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Matthew Mitten, Partner at Secondsight, has produced an opinion article for Pensions Expert on trust-based or contract-based pension schemes and how employers can choose. Not so long ago, trust-based pension schemes were the only option in town.

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The format is [.. Communication and employee word of mouth have been key to its success to date.

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We truly believe that the financial education programme is an excellent investment - both in terms of time and money. A few years ago we chose to implement a new flexible benefits system and opted to transfer the benefits administration away from Secondsight. After a while it became clear that Secondsight had provided a much higher level of support and service, which perhaps we had taken for granted. The employee benefits people Multi-award winning specialist advisers for the corporate and charity sectors.

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    All this publication's reviews Read full review. The combination of a fantastic story, clever puzzles, strong albeit psi-lite combat overcome any gameplay nitpicks or deficiencies. I personally like "Psi Ops" better as it was faster paced, had a more realistic look, and easier to control. Some gamers may like Second Sight for its open ended-ness and better-written dialog.

    Second sight

    The visuals are merely serviceable though, and emphasizing firepower over psychic abilities lessens the impact of the latter. But by hour six or so, the plot loses its mystery and the gameplay holes become increasingly frustrating. Best game I played last year by far! Good graphics, great gameplay and, stone me, what a story! I still look back at this game years from now when my dad told me to buy it, best money ever spent on a game I've bought about 20 games give or take in the past year; Second Sight is one of the best among them. I deducted one point for outdated graphics.

    This game puts others to shame in terms of story and gameplay. There are a few minor bugs with I deducted one point for outdated graphics. There are a few minor bugs with the game, but nothing you can't work around easily. As a developer, I play a lot of games, and after returning armloads of games after a day's play, it's refreshing to run across one that was actually fun to play. Released at about the same time as Psi Ops that also featured the use of physic abilities Second Sight is the superior of the two largely Released at about the same time as Psi Ops that also featured the use of physic abilities Second Sight is the superior of the two largely thanks to the quality of its storytelling.

    The player takes on the role of John Vattic who awakes from a coma to find himself trapped inside a government facility with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

    As the game progresses he gradually discovers that he has a number of psychic abilities and these of course play a huge part in the gameplay whether it be in solving puzzles or defeating enemies. The fact that these powers can be used pretty much as often as you like does arguably make the game a little easy but since it is such fun to test out each new power it doesn't really matter.

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    Aside from the odd difficulty in highlighting the correct target when using your abilities the controls are also well implemented and after a bit of practice become quite intuitive. Alongside the psychic abilities the game also features a selection of high powered weaponry such as shotguns and machine guns. These are a little too easy to come by at times and the game can often be played as a straight first person shooter but that would really defeat the purpose. In the end while Second Sight may have the odd flaw the interesting story and excellent implementation of the psychic powers makes it a game that is certainly worth playing.

    Worst game I ever played.

    Second Sight Second Sight
    Second Sight Second Sight
    Second Sight Second Sight
    Second Sight Second Sight
    Second Sight Second Sight
    Second Sight Second Sight
    Second Sight Second Sight

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