The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. In he got food poisoning from salmonella that entered his bloodstream resulting in a severe case of reactive arthritis which attacked his joints badly and ended his squash career. He had to have a long series of big operations to try and regain use of his left leg which was hit badly by the illness.


Paul Hughes

Since then he has tried, without success, to find any specialists who can find out why he has not been able to recover even though everyone he has seen has said that he should be able to. During this time an idea came into his head to write a book about a healer; someone who could not only heal but had an affinity to animals and was physically superior to most other people. In effect he wanted to write about an exaggerated fantasy version of himself, which you will understand when you read further. During his recovery Paul was sitting at home listening to Enya and suddenly something sparked inside him.

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His idea for a hero dropped into place in a world that Enya's music conjured up. He started to write and has not stopped since. The horse was bucking and kicking and obviously in great distress.

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Yorda stayed with the animal. Gently he reached out and showed the horse the road through his eyes. Yorda pulled back and looked around. There were no snakes anywhere, but the horse had seen them. By now the rider had control of his mount and was talking to him and cajoling him. The man obviously knew his animal and was giving him plenty of time before trying to remount him. A lot of bad horsemen would have been taking the whip to their steed for throwing them for no apparent reason.

The crowd disappeared and Yorda walked on into the city. Two eyes followed his motion. The owner of the two eyes turned away, a smile upon his lips, and looked once more at the horse.

Yorda much preferred the company of animals to people, which was the main reason he lived in the village and came to the city infrequently, but when he did make the effort to come he was always pleasantly surprised at the smells that seemed to assail his senses. To Yorda there was no such thing as a nasty smell or a nice smell — just a smell. In fact, not just a smell; every smell had to have a source. For instance, the man who had just passed him: He was dressed in fine quality clothes, walked with an air of confidence and had fairly new riding boots on.

The next smell was of cooking meat. The smell was not quite right, however; a slight undercurrent suggested that whoever ate this pork had better not be far from a quiet spot because it would not stay too long in the stomach. Another scent wafted over from his right — A particularly fine ale if I am not mistaken, thought Yorda. He turned towards the Lantern, a small inn that he would drink at on his rare excursions to Parkent. The landlord knew Yorda, not because he was a regular but because he only ever ate fruit with his drink. Some ale and a fine vintage apple?

Just a drink today. The Verdict (Yorda's Story Book 3) eBook: Paul Hughes: Kindle Store

This ale you are selling: A new brewery has started up downriver in the fen district. Josh was interested in everyone and everything. Wow, that ale is really good. Have you heard of many cases?

Extract of 'The Prophecy'

Yes, nasty little bug. Most of the children have had it. Never seen the likes before. I said to a few folks that you were the guy to see to get their children well quickly, but the local physician seemed to get the kids back to form in a couple of weeks.

People seem to be moving away from the more natural ways of healing and drifting towards these new physicians. I think if it was more serious, however, you would have had some people turning up on your doorstep. If I can help, man or animal, I will. Anyway, enjoy your ale.

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I have some customers with empty pots over there. He spotted an empty table in the corner, went over and sat down, facing away from most of the clients. Yorda stood slightly and motioned to the stool in front of the stranger. You know of its existence elsewhere but not here and not now. He lifted his head and looked at Mertok, a puzzled expression on his face. You get information by sight, touch and smell.

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You can see me, touch me, but you cannot smell me. His laugh was like bells tinkling in the wind. Yorda could not help but smile also. The innkeeper mentioned it earlier today. It was true, Mertok had no smell. He had never met any human or animal without a smell. Whether it was sweat, soap, bad breath, unclean clothes, wet fur, anything, he could always smell something.

But Mertok was different: This time his eyes were set like steel. I know you are very puzzled by me but there is a serious side to all of this. A very serious side. The tavern was filling up. Please meet me here tonight at 10 p. Three large men followed him almost immediately. Chapter Three Mertok left the inn and walked to the side of the street.

Once a tracker had picked up your scent it was only a matter of time before they found you. All creatures had some sort of odour about them. Mertok was not an ordinary creature: To all other creatures, elves had no scent, but to another elf it was as though you had a sign on top of your head with your name in large letters. OK, now they had found him there were three options. He could try to escape and elude them until the mission was finished, but there was no telling how long that would be, and to avoid a confrontation with a tracker for any length of time was incredibly difficult.

So far he had managed four months, which must be a record. Not so easy with three of them. They always travelled in threes. Only one or two would give the prey an easier chance of killing them. It would be quick and efficient and probably painless.

Not that this mattered much to an elf. Even though they were a long-lived species, death held no fear for any elf. Their souls would be released and sent to the Floating Islands where they could join in the Endless Song with their ancestors. Even now, if he listened carefully, Mertok could hear the distant sweet music that all of the White Elves could hear.

Now that he had actually located Yorda, option three would solve nothing. No, option three was not a valid choice until his message had been passed on to Yorda. He must somehow engage the trackers in battle. Killing the trackers without forfeiting his own life was really the only option open to him and would gain more time for Yorda. He looked around and decided to move away from the busy street. Even if he succeeded in vanquishing his opponents, too many people might spot the bloodshed and, if he was taken into custody by the authorities within the city, his mission might fail.

The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3) The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)
The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3) The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)
The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3) The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)
The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3) The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)
The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3) The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)
The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3) The Verdict (Yordas Story Book 3)

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