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You have already rated this movie. Go to movie details. Midnight Sun is an unimaginative copy of all the popular films in the genre. Apr 24, , Forbidden from stepping out at daytime, fate makes her run into her childhood crush Charlie Patrick Schwarzenegger at night. Several romantic dramas in the past with similar themes, better performances and superior execution, have managed to tug at our heartstrings.

These movies ably captured the beauty and thrill of an unlikely romance, and it becoming the ray of hope in the lives of the protagonists who had given up on their dreams. The writing and screen adaptations in most cases, made you anticipate miracles, hoping eternal happiness for the couples struggling to survive.

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They worked effortlessly because of its unique treatment to an otherwise done to death plot. Sadly, the sun never really shines on Midnight Sun. It is an unimaginative copy of all the popular films in the genre with not one unique quality to it. In its under two hours runtime, the mushy story and character development are so hastily handled that nothing looks convincing.

Bella Thorne is a pleasant actor and singer. If cliched romantic tearjerkers interest you, you can give this half-hearted exercise a shot. Try and find that paperback at a reasonable price lol. Anyway, Wagner spins an original and outstanding werewolf tale. Evingolis the bard is a bit more then he seems. Like Kane, Evingolis is immortal, deadly, and looking to somehow, someway, stave off the ever creeping tedium which threatens to overwhelm.

The atmosphere is tight and tension filled to say the least. A remote hunting lodge the perfect setting to ratchet up the claustrophobic atmosphere. I very much enjoyed the climactic showdown between the two supernatural killers. And Kane is by no means the favored participant in the fight.

Midnight Sun

Wagner imbued Kane with an original moral perspective unmatched in the fantasy genre. That's what sets Kane apart.


He is the ultimate human, making decisions in the way humans tend to do, selfishly. And I love the character for those flaws. So, read the story. Spend an afternoon reading one of the worlds great werewolf tales and Kane's struggle to survive the awesome beast's ferocious, and cunning onslaught. You will not be dissapointed.

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I love Wagner's Kane. This is a must have for anyone interested in "dark fantasy. It contains everything listed above but that story. I understand that this story is included in his earlier publication "Dark Crusade. Have missed a lot of these shorts over the years and just read them. A decade after his death, somebody finally got around to compiling a tribute to the late, great Karl Edward Wagner and his greatest creation, the arch-hero, Kane, in a two-volume set: Kane was my first experience with Wagner.

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Back in the '70's, when I was still a wee lad and most of my friends were reading stuff like The Outsiders, I stumbled on a paperback copy of Death Angel's Shadow, the one with the Frazetta cover, and spent the next few nights hiding in bed; under my covers, flashlight on long after midnight, altering my mind with this combination of Robert E. Now, after reading most of his published work, for my buck, the noveletta's contained here are absolutely Wagner's best writing, period.

The shorter Kane stories are nightmarishly bizarre, violent, and punchy, unlike Wagner's complete novels which tend to be a bit bloated and have a tendency to lose momentum although they're still worth reading, by all means. The novel Bloodstone contained in 'God's' is particularly inconsistent. That seems natural, since Wagner tended to work in the short story format, both in his own work and as the editor of other authors' works, in his many horror anthologies. As far as the compilations go, they're okay. There are lots of typo's in the text nitpicky, I know, but c'mon Nobody does Wagner and Kane or fantasy illustration in general justice like Frank Frazetta.

Say what you will about the likes of Lin Carter, L. Sprague de Camp, Manly Wade Wellman, Fritz Leiber, et al, there are really only two masters of what's come to be known as 'dark fantasy': This volume is great. Pick it up and enjoy. See all 17 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

Published on October 7, Published on July 12, Katie was a 17 year old who couldn't go outside, she's been in love with Charlie, he heard her singing on the street and their relationship went on from there. Max and Harvey Mills are going to be in this story Obviously,since the story is about them This story is mostly about a young teenage girl who moved to England and m I want to hear you say it. Midnight Sun by Hager 4.

After the war was over between the Cullens and the Volturi, Edward and Bella are able to keep their half-human, half-vampire daughter, Renesmee. When Edward's sister, Al A young girl who cant go outside because of an illness finds herself crushing on the boy next door.

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  • What will she do? You were just a girl, struggling to make her way through the world, when you found the first boy who ever touched your soul in ways even you couldn't fathom.

    Stories of the Midnight Sun Stories of the Midnight Sun
    Stories of the Midnight Sun Stories of the Midnight Sun
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    Stories of the Midnight Sun Stories of the Midnight Sun
    Stories of the Midnight Sun Stories of the Midnight Sun

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