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We are the UK leaders in clinical system interoperability with unique integrations with the principle clinical systems across all health settings.

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We focus on creating software solutions for shared care such as: Black Pear provide a range of web-based applications based on modern open source technologies. We enable new ways of working and underpin the delivery of shared patient care.

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The Black Pear Blog. What is good design? Design is a very subjective thing, therefore, if you ask me how to come up with the best design The ageing bark has a square checkerboard pattern and in spring the trees are covered with a cascade of white blossom.

Black Worcester pear

They are found scattered across the county in old orchards, hedgerows and gardens, often being planted on the windward side of orchards or fields to provide shelter. The trees were commonly grafted onto wild pear rootstock which made them very vigorous, hence the great height they achieved.

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  5. Whilst the Black Pear is not now grown commercially it has numerous characteristics to recommend it for this: They also have a pleasing and impressive appearance and their stature makes them suitable for use as a nurse crop or shelter for other orchard trees. Throughout the s and s Worcestershire County Council made black pears available through its Fruit Trees for Worcestershire scheme and several hundred young trees were planted. Now available from local nurseries on a quince rootstock it can be grown as a smaller tree so making it better suited to gardens and other small sites.

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    The Black Pear is a cooking or culinary pear which is oval and irregular in shape. They have a dark mahogany colour not true black with russet freckles and small areas of rough skin.

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    The flesh is a pale yellow or cream, tinged green under the skin. A common mistake is to pick the fruit in October or early November and to try to use it immediately, when it is crisp, hard and gritty.

    The Black Pear The Black Pear
    The Black Pear The Black Pear
    The Black Pear The Black Pear
    The Black Pear The Black Pear
    The Black Pear The Black Pear

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