Роисся вперде (Russian Edition)

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I wanted to know more about Kashin, who he was, why he was beaten. You can imagine, I was intrigued, and wanted to read the book.

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  • Fardwor, Russia!: A Fantastical Tale of Life Under Putin by Oleg Kashin;
  • Fardwor, Russia!: A Fantastical Tale of Life Under Putin.
  • Oleg Kashin: Роисся вперде (Fardwor Russia!)?

I got a copy through our university library all hail libraries! Carol Apollonio, how badly I wished the book were in English, it seemed so vital and important.


Oleg Kashin: Роисся вперде (Fardwor Russia!) – The Modern Novel

Her response was that if I wanted to see the book in English, I should translate it myself, as there were precious few publishers and translators in the world willing to tackle contemporary Russian literature, no matter how topical or awesome. After reading the story, the reader will be able to guess who is really behind the assassination attempt on the life of Oleg Kashin.

Relatively forgotten until Ad Marginem reissued the novel a few years ago, the plot of Patent AB centers on a scientist in a made-up country creating a magical elixir that accelerates the growth of any living organism several times over. Rather than being used in livestock growth, the elixir falls into the hands of those who see the potential to use the elixir on babies to create an army of brainwashed fully-grown adults with the minds of children. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

The complete review 's Review:. Sharp though much of its satire of contemporary Putinesque Russia is, Fardwor, Russia! Shifting its focus, and narrating much obliquely rather than directly, it doesn't render what happens harmless, but makes many of the horrors almost incidental -- itself a condemnation of Russian conditions, where the absurd and outrageous has become so everyday that it barely stands out any longer.

In Soviet times, Karpov's grandfather had been involved in work on: Basically it is a growth serum -- and he's making good headway. Marina has her doubts, some of the locals are worried about the possible consequences on the local meat market, and the head of the local research institute which, in a typical post-Soviet era fate: Karpov remains focused on his work, and then on the next step: Not that he proceeds very scientifically: One midget leads, circuitously, to another: The loudest, longest laughter is born out of the need to keep from crying.

That is the well that Oleg Kashin plumbed for Fardwor, Russia! Shortly after he finished Fardwor, Russia! His assailants are known. They have even been arrested, though released and have not been prosecuted. Nor has there been any investigation of the politician who hired them to punish Kashin for insulting him. Such is life in a gangster oligarchy. His grandfather has worked on something similar back in the day when adherence to Lamarckian genetics starved the Russian people.

His grandfather failed, but Karpov succeeded. Things have a way of not working out. Worse, his loving brother who was happy to share the wealth with a brother who never left his house was not going to welcome a full-sized, handsome brother—a competitor in his eyes. So he killed him.

A Novel of Putin’s Russia That Got Its Writer Beaten Up

A lot of people die, quickly, easily, and unremarked. I enjoyed Fardwor, Russia! It is a short book, something you could gobble up in one sitting. That is a well-traveled trope in American literature, with the auto industry the usual bad guy suppressing cars that run on water, get 99 miles to the gallon, or as in real life, blocking the production of the safer, more efficient, Tucker Torpedo. Man y of the characters are stand-ins for real people or segments of society. There is a madcap speed to events. The book moves quickly, never pausing for breath…and that works because if you stopped to think to long, your suspension of disbelief would fail.

It does not paint a picture or take a photograph. It conveys the emotional damage of living in a country where the only thing you can count on is that everything, and nearly everyone, is corrupt. Jan 12, Kriegslok rated it liked it. While this satirical work certainly had its moments I didn't feel it was really on a par with Soviet era dissident literature or contemporary work by many Russian based authors. In a way it felt like I was reading the flesh stripped bones of something that should have been much bigger.

Quite a quick read with expected quirks and absurdities of life in modern Russia where power and powerful interests meet and those who aren't powerful do best to stay out of the path of those who are. Oct 20, Nadine rated it liked it. The introduction is helpful for context but I think more knowledge about the Russian political system in the past 15 years would have made this book even more interesting for me.

Still, that's no fault of the author and the translation was pretty wonderful.

Роисся вперде

There were good chuckles, it's a quick read, and there's a lot to learn from the book. Mar 22, Noah Skocilich rated it really liked it. This was highly enjoyable. Jul 26, Mason Jones rated it liked it.

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This is an interesting book, but I have to say that it didn't end up as compelling as I hoped given the description. Maybe it was my expectations, who knows. It's billed as "fantastical" and "wonderfully strange" but when applied to a Russian novel by a notorious Russian journalist and activist, I imagined something along the lines of Victor Pelevin, who I love. This is far more straight-forward than Pelevin despite being the tale of an inventor who creates a serum that makes living things grow.

It goes off on odd tangents and we even lose the main character entirely for the last third of book. It has elements of satire, for sure, but it's surprisingly mild, or so it felt to me. It was still entertaining enough, but I was left somewhat disappointed, or perhaps unsatisfied is a better way of putting it. Jun 17, Richard Thompson rated it it was ok Shelves:

Роисся вперде (Russian Edition) Роисся вперде (Russian Edition)
Роисся вперде (Russian Edition) Роисся вперде (Russian Edition)
Роисся вперде (Russian Edition) Роисся вперде (Russian Edition)
Роисся вперде (Russian Edition) Роисся вперде (Russian Edition)
Роисся вперде (Russian Edition) Роисся вперде (Russian Edition)

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