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This film opens your eyes to the truly devastating fates of thousands of dolphins, who are slaughtered without remorse. Being an animal lover, and my dream to become a zoologist, this film has really inspired me to be active and do whatever necessary to protect the beauty of our planet. Alongside Ric O Barry, Psihoyos is able to clearly point out the error of these marvelous creatures in captivity, and how they deserve to be free, just like any other creature.

If you are one of those people that see my ways, then you'll be affected deeply too to take action. Forget the damn critics, this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster, this is a way of life for us and what we've become Support the cause to stop this. Start your free trial.

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  • Star of dolphin-hunting film The Cove to be deported from Japan.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health.

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Inside The Tanks (Full Documentary)

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  4. Tilikum, Dave Duffus, Samantha Berg. Super Size Me An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry. Exit Through the Gift Shop Bowling for Columbine Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Edit Storyline Richard O'Barry was the man who captured and trained the dolphins for the television show Flipper Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Kerner Optical, previously the Industrial Light and Magic model shop, created special camouflaged rock-like cameras that helped capture some of the footage in the cove.

    The thing that turned me around was the death of Flipper, of Cathy. She was really depressed. The dolphins that are not sold into captivity are then slaughtered in the cove and the meat is sold in supermarkets.

    Beyond The Cove: what happened after the Oscar-winning documentary? | Film | The Guardian

    According to the evidence presented in the film, the local Japanese government officials are involved in the hiding of the hunting, and the Japanese public is not fully aware of the hunt and the marketing of dolphin meat. The film states that the dolphin meat contains dangerously high levels of mercury and interviews two local politicians, Taiji city councilors who have, for that reason, advocated the removal of dolphin meat from local school lunches.

    Attempts to view or film the dolphin killing in the cove are physically blocked by local police and the Japanese local government who treat the visitors with open intimidation, derision, and anger. Foreigners who come to Taiji, including The Cove's film crew, are shadowed and questioned by local police. In response, together with the Oceanic Preservation Society , Psihoyos, O'Barry, and the crew utilize special tactics and technology to covertly film what is taking place in the cove.

    The film indicates that while Dominica has withdrawn from the IWC, Japan has recruited the following nations to its whaling agenda: The film then cuts to a scene showing an annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission. O'Barry marches into a meeting of the Commission strapping a TV showing the footage on his chest while the Japanese delegates are talking about how they have improved whaling tactics.

    O'Barry walks around the crowded meeting room displaying the images until he is escorted from the room. The film used specialized camouflaged high-definition cameras that were designed to look like rocks. These hidden cameras helped capture footage and were so well camouflaged that, according to director Louie Psihoyos, the crew had a hard time finding them again. The film received predominately positive reviews from critics.

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    Roger Ebert gave the film four stars out of four , calling the film "a certain Oscar nominee". Some reviews recognized the film's entertainment value but did not view it as an "objective documentary". As a piece of propaganda, The Cove is brilliant; as a story of ingenuity and triumph over what seems like senseless brutality, it is exceptionally well-told; but as a conscientious overview of a complex and deeply fraught, layered issue, it invokes the same phrase as even the most well-intentioned, impassioned activist docs: The whale and dolphin hunting season in Japan usually begins on September 1 each year; in , the hunting began on September 9.

    Although activists tend to believe that it was because of the publicity generated by the film, [23] it has been reported that the delay was due to the weather and rough seas. While campaigners claim that it has become apparent that The Cove is having an impact on the way in which Japanese fisherman normally conduct the dolphin hunt, [25] on March 23, , the Japanese government stated "The dolphin hunting is a part of traditional fishery of this country and it has been lawfully carried out.

    Upon the film winning the Oscar, the town mayor of Taiji and the chief of Taiji Fishery Union said "The hunt is performed legally and properly with the permission of Wakayama Prefecture [local government].

    Since the release of the film, a much larger number of activists, mainly non-Japanese, have visited Taiji to protest or film the dolphin hunts. The Taiji fishermen responded by constructing an elaborate structure of tarps to better conceal the drive-hunting activities in and around the cove.

    SeaWorld spokesperson Fred Jacobs has responded by saying that, "We think we're being unfairly criticized for something we're opposed to. We do not purchase any animals from these hunts. More than 80 percent of the marine mammals in our care were born in our parks. We haven't collected a dolphin from the wild in decades. The scene in The Cove that displays a map consisting of arrows emanating from Taiji and pointing to countries with dolphinariums has been said to be misleading since the majority of those countries do not currently have dolphins of Japanese origin.

    However, there is no proof to prove, or disprove these claims. In August , after the screening of the film in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane film festivals, the councillors of the Shire of Broome, Western Australia , voted unanimously to suspend its sister city relationship with the Japanese whaling port town of Taiji, as long as the latter continues its dolphin slaughter. The film was initially screened only at two small venues in Japan: The company hoped to begin a run of the movie in Japanese cinemas in June As of June , the controversy over the film and the film's subject had received little press attention in Japanese-language media in Japan.

    Boyd Harnell of the Japan Times stated on May 23, , that Japanese news editors had told him that the topic was "too sensitive" for them to cover.

    'Not ashamed': dolphin hunters of Taiji break silence over film The Cove

    A base spokesman said that The Cove was banned because using a base venue to display the film could be seen as an endorsement of the film. The spokesman added, "We have a lot of issues with Japan A screening scheduled for June 26, at Theater N in Shibuya was canceled after staff were harassed by right-wing protesters. Unplugged stated that it was in negotiations with other theaters to screen the film. On June 9, , Tsukuru Publishing Co. The panelists included five who had signed the statement above. Afterwards, panel member Kunio Suzuki, former head of Issuikai, an Uyoku dantai rightist group, condemned the right-winger's threats against theaters and urged that the film be shown.

    In response to the cancellation of screenings of the film in Japan, Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga screened the film free on June 18, The same week, Ric O'Barry was invited to speak at several universities in Japan about the film. O'Barry stated that he was planning on bringing several Hollywood stars to Taiji in September in an attempt to halt that year's hunt. Right-wing nationalists protested outside four of the theaters, but close police supervision prevented any disruption to the viewing schedules and ensured free access for viewers to the theaters.

    The two in Tokyo and Yokohama were successful in obtaining prior court injunctions prohibiting protests outside their venues. A local Taiji activist group, called People Concerned for the Ocean, announced that they would distribute DVDs of the film, dubbed in Japanese, to all 3, residents of Taiji. The DVDs were to be distributed to the residents on March 5—6, There has been some controversy over the depiction of some of the Japanese people in the film.

    The Bleeding Edge: behind the terrifying new Netflix documentary

    Hirotaka Akamatsu , Japanese Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries , said "it is regrettable that this movie is made as a message that brutal Japanese are killing cute dolphins". I'm giving you the information your government won't give you. Close-up Gendai , an investigative journalism program on NHK , reported questions raised regarding the objectivity of the filming.

    One scene in the film was presented as having been manufactured for the camera. The segment then entered into a discussion with a commentator on whether the movie should properly be called a documentary. Chiefly the points were raised by the Taiji fishermen themselves. The local fishermen complained that the film one-sidedly depicted their angry reactions at being chased by cameras, and did not adequately explain the backdrop that they had been harassed by activists such as the Sea Shepherd and individuals attracted by the bounty offered by this organization for capturing damaging footages.

    The NHK on a different program concluded that the activists did so in order to capture angry and wild expressions by the local fishermen in the film and in photos. Louie Psihoyos, the documentary's director was interviewed by Close-up Gendai , but no response was broadcast regarding the allegedly scripted and acted scene. Elsewhere, Psihoyos has stated categorically that none of the scenes in the film were staged. In one scene, he is actually holding a sample of dolphin liver containing an anomalously high ppm level of mercury , but the film represented it as dolphin meat bought in Taiji.

    The litigation opened in Tokyo District Court on December 1, Towards the end of the film, the assistant chief of the whaling division at Japan's Fisheries Agency Hideki Moronuki is erroneously captioned as having subsequently been "fired". The error was reported by the investigative news program Close-up Gendai , and Psihoyos when confronted conceded he might have misunderstood. The film was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival. The Cove has won over 25 film awards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    The Cove Canadian free-diving world champion Mandy-Rae Cruickshank swimming with dolphins in a photograph used for the film's movie poster [1]. Today they would kill me, if they could.

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