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Subdividing Assembly Spaces in Historic Buildings

The subdivision of one assembly space may have less impact on the overall building, depending on its relative prominence. For example, in a school with an intact auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria, subdividing the cafeteria would likely be less of an issue than a similar treatment in the auditorium.

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Spaces should be evaluated for their importance architecturally in the building, as well as functionally. If an auditorium or lodge hall is expressed on the exterior of the building with double-height windows, for example, that speaks to its significance in the spatial hierarchy of the building. The space may still be character defining without that expression, but its existence is an indication of the primary nature of the space. The physical arrangement of the interior may help dictate the most appropriate options for subdivision.

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Even primary assembly spaces may have secondary areas such as a stage behind a proscenium or the area under a balcony. In some cases these areas can be walled off with little impact on the overall space, depending on other factors such as relationship to the larger space, dimensions of the area and degree of architectural detail.

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Conversely, it will be harder to divide spaces with areas that are of equal importance, or spaces with a more tightly unified design, such as a church sanctuary with a strong axial plan. As in other areas of the interior, the existing physical integrity also will influence how much change the space can accommodate. If finishes and features are deteriorated or missing or if the space has already been significantly altered, then its importance in defining the character of the building may be diminished enough to allow further changes.

However, the impact of new alterations must be evaluated in the context of what integrity does still exist, the functional or architectural importance of the space in the building, and other proposed project treatments.

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The manner in which the space will be subdivided must also be considered. However, divisions that do not intrude on the overall character and height of the interior may be appropriate. Lower partition walls in the main space, such as open office-height partitions in a two-story space, may be used in some instances.

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Also, in certain situations it may be possible to insert a mezzanine into secondary areas, if it has only a minimal impact in the space. Users can select articles or chapters that meet their interests and gain access to the full content permanently in their personal online InfoSci-OnDemand Plus library.

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Recognizing the Power of Community Art as the Inbetween. Significant Spaces of Freedom Summer: Danker, Stephanie Harvey and Stephanie Baer. Abstract During the academic year, Miami University celebrated the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer with a plethora of events, exhibitions, and visual reminders of what it means to be called to action. As the university-wide theme, students, faculty, and staff became involved in a communal call to remember, reflect, and participate.

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The goal of this chapter is to describe how various communities came together to remember and celebrate an important part of local and national history through interwoven visual experiences and dialogue. The authors highlight several key art forms that took community members from a place of simple recall, to a more empathetic and compassionate space and attitude concerning events of Freedom Summer.

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  6. The chapter consists of four examples of spaces that utilized different art forms: Each section weaves through and around the idea of curriculum, communities present, the art form itself and implications for teaching, learning, and civic responsibility. Educate and register black voters; 2. Establish Freedom Schools that emphasized black history and citizenship skills; and 3.

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