Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Tracy Dockray Goodreads Author Illustrations. Henry and the Paper Route Henry, 4 3. Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary gives readers a hero they'll relate to—and root for—in this comical and inspiring novel about Henry Huggins's mission to prove himself worthy of his very own paper route.

All the older kids work their own paper route, but because Henry is not eleven yet, Mr. Capper won't let him. Desperate to change his mind, Henry tries everythin Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary gives readers a hero they'll relate to—and root for—in this comical and inspiring novel about Henry Huggins's mission to prove himself worthy of his very own paper route.

Desperate to change his mind, Henry tries everything he can think of to show he's mature and responsible enough for the job. From offering free kittens to new subscribers, to hauling hundreds of pounds of old newspapers for his school's paper drive, there's nothing Henry won't try.

But it might just be the irrepressible Ramona Quimby who shows Mr. Capper just how capable Henry is. Paperback , pages. Published March 18th by HarperCollins first published Ramona Quimby , Henry Huggins. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Henry and the Paper Route , please sign up. What is the cause to the event neighbors are calling Henry about their old news papers?

Mcnevin Because he did not give it. See 1 question about Henry and the Paper Route…. Lists with This Book. Aug 10, Philip rated it really liked it Shelves: Hey Poppy, will you go get Gwen? She was just here.

Henry and the Paper Route Henry Huggins

Are you writing the introduction. I don't have much to say. We're just all waiting for Gwen. We started this back in like And we're in August. I just didn't keep up with it. We read a bunch of one-night-books in the mean time.


Henry and the Paper Route

I do love Beverly Cleary, though. Poppy, tell me something that you remember about the book. I remember the robot part. The robot part was when his new friend said that he umm. He said that he had a robot. Gwen, tell me something that YOU remember. I remember the kitty part. Henry was hiding the kitties in his shirt, and that other girl was kindof laughing, I think.

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You really like our cat, don't you? Have you ever hidden him in your shirt? Because I don't want him to scratch me. I don't think Professor would really like it. Eleanor, tell us something you remember. I remember every part, but my favorite part was when Ramona was being really naughty, and taking the papers and making a fuss on the paper drive.

You're not talking about the time Henry's new friend had his paper route? You're talking about the paper drive? I like it any time Ramona was causing trouble. Because there probably wouldn't be a Ramona book later if Ramona didn't cause trouble. Gwen told me to tell you all that Professor is our cat.

She wasn't sure if you would figure that out from what I wrote above. Hey Gwen, quiz question: They grow up to be cats. Do you think that's a problem? What do they mean by that problem? People are saying that cats are naughty. What do you think they're saying, El? I think they mean kittens start out really, really cute and fluffy. But when they're cats, they jump out of your lap, and just nap all the time, scratch you, and they're not that cute. Poppy had just been gone playing with the cat. She just came in crying. I'm pretty sure that cat scratched her.

Poppy, did the cat scratch you? I bumped my ankle on the ottoman. That doesn't prove the book's point that the problem with kittens is that they grow up to be cats. It is cute to hear Poppy say, "ottoman. Does anybody want to tell me their favorite part? Well, I already told you my favorite part, so What's your favorite part Poppy? My favorite part was about the kittens. Gwen, how many stars? Four stars it is. Jul 15, Amber Scaife rated it really liked it. Henry really wants a paper route of his own, but at first he's a year too young, and then a new kid moves to the neighborhood and quickly becomes competition Charlie is just loving the Henry books so far, and it's fun to read them with him although Henry's attitude toward girls is a bit neanderthal-like.

Dec 13, Alli Brooks rated it liked it. Apr 03, John Orman rated it really liked it. These are the tales of Henry Huggins, paper boy at the age of Sisters Beezus and Ramona show up quite a bit here too. This book came out in , when I was 8 years old. Within a few years, I can remember reading many stories such as these by beloved author and Oregon native Beverly Cleary.

However, I did not get my paper route until I had reached the advanced age of 15! Mar 30, Emily rated it really liked it. Once again, another clever Cleary tale, told from the perspective of Henry Huggins, neighbor of the famed Ramona Quimby. We listened to this on audio and it passed many a mile. At times we even laughed out loud. Hard to believe that paper routes are on the verge of extinction now -- I remember the boys on their bicycles and the canvas bags holding the folded newspapers, and how they'd come to the door to collect the money for subscriptions.

Mar 20, Twyla rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My favorite part was when Henry found a way to stop Ramona from bothering him on his paper route. My least favorite part was when Ramona kept taking the papers and throwing them randomly at houses.

When the school has a drive for old newspapers and magazines, Henry advertises around the neighborhood and ends up succeeding beyond his own abilities. Ramona gets involved and ruins a few things. Beezus is there, sick of Ramona and trying to help Henry. Henry Huggins and his mother and father tie together old newspapers and magazines, filthy and getting rained on, for three days and then haul them in carloads to the school. When I was about 16, I decided to cook an elaborate French feast for my parents and some family friends.

My mom mostly let me drive things, and she funded Cornish hens, fixings for chocolate truffles, and anything that seemed Frenchy to me in way of sides. She added a bunch of spices and flour to the soup, moved the hens to an old rotisserie her mom had given her, and generally whisked and stirred and gently convinced my meal into being.

Tired, hot, flustered, we then tied delicate scarves around our necks and ate on the porch. Henry Huggins brings home kittens, newspapers, trials, Ribsy…every kind of little boy mess and hope and fear. As with all of her books in this series, Cleary gives us an apple pie slice of neighborhood life in idealized form. The ways families share and the way one little rambunctious girl can terrorize every kid on the block makes me wistful.

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I love my big backyard looking out onto the mountains. We feel rather rural on our 1. But I wave to my neighbor when we both roll our trash bins down the pebbly drives, and I always try to remember whether her name is Rebecca. Dec 23, Sadie rated it really liked it.

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What is a very important thing to do? That is Henry Huggin's main question in this book. It is one we can all relate to, I'm sure, when we find ourselves doing something rather dull or seemingly unimportant. And that question can have several different answers, depending on your point of view.

After seeing Scooter, an older school chum, selling newspapers, Henry sets out to get a newspaper route, which, he decides is a very important thing to do. Who knew that getting a route of his own could b What is a very important thing to do? Who knew that getting a route of his own could be so difficult! First, the age limit, then Scooter gets in the way, and so on. I really enjoyed the writing of this book.

His desire is answered when he found Ribsy, a stray dog whom he later adopts. Since then, Henry's life was never the same, as Ribsy's colourful hijinks brings plenty of thrills to his daily life, for better or for worse. Henry and Beezus — Henry wants to get a bicycle of his own, but his parents were on tight budget and could not buy it for him. Determined to get a bike for himself, Henry attempted to hold various fund raising projects such as selling bubble gum and earn enough money for it.

He is helped by his good friend, Beezus. Henry and Ribsy — Henry's father is planning to go for salmon fishing with their neighbour Mr. He agrees to let Henry comes along on one condition: Although Henry thinks that he's got Ribsy under control, his father's challenge prove to be much harder than he thought it would be. Henry and the Paper Route — Henry, once again unsatisfied with his life, wants to accomplish "important things" and eagerly jumps at the chance when his friend Scooter informs him of a job opening as a paper boy.

Henry believes that he's responsible enough for the job, having served Scooter's substitute when the latter is otherwise unavailable, despite being technically too young for it, but perhaps the tasks required to handle his own paper route is really too much? Henry and the Clubhouse — Henry and his two friends Robert and Murphy wants to build their own clubhouse, which they eventually decide to be a "boys only" club. But trouble soon hits their new club when Ramona Quimby decides that she wants to be a part of this whole affair. Ribsy — When Ribsy accidentally jumped into the wrong car while waiting for Henry as he and his family were shopping in the mall, he gets taken in by a different family who lives in another town.

Thus, Ribsy's adventure to return to his owner begins.

Paperback Editions

See also Ramona Quimby , which takes place in the same neighborhood, and serves as its Sequel Series. The books contain examples of: In Henry Huggins a man into whose car Henry tossed Scooter's football says he couldn't stop because he was driving his wife to the hospital in a hurry, and then couldn't come return the ball because he had to watch their kids. In Ribsy , the titular dog gets lost for months to the point that Henry's mother suggests that Henry get another dog.

Henry points out that Ribsy didn't run away, that he jumped into the wrong car.

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Henry embodies this trope: He spends his days playing ball with his friends, cycling along the neighbourhood with his dog, or going fishing with his dad. Beezus was introduced in the first book as one of Those Two Girls whom Henry sometimes hang out with. From the second book onwards, she becomes one of Henry's closest friends and is featured even more frequently than his best friend Robert. A Boy and His X: Henry is almost never seen without his dog, Ribsy.

Ramona, Beezus' bratty younger sister who likes to follow Henry and Beezus around, then cause a lot of scene by screaming loudly and throwing a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. In Henry's story, Ramona Quimby plays a minor role as Beezus's Annoying Younger Sibling , but becomes so popular that she was given her own series that would overshadow this one. Henry's mother then tells the other mothers about the sale on clippers, which leads to all the boys getting similar terrible hairstyles. Henry's older friend Scooter briefly turns into a bully when he and Henry get into competition for a paper route.

With the Ramona Quimby books, which he frequently pops up in. Justified, as both series are set in the same place. Murph, the new kid introduced in The Paper Route , is smart enough to build his own robot and phone line. Henry and the others consider him a genius. Henry spends the entirety of the second book Henry and Beezus pining after the beautiful red bicycle displayed in the Bike Shop near his house. A Day in the Limelight: Ribsy follows the adventures of Henry's lost dog, with Henry himself taking a much smaller role.

He's definitely untrained, and often cause Henry trouble by fighting with other dogs, chasing the neighbour's cat, digging up their flower patches, and stealing newspaper. At the same time, he can play tug of war, wait at Henry's school while the latter is in class and was able to somehow communicate with Henry through a phone. While visiting a grand opening ceremony for a mall near the end of Henry and Beezus , Henry found a dog food stall and asked if he could get a free sample.

The stall owner told him that he'd give Henry some free samples if he eats some of them. Henry agrees, and noted that it's not actually that bad which is Truth in Television. Dog food is basically just canned meat that has no taste, but it is not inedible. The series is set in the neighbourhood of Klickitat Street, a peaceful, urban district where everyone knows everyone, real conflicts are scarce, and nothing much ever happens.

Halfway through the first book, Henry bought himself a pair of guppies that was on sale in the pet shop. Within a few pages, their numbers have increased to about a thousand — his bed room becomes full of guppy jars, and he had to spend all of his free time and pocket money to take care of them. By the time he returns them to the shop, he finds out they're worth seven dollars in store credit, which is enough to buy a catfish tank while his father buys a catfish.

All the kids in Klickitat Street are impressed that Murph is capable of building his own robot. Murph's father disagrees, and thinks that his son's hobbies is a waste of time especially since Murph had to work to buy his robot parts, taking more of his free time.

Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)
Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)
Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)
Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)
Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)
Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)
Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series) Henry and the Paper Route (Henry Huggins series)

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