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Thank You Angels

Crystal Therapy Doreen Virtue. Tiger-Tiger, Is It True? Veggie Mama Jenny Ross. Lanterns and Firecrackers Jonny Zucker. Do Hard Things Alex Harris. Everything Mythology Jon Eben Field. Being Thankful Mercer Mayer. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Teenagers Jack Canfield. You Have a Brain Ben Carson. You Are Special Max Lucado. Night of the Moon Hena Khan. Jungle Doctor on Safari Paul White. Eyes on Jungle Doctor Paul White. Children's Book of Philosophy DK.

Who Was Mother Teresa? Mother Teresa Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Who Was Joan of Arc? The King's Book Louise A. Humphrey's First Christmas Carol Heyer. The Story of the Elephant Shade 7 Publishing. The Belief Book Chuck Harrison. Case for Christ for Kids Lee Strobel. Michael Faraday Charles Ludwig. Ida Scudder Janet Benge. Jonathan Edwards Simonetta Carr. Martin Luther Simonetta Carr. Without fear, I just dropped down onto the bed and stared into space. Never have I felt so much love hit me. I felt uncontrollable and for what seemed like forever I gradually came back.

I still froze because my mind was blown. I so adorn Angels. I received a message from my angel or spirit guides , that came to me, Loud and Clear. The message was that my Ex-Husband was going to pass away. He was having severe pain in his neck and arm, that related to his cancer moving from both lungs and, abdomen , to become a large oblong tumor in his neck. That tumor received radiation for 5 days, straight, and was completely obliterated. Unfortunately, the pain worsened and he steadily declined. The message from spirit , was a voice telling me that Ed was going to die.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I sat in my truck, for a bit, cried, then thanked whomever sent that message. A week later, he was sent to Hospice and passed after 7 days. It was on Y this moth that I actually heard of my Angels for the first time. It was 7 In the evening and I was talking to my boss about spirituality. While there are a lot of distractiom s I heard clearly the sound of tiny and huge bells, chimes, in the air. I feel the joy in my heart. I asked my boss if he has heard that but he did not. I hear alot of voices though.

Deep male voice, cry of a baby, inaudible whispers, bell ringing, etc. At first I was bit overwhelmed about all this but eventually I was able to find light with the help of the Divine and my one True God the Father. I hope my angel will guide my daughter and family everyday , cause they are my life and now I am working being a call center agent to provide their needs pay credits , thank you to my angel who guide me as well to make it here in my work everyday and giving me always a good signs to do , I love you angel.

My angels come to me in dreams a lot. Lately, I am able to feel their presence while awake. While having a particularly stressful and sad conversation with my husband, I saw a flash of gold and white light in the corner of my left eye and then felt pressure on my hand, which was resting palm-side up on the floor beside me. After reading this, I am certain it was one of my angels helping through that terrible night. I found a beautiful feather when i was walking home and have no doubt that it was from my grandma mercie.

I miss you and love you. I have everyday white doves in my garden. They leaves feather everywhere.

When the back door is open, they come inside the door. At the morning, they queuing until I or my husband put food in the garden. It is so relaxing to see them visiting us. Now, we have everyday around 17 doves daily…I am not sure , if they representING as an Angel, but it is delighted to see them daily…. The world would evolve and nourish every life form. Our souls would be freed. I need some real guidance about Gods kingdom and how the archangels and angels interact with us.

Pleases help know how to proceed with this. I want to start by thanking you for this post , i am English but moved to Brazil 2 years ago Sao Paulo , i live near one of the largest spiritualist centers in the world. Respecting to angels in heaven love to show love to be loved I heard it through the help you do everything we can PS straight edge.

I think is my mom! In we had a chimney fire and the house filled up with smoke in the middle of the night, I woke up, my husband was yelling to me to follow him…. I then decided to fall back asleep not thinking straight being intoxicated. We called and waited in the car. Hows that for a sign? They planned my whole life, I have also seen the Holy Spirit! Blessed and praised are you. Hi Melanie, Thank you very much for your messages.

Please send me your full and exact residential address so that I can send you a gift. I live very far away from you. It is a very beautiful island in the indian ocean. Hope to hear from you very soon. My wife never left me I call her my Air conditioning and have had many messages off her,having also seen her on my bed made up firstly as smoke later made up of stars. How about in a dream?

Then I realized that when I looked up, my Angel was right there and was already a mist disappearing. And I realized that it was my angel who sent the blue feather to me. Is that also counted as being in the presence of an angel? I felt so stressed the other day so I decided to go to a park near my mother place and sit by the water and listen to mediation.

Angel Signs ~ 13 Signs Your Angels Are With You!

I strongly believe in angels and archangels unfortunately I have not yet mastered the way to get in touch with them. Because I need strongly to takeadecision and I ask for help but I have not been able to tune in to receive an answer. Words are not enough to say thank you to Melanie for all the messages may Godbless you and your team. I had a angel come vist me. I had been going thru a very hard time. When I was going to bed.. It felt so wonderful.. It was the most precious feeling I can hardly explain it. I believe in Angels. Last week I asked for some good luck, not a lottery win but just a little to help us out and later that day I won at Bingo.

Earlier this week I asked if anyone was there as I was feeling low. The jukebox then went back to playing random dance music. My Nan used to collect these when she was alive. I find these things comforting and uplifting. I had an experience today where I felt like there were several… beings around me. The whole hallway and all the rooms were filled with almost a light fog. I have also been looking up a lot today. I am confused as to what this is. They did not scare me, but the fact I experienced that is making me wonder why.

Does this sound like angels or something else? I have many angel stories to tell you. I will tell you my favourate one. My son Nico works for a cash in transit company ever since he was He is now When he started there I was so worried so I told him that if he saw a feather he should pick it up and keep it, because that is the angels I prayed for to keep him save losing there feathers and a sign that they are realy around. I never thougt in my wildest dreams how many he picked up in the past 11years and how he took whar I said to heart! And to think that he was a non belever.

He sticks them in the van when they transit cash. If the guys ask him about the feathers he tells them that it is the feathers of him angels and that they are protected. He is a belever now and even prays for them bevore they leave there base. Prace our grasious Lord! I have sit here and read everyone story and I think it is a blessings to share a story of signs it leads another person to share. I have experienced these feelings before! I often experience light drizzles. Before i used to think it is because i am hungry so i am getting such impressions.

I also would think may be my head is reeling. BUt no its not that. When i experience this i see light being type all over me. It will be there for few seconds and then it disappears. If you are reading this could please tell me what these are and what does this mean? What do angels want me to know?

At that nigh I dreamed that in my house there were new house pets — seagull and crow. Seagull looked at me, screamed and flew out from house. Crow screamed too, then bit me in the left arm and flew out through the hole in the wall. Next moring I saw a crow next to my window — it was hanging upside down and nibbling something. I have never saw something like that before.

I see little sparkles of light out of the corner of my left eye…. Plus I get white feathers that I have been saving…is that ok? At my mother and sisters grave on day when I was there it was very cold and cloudy. I sat on the ground and I was wrapped in a warmth. The headstone was cold but it was like I had a circle of warm air around me. I visit there often. Previously I was a bad person and has done many things wrong, and do sin, but I am grateful and remember to Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to still conscious and aware of the mistakes that I have done in the past,..

Ask them to watch out for another… But know they can be in two places at once so you do not need to ask them to leave your side. I sense there is an angel watching over me each and everyday! My sister sent me this article today. No barking or excitement. Just looking intensely and following movement around the room. How awesome is that!

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I think that the angels sometimes uses people to say their messege. But the other people get it as an answer on her question. Dear Melanie, thank you so much for sharing knowledge with us all. By application and understanding, heightening a sense and knowing the reality of angelic presence, I am becoming more peaceful and joyous each day. Working in a hospital environment with many sick people I invoke their presence to bring healing to others. I love your voice. On the face side is what appears to be King George the V in Latin. I found these two near the recycle bin. A day or two later I found a toonie and a few loonies in the parkade.

Could this be a sign that I am finding or about to find a tremendous wealth in places no one looks at? I often can feel vibrate a angel voice talking to me I still try to listen very hard I am deaf I ask angel sorry I try to listen you try to tell me something special message. I am going to have a cochlear implants I hope this year. I found myself in need of help recently in a house I used to live. It was very haunted and one character was becoming very invasive and was really getting a hold on me.

I needed help and I prayed and asked for help from the Ark Angel Michael.

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I got what I needed and I do remember there being lots of white feathers on my carpet in the morning. Two weeks ago on Sunday a mysterious man whom had been a customer at the store I work at came up to me among three other associates and I helped him check out at the register. After a minute of greeting him and making sure he had everything he said he sensed something about me, how I was over watched by a female Buddhist and two Angels, one to my left is a female whom has or is protecting me and to the right of me a male who gives me knowledge or something like that.

It was a long 15 minute of mind blowning conversation we had and to cut it short, he believes I have a good vibe having the Angels and this female Buddhist overlooking me. Can anyone help me further explain this? I have experienced most of these signs and it is wonderful to know what they mean. I have often wondered why babies look at me and smile and sometimes even reach out as if wanting to touch what they are seeing. I have recently started seeing my birthdate, I will look up at the clock and there it is I also see my fathers initials on license plates almost every day and see flashes of light when my eyes are closed.

I had lost my mother to cancer. She passed away in july 15, She was in the nursing home for a week, our family new she was going home to God very soon,My 2 brother and I where taking turns beinging with her that week, she was getting weaker by the day. I was so tired one evening I decided to go home since my brother where with her Saturday evenig. So my husband and I went home, I got a call about 2: She was cold to the touch and so I said a prayer and asked my Lord God Please give me a sigh when she is really gone, I mean her soul.

I cried like a baby, weeped so hard that I had the whole family and the nurses crying too. I started thinking I just asked in a prayer to let me now when she was gone and there she stood. I said my Goodby and she turned and walked away from the widow and was gone. My prayer was heard and I thank the good Lord for taking her home safe and sound. So now when I think of my mother I listen to this song and it calms me down. Thank you Lord for what you have given to me in my life. Amen an Amen Sarah. Hi, Why am I getting goosebumps when I am going through your article?

God bless all, not just America.

Thank You, Angels! : Doreen Virtue :

My grandma and dad past away not so long ago lately I have been seeing little signs eg I found three 4 leaf clovers and my grandma is half Irish though i have seen nothing from my father. My husband just passed away in May. My 4 yr old granddaughter says she sees grandpa on the ceiling when she is lying in her bed. I think its an angel coming to her looking like her Grandpa. I loved your article.

When in doubt, I ask my angel for guidance. I receive coins; pennies, nickels and sometimes quarters in my path, several times a week. I truly feel that is my dad sending me a message, like a pat on the back for a job well done. I feel the pennies come from my son and the nickels from my friend and quarters from my dad since he used to bet me quarters to putt a hole in one when we putted in the living room. I want to learn more can you email more on angels?

Thank you for this beautiful site! The Angelic signs are very real! I experienced a cloud angel.. I know it was an angel because there were no other clouds in the sky.. My whole body got the chills.. I ran to get my camera.. I would like to receive all the teaching regarding the angels as above at my email address please.. My angels started sending me messages on face book! First thing every morning I would go on Facebook and The very first posting I seen was exactly what I needed to hear!

This went on quite a few days in a row before I realized what was happening. I was tickled and so very grateful. They knew that was the easiest way to get in touch with me as I believed. I have seen the numbers like crazy! In and on the weirdest places? This is my birth date! I never knew the signs but now I do. I encouner three coins, sweet scent out of nowhere then a wisper. Until in March I saw an archangel in my bedroom window 4: I have experienced almost all of the signs from angels. My dear, sweet deceased father always visits and watches over me.

The love we share will never, ever die. His visits are so warm and sweet, and he always knows when I need him. He comes to comfort me when I think of him and become sadden and overcome by the grief of losing him. Have you read this post on how to meet your guardian angel? I discovered your weblog. That is a very well written article. Thank you for the post. My 2 brothers and my sister and I started receiving feathers after my beautiful Mama passed.. I love and miss you so much. This is happening to me right now. I was guided to this page to understand the signs, coins, flashing lights, white birds…all of it.

Its good to know about angels… I am bit scare that if you are in empty room and somebody is with you but you unable to see that thing… Omg its really scary feeling.. Bdw thanks for this info… Xoxo. About the Author Melanie Beckler Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www.

Linda says June 10, This was really interesting, I was already aware of some of them but not all Thank you Reply. Rebekah says June 7, Thank you for this video Melanie! Joleah Kunkel says June 5, I have been having contact with angels through my meditations and Reiki. Melanie Beckler says June 6, Thats awesome!

What a great necklace and reminder of the angels that will be to wear! Gale says June 5, I have 6 parrots, so feathers are not a sign. Olivia says May 5, My Guardian angel, Daniel, sends me a lot of messages!

Niels Geusebroek - Thank The Angels Lyric Video

Linda says May 26, How do u ask for your guardian angels name do u just ask Reply. M says March 31, An angel that is often with me does something that when I do something not right. Joey says November 9, I just experienced a sign and got scared but after reading it, I have realised that it was an angelic encounter. Sheila says September 29, I lost my best friend Saturday, Sept 23rd, just hours before his 49th birthday. Anita Narvaez says September 28, I went into a daze and saw white flakes coming down around my house. Is this Angels message? Mart says September 28, I was visited by an angel last night in bed.

Eija Leigh says September 25, I think I was given a sign from an angel. Aimee says June 26, I have always believed in Angels and I believe that angels exist and they are good, loving, kind, and helpful and protected me from any danger! Me says April 1, Hi, I wanted to share that I hear Angels sing everyday and night truely amazing…. Elle says January 10, I was wishing on an important things with the help of the moonlight, on Cassie says December 30, Yesterday when I was cleaning, I found 1 white feather on the floor and I have no idea how it got there.

Mary Daughtry says December 11, I was feeling down there other day, whenI was driving into the Walgreens parking lot and as I was opening my car down. Cynthia says November 27, Ive often felt a loved one from beyond was sending me different signals and signs. It was travelling from right to left, before cloud dissipated Reply. Mandeep says August 14, Hi I find the feather in my room but not white color. Dawn says September 22, Since i started my job 2 yrs ago i have found: Silvija says July 3, Nope, totally not with me. Bethany says August 7, So what do bad smells mean?

Dorothy says May 12, I learning so much Reply. Angela says May 1, Amazing? Donna says April 29, strange that this should take my attention, i woke this morning with a 10pence coin on my chest! Dottie says February 29, I allways smell roses and carnations before someone in my family dies,Sometimes the smell is almost sickening,It is just like you walked in to a funeral home. Mary says February 19, I,d like to connect with my angels. And learn to meditate myself. Mesayon says January 30, I have this happening to me lately.

Thank You, Angels

Abbey Louise says January 18, I was just reading through the page as I cried my eyes out. Kathleen MacKay says January 13, Beautiful and informative. Katherine says January 8, I received a message from my angel or spirit guides , that came to me, Loud and Clear. Mel says December 10, It was on Y this moth that I actually heard of my Angels for the first time. Mel says October 18, My angels come to me in dreams a lot. GIo says October 9, I have everyday white doves in my garden.

Thank You, Angels Thank You, Angels
Thank You, Angels Thank You, Angels
Thank You, Angels Thank You, Angels
Thank You, Angels Thank You, Angels
Thank You, Angels Thank You, Angels

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