The mistress but first Dominant Deb

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Log in Sign up now. If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. As a final act of contrition and submission, I wish Debra would have made him masterbate and offer her a cum tribute. I'm not sure if this is acting or reality.

Pt 1: Inside insular Jewish community where headmistress Malka Leifer allegedly preyed on girls

Both do an amazing job of role playing their characters. Debra shows mastery of verbal scolding techniques and delivers a helluva woopen. Always loved Debra whether she is sub or Dom and always loved Governess films. Probably one of the best video here!

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My dream is to be over Her knees and get the punishment I deserve. Does anybody know Debra's last name? Whatever She is, i'd just be happy if i was over Her knees. Look at the state of his arse, she's not a lady to be fooled with. Tasty bit of film. I dream of being treated to strict discipline by such a lady. I do like a strict governess in sheer nylons.

Debra is the governess

Oh this Lady I do like. I can tell who rules the roost here. Not a story for everyone, but for those looking for something beyond light BDSM with a female in control, this might appeal. I took the time to read it though, so here goes: As the title states, this book has fifteen short stories, all featuring a variety of relationships with females in the lead.

Some women are harsh disciplinarians, others direct their partners with gentle care.

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One woman refuses to give her man oral sex, feeling it is demeaning, another uses it as a frequent reward. My big complaint on this book was the writing style.

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  • Der Klang der Erde: Historischer Roman (Historische Romane im GMEINER-Verlag) (German Edition)?
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It was very flat, more suitable to a newspaper than erotic fiction. That meant, for me, the stories had about has much erotic appeal as an anatomy textbook.

The mistress but first Dominant Deb eBook: Sandra Wells, Mistress Keri: Kindle Store

Several stories also featured characters that were downright unlikable. In one tale, a first and second lady are exploring their attraction to each other while dissing their husbands and shallowly sniping at human affairs programs. Some interesting plot ideas, but it fell far short of its potential due to lackluster writing.

One thing that really surprised me while reading femdom erotica was the deep level of submission and punishment emphasized in almost all the stories.

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Periodically, I search the web to see if any of my books have been reviewed or commented upon. The negative review you wrote was less dismaying than you might imagine. You at least tried to be fair, which is a signal accomplishment in the present literary environment, where over-the-top invective passes for discernment. Your chief objection appears to be a stylistic one. I will admit to preferring a certain economy of language that does set my stories apart from the oftentimes florid prose that mars the efforts of others, male and female alike.

Nor am I much for the agonized emotional indecision and sexual insecurity that spoils in my opinion the readability of many distaff authors in particular. The adventures of Ms.

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  6. Anastasia Steele, for example, could have been condensed by me into a single slim volume. Who better to comment on their weakness and cowardice than their own spouses? The ingredient of sex was added to leaven the dough of conversation.

    Women in Control

    The first pieces I wrote appeared in those pocket-sized pulp magazines that men used to buy as jerk off material until the late s. The sex had to begin muy pronto or else you got a rejection instead of a tiny check. And any sure fire story had to include plenty of throbbing, pulsing, and spurting into hot, moist cavities of various sorts.

    Alas, nowadays, few young men read for pleasure. They play video games instead. A butterfly-aproned priss like E L James has 20 million overwhelmingly female readers. By contrast, I have about 5, overwhelmingly male readers who buy pretty much anything I write.

    The mistress but first Dominant Deb The mistress but first Dominant Deb
    The mistress but first Dominant Deb The mistress but first Dominant Deb
    The mistress but first Dominant Deb The mistress but first Dominant Deb
    The mistress but first Dominant Deb The mistress but first Dominant Deb
    The mistress but first Dominant Deb The mistress but first Dominant Deb

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