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Or browse results titled:. Includes Bandcamp download card. The picture shown is a close representation of the final product, but due to the hand-made nature of these cases, there will be different final variants. For example, the final case has the title displayed on top and a felt bottom under the CDs. I aim for items will begin to ship within the next month. The case will include the compilation spread across X2CDrs. If you wish to send via courier, Fedex etc, please get in touch after purchase.

If any purchases of this item are found to be flipping or selling via Discogs or eBay soon after purchase, you will not be allowed to purchase from ASIP again.

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These are a collector's item with a lot of hours, care and love gone into them. Limit 1 order per customer. Color choice only while stocks last. These mats are a unique combination of antistatic cork and rubber granules.


Full Circle

The result is a perfect marriage between the vinyl record and turntable platter. ASLIP features a more minimal design of the logo and name. Rhian Sheehan - Quietly Returning Ous Mal - Marraskuu Winterlight - Awake And Sleeping Altus - Sodium Glow Ourson - Stellardrone - Billions And Billions LJ Kruzer - Ter4 Horizon Fire - Piney Hills Blaze Need a Name - Road To Berlin Freescha - Moving Alla Farmer - Elektrik Sunrize Solar Fields - Going In Ulrich Schnauss - Shine Mint remix This has been well over a year in the making and was due to be released on the exact anniversary of August 26th, the date of the first blog post in , but due to our need to get a perfect press, it has been delayed a little until now.

To help celebrate the occasion, all profits from this compilation will go to a charity called The Harmony Project: We felt that investing in and helping the next generation of potential musicians would be a fitting tribute to the overall concept of the release. The music presented in this compilation is probably the closest distillation of what has inspired ASIP over the past ten years.

The ASIP website and its many versions; blog posts; guest mixes; even some of the older archived now hidden posts, were revisited to find the perfect tracks to put forward. It is the second album after Jim Morrison 's death, and the last they compiled until the album An American Prayer.

The album includes " The Mosquito ", the last Doors single to chart. The band's first album without Jim Morrison, 's Other Voices , had reached 31 on the Billboard chart, a modest success for the group considering the monumental shadow cast by the passing of Morrison. The band - now a trio consisting of keyboardist Ray Manzarek , guitarist Robby Krieger , and drummer John Densmore - chose to record Other Voices at their rehearsal space known as the Workshop, the same two-story building at Santa Monica Boulevard they had recorded the successful L.

While Other Voices was, to a degree, an extension of the L. Woman sessions some of the tracks had been worked up before Morrison had left for Paris , Full Circle was a standalone work that saw the band delve deeper into jazz and work with some top-shelf session musicians.

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Bruce Botnick , who had engineered all the Doors albums up to that point and co-produced both L. Woman and Other Voices , declined to participate in the sessions.

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In he admitted to Uncut ' s Tom Pinnock that he could not remember whether he was asked to return or not, but maintains he would have turned down the offer, reflecting, "The guys wanted to have a chance to work with some other musicians. As they went into Full Circle they took that extension even further. Lloyd contributed tenor sax and flute to the songs and also play behind the band at Central Park and at the Hollywood Bowl.

full circle

As with Other Voices , Manzarek and Krieger assumed vocal duties, which were augmented with backing vocalists. Although both post-Morrison albums are viewed as non-essential to many Doors fans and critics, Full Circle produced a global hit for the band: As recounted in Uncut' s profile of both LPs, the song has become one of the band's most enduring tracks across the globe, with the song's author Krieger recalling:. Full Circle showed the band was still evolving musically, with the Latin fusion of "The Piano Bird" and the complex funk of "Verdilac," but tensions were mounting between Manzarek, who wanted to explore jazz, and Densmore and Krieger, who wanted to persevere with rock.

John and I were trying to make it work.

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Would we have carried on? In , the Doors released "Get Up and Dance" as a single in the UK; the B-side was the non-album track " Treetrunk ", one of only three non-album studio tracks released by the band. According to Robby Krieger, the track was left off the album because "it sounded too commercial. Full Circle was released on August 15, and peaked at 68 on the Billboard chart. AllMusic states, "While there are a handful of undeniably remarkable cuts scattered throughout, Full Circle is increasingly sporadic and less focused than its predecessor" but asserts that the album's centerpiece is "the nearly four-minute jam tacked on at the end.

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  • Manzarek's impassioned electric organ, Densmore's tricky timekeeping, and Krieger's transcendent string work are all worth mentioning as the intensity of their interplay hearkens back to former glories. A strained-sounding attempt to boogie like a bar band, with lame lyrics about "good rocking" For years the Doors have largely disregarded the two post-Morrison albums, with no official American CD releases.

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