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Let's take a look at a large group of narrations which discuss naming Fatima Zahra, plus the reason for giving her this name; then also state that her name was given to her because of certain incitements, not offhand, nor as a result of admiring of preferring such a name; rather, it is the relationship between the name and the person which was considered. Imam Sadiq A said: Fatima, Siddiqah the honest , Al-Mubarakah the blessed one , At- Tahirah virtuous , Az-Zakiyah the chaste , ArRadhiatul Mardhiah she who is gratified and who shall be satisfied , Al-Muhaddathah a person, other than a prophet, that the angels speak to , and Az-Zahra the splendid.

It was reported in Bihar, v. Imam Redha and Imam Jawad A said: Imam Redha, quoting his Fathers A said: Khwarazmi in Maqtal al-Hussain, p. For instance, Imam Sadiq A inquired from one of his companions about the name to be given to his newborn daughter, the man replied: May the peace of Allah be upon Digitized by: Now that you have given her the name Fatima, refrain from slapping or abusing her, rather honor her. A girl has been born to me Oh, Oh, Oh in admiration. Am I not your Lord? He then placed them back in Adam's loin. Therefore, mankind is held in Adam until everyone shall be brought forth by Allah at the time, which has been destined by Him.

So whoever adheres to Islam, holds to the covenant; and whoever disbelieves and rejects it, violates that covenant. This account was derived from a large number of traditions and verified narrations. Imam Baqir A pointed out that it was decreed that Fatima would be safeguarded from menstruation in that world, which is also called the "World of Covenant. The Prophet was asked: Therefore, I was the first of them to reply. Zurareh reported that he inquired from Imam Baqir about what is meant by: He then taught and acquainted them to His creation; and had He not done so, no one would have known His Lord.

It has two eyes and two lips and possesses a keen tongue that testifies for those who fulfill their obligations to it. Thus, when they affirmed their obedience to Him as their Lord and as His slaves, He make a covenant with them that they would make pilgrimage to His sacred House. He then created parchment finer than water and said to the Pen: Write down My creatures' fulfillment of pilgrimage to my Sacred House. The pen wrote mankind's fulfillment of pilgrimage on the parchment, then it was said to the Black Stone: Open your mouth; it opened it and the parchment was inserted there.

The Stone then descended in obedience to Allah. In conclusion, it was since or even prior to the events of the world of seeds which is also called the world of Covenant that the Messenger of Allah and his Progeny's-including Fatima's-virtue was recognized.

This fact should not be doubted for there are many narrations, which have been successively reported by scholars of both sects Sunni and Shiite. All these narrations support this affair; the traditions that have been mentioned by the Shiite scholars are too numerous to include here. As for those, which have been reported by the Sunni scholars, Safuri Shafe'i mentioned in his book Nuzhat al-Majlis v.

This word means a woman with scrupulous honesty or sincerity. Siddiqah differs from the word Sadook, in that the first is scrupulous and precise in telling facts. Furthermore, several other meanings have been given to the word Siddiqah; among them are: She who is a truth-teller. She who never lies. She whose deeds conform to her words.

She who never lied, because she is used to truthfulness. A woman with scrupulous speech and beliefs, and whose deeds conform to her words. She who believes in the commands of Allah and His Prophet's, without doubting any of them. This last opinion is supported by the following Quranic verse: This becomes apparent when looking at the following Quranic verses: What a beautiful fellowship!

He was a man of truth, a prophet. He was a man of truth and sincerity , and a prophet. His mother was a woman of truth. This point is supported by the verse: After reviewing the verse, we can easily conclude that some people say they believe in Allah, the apostles, the divine books and religious rules, but show contradictory actions. This becomes clear when some people claim they believe that Allah watches them, yet they disobey and violate His rules; while knowing of Allah's prohibition of liquor usury adultery, and that He decreed some rules and assigned certain duties to them, which if they perform, He will grant them paradise; and those who violate them will be subjected to Hell.

These people have not reached the level of applying their words and claims into actions. On the other hand, "Siddiqun" are those who believe in truth and Digitized by: Their number is small at any given place or time; in fact, a survey might show that in some town there is not even one Siddiqah.

Finally, it is easily recognized that Lady Fatima A reached this level of "Siddiqun. You have been given a father-in-law like me and my father-in-law was not like me.

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You have been given an honest Siddiqah wife like my daughter, and I have not been given the like of her as a wife. And, you have been given Hassan and Hussain from your loin and I was not given two sons like them. But you are from me, and I am from you. Who gave major ablution to Fatima Ghusl Mayyet? Thus, Imam Sadiq A said: It appears as if you feel uncomfortable about what I told you?

Fatima The Gracious I said: May I be your sacrifice, I indeed do. Don't you know that no one gave ablution to Mariam save Isa A. Because divine goodness springs from an ever - continuous source in an unlimited manner, it is said that anything which noticeably multiplies or increases is Mubarak or blessed. Allah Almighty gifted Fatima with abundant blessings, and made her the Mother of the Prophet's descendants on whom Allah has bestowed ever - lasting benevolence.

Upon reviewing the history of Fatima's offspring, we find that when she died, she left behind two sons and two daughters, they are: Also seven of Imam Hassan's children and two of Zaynab's sons achieved martyrdom. Umme Kulthum had no children. After the events of Karbala, inflictions successively befell the Prophet's descendants. Torture and massacres continued against them starting with the battle of Harra, Zaid Ibn Ali's and Fakh, and going through the agony they suffered throughout the Umayyad era. But when the Abbasids came to power, they broke the Umayyad record of eradicating and annihilating Fatima's offspring more details about the sufferings they encountered can be found in Maqatel al Talibeen.

Furthermore, Salah Ad-Din al-Ayobi was as savage as the Abbasids in massacring the Prophet's descendants and followers. He committed mass murders and brutal crimes, which bring shivers to the spine. Nonetheless, Allah Almighty bestowed benevolence and blessings upon Fatima Zahra's descendants. He implemented abundant multiplicity in them. The interpretation of the verse: The most popular viewpoint of the meaning of Kauthar is a famous fountain or domain, which will be given to the Apostle on the Day of Resurrection; the literal meaning of Kauthar is abundance or abundant benevolence.

Suyuti in al-Durr al-Manthur, regarding the meaning of Kauthar, writes: I told Ibn Jubair that some people claim that it is a river fountain in Paradise, he said: He held the view that what is meant by Kauthar is Fatima Zahra. In Majma' al Bayan, Tabarsi writes regarding this subject: An infidel denounced the Prophet when one of his children died and said Muhammad is now without offspring, therefore when he dies his name will die with him.

It was because of this incident that Allah revealed this chapter to His Apostle assuring him; it is as if He Glory be to Him said: An Islamic country in which descendants of Fatima Zahra do not live is hard to find. Their number is estimated to be thirty - five millions; however, if precise and accurate statistics are taken, their number could be much higher.

Included among the Prophet's descendants are kings, princes, ministers, scholars, writers, prominent characters, and geniuses. Some are honored by their lineage and others ignore it and give no importance to it. Some follow Ahlul-Bayt, while others violate their doctrine. More amazing is the fact that some Muslims refuse to accept their lineage of Fatima and Ali; rather they claim that such a lineage is forged and unacceptable. These people ferociously fought this idea up to the point that they shed innocent blood to implement their ideas.

It was mentioned in volume ten of Bihar that Amr Al-Shube said: When I entered his room, I saw a sword and a leather mat usually used for executions. I greeted him and he replied to me and said: Do not fear Digitized by: How can he bring proof from the Quran in this regard? When Hajjaj repeated his demand for the third time, Sa'id said: All this is because of the blessings of Hassan and Hussain A. We were grieved once but cherished a thousand times, we also pleased Allah and His Apostle.

Let us gather together, our sons and your sons, our women and your woman. Fatima The Gracious If their response is affirmative, then they have lied and sinned; and if their answer is negative, it is because they are his children proceeding from his loins. Men are traced to their fathers; Fatima was not but a vessel and her father, the Prophet your maternal grandfather! Why wouldn't I fulfill his wish?

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Indeed I would be honored among the Arabs, non Arabs, and Quraish to do so. And since offspring are sons not daughters and you are Fatima's children, Digitized by: Nevertheless, Rashid insisted on hearing his arguments and said: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful: There are a great number of narrations, which declare the same thing; among them are: The Prophet S returned his Salam, stood up and while smiling, embraced him and kissed his forehead.

The Prophet then asked him to sit near to him. By Allah, Allah loves him more than I do. Surely Allah made every Prophet's progeny proceed from him, and made my progeny proceed from this one. Also, Khawarazmi in Manaqib p. When I finished my work with him I said.

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The Prophet then said: These writers quote the Quranic verse: These writers use this verse even though it is an uncontested fact that it was revealed to prove that Zaid, the Prophet's adopted son, is not related to the Prophet S. The Apostle gave him Zaid in marriage to his cousin Zaynab; but when Zaid divorced her, he S married her in obedience to Allah's command, and to prove that he S was not Zaid's Father, which would make Zaynab prohibited to him "Then when Zaid had dissolved his marriage with her, with the necessary formalities, We joined her in marriage to thee: In order that in the future there may be no difficulty to the Believers in the matter of marriage with the wives of their adopted sons, when the later have dissolved with necessary formalities their marriage with them.

And Allah's command must be fulfilled. It is for this reason that Allah Almighty said: They were the Prophet of Allah's sons. This meaning is related to the verse: This verse is considered the main source of virtues granted to AhlulBayt A ; around it various debates and many writings took place. It might be more appropriate to say that this verse was the field of debates, contradicting viewpoints and inconsistent opinions. This is especially true when it comes to who was meant by "the Family," or Ahlul-Bayt. Nevertheless, it is indisputable that this verse, known as "the verse of purification" concerns Fatima At-Taherah A and both Shiite and Sunni scholars agree on this, except a very small number.

This established fact has been reached in light of the traditions, which unanimously state that the said verse includes Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan and Al- Hussain A. Yet some hold the viewpoint that the verse includes the Prophet's wives-because of the word "Family" and the sequence of the surrounding verses that include a speech to them; however, he S prohibited even his wife, Umme Salama, from joining them under the cloak prior to the revelation of this verse. Fatima The Gracious Although the number of narrators who report that the "verse of purification" was revealed regarding Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan and AlHussain A reach several hundreds, it will be useful to include narrations and sources which are reported by prominent Sunni scholars about this subject.

I would like to point out that this list should be satisfying for any clear conscience. Baghdadi in his history book Tareekh Baghdad, v. Zamakhshari in Al-Kashaf, v. At that moment S quoted the verse: Razi in his interpretation of the Quran v. Am I one of them, Messenger of Allah? Sebt Ibn al-Jawzi reported in Tazkerah al- Aemah, p. He held their hands until they entered the room. The Prophet S covered them with his cloak or garment and read: And Allah only wishes Imam Wahedi reported in his book Asbab An- Nozul that Umme Salama, the Prophet's wife, narrated that Allah's Messenger S was present in her house when Fatima brought him an earthenware pot filled with wheat cooked with milk.

Meanwhile, he S sat on a bench, covered with a Khairban cloak. Ibn Sabagh al-Maliki in his book al-Fosoul al- Muhemah p. Some poets said the following in this regard: Surely Muhammad and his successor and Their two sons, and his virtuous and pure daughter; are the people of the cloak who in adhering to them, I long for peace and success on the Last Day.

Tabari in Dhakhaer al-Uqbi p. He also reported that Umme Salama said: Fatima The Gracious Ibn al-Arabi in his book Ahkam al-Quran v. Ibn Abd al-Bir al-Ondolosi in his book al- Esti'ab v. Al-Bihaqi in his book As Sunan al-Kubra v. Al-Hakim al-Nishaburi in his book al- Mustadrak al- Sahihain v. He narrated a tradition on the authority of Umme Salama similar to what has already been mentioned and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in Musnad v. Nisaee in Khasa'es p. Al-Khawarazmi in Kitab al-Manaqib p. Al-Haithami in Majma' al-Zawaed v.

Ibn Hajar al-Haithami in al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqa p. It is necessary to further elaborate on this subject, since the verse of purification declares, beyond doubt, that Fatima A is pure. Nevertheless, it may be beneficial to explain the meaning of the word "Rijs" or abomination mentioned in the verse. It is indeed an excellent virtue and a great honor that Allah has bestowed upon some of his servants.

It is worthy to mention that infallibility is an inseparable trait of those who propagate divine laws; yet, because infallibility is a prerequisite for prophets and Imams in their roles of propagating divine rules, it does not mean that others, who also propagate, are safeguarded from sins.

Imam Ali A proved Fatima's infallibility using the verse of purification in his argument with Abu Bakr. The Imam A said: The dead person, himself, only becomes pure after being washed by others. Contrarily, the infallibles are purified before and after death. I wrote to Imam Sadiq A and asked him: Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari Allah be pleased with him narrates from the authority of Lady Fatima, the beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet peace be on her that she said: Peace be on you.

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Peace be on you too. Fetch me a Yemenite cloak and wrap it round me. I then noticed that his face was glowing like a full moon. A moment later, my beloved son, Hassan came and said: Peace of Allah be on you. I am smelling the fragrance of my loving grandfather! May I enter the cloak.

Yes; you may enter. Soon after, my loving son, Hussain came and said: I am smelling the fragrance of my affectionate grandfather!

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May I also come inside the cloak to be with both of you. Yes you may enter. Then Ali-Ibn Abu Talib came and said: I am smelling the fragrance of my brother, the son of my Uncle. He along with your two sons is inside the cloak' Ali then proceeded towards the cloak and said: May I also come to you inside the cloak! You may also come inside.

O Prophet of Allah! May I also come to you inside the cloak. You too have my permission. Now when all of us got assembled inside the Cloak, my affectionate father held the two corners of the cloak and raising his right hand towards the sky said: These are my Ahlul-Bayt. They are my confidants and my supporters.

Their flesh is my flesh and their blood is my blood. Whoever hurts them, hurts me. Whoever displeases them, displeases me. Whoever makes peace with them, will make peace with me. Whoever has enmity against them, will have enmity against me. Whoever is a friend to Digitized by: It is because they belong to me and I belong to them. And keep them aloof from uncleanliness and keep them pure and thoroughly purified.

O inmates of the heavens! I created this solid firmament, well-stretched earth, welllighted moon, shinning sun, rotating planets, rippling oceans, floating boats, and all other things for the sake and love of these five persons who are inside the cloak. Who are they inside the cloak? They are Fatima, her father, her husband and her two sons.

I have created this solid firmament, well-stretched earth, well-lighted moon, shining sun, rotating planets, rippling oceans, floating boats and all other things for the sake and love of you and your chosen people. May I come in and be with you? Peace be on you also. Yes, you may come in. What merit the coming under this cloak has before Allah?

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When any of our Shiites and supporters will assemble in a gathering of the inmates of this earth and narrate this Hadith, Allah will bestow on them His Blessings and Mercy; angels will encircle them and as long as they do not disperse, the angels will pray for the forgiveness of their sins. We and our Shiites have now become triumphant. By that Being, Who made me the righteous prophet and appointed me to the prophet-hood for the sake of people's salvation, whenever in the gathering of the inmates of this earth our Shiites and friends will assemble and narrate this Hadith of ours, and if some-one amongst them will be in agony, Allah will remove his trouble; and if someone was sorrowful, Allah will relieve him of his sorrows; will answer his needs.

At this moment we have been crowned with success and Blessings; and by the Lord of Ka'bah, in the same way our Shiites too have become triumphant and blessed in this world and the Hereafter. We have depended on the good translation of our brothers in the Islamic Seminary of Pakistan to include this event in the book Fatima The Gracious Chapter 13 Az-Zakiyyah The Chaste The word "Tazkiah" has been mentioned several times and in different forms in the Holy Quran.

It means the attestation of someone's honorable record, or to purify one's self. For instance, the following verses spoke of "Tazkiah": This type of purification is performed by abandoning such traits and adhering to the noble characteristics which contradict the above mentioned ones. The second verse means: Have you killed someone who, I attest to his honorable record, for he has not committed a crime or an action, which necessitates punishing.

Lady Fatima Zahra A is Zakiyah in all the above-mentioned meanings. This is understood from the verse of purification, which we have already discussed, and concluded that She was pure of all abominations or "Rijs. In fact, this book specializes in discussing the inflictions and disasters, which befell Fatima from the day she was born until she was martyred at a young age. During the difficult stages of her life, Fatima was content with the fear, oppression, deprivation, poverty, sorrows and pains, which Allah had predestined for her. Therefore, Fatima is worthy of being included with those mentioned in the verse: O thou soul, In complete rest and satisfaction!

Come back to thy Lord. Just a few of Allah's worshippers achieve this rank, which is attained by righteousness and sincerity. Fatima Zahra A was one of those who was able to reach this lofty position. She achieved this rank through her good deeds that pleased Allah and made Him wellsatisfied with her. Fatima The Gracious Chapter 16 Al-Muhaddathah First of all, it should be explained that angels speak, appear, and can be heard by others than prophets.

It is written in the Holy Quran: God hath chosen thee and purified thee-chosen thee above the women of all nations. Worship thy Lord devoutly: It is evident that she heard their speech and realized their intention, for if not, it would be useless to speak to her. She placed a screen to screen herself from them; then We sent to her Our angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects.

Thy Lord saith, "That is Easy for Me: He "appeared before her as a man in all respects". Then a dialogue was held between the two of them. Shall I bear a child, seeing I am an old woman, and my husband here is an old man? That would indeed be a wonderful thing! The grace of God and His blessings on you, O ye people of the house! For He is indeed worthy of all praise, full of all glory! Ibrahim's wife, Sara, who was serving the guests thinking that were men, spoke to the angels and they replied to her.

This matter is clear from the verses. Hence, this position is a generous miracle bestowed upon a selected group of Allah's pious worshippers, and an exalted position granted to Allah's chosen ones. Thereupon, it becomes readily easy to distinguish that Fatima Zahra A was spoken to by angels. Because the Mistress of all women, and the daughter of the best of all Prophets and Messengers is not any less significant than Maryam Bint Imran, Sarah, Ibrahim's wife, or Musa's mother.

Of course, this does not mean that any of these ladiesincluding Lady Fatima-was a prophet. Allah hath chosen thee above the women of all nations. We also possess Fatima's book Mushaf, and had they known about the book of Fatima!!! It is three times the size of your Quran; and by Allah, it has not a letter of your Quran; rather it was dictated and revealed to her by Allah Thus, if the Quran was printed in average-sized letters on standard paper, and let us suppose that it would fill five hundreds of such pages; then Fatima's book would need fifteen hundred had it been printed according to the same standards.

This is what the Imam A meant when he said: In fact anyone who makes such a claim is either ignorant or an infidel. The word "Mushaf' does not mean "Quran"; rather it means volume, book, or a collection of articles in one notebook. When a group of Imam Sadiq's A companions questioned him about Fatima's book, he was quiet for a long time then explained: Actually, Fatima lived seventy-five days after the Prophet's death; when she was intensely depressed, Gabriel would visit and condole her on the Prophet's death.

He would cheer her up by mentioning the good situation her father was enjoying, and tell her what would come to pass after her death. Imam Ali A wrote what Gabriel said, and this is Fatima's book. Fatima's book, I don't claim that it is Quran, rather it contains what makes people need us and makes us in need of no one. It even mentions the legal punishment for a lashing, half a lashing, one Fatima The Gracious fourth of a lashing, and the indemnity for a scratch mark. I inspired the Disciples to have faith in Me and Mine Apostle.

Therefore, there can be no doubt that Allah, the Exalted, sent revelations to the Mistress of Women and daughter of the Master of Prophets, as he revealed to Musa's mother or Maryam Bint Imran. In conclusion, Fatima's book is enormous, and includes detailed information about the legal punishments and the Islamic penal code, whether major or minor.

It was also declared that her book lists the names of kings who ruled and will rule on Earth until the Day of Resurrection. All this was according to the will of Allah the Knowing, the Omniscient. The book also contains descriptions of allimportant events that will take place throughout history. Fatima's book was not a Quran, as is clearly stated in the traditions of Ahlul-Bayt, in spite of the claims of the enemies of the Shiite who argue that the Shiites believe in another divine book called Fatima's book, with the intention of undermining their authentic faith.

The Mistress of all women from the beginning to the end. She is part of me, and the light of my eyes, She is the f lower of my heart, and is my soul, Fatima is a human huri, who whenever she stands in prayers in the presence of Her Lord Exalted is His Name , her light illuminates the skies for the angels, like stars shine to people on Earth. There are other narrations, which mention that she had a bright and splendid face. Lady Fatima A had other titles and everyone of them reflected a virtue of noble trait which she enjoyed.

Among those titles were: Fatima's favorite title was "Umme Abiha" meaning her father's mother. He also subjected these creatures to laws and habits.

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For instance, a law that rules fire is incendiary; while plants require certain spans of time and specific environments to grow and produce; likewise, animals require specific conditions that vary according to their sizes, types and colors, to grow. Generally speaking, humans are subjected to assigned universal laws and physiological, psychological and spiritual peculiarities; yet, certain people who have been chosen by Allah and on account of His farreaching wisdom, have been excluded from these laws.

In other words, Allah subjected special laws to the chosen ones. Fire, for example, turns everything in its way to ashes; yet Allah said to it: Be thou cool, and a means of safety for Ibrahim. Procreation, too, cannot take place without impregnation and the implementation of sperm in the woman's womb, wherein the sperm is made into a clot that grows to be a fetus covered with bones that becomes an unborn child.

This process takes at least six to nine months; but his natural process that Allah implemented in mankind was invalidated in the case of Maryam A who gave birth to Isa A without any of these steps. It has been said that she carried him six to nine hours in her womb before giving birth to him under a palm tree in Fatima The Gracious a secluded location.

Likewise, all miracles, which occurred through other prophets, took place in environments that did not conform to natural laws. The examples of such events are tremendous. The Holy Quran narrated many stories about prophets' and Imams' challenges to the laws of nature. Among these stories are Adam's descension from Paradise to Earth, the gushing forth of the fountains of earth in the story of Noah, Sara's pregnancy with Ishaq at an old age, the turning of Musa's stick into a snake, healing the blind and the lepers and raising of the dead by Isa, and Ascension into the Heavens by Allah's last Apostle S Now that the above is understood, the following conclusion can be derived: Women's monthly menstruation, which starts at maturity and continues until the fifties or sixties, is nothing but the discharge of spoiled blood and tissues which were to hold the fetus had it been conceived.

Allah, the Almighty, says: They are a discomfort and a pollution. It is even noticeable that women's psychological and physiological states, including their facial appearance and everyday conduct change at this time of the month. By this, we conclude that the bleeding which results from monthly menstruation differs from the normal kind of bleeding, which any human being-including women-might suffer. It is unquestionable that monthly menstruation causes women to feel Digitized by: Yet women suffer this course, which is unmentionable to anyone especially to men.

For this reason, women are not obligated to perform prayers or fast during menstruation. These laws, which have just been mentioned, are also valid during confinement in childbed. Nevertheless, Allah, The Exalted, relieved Fatima Zahra A from such pollution, as He removed from her all abomination and purified her a total purification. This fact is authenticated by various traditions among which are the following: Qanduzi reported in Yanabi' al-Mawaddah p. Ibn Asaker mentioned in At-Tarikh al-Kabir v. Rafae mentioned in At-Tadween that Umme Salama said: When I informed the Prophet of this he said: It was mentioned in v.

Because Fatima did not menstruate, Ali A had no reason to marry another woman. So Allah forbade him to marry other women in observance of her sanctity. Her eminence disallowed him from marrying another woman; where as this particularity of hers is part of this eminence. This name declares that she was always a virgin, in the meaning that she was chaste. Many traditions have already been mentioned, which attest to the fact that she was conceived of heavenly food, and that Fatima was a human huri.

There is not exaggeration in this expression, rather, stating that Fatima was always virgin, is nothing but the absolute truth. Besides the narrations that verify this fact, the Holy Quran states: Majma al-Bayan explains this verse as follows: Growing in the house of revelation, gave her the chance to achieve the highest degree of perfection and excellence.

The Prophet S taught her divine knowledge and endowed her with special intelligence, so that she realized the true meaning of faith, piety, and the reality of Islam. The virtuous upbringing of Fatima by Allah's Messenger as accompanied by her capability to perceive divine facts and her spiritual brilliance and preparedness to ascend to the highest levels of perfection. Parallel to this, was Allah's will that Fatima Zahra should face many sorrows and live in anguish from the very beginning of her life.

She opened her eyes to see her father being fought by his relatives and strangers and treated with hostility by the infidels and polytheists. For instance, Fatima might have entered the Sacred Mosque and seen her father reading Quran in the private chamber of Ishmael around Kaaba , while polytheists were harming him and waging a psychological war against him. One day, Fatima saw the infidels pour camel placenta on her father while he was prostrating to Allah; so she cleaned his back and while bitterly crying, cursed he unbelievers and supplicated to Allah to punish them.

But the infidels were sarcastic, in the same respect as any lowly people and rubble would be.

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  5. Fatima The Gracious Ibn Abbas reported that the Quraishians once held a meeting in the Sacred Mosque and vowed by their Idols that as soon as they saw Muhammad, they would all participate in killing him; upon hearing this, Fatima A went crying to her father and informed him of their conspiracy. The crisis became more intense when the Messenger of Allah was forcefully confined to Abu Talib's trail valley along with his family and all the members of Abu Talib's family.

    They lived in an atmosphere overtaken by fear and anxiety of the constantly expected attack by the infidels at night. The situation grew even worse when the polytheists drew up a treaty to besiege Bani Hashim and impose economic sanctions against them; this treaty allowed no one to sell or buy anything from them, including food supplies.

    Therefore, the cries of starving children reached the ears of all Makkan inhabitants. The people of Mecca were divided into two groups: One who was enjoying the misfortunes of the Bani Hashim and the other was deeply affected with their misery. This situation continued for more than three years. Fatima was one of those who suffered from this siege, which resulted in awakening the spirit of struggle, honesty and endurance in her; it was as if she was spending a period of training and exercise for the near future.

    Nevertheless, the predicament was made easier when Fatima saw the courageous hero, Abu Talib, aided by Hamza keeping steadfast and helping her father in every way against the infidels' aggression. Abu Talib declared his adherence to Islam through uttering poetry. Do you mean to give me your son, so I can feed him for you and I give you my nephew to kill? If this is your way of dealing then each one of you should give me his son to kill if you want me to give you Muhammad to kill.

    Had it not been for his faith and strong adherence to Islam, he would not have been steadfast in defending the Messenger and his divine faith. His shameful conduct was recorded in various history books and in the Holy Quran. When she reached her seventh or eighth year, another tragedy clouded her life. The death of Fatima's mother, Lady Khadijah, brought sadness and grief to her heart; for Khadijah was an affectionate mother who had predicted the tough life her darling daughter would live.

    One day the Prophet of Allah S said to her: Her death brought deep sorrow to the Holy Prophet, especially since it was followed by the death of Abu Talib, the Prophet's uncle, who died several days or months after that. Khadijah also supported her husband with abundant shares of her property for the sake of Islam.

    She held a unique character in Mecca and between all Arab women. When Khadijah was buried at Houjoun, the Messenger of Allah stepped down into her grave to bless it. Meanwhile, Fatima kept close to her father and asked him: Your Mother is in a house of brocade, its corners are made of gold, and its poles are of rubies. Abu Talib was the Prophet 's guardian until he reached Fifty three years of age.

    Abu Talib's services and support for Islam and the Prophet never ceased throughout those years. Had it not been for Abu Talib possibly Islam could not have passed the stage of its prime days of propagation. These two tragic events had a great effect on the messenger's life; the death of Abu Talib caused the Prophet to immigrate to Medina, for he had lost the strongest supporter and advocate of the religion from among his uncles.

    He ordered Ali to lie down in his bed during the night that later came to be known as the night of stay. During that night, about forty 40 or fourteen 14 polytheist men sieged the Prophet's house and were determined to attack and kill him. But the Prophet had escaped to a nearby cave, and Fatima stayed at home expecting the enemies assault at any given minute.

    She listened to their infidel and atheistic slogans against her father. Only Allah knows how scared and disturbed she was that long night, for she knew the infidels' cruelty and mercilessness. At dawn, the infidels attacked the house while leveling their swords as if they were ferocious beasts or savage dogs. They proceeded to the Prophet's bed intending to kill him, but were surprised to find Ali A laying in it wearing the Prophet's clothes. They departed from the house feeling defeated and harboring resentment, fury, and fire against the Prophet and Ali.

    Those hours were most aggravating, frightening, and anguish-filled for Fatima. When the infidels learned this, they intercepted them in an attempt to prevent their migration out of Mecca. Had it not been for the Mercy and Protection of Allah and the heroism and courage of Imam Ali A , a catastrophe would have taken place.

    The infidels were driven back by Imam Ali, who continued the journey towards Medina. Thus, Fatima became the guest of Abu Ayoub's mother. Fatima lived with the Prophet in Medina after suffering typhoons of painful incidents, such as the death of her mother, her immigration and the continuous agitations against her. Fatima's miseries did not stop here; rather her immigration was the beginning of an era of uninterrupted sorrows.

    One year after the Prophet's immigration to Medina, the infidels mobilized their men and headed towards the Muslim's stronghold, intending to destroy the new faith; but Gabriel informed the Prophet of their conspiracy, who in turn ordered the immigrants and Madinites to leave the city and meet the infidels in a place located on the way to Mecca called Badr. Although the infidels outnumbered the Muslims three to one, the Prophet and his followers defeated them and returned to Medina triumphant and victorious.

    In this battle, seventy of the Prophet's most prominent companions were martyred among them being Hamza, the Prophet's uncle and the most notable hero. In this battle, the Prophet was injured by two rocks on his forehead and mouth. As a result of his injury, the Prophet lost some teeth and blood clotted on his beard as if it was henna. At that moment, Satan shouted in such a manner that all Muslims heard him; he said: Confusion also overtook the Muslim families residing in Medina.

    When Fatima heard of her father's injuries, she started crying and the Hashemite women rushed to help her. Fatima's arrival at the scene of the battle, coincided with the Prophet's inspection of his soldiers, to find out how many had been martyred and wounded. When he reached Hamza, he found him in an indescribable situation; the infidels had badly mutilated his body; they had cut off his fingers, hands, legs, nose, ears, and ruptured his abdomen to get his liver out.

    They had also cut off his sexual organ and left him in that horrible position. Fatima The Gracious The scene of Hamza's defaced body brought sadness and pain to the Prophet's heart. The infidel had not abandoned any ugly method of mutilation, which they did not commit against the strong and steadfast supporter of Allah's Apostle, Peace be upon him and Ahlul-Bayt. While the Prophet was deeply saddened by this infliction, his Aunt and Fatima were rushing towards the scene. As Soon as he noticed them, he covered Hamza's body with one of his garments.

    Safia and Fatima arrived and began crying and condemning the infidels for their crimes. They noticed that the Prophet's forehead was badly cut and that blood had become clotted on his face and beard; thus, Fatima Zahra started cleaning his face and said: Fatima spent these moments in sadness and great anxiety. She was a faithful and devoted daughter to her father. When Ali A returned to Medina, he gave his sword to Fatima and said: Certain wives of the Prophet S developed psychological complications against Fatima, because of the special treatment the Prophet bestowed upon her and the great love and kindness that he favored her with.

    Is she not saved like us? When Fatima saw him, she began to cry; the Prophet S then said: Surely Allah Exalted is His Name blessed this devoted and fertile woman; and Khadijah may Allah bless her soul gave birth to my children, Al-Tahir Abdullah who was purified, Al-Qasim, Ruqayyah, Um Kulthum, and Zaynab; but Allah has created you with a sterile womb so you do not give birth to any children. There are also many other proofs, which pertain to this fact; but we will deal with them in another book, for this is not the place for such a study.

    Allah gifted her with a brilliant mentality and cleverness, together with beauty, grace and elegance. Her talents were many and her inherited and acquired noble traits excel those of any female or male. Fatima's religious feelings and literary knowledge were unlimited. You will come to know that she was the most knowledgeable and most honorable woman in the world. In fact, history has not witnessed any other woman who achieved such a high level of education, knowledge, and social graces that Fatima reached; regardless of the fact that she did not graduate from any educational establishment save the school of Revelation and Messengership.

    In light of this, it is not strange that prominent companions of the Prophet asked to marry her, but he S rejected them by saying: Ali Ibn Muragi reported in his book Kanz al-Umal v. After sitting down he said: Not until Allah's command in her regard is revealed" Perhaps the Messenger avoided telling Abu Bakr and Umar openly that he is keeping Fatima for the qualified man, because he did not want to declare to them that they were unqualified to marry her, and that his daughter was above their level.

    The Prophet also wanted everything to occur in its natural order. Imam Ali A was staying in the house of Saad Ibn Ma'adh according to one historical finding since he immigrated to Medina. Besides, you are the nearest of Allah's creatures to him Imam Ali owned nothing of the empherial belongings of this world-not even a house or a peace of land!! So how could he get married? And where would he live with his wife? Besides, Fatima A is not the type of woman who can be neglected or looked down upon!!

    Nevertheless, the purpose of marriage in Islam is to establish a family.

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    The question of sex is not the main goal, rather it is a matter included and taken care of by marriage. In addition, Islam came to break the chains and the blind adoption of concepts which deprived many people from marriage by making it difficult for them to acquire partners; thus, preventing them from a basic and natural necessity needed for the survival of mankind.

    Therefore, thanks to Islam-marriage became an easy affair. Tribalism and race consciousness were eradicated by the new religion. The Prophet S , who was still going through the stage of building Islam, wanted to set an example through his words and deeds in this field; for he is the exemplar and model for the people. So he fought ignorant and infidel customs through his works and actions.

    The Messenger, who has absolute guardianship over all Muslim men and women, including his daughter, would not announce his agreement to the marriage without Fatima's consent. By this action, he S made it clear that it is inevitable to obtain the daughter's permission for marriage, because she is the one who is to live with the man and share his life.

    Indeed, giving a girl in marriage to someone without her prior approval or permission is a clear violation of her honor, degradation of her personality, disruption of her soul and a practical declaration to her that she is like an animal who can be sold Digitized by: The Prophet S in reply to Ali said: Yet, wait until I bring you the answer.

    The Prophet informed his daughter that Ali wished to marry her. Fatima did not need to ask about Ali's occupation, manners, age and other traits; because she knew all about his talents, excellent traits and long standing service to Islam. It is for this reason that the Prophet only said to her: I asked Allah to give you in marriage to the best of His creatures, and the most beloved to Him; and he Ali has declared his wish to marry you; what do you say?

    Her silence is her approval. Yes, disagreement and rejection of marriage can be openly expressed by her. But shyness prevents a girl from declaring her wish to marry a man, but it does not stop her from rejecting it. The Prophet S went back to the waiting Ali and informed him of Fatima's approval of the marriage. He also inquired about the extent of his preparedness to fulfill the requirements needed for the wedding, because legally and traditionally there has to be a dowry.

    Especially in Fatima The Gracious light of the fact that this marriage would be remembered and be of great influence to the future generations. Thus, it was important to observe every element and event, which would play a part of this marriage-within the limits of simplicity and modesty. The Prophet said to Ali: The Messenger openheartedly listened to Ali and said: As for your camel you need it to irrigate palm trees and support your family, and you need it as a means of travel. But I accept the shield as a dowry from you; thus, sell it and bring me the money.

    It was given to him by the Messenger, who named it Al-Hademah; because it destroyed all the swords, which stuck it. The Commander of the Faithful A sold the shield for or dirham and brought the money to the Prophet S. They both agreed that this money would be the dowry of the most honorable girl and most exalted female of the universe. Yes, Fatima was the Mistress of Digitized by: Yet, he gave his daughter in marriage in return for such a modest dowry in order to teach other Muslim girls not to refrain from marriage because of modest dowries. There are many other lessons, which we can learn from Fatima's marriage, but this is not the place to mention them.

    Despite Fatima's modest marriage on Earth, Allah, the Exalted, bestowed her with an honorable gift. This is not abnormal, for Allah had given women who are much lower than Fatima in marriage to the Prophet For example, He gave Zaynab Bint Jahsh to the Prophet in marriage as it is stated in the Holy Quran. Indeed, this is what happened in tribute to Fatima, her Father, her husband, and her future children who are the authorities of Allah on His creatures. The celebration took place in the fourth Heaven near Al-Bait alMa'mour the constantly attended house of Allah.

    It was a unique event the like of which the universe had never encountered before. Angels from all the Heavens gathered in the fourth Heaven and erected the Minbar of Honor, which is made of light. Rahil, who was the most eloquent of all angels, did what his Lord revealed to him and said: He safeguarded us from craving for lusts; and made our only pleasure and enjoyment to glorify and exalt Him. He Who extended His Mercy upon everything ; and bestowed His benevolence upon everyone. Exalted is His Name from the polytheism of polytheists of the dwellers of Earth, And Elevated by His Creatures from the fabrications of the atheists.

    Allah, The Omnipotent King, chose the one who was bestowed with special Divine Honor, and the worshipper of His Greatness, for His worshipper, the Mistress of women and the daughter of the best of prophets, the Master of all messengers and the Imam of the pious; so He brought into relations the Prophet with a man from his kin.

    One who is his believing companion, and was prompt in answering his call - Ali the devout, with Fatima the splendid and the daughter of the Messenger. So bear witness O My angels. Thus, this reminded me that when Fatima married Ali, you did not sprinkle anything on her. He also commanded birds to sing and ordered the tree of Tuba to sprinkle them with fresh pearls, white gems, green chrysalides and red rubies. On that occasion Allah revealed to the tree: Al-Hafiz Abu Nu'aym reported in Hilyat al- awliya v. So whoever received more than the others on that day, will be proud of it until the Day of Resurrection.

    This narration was mentioned by: Fatima The Gracious 4. He also revealed to the Tree of Tuba to sprinkle them with gems, rubies, jewelry and embellishments. When it had done this, the Huris rushed to collect these gems, rubies, jewelry, and embellishments to exchange them for gifts until the Day of Resurrection.

    The Messenger S performed the engagement proceedings in the mosque while he was on the Minbar, in the presence of the Muslims, so as to enact the practice of announcing and assigning witnesses to engagement proceedings; and specified the amount of dowry, so that the Muslims could follow his practice in requesting modest dowries for marriages. He and the Holy Imams of Ahlul-Bayt never exceeded this amount of dowry in their marriages.

    When Ali had sold his sword, he brought the money to the Prophet; who divided it into thirds: Naturally, Ali's marriage to Fatima Zahra A raised envy and enmity in the hearts of some men; especially those who were rejected by Fatima Digitized by: So it was not strange to see some Quraishans come to the Prophet and say: The Prophet said to Abu Bakr: Feedback and Suggestions Questions About the Band Season 1 Episode Butterfly Swirls Ceramic Mug. Elektra Records 60th Anniversary Poster 18 x Login or Register to post comments.

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    The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2) The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2)
    The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2) The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2)
    The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2) The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2)
    The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2) The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2)
    The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2) The Road to my ABC (Series of Yanabeea Educational Book 2)

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