Family Emergency Preparedness Manual

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Outline assignments and procedures.

Identify emergency communication methods. Eldon Tanner described what happens when we allow ourselves to spend more than we earn: Gain an adequate education In an ever-changing world, we must prepare for uncertainties. Keep a reserve of food and other supplies Another way we can prepare for an emergency is by building up a store of needed supplies to help carry us through a crisis. As you build and maintain your emergency supply, include the following items: Scripture References Ezekiel Prophets and Church Leaders. Start Early and Be Steady.

Learning and Latter-day Saints. Principles of Temporal Salvation. Lay Up in Store. Living after the Manner of Happiness. Attending to Personal and Family Preparedness. Personal and Family Financial Preparedness. Teachings of presidents of the church. Put together a basic disaster supplies kit and consider storage locations for different situations. Help community members do the same. Follow guidelines to guard your community's health and protect the environment during and after the storm.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Quick Links and Additional Resources. Disclaimer Information Quality Help Glossary. But there are things you can troubleshoot before you pick up the phone. Prepare for the worst: If the inside temperature continues to fall, take action to prevent burst pipes. Turn off the main water valve and drain the pipes by turning on the faucets to let out the remaining water.

Use a plunger to drive water out of the toilets and drain traps. To install the type shown above, drop the ball into the drain and screw in the threaded insert. When water rises, the ball seals against the insert. If you have a cast iron floor drain, the threads inside are probably corroded, so choose a version with a rubber float and compression seal instead next photo.

The fastest, easiest way to stop sewage backflow to all drains is to place an inflatable test plug in the main sewer line. Inflate the plug with a bicycle pump. Test plugs are used when plumbing systems in new homes are pressure-tested.

Emergency Preparedness

But they can also be used to block drains and stop sewage backflow. Screw-type plugs are inexpensive. Inflatable plugs are more versatile and cost a lot more. Home centers carry some test plugs; shop online for the best selection. Sewage is a nasty, toxic soup—more damaging, dangerous and disgusting than ordinary floodwater.

The lower the drain, the greater the risk—so homes with basements and homes in low-lying areas are the most vulnerable. To find out if this is a likely danger in your home, talk to your neighbors. In some situations, blocking off individual drains is a good approach. But other types of drains are more difficult: The best way to block a toilet drain, for example, is to remove the toilet and plug the pipe. The most reliable way to block a bath or kitchen sink is to remove the trap and cap the drain stub-out pipe. So instead of fussing with individual drains, consider blocking the main drain line at the cleanout Photo 2.

Most homes have a cleanout near the point where the main line exits the house. Unscrew the cleanout plug, insert a test plug and inflate it with a bicycle pump. This single solution protects your whole house, but has three drawbacks: First, you have to do it immediately when flooding begins and the flow is weak. Strong backflow will make it impossible. The ultimate solution is a whole-house backwater valve not shown installed in the main line.

How does the Church prepare for emergencies?

Once installed, it protects all your drains without any effort or inconvenience. The stainless steel ball almost always rotates smoothly to shut off the water. But just to be sure, give the handle a quarter turn. Then turn on a faucet to see if the water is off. The gate is prone to getting stuck open, closed or somewhere in between—especially after years without use.

How To Survive, Family Survival Guide, Disaster Preparedness, FAMILY EMERGENCY COURSE 2013

But be sure to hold the handle in position while you turn the nut. If the handle turns as you unscrew the nut, you risk breaking the valve. Your main shutoff valve is one of the most important disaster-stoppers in your home. When a pipe leaks or bursts, this valve lets you shut off water flow to your entire home.

So take a few minutes now to make sure you can close it. Ball valves rarely fail, and testing is easy. But if you have a gate valve, you might need a little patience and know-how. Turn the handle clockwise to close it. A shot of lubricant or penetrating oil may also help. If the valve is stuck closed, tap it with a hammer Photo 2. When the valve opens a little, stop for a few minutes. That allows water pressure on both sides of the valve to equalize, instead of pressing against one side and locking the valve in place.

Backup water supply If your water supply shuts down, remember that your water heater holds enough drinking and cooking water to last several days.

Community Preparedness

Let the water cool for a few hours before you open the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Emergency drain If your basement is flooding, remove the basement toilet to create an instant, high-capacity floor drain. If you have a pool or other water source, you can flush with a bucket. Pour about 3 gallons into the bowl not the tank to get a fine flush.

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Make sure everyone in your home knows about the cord that releases the door from the opener. That way, they can lift the door open and get the car out in an emergency. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Do you know what to do? Wild animal invasion Nighttime visitor Raccoons can chew up a lot of stuff fast. Burst pipe Turn off the water at the main valve quickly.

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Keep dry Keep dry until you turn off electrical power. Grease fire A grease fire that spreads to nearby curtains is a common cause of kitchen fires. Stand a few feet from the fire, start blasting and move toward the fire. The instructions will tell you how far away to start.

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Aim at the base of the fire, not at the flames. Bat trouble Open a window or door; the bat wants out. Each year, one out of every eight homes has a kitchen cooking fire.

Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual
Family Emergency Preparedness Manual Family Emergency Preparedness Manual

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