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A false sense of victory.

Soon, news came from Jharkhand that yet another Muslim was murdered, the assault justified with that one-word license to kill — beef. The 'Not In My Name' protests are not going to stop these incidents.

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The Prime Minister will repeat his annual admonition of cow vigilantes next year, but this business of saying 'Beef! The lynchings now are taking place not by professional gau rakshaks but just about anyone who has a problem with a Muslim — over a seating dispute in a train for instance. It would be ok if the 'Not In My Name' protests were merely futile. One has to speak up and speak out even if one doesn't succeed, they argue. The problem is that the protests were actually counter-productive. A closer look at the PM's speech shows he made a distinction between non-violent cow protection and killings-in-the-name-of-cow-protection.

He spoke at length on the issue of cow protection, narrating a story. When he was growing up, an incident happened in his village.

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A cow mistakenly killed a new-born child of Modi's neighbour. The only child of two poor masons was born after many years of marriage.

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The repentant cow stood before the family's house and didn't eat or drink anything, giving up its own life. With this story, Prime Minister Modi admonished those who commit violence in the name of cow protection. The net result is that cow protection is again centre-stage as one of the primary issues of Indian politics, circa The second chief of the RSS between and , Golwalkar has had a huge influence on Narendra Modi by his own admission.

Not In My Name: Indians protest attacks on Muslims | India News | Al Jazeera

Golwalkar was the man behind a huge cow-protection movement in the s. I'm just cold-blooded about this. I want to use the cow to bring out our Indianness He was trying to unite Hindus with the issue of cow protection, using a powerful religious and cultural symbol that widens the Partition-marred cleft between Hindus and Muslims. In other words, anything that brings Cow Protection centre-stage in politics actually helps the Hindutva cause.

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It helps further use cow protection as a means of uniting Hindus against Muslims — the sort of polarisation that has become routine in helping the BJP win elections. Sadly, even protesting against the lynchings in the name of cow protection helps Hindutva, and thus only increases the political cover that cow vigilantes receive, never mind the Prime Minister's annual condemnation.

As the prime minister spoke of non-violent cow protection, it is possible to imagine that images from the 'Not In My Name' protest are already circulating on hate—filled WhatsApp groups, Hindi captions saying, "look at the beef eaters!

Religious leaders call for calm after death of Katlego Joja

Look at these anti-Hindus who want to kill the cow! In Sabarmati Ashram, the Prime Minister did not speak about the farmers' agitations across the country, their demands, hardships or suicides. He did not speak of the five farmers who were killed in police firing in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. All that the farmers were demanding was an increase in the rates at which the government buys their produce, given the drought in the region.

No multi—city Facebook protests were organised. There were no songs of resistance, no appeals for justice, no mobilisation of media. Had India's shrinking but influential left—liberal community organised a protest for farmers, the political discourse would have shifted away from Keyword Beef which only furthers Hindutva to Keywords Farmer, OBC, unemployment, demonetisation, economic slowdown — issues that would have made people ask questions about the promise of AchheDin.


After this had been achieved, questions about the lynching of Muslims would have found greater resonance. If year-old Junaid Khan was killed in a train for being Muslim, 25 year old Meghraj was killed in Saharanpur last month because he was Dalit. In a Facebook post, Dewan called out for the outpouring of public conscience. If not now then when? Why wait for political formations to organize a demonstration?

Event organisers said they sought to question the pattern of the attacks on the minorities in the country and the silence of the government over the killings and cases of lynching of Muslims and Dalits. June 28, 1: Everything launch at September keynote Massive fire breaks in Kolkata's Bagri market.

Faridabad lynching Junaid Khan.

Not In My Name Not In My Name
Not In My Name Not In My Name
Not In My Name Not In My Name
Not In My Name Not In My Name
Not In My Name Not In My Name
Not In My Name Not In My Name
Not In My Name Not In My Name

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