AU. A new gang is causing mischief in Old Gotham. When Batman goes to investigate, he finds them to be a bunch of homeless children. Robin, the gang leader, always seems to escape the Dark Knight, which irks the Bat. How can a mere child run a successful gang that continues to elude him? Much to Donatello's dismay he was right. Broken by Dragon'sHost reviews Mest and Lucy both understood what being broken felt like.

    Embracing Originality by Adevlo. D reviews Their first day together was certainly something to remember, but who would have guessed it would have led to something so irrevocably profound? This is the tale of the black sheep of the Uchiha family meeting, and undoubtedly falling in love with, the outcast of future Konoha.

    Delicious by CottonCoated reviews After a tough battle with Sayama, Nishiura's coach realizes that there needs to be more of a "battery" happening between the Ace and the first catcher. She can't let anymore careless accidents happen for the rest of the tournaments. What happens when Momoe forces Abe and Mihashi to partner up with almost everything they do? But most of the time, they're all just ruining the Administrator's front lawn and getting into so many scrapes, it's a miracle they survive.

    Not Forgotten by sora reviews "Its impossible Why is she still in there? A short one but oh well. Scientist by FieryArtemis reviews Three years ago, Tadashi Hamada woke up in a secret underground compound with no memories to speak of. Those who rescued him were not the good guys, a group called Hydra.

    One year ago, he escaped. Now, going by the name 'Chiune,' he's on a mission to stop Hydra from capturing a young group of Superheroes for evil purposes. Hydra's target is Big Hero 6. The Great Mouse Detective 2 by Moon Witch '96 reviews Eight long years have passed since that faithful first case, and that little girl who Basil saved is all grown up now. She comes to Baker street again, hoping to help Basil, to fulfill her dream. Basil himself finds her to be something he never expected To bad for both of them, because a sinister figure will stop at nothing to see them both destroyed.

    Please Read and Review! Great Mouse Detective - Rated: This is rated M for a reason. With his feelings for Merlin making it easier to forgive him he is faced with more problems. Will both Merlin and Arthur be able to save Morgana and bring her back before the darkness consumes her and is Uther as uninterested in their lives as he seems? His family is fighting and he is almost on the brink of suicide. That is until he receives a gift. A gift of a hallucinated clone called Greed. Rated T to be safe! Chaotic Evolutions Redone by Katreal reviews 02x04 Posing as a Digidestined pair, and barred from spirit evolution save in the most dire of circumstances, Kouji and Kouichi struggle to aid the Chosen Children in discovering the secret of evolution, all while trying to unravel the truth of the connection between their Spirits, and themselves.

    He saw the tree coming. He knew they were going to die. He closed his eyes tight, waiting for death. But the impact didn't come. He opened his eyes and saw the car perfectly still, as if it had never moved. But it had gone through the tree. Second Chance by ElReyCiervo reviews The year was , and the world had gone to hell in a hand basket.

    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie
    Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie Kitty Kat Kanoodler - Crochet Pattern for Snuggle Blankie

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