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It's from the soul ballads and I don't know who sings it and from which soul ballads. Sam Regalado 08 September Reply Ho guys. Darina 08 September Reply Hey, guys! I can't find the song, help me, please. It sounds like smth old.

My friend is drinking with Anonymous 08 September Reply Help! There's this song I hear at work that I can't find! It's sung by a male singer, probably about a decade old, and the lyrics go like "that's what you get for" at least I think they do and there's this 4 syllable sentence that he sings twice.

It sounds like "moving on in" but that's probably not what it is. Then the chorus ends with a sentence like "I'll never get to love again. It's really catchy and I've been searching for days! Anonymous 10 September Reply No, that's not the song. Unless what I heard is a modern cover, but I don't think so.

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I only wanna be with you, no one will come between me and you forever and ever Please, I hope someone can help thank yoouuuuu. Aze 08 September Reply Hi. Looking for a song that has these lines. Searched the lyrics but none of the songs is the right one. Anonymous 08 September Reply Nobody probably knows this song, but I looked it up and it's not there so it goes like this Love is like a butterfly, coming straight across the sky, doesn't need a reason why, the feeling' can get you and I, Higher, and higher so. Matt 08 September Reply Female artist came to our christian camp in the mid 90s.

I only remember the lyrics, "I wish we could spend some time together and never have to end a day like today. Looking for song or artist, preferably both. Anonymous 13 September Reply Thank you so much guys that was it! Now I can sleep haha. Lookinforthissong 09 September Reply Can someone please help me, im looking for this song wich goes like " saaaaaave me, wont you save me from what ive become" I cant remember the name. Damion 09 September Reply I heard this song in a little eatery but could barely hear the lyrics. It was a slow melody and had a guy singing it over a guitar.

Anonymous 10 September Reply I listened to a song through a Walmart speaker yesterday and the lyrics were " chasing us like animals like we got nowhere to go our eyes are open wide " with a girl or girls singing, please help me figure out what song this is. Anonymous 10 September Reply I'm looking for this too! I cant get any apps to recognize the song. If I figure it out I'll let you know! Anonymous 10 September Reply "the smile that you gave me even when you felt like dying" what is the title of that song?

Ang 10 September Reply I'm looking for one song, for more than a month now, its female voice, very gentle, it's pretty slow and romantic song, I'm almost sure its from '90, maybe early '00, from some movie, and I remember only parts of the lyrics: Kathrien 10 September Reply Whats the song playing in elite main trailer spanish netflix background "Do you wanna play do you wanna come play a twisted games Ann C 14 September Reply Did u find the song?

I'm searching for it too! I think it's one of the OSTs from the show. Night Panda - Twisted Games feat. Kamryn 10 September Reply I need to find a song. The only lyrics I have are "do you remember". It was a slower song with a female singing and kind of an electric sound to it. The commercial was a USA Network Commercial for movies on the channel and I think it is a commercial but I can't find it anywhere. Paige 13 September Reply I want to know this one too! I have looked everywhere.


Anonymous 10 September Reply For the first time in my life, I don't feel alone. Manny 10 September Reply I heard just like a little snippet of this song thats now driving me crazy cuz i cant find it anywhere. It went something either like "I never ment to make mistakes" or "All i wanna do is get away" sung by the soft voice of a girl playing a piano. There where more lyrics after the first line then she repeats "Going down, going down, going down" and then trumpets kick in.

If anyone knows what im talking about pls help. Anonymous 11 September Reply Please help me find this song "Last time we talk to give me something To keep me in the dark, thats so many ways to say" Thats a females singer. To keep me in the dark, Thats so many words to say" Thats a female singer.

Anonymous 11 September Reply song with lyrics i can't forget the day we met your smile so bright that it makes me small love is like a summer Please help. Anon 11 September Reply I cant think of a certain song. The singer is a girl and the vibes remind me of Bebe Rexha but I dont think its her I'm the sun and you're the horizon Only found this 24 second clip of what you might be looking for. Anonymous 12 September Reply Help!

Trying to find a remix song, similar in style almost to POGO, so the words you hear are scarce. This has been bothering me for a while. T 12 September Reply I need help finding a song not exactly sure on the exact lyrics but it said something like if we're left alone together or if we're alone together it could be a bad combination or it could be trouble if we left alone or me and you alone together is trouble originally I thought it was nick jonas or shawn mendes.

Doesn't look like it's them who sing it but I think the song came out in or It has "friends" in the lyrics tho.

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Willie wietwaus 12 September Reply Please help me guys ive got this sentence in my head for like weeks. Its a old spog probraly from the 80s and the only thing i remember isthe sentence: I dont really neeeed to love you. Wendy 12 September Reply Trying to find a song that was played on a Lifetime movie called " Her best friend's husband".

It comes on all the time starting William Moses.

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He's throwing his wife a surprise party and her best friend from college comes in town and the wife tells her BFF her marriage is over but their daughter, Kelly has a boyfriend in a band so they all go hear him play so the BFF that came in town can record it on a small tape recorder and take it back to NY where she works at and try to get them signed and make an album in studio The lyrics I remember are " That's whhhhyyyy I will be always by your siddddee, but if you take a wrong turn, I'll forever lose my only love. Any help is appreciated!

Akshans 13 September Reply Help me.. I m finding 1 song.. Andy Gill of The Independent called it an "impassioned version," [42] while Alex Young of Consequence of Sound named it "heartfelt and stunning. Hearing her perform this song, one would imagine her as an older woman who has survived lifelong heartaches instead of a year-old.

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Speaking about the song, Chopra said "This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It's my ode to a classic, a song that I love, and one that says so much — this is for the actor in me. Andy Gensler from Billboard commented on how different Chopra's version was from the original by Raitt, saying that "Chopra's more uptempo take on the song is more likely to connect with a generation of ravers with no idea of the song's origin" [54] The up-tempo version was demoed by American singer Ester Dean at the request of Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine.

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In a press release, it was revealed that the song would be used in the launch of a new campaign for the popular Beats Pill XL portable Bluetooth speaker. Chopra and her new track would be featured in the national ad campaign, that ran nationwide from May 1 through May An accompanying music video was filmed in Los Angeles in February The number is definitely foot-tapping and you're going to be hearing this one at every restaurant and club in the days to come" and added that Chopra had "definitely done a great job recreating the Bonnie Ratt song".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mike Reid Allen Shamblin. Bonnie Raitt Don Was. CD single digital download.

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Archived from the original on Retrieved May 11, Retrieved May 12, Retrieved 23 November Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 30 July Retrieved August 28, Retrieved May 16, Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved 13 May The Official Charts Company. Archived from the original on 14 May Retrieved 14 May Retrieved May 14, London - Allmusic".

Adele - iTunes Festival: Adele — Live at the Royal Albert Hall". Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall". Hung Medien Steffen Hung. Retrieved 13 October Enviada por Gustavo , Traduzida por Andre. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8.

You Can Love You You Can Love You
You Can Love You You Can Love You
You Can Love You You Can Love You
You Can Love You You Can Love You
You Can Love You You Can Love You

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