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Learn how to find the image of a given reflection.

Reflecting the Image of God (Gen. 1:26-2:1)

In this article we will find the images of different shapes under different reflections. A reflection is a transformation that acts like a mirror: It swaps all pairs of points that are on exactly opposite sides of the line of reflection. The line of reflection can be defined by an equation or by two points it passes through.

Let's study an example of reflecting over a horizontal line. Extend a perpendicular line segment from A A A to the reflection line and measure it.

Since the reflection line is perfectly horizontal, a line perpendicular to it would be perfectly vertical. Extend the line segment in the same direction and by the same measure. I need a hint!

Constructing the Reflection of an Image 128-3.7

Please show me the solution. The image should also have the same x x x -coordinate as the source.

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The cultural construction and resonance of the concept of reflecting pools are then linked to the metaphysical, in art and religion as in symbolic architecture, as memorials they embrace both the deep thought of reflection and the non-thought of meditation. But who or what is reflected? The idea of the reflection as memorial is reminiscent of Jean Baudrillard's writing in Simulations about the "precession of simulacra" and the "desert of the real" perfectly describing a landscape in which the mirage preceded the image.

In Google images of reflecting pools many mirror buildings or monuments: Perhaps this is the key to its significance, the simultaneous existence of the notions of surface and depth, the simulation and the real, the reflection of absence, a duality of form, being and non-being, the narcissism of reflection, architecture and the memorial.

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Its central theory is that the WTC7 building was rigged for demolition in advance, and by extension so were the Twin Towers, the evidence being the trademark characteristic of sophisticated demolition planning is that the towers fell straight down into their own footprints. What is interesting is that the filmmakers decided to make a fictionalised account rather than a documentary: The commentary on the DVD version is full of details of the extensive research that underpins the film, careful to cite real world sources, reports, technical details and so on, describing where dramatised interviews are composites of transcripts of actual interviews, and so on, all to reinforce the veracity of the story.

The WTC reflecting pool is never referred to in the film apart from a brief graphic in the title sequence.


Perhaps the intention is for The Reflecting Pool to be considered to present a reflection of the facts, however in this case whatever 'truth' there is, is more likely to be found out of direct sight, under the surface, and on the DVD commentary. Philip Sanderson September 29, at Anonymous September 30, at 1: Steven Ball October 4, at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image
Reflecting Image Reflecting Image

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