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Comment Here one has to spend a fortune on reasonable wine. I don't understand why at least the Californian stuff is not reasonably prized. Even the cheapest ones cost more than the kangaroo wine with which the Australians flood the whole world. Comment Are you kidding, Wolfman? Comment hoger, you go and enjoy the evening sun! By the way, that cartoon was definitely not exaggerating the current weather situation.

We had lovely weather on Sunday bright and sunny - but bitterly cold! However, in the evening there was some snow didn't settle on the ground, though.

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When I got up this morning 7. My mother's got a picture of me when I was still teeny-weeny looking for Easter eggs in the garden with snow covering the ground. Comment Here it is also still too cold. Five months of winter is really exaggerated. Comment Time to hit the sack, holger! It's coming up to 1am. Coming back from Lake Constanz we were caught in a sudden snowstorm on the Sauerlandlinie and since we had no tyres for winter it was a very slippery matter. Luckily we made it safely back home. These latitudes definitely do not seem to be a good place to live. At least I'd better be somewhere in the tropics.

Comment The Wikipedia article on kumquats seems quite useful. I wasn't aware of the following, which should come in handy for holger: Comment holger I was supposed to work in the tropics, once. No place to be for me. I felt like I was slammed on the head with that damp, suffocating heat. Luckily, the job didn't work out. Besides, I didn't fancy these huge insects over there. Comment I hope you all had a pleasant Easter weekend. Even the Upper Rhine area had some snow on sunday, our poor daffodils suffered badly from the white hats they got and the low temperatures. I hope the peonies weren't damaged by the frost.

Although I had hoped for some snow this winter I didn't like it on sunday because we had to go through the Palatinate hills. We thought that our kids would be done with egg hunt this year but we were far wrong. Even my 19 year old daughter begged on her knees 6-gear to have some eggs hidden by my husband. It just belongs to Easter. I wonder if they will still hold to this tradition when they turn Easter holidays were really nice, thanks!

Yours, too, I hope? As a well-known chocolate addict, however, I was once again too fast eating up all my chocolate eggs! To the native speaker snails: May I ask you a favour? I have just found another Irish company, a magazine publisher this time, that is looking for interns, and I have formulated an application mail. Would any of you care to have a look at that and at my CV, preferrably to check all is correct and good English and everything?

I would be ever so greatful! Comment judex zu Bilderauswahl und Publikum und Zufriedensein Langsam aber sicher fangen die Ferien bei mir wirklich an Comment uke My nephews and nieces are in their late twenties and they still love egg hunting and come "home" to their parents for easter whenever possible so they won't miss out on it. No chance of getting rid of that not that I would want to get rid of it, I find it very herzig when I watch them - including Mr sawehe, btw - hunting their eggs!

Off limits are spirits and mixed beverages containing spirits. Very good, didn't have much time recently, so I couldn't check other possibilities for you. Would be located in Dublin, I guess? Good luck with it. We had some nice weather during the weekend, I was able to visit a hurling match Cork won by only two points only wearing the jersey and no jacket, but when the sun is hiding behind the coulds it is still cold. Due to the low temperatures the beer sold very slowly, but we made some Euros. I stumble over the n, only know it as "Hefekranz". Comment hh I think I "verhochdeutschte" the Swabian "Heff a kranz", which would be "Hefenkranz", but you can also hear "Heff e kranz" which would be "Hefekranz" - if you know what I mean I would call it Hefekranz.

Or Hefezopf, if it isn't a whole Kranz. Comment I have just looked further up what holger says - he used "Hefekranz". Holger, do you also know both variations? Comment But in this yeast prohibition area it is not even possible to bake a tiny little hefezepfle. And no, I won't put an n before the z. Comment Hi folks, motto of the day: Eggheads mind your yolks!

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At the moment I try to remember the way I heard it in the South.. Not even dried pulverized yeast? Nobody who'd send you some? Comment h h, the pulverized stuff might be good enough to disperse on icy sidewalks, or possibly stuff it into goose throats to try to disable the honking organ. Amy-MiMi kindly once sent me some real yeast. Comment I can't quite follow you, holger. This dried yeast is not dead. You as a "Mann vom Fach" know about it.

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I would try the following: Take some luke warm water, put the dry yeast in it with some flour and dextrose so called Lockspeise , store it in a warm place and wait for some hours, then use it or take part of it and: The result can't be different from the fresh yeast you get here.

Comment judex, I tried that a hundred times. I rises nicely, but once inside the oven the mollycoddle stuff quits the service immediately. I brought some dried yeast from Germany, with seems to work a little bit better. But I really do not understand, why they sell at least 50 types of pre-cut, quadrate, soft pseudo-bread, but deny the customers to purchase decent baking ingredients.

By the way, I never saw baking powder either. But did not search very thoroughly. Will ask the next time. When I will have finished the girl scout cookies I should resume cake production. Comment I think holger knows quite well that dried yeast is alive and can be used to make a dough. But it is totally against good Swabian baking tradition to use that "grey crap" - I am quite with you here, holger. It's somehow a question of principle. And my husband, who is - as some of you may know - a master baker, also strictly refuses to use it. He'd rather not make a yeast dough at all.

Comment Holger, the dried stuff isn't too bad. It just requires you to let the cells adapt to the new medium and recover from the shock of being dried as judex wrote. It's actually pretty easy to grow the yeast yourself even with limited equipment and raw materials. Also I'd send you some yeast samples for "scientific purposes", but sending microbiological samples to the States requires quite some paperwork and that wouldn't go unnoticed here Comment Ah, I didn't see holger's reply.

The stuff quits the service in the oven immediatley? Strange, maybe the yeast isn't the problem but the flour? Does the bread or whatever you bake collaps in the oven? Sawehe, so your husband prefers sourdough bread? On top of everything inferior low-grade flour?! The problem is they have only one or two sorts that come in transportable size.

Oder ist das ein richtiger wenn auch amerikanischer Supermarkt? Ich wohne im Vergleich zu dir j. Oder willst du weniger als 5 lb. Ich denke 5 lb.

Der 13te Krieger, Wikingergebet

Comment Can't contribute to the non- availability of yeast or flour in the U. Do you know one in particular? I'm just asking in case you were thinking of a particular one. I also have to use dry yeast but I often make a sour dough and that works quite nicely. If you want me to send you some just let me know. Quick hello from the "Ruhr". Mixed weather today, sunshine, heavy snowfall, etc. Greetings across the Big Pond Comment Good night, Wolfman! Amy-MiMi, I never buy flour packages bigger than 2 lb. Don't want to make the trip to the supermarket just for the flour.

And I know that I should explore smaller and specialized grocery shops downtown where I usually take only a small backpack. But from my place there are only four supermarkets in reasonable distance 10 min. N, 15 min SE. I am states further west. And thanks, but with sour dough I have no experience.

What a shame, that it's not so readily available over there. Could your oven be the problem? Maybe it doesn't close right or there is a problem with the rubber band and the draft? Not that I have any clue. I just remembered my Mom talking about that. Comment Hi everybody, I have to put in my how many? I bake Dinkel bread quite regularly and I use dried yeast mostly. This is partly because I often forgot to buy fresh yeast and also because the yeast doesn't keep its activity for long. The baking results varied therfore a lot and I never knew how much yeast to take. Therfore I use dried yeast.

I dissolve the yeast in luke warm water and a little sugar as long as it takes to mill the grain and it works fine and always the same. It might take a little longer for the bread to rise than with fresh yeast but that doesn't matter to me. I always thought that it is the carbon dioxide in the dough produced earlier by the yeast that makes the dough rise. I second Wik here, I think the flour is more of a problem. The differences between the various flours are enormous, even if I use freshly milled grains from different sources bio-farmer vs local mill vs supermarket.

Sometimes the dough is very sticky sometimes not at all. Comment Wik Mr sawehe isn't baking very much these days - he is a very happy pensioner! He likes eating dark sourdough bread a lot he is the only one in the family , but he doesn't bake it at home. What I meant is that he uses fresh yeast rather than the dried one when he bakes things like Hefekranz or Reutlinger Mutscheln. And to get even a little more comfortable with the language, I hope you don't mind if I write a little bit in this chatroom today: Comment Hi uke, I have just consulted Mr sawehe on the process of bread rising in the oven although the temperature is so high.

He says that when you put the bread in the oven, it takes some time until before? So, before the yeast "dies", it has a period of great activity wich means it produces a lot ot CO2, and that is the phase in which you can see the dough rise. Later, the rising process ends and the dough stabilizes and the crust builds up. I guess the quality of the flour comes in at the point where the dough "sets" and keeps the pores which have appeared through the rising process. To get you to talk a bit ;-: In your profile I saw that you are a "begeisterte RPG-lerin".

Would you like to tell us something more about that? Just two little correcturitos for you: English is always written with a capital E; and I think "improve" fits a bit better for what you want to do with your English: Comment Hello Leylura, just make sure you capitalize "English" ;-. Other then that, to me your written English seems fine, but I am not a native speaker. I am currently writing with a couple of good friends the "Gekreuzte Wege" Fantasystory, here "im Quasselzimmer" that's what roleplayers are doing: Creating a World, characters, and a plot, and enjoy to write them, or play with them world of warcraft, for example, but I really prefer to write, it's much more exciting.

I'm sure nobody would mind if you continued writing in this chatroom tomorrow What else are you doing to prepare for that interview?

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Since you said you will be given a press-related text. About my enquiry in Comment I just hope I'm not boring everybody with my details about dough - but I just confirmed my assumption about where the quality of the flour comes in with Mr sawehe. So holger, it might be worth an extra ride to the supermarket to get a 5lb pack of decent flour and give the dried yeast another chance!

Just for the sake of finding out, I mean Leylura One of my nephews is a Role Play Gamer, too, and he meets other people in his summer holidays, and they stay somewhere in a nice forest area and develop their play out there together. You have to take on a certain role and there are basic rules and a basic idea of the plot - and then they develop the story together and play it in real-time.

Do you do this kind of playing, too? I don't really have the time to make more preparations, because the interview will be held tomorrow morning, still, I think, that writing and reading a day long will help me a little bit: It was pretty funny, we did some kind of quest in a nice park with a sea in it.

We've been dressed like elves and dwarfs, too: Comment I hope you don't mind, Leylura, but: Names of languages are written with capitals E nglish, F rench, G erman This might very well turn up in tomorrow's essay, that's why I'm insisting! Comment Aww thank you sawehe and sorry, this is one thing I tend to forget, capitals: Thank you for insisting! Comment The nick was given to me by a friend, totally Japan-freakish. Actually, I use it because all the other nicks I usually use were already "occupied" strange, though, that I have not seen anybody posting with them so far. RPG, did that, too, about ten years ago.

I do not really have the time now, though, and somehow I am not as interested in it anymore as I was then. Seem to have "grown out of it", if you don't mind me saying so. Somebody who'd rather relinquisch all things made with a yeast dough than use dried yeast IMO is just not addicted enough and might as well relinquish is straight away.

I just put it in the flour, mix it, and then add the fluids. The dried yeast is a bit more sensitive against salt and oil than the fresh one. I'm sorry if I've made your mouth water. And those bakeries did not have it in open display but you'd have to ask for it. Do you know any German Ex-Pats there? Especially ones who live there for years? They might know a bakery who does it. Oh, and I remember some of the bakeries doing German bread only did so for well-known customers or on order meaning to get some without having ordered in advance you'd have to be a well-known customer or able to do that doggie-tail-waiving-heart-melting-look.

I liked it and it's telling you something about the 'intriguing' hardships of the time especially for women.: Flours from the larger companies are more or less standardised by mixing different wheat varieties and harvests. Anyway, the quality of the flour plays a crucial impact on the gas holding capacity of the dough and therefore from the very first beginning of the fermentation. If there is too much gluten, the dough will not raise properly and show cracks, if there is not enough gluten the network wil ot be strong enough and form very small pores releasing the gas.

I was tempted to join a RPG club 2 years ago, but back then I still had a language problem especially with the local dialect and work and sport doesn't leave me much time for other hobbies at the moment. I'm not a native speaker, but if nobody else volounteers, send it over to my email.

Won't have much time before Monday, though. Great, I'm going to look for that book: I also read "Das Kupferne Zeichen" which could be the same, it talks about a woman who wants to be a blacksmith, but since people didn't acknowledge her, because she is a woman, she cutted her hair and dressed like a boy, while getting more and more famous But then she met a Warrior and fell in love Comment Yes, that was my problem about RPG, too, it's really time-consuming.

Time Line is rather about time travel back into the Middle Age, so people from our time experience it in quite a different perspective. I read it too, once, but unfortunately only had the German translation I do not like reading translations. Not a bad book, however. Comment Wik, concerning variance: I buy the Dinkel from a local Bioland farmer and he delivers constant good quality. The Bio-Dinkel I bought a few times in our supermarket Penny has varying quality and besides some stones added to ruin my mill.

The big local mill, which produces flour for the whole region and gets grain from the entire Upper Rhine area has a dreadful quality, only small dried up grains instead of the full bigger grains I get from the Bioland farmer. Thanks, you already did so much to help me! Won't take too much time, I hope. I read it in English I don't like to read translations either , Crighton is easy to understand and I liked it too.

The topic really fits for Middle Age fans of our days and it is a page-turner. Comment Hm, I'm getting quite nervous now How should I write about a press-article I use to simply mark the important words, and rewrite the article using the very same words once again, because I can't think of new ones having only little time to do it: Any suggestions how I could do it, please?


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I don't have any problems doing that kind of thing with French and German articles.. For example if the article is about ISS, or Politicals I was writing about flour, not the kernels. And of course, Dinkel as a niche product is slightly different from the big grain varieties regular wheat and rye, mainly.

Stones on a mill, ugly thing: Personally, I didn't really enjoy Time Line, found it rather uninspired. Comment Hallo allerseits, Nur ein Blitzbesuch, weil ich ziemlich viel Arbeit habe Aber der beste Tipp, den ich auf Lager habe, lautet: KIS - keep it simple!! Dann geht nix schief Thx for your advices, kat: Comment It was probably just out of nervosity or something, Ley, but: To practise your English, you should use it and write in English! Generally, I agree with Wik: Don't get nervous, there is no reason. You have nothing to lose, right? Your English is not as weak as you seem to think.

I played that once and had a lot of fun with it! Comment Thank you, wi-chan, didn't knew that kat's an English native speaker: Sorry kat, I don't know Munchkin, since I don't play card games, but I'll check it at home google: There are a lot of webcomics making fun out of RPG, too: There are, in fact, a lot of really good fantasy-webcomics Mensch diese Entscheidung ist echt keine Leichte! It ashames me to know that my English has become so poor lately, that's why I'll stick around here, to improve and to enjoy to talk to you all: What do you mean with "einheitlich" and "ganzheitlichen" IQ-value?

If you don't mind the question: What are "einheitliche" and "ganzheitliche" IQ-Werte? Sorry, please say, if you've already explained that at length and have no desire to do so again. I'm ashamed to realise that my English has become so poor Der IQ errechnet sich aus dem Durchschnitt dieser zwei Werte.

And your "Minizicke" is so young still well, mini, actually , are the results of this test really that significant? Did they give any recommendations at the clinic, concerning schools, and similar, or did they just hand you the results and left you to deal with them?

Nein, sie haben mich nicht mit der Information alleine gelassen. Gave that up long ago, as soon as I discovered how unmodern it is, nobody uses "thinking" anymore ;- I'd like to warn you, though, that it is not easy for children to go to the school where their parents teach. I was in that situation; my father was a maths teacher at my school. All the teachers do know you, for one thing, and my brother had real problems with his physics teacher, simply because she could not stand my father. Es hat Vorteile und Nachteile. Wir reden hier nicht von der Minizicke sondern von der, die lieber mitreden wollte But with that aber you start a "Nebensatz" which has to be divided from the main clause by a comma.

Luckily I was not in that situation, but we had children in our class and one of their parents teaching us - some were overly harsh with their own, others definitely favoured their own. And even with those where the parents did not teach us but were teachers at our school it was difficult. Some children were favoured only because their father or mother was a teacher.

As normally the children themselves can't do anything against or towards this but still feel the consequences by their co-pupils, this for sure wasn't always easy for those children. As I said, not impossible, especially if you feel it would be the right school for your child. Still something not to be taken too lightly.

Of course you are right, it has advantages and disadvantages. You would see your daughter more often, that is true. And of course I did not want to imply that you are one of those teachers that students dislike! I agree with hh, though, that other students always let you feel you are "a teacher's daughter" and it is impossible that all of your pupils love you; simply no way.

Anyway, it really is a difficult situation for you and your daughter, who was looking forward to a Gymnasium and can't go there now! What about her friends, will some of them at least go to "your" school with her? Or do they all go to that Gymnasium? Should my questions be too "private" or nosy, just say so! I agree with hh: I wondered if they might be intentional really!

Niedliche Tiere na ja, bisher haben wir den Wolf selbst nicht kennengelernt Sogar in diesem Forum, denke ich. Sollte ich einfach bei 'niemand' bleiben? We are also a free country! So you can use "Niemanden" und "Niemand": Maybe some non-native speaker who is familiar with the grammar rules might know? Leylura Good luck today with your test!! Will you let us know how things went? Comment "niemand" is actually a pronoun, not a noun, and should not be capitalized. Same goes for "jemand". Yes, sawahe, thanks, I keep an eye on those numbers!

I am so nervous that I can hardly breath: D One hour until I'm going to the ambassady. Thank you for your encouragement, and your help! I'm still not sure of myself, but well, it is going to be another experience: Good luck for wi-chan, too: Hope you'll get lots of job-interviews!

As I said before: You have nothing to lose. If it does not work, nothing bad will happen; things will just stay the same, right? So you can only gain: Good luck did you mean an embassy? And be sure to come back and tell us how it went! Thanks for the encouragement, hm -- us and Ley! Comment Yeah an embassy, sorry: And it is pretty difficult to find a secretary-job nowadays. Yes of course I'll tell you how it went: Thanks for the advices! Comment Oh, I was in exactly the same situation at the end of ! Maternal cover, not a chance to stay with that company, did not find a new job.

I was unemployed for one month, it's really depressing, but did not kill me. If you want, you can write me an email, and I can give you the contact details of the "Personalvermittlerin" sorry, did not find an English expression for this who helped me out, she's really recommendable! Specialised in secretarial jobs! Comment Hi Leylura, advice , wie information , gibt es nicht in der Mehrzahl Und du suchst einen secretarial job or position Ley, toi toi toi!

Comment Thank you wi-chan, but I'm from Luxembourg, and I don't know if your employment agency can help me out: But thank you, anyway! Thank you, the kat, I'll remember secretarial job and advice: Comment Hello again, everybody: I had to translate a French article about unemployment in English, it was pretty difficult, but they let me use a dictionnary phew. After that, I had to write a French letter. Even if I am not picked, I still feel good to have tried at least: Thank you so much for your support!

Comment Well, that does sound promising, doesn't it? I hope you'll stay with us here in the CC, now you have discovered it! Comment Thank you sawehe, of course I'll stay here, still so much to learn. Now I'm hungry, with all the stress I totally forgot to get myself a sandwich or something. Went straight back to my workplace lol. Well, you have three daughters anyway, and a son What's one kid more or less? Glad to hear you have a good feeling about it. And you have already learned something; I notice you capitalize French and Japanese! Comment Woah thx the kat, sounds yummie: Comment That sounds great Leylura.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Comment Yeah, I see Our showdown comes nearer Well, I'd say one girl more is way better than one less! Or would you want to lose one? I am rather afraid that it will take too long until the thread is full at last. So if you feel like speeding things up, go ahead, let's get this over and done with! Comment Ame ga furu! D It's really raining cats and dogs, I don't even want to call it a day now and go home: Comment Hopefully Spinatwachtel won't be offended if I actually remain a corn crake.

I can assure to be actually completely antifeudal and antimonarchical. Maybe Selkie's internet ethics thread is a good opportunity to change identity. Comment Eigentlich ist es ziemlich gemein! Hoffentlich denken wir daran, wenigstens nicht voll zu trollen ;-. Comment Ui, das wird spannend. Comment suziq The making of the new thread was officially delegated to wi-chan at the beginning of this thread, and she knows it!

She somehow feels reluctant to making it until just before - but no sweat, she'll do it! Comment Don't worry, everything is prepared. I will not forget! But kat challenged me to put the link into - sharp. And who am I, not to take a challenge? To post the link now would be cheating, in my eyes! You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Registration and participation are free! Ask the LEO community. Recent lookups click on a word to display the dictionary results again: LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions.

In some cases cookies from third parties are also used. This isn't just another chat room. Should have looked earlier, a little bit of Amy-MiMi's coleslaw would have been perfect for my salad-less dinner.

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Hey holger, still shovelling snow? The Japanese apparently had only six: Ah, thank you holger. Hey Euel, Yes it is, but my military knowledge is somehow quit limited. I got a picture in my mind Hello there, I just discovered my name in the hochlichter - thanks sawehe for the nice thread. I have heard that there is a noticeable Baden-Wuerttembergian "colony" in Berlin and that there's an infrastructure for them, too, for example bakeries offering decent Brezeln! When I say "Schnee von gestern" I rather want to express "nicht mehr von Interesse".

Amy judex is watching you! Hi judex, I just wanted to leave you room for more improvement. We had that before: Okay snails, here is a pitcher of birch sap, help yourself and pour your "Old Faceful". Also 'meiden' ist eher etwas wie 'sich davon fern halten'? Hallo alleseits, sag, judex, du warst es, der banjo-Musik mochte, oder? Why did you think so, sawehe? Guten Abend, Tag, jenachdem. OOOH how sad, Christmas season is definitly over now. Waving back and all the best wishes for the exhibition! Do you eigentlich in fact?

Second sawehe on Bretzeln. Judex - ich beschwere mich eigentlich nicht If you don't sell them, where do you put all your paintings? That varies widely, Snowflake, according to where in Germany you live rents are incredibly high in Munich, I hear, and rather moderate in the East of Germany and what your "standards of living" are how much space you need, how much - and what - you eat etc. Are you planning to study in Germany, or why do you ask?

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In case it ever happens it'd probably be in Southwest Germany. As a rule of thumb and ceteris paribus I would say it is a bit cheaper, but have a look here: Hi holger, Wik, la. Oh - Hi Amy! Fast vergessen, die Liste soll aus der holgerschen Sicht zusammengestellt werden, z. Ich kann an ein paar nicht allzu schreckliche Dinge denken.

Hi, hm -- us! Hi snails, as soon as I'm away, snails start creeping out of the salat and chatting. Snowflake I know how you feel, it was the same when I was in your situation many many years ago. I think Laugenbrezeln are very popular and loved in all parts of Germany, even in Brandenburg. I'm afraid "how come s wasn't a typo - thank sall the same for suggesting the excuse.

Well, if he's not in some pueblucho de mala muerte, he could sent a least a very short E-Mail once a week. I just meant a miserable tiny village where they don't have an internet cafe. I will take off. Hello snails, just wanted to wish you very good Easter days. I, too, wish you all a nice Easter weekend, best beer sales to Wik I always thought the Irish drank beer in every weather? Alles Gute an Wik zum Geburtstag! Uploading some fresh oak tree leaves and branches and acorns???

Can't be, holger, the snow is sleeping, see? Happy Easter to you all! Hello little a, where have you been so long? That is nice to hear. Nothing downloadable these days. Guess what I am just hearing on an internet radio? Nothing to upload here, but some Swiss chocolate chocolate eggs. Hi jungi Dame, There are dozends of vineries nearby, so it is no problem. Here one has to spend a fortune on reasonable wine. Are you kidding, Wolfman? Here it is also still too cold. Time to hit the sack, holger! This includes, for example, the number and duration of visits, as well as the browsers and screen resolutions used.

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Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition) Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition)
Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition) Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition)
Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition) Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition)
Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition) Wie ich es sehe...: Eine Auswahl meiner Gedichte (German Edition)

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