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Ah, because he made her feel special. In bed, that is. He made her feel cherished. Yes, they communicated extremely well in bed, but out of bed? I didn't see how this relationship could work. There was just no trust there. I couldn't understand why Alyssa didn't just give up on Luc and boot him to the curb. I really had a hard time respecting her character, but luckily, Ms. Black did give me a reason to care for her, when she revealed her backstory. Then I understood her actions.

Unfortunately, I never understood Luc's actions. There was nothing in his backstory or childhood upbringing save for a medical problem that made him unusually obsessive about producing an offspring that would explain his behavior. I'm afraid I just didn't 'get' him. When he finally wised up late, late into the book I just didn't care about him anymore. Black tries to make you focus on a certain someone as the culprit, but So did this dislike for the hero ruin the book for me? I kept thinking what an awesome book this could have been if Luc wasn't such an idiot.

It did manage to entertain me, hold my interest even though there were times I was yelling at both Luc and Alyssa, and there was even a few moments that I had to wipe some tears from my eyes. How did that happen? For those interested in the love scenes? Be prepared, Luc is not a gentle lover, and at times he uses Alyssa like a two dollar hooker. But she seemed to enjoy it, so what can I say? It would have been nice if he could have changed it up a bit, but the guy and Alyssa was just so insatiable , demanding, and rough!

It was hard and fast, and then hard and fast all the time with him. This was exciting the first time or two , but after a while of reading the same sex scenes over again, I started to skim a bit. Towards the end of the book there was finally a tender love scene, which conveyed the emotions between Luc and Alyssa that I was looking for.

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It's so hard to rate a book you had high expectations for. I wanted to like Luc so much--I'm not used to disliking my heroes. I wanted to love him, but at times I could barely tolerate him. I'll have to give him credit for wising up at the end, but I'm not sure it's enough to declare this book a total winner. View all 18 comments. A couple of alternate titles for this could be: The list of people I wanted to slap in this book was a mile long.

Alyssa was a strong, smart, independent, confident woman in so many ways, but at the same time, her relentless pursuit of Luc, a man who so clearly judged and treated her like a whore, was pathetic. Oh yeah, and some creepy stalker and baby drama thrown in, too. I swear, was there anyone not stalking Alyssa in this book?!?! I Really liked this book, it was a sensual, sexy thriller that kept my interested all the way through. Luc and Alyssa had one night of HOT Steamy Sex a while back and since then either one of them could stop thinking about the other.

Luc is looking for a woman to marry. He desperately wants a child the only thing is, as a child himself he had a fever that made his sperm very low count t I Really liked this book, it was a sensual, sexy thriller that kept my interested all the way through. He desperately wants a child the only thing is, as a child himself he had a fever that made his sperm very low count to the point that the doctors say that he will not ever father a child. The book starts off with Luc coming back to Alyssa because he made a promise to her to cook for the opening of her new restaurant.

Luc is a celebrity chef and with his help the restaurant would take off with flying colors. He has no intention of getting involved with Alysaa because she is not mommy material and does not fit into his future. Alyssa has different plans. She wants Luc in the worse way and does everything she can to get him back in her bed.

She wins that round and once they get it on, it's HOT! Alyssa also has a stalker and this drives Luc crazy. Through out the book, this stalker strikes out with different things. Luc has a very bad problem with trust were Alyssa is concerned. He thinks that she is sleeping with her body guard who is obviously in love with her. The body guard is always touching and kissing her when ever Luc is around. This make's Luc even more sure that she is sleeping with him.

No matter what Alyssa say's he will not trust her so she ends up telling Luc to leave because she has already falling in love with him and he keeps breaking her heart with what he thinks about her. Luc goes back home and takes back up with the woman who he was dating. She would be the perfect mom material and plans on asking her to marry him but he just can't see himself making love with her. He can't get Alyssa out of his mind.

A few weeks go by and Alyssa shows up. He is so happy too see her. When they finally get a lone, she tells him that she is pregnant and that Luc is the father. She is willing to let him into the child's life if he wants but is willing to raise the child on her own. Luc automatically thinks it is the body guards child.

He wants to be a father and he has A lot of feelings for Alyssa so he asks her to marry him without mentioning that he believes the child is not his. Alyssa takes a few days to make her decision but she decides that she will marry him thinking one day that maybe he will fall in love with her also.

They get married and Luc still thinks she is sleeping with the body guard. This puts a lot of stress on her because at the same time the stalker is getting out of control. While Luc is away taping his new cable show across the country, the stalker strikes again tearing their bedroom apart.

She calls her body guard and he comes and takes her away. She is so tired and stressed out that she ends up falling asleep at his place and in his bed forgetting to call Luc. By this time Luc finds out that their house was broken into and that Alyssa is missing. He comes home as fast as he can and does everything he can to find her.

When he does find her he thinks that she was once again sleeping with the body guard. Man, Luc sure had problems with trusting her. No matter what she said he did not believe her. Alyssa finds out from someone that Luc can't father children and that is the last straw.

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She knows the child is his and that he thinks it is not even though he never said a word. She packs him up and ships him off yet again. While he is away annulment papers show up. She wants to end the marriage even though she loves him. He realizes that the child is not everything he wants and that Alyssa is the most important thing. He has since seen a different doctor and has been told that yes even though it would be extremely hard he could get a woman pregnant.

He now knows that the child is his, so he goes back to tell her that. He shows up at their house one night and hears her scream from out side. She has changed the locks on the house and he can't get in. He calls the body guard who then can also hear her screaming from over the phone. The body guard tells him how to get inside. Luc gets inside and of course they both end up saving the day when all is said and done. Now the big time groveling comes in once the bad guy is gone. Luc has papers written up giving her full custody of the child and allowing himself very little time with the child.

He wants her to know that she is more important to him than the child and tells her he loves her. She finally believes this and they end up staying together, sigh. I did not explain this book as good as it disserves. I'm terrible at writing reviews but if this review sounds good to you, I think you should give this book a try.

View all 5 comments. Delicious was such a treat to read! Alyssa is by far my favourite heroine in this entire series! I loved the fact that she understood her feelings for Luc from the very beginning and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She had ambitions, brains and an inner strength that I really admired. Her past is a haunting one but she still is able to Delicious was such a treat to read! Her past is a haunting one but she still is able to remain strong and run two businesses with ease. I admired her courage to stand up against her fears and her strength to hang on when things got tough for her.

Luc was also one of my favourite characters in Decadent! I was cheering for them since the beginning and while their story was a rollercoaster ride, it was a great one! In this book alone, there are three stalkers! It fits with the storyline and definitely makes it more fast-paced and end-of-your-seat good!

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I love love LOVE this series!!! This picture reminds me of Luc and Alyssa, though he's got longer hair and Alyssa is blonde. But the kitchen setting is perfect! In the second book in the series - Decadent - Alyssa platinum blonde bombshell owner of a strip club and Luc celebrity chef enjoyed a detailed sexual interlude.

It was obvious that there was something between the two. This is their story. Luc never called her back after that night. Alyssa hopes that they can hook up again and maybe start something for real. Unfortunately, Luc is looking to marry and has been dating a school teacher. There In the second book in the series - Decadent - Alyssa platinum blonde bombshell owner of a strip club and Luc celebrity chef enjoyed a detailed sexual interlude.

There is no way Luc has a future with Alyssa because she is nothing like his mom and Luc has a classic madonna-whore complex. It makes for unpleasant reading during the first half because Luc is a raging butthole who never misses an opportunity to alternately either treat her as a piece of ass or a piece of shyte. And Alyssa taking all this crap for such a long time just makes her look like a doormat. Throughout the whole entire book, Luc is jealous of Alyssa's bouncer at her strip club and thinks they are boinking but lying about it.

I thought this was utterly ridiculous. Another thing that was ridiculous was the suspense subplot. It meandered in many different directions so I won't give it away but so many people stalk Alyssa and just go batshyte crazy on her that she is in one danger after another. It becomes bad soap opera after a while. Well, at least the smut is good as long as you don't mind a lot of cervix bumping. Having said all that, this is probably still the best written novel of the series so far. View all 9 comments.

I found this book on my iPad and was a little surprised that I hadn't read it yet since I really love this whole series for the most part I figured what the heck, I'd give it go Luc was an asshole, a horrible judgmental nonredeemable in my eyes asshole. What happened to the Luc of the previous book???

This guy in noway resembled that Luc.

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This one view spoiler [ married her thinking she was pregnant with someone else's baby!! OMG I hated Luc! Even his frigging grovel behavior at the end couldn't redeem his character to me. Alyssa should have dumped his sorry excuse of an ass and got with Tyler! Even though I loathed Luc, I still found myself turning the pages to see where this would lead!

Enjoy the following gifs in honor of the asshole called Luc If I thought I'd read Erotica before this, I was sadly mistaken. Delicious tells the continuing story of Luc Traverson, a famous chef, and Alyssa Devereaux, a stripper turned business owner. In the previous book, starring Luc's cousin Deke and his now-wife Kimber, Luc makes a deal with Alyssa: Taking advantage of the deal, Alyssa partakes of six hours of fantastic sex with Luc upon Deke's dep Holy hell.

Taking advantage of the deal, Alyssa partakes of six hours of fantastic sex with Luc upon Deke's departure and makes him promise to work as chef in the kitchen of her new restaurant for its opening week. This is where the story continues in Delicious. Throughout his week there, they have mind-blowing sex, have an on-again-off-again love-hate relationship, and Alyssa acquires a stalker who makes threats against her life. After he leaves and goes back to his "normal" life where he has a "normal" girlfriend who fits his idea of having a "normal" family, Luc continues to pine for Alyssa.

Until the day she comes back into his life. And tells him that she's pregnant. He has always wanted a baby and, even though he firmly believes that the baby is not his because his doctor told him he had too low of a sperm count to have children, he jumps at the chance to marry Alyssa. Even though they are married and both realize that they love each other, they still have trouble trusting each other and adequately expressing their feelings.

One night when Luc is out of town, Alyssa comes home to find their bedroom trashed and calls Tyler, her friend, bodyguard, and the man who makes no secret of his love for her and jealousy of Luc. After frantically searching for her and calling out all his friends to help, Luc finds her at Tyler's house. In nothing but the man's t-shirt and her thong. Naturally, he freaks out, thinking she cheated on him, and after a frightening sexual experience, Alyssa finally tells Luc about how her stepbrother, Joshua, raped her when she was fifteen.

When Luc goes out of town next, he leaves his friends on a constant rotation for watching her. During one of those watches, Tyler and Hunter both get shot and the councilman attempting to close her club burns it to the ground, almost taking her with it. While in the hospital, Kimber accidentally lets slip Luc's sterility secret to Alyssa, and understandably upset, Alyssa kicks Luc out and refuses to see or talk to him.

On Thanksgiving, he receives annulment papers and drives to see her. Luckily, he arrives just in time because the stalker has broken into her house again in order to rape and murder her. In the end, Luc and Alyssa kill Joshua the stalker, if you didn't catch that. In an attempt to prove how much he really loves Alyssa, he gives her custody papers, saying she could have full custody of their baby. Finally, they totally and completely admit their feelings and decide to stay together forever and work out any future problems, living happily ever after. Okay, first thing I want to address: This has to be one of the sexiest books I've ever read.

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The sex scenes lasted whole chapters, sometimes more, and I have to say that they were definitely come of my favorite parts. Luc and Alyssa were so terrific together and I loved their passion and chemistry, inside and outside the bedroom. Damn if I didn't wish that was me he was having sex with.

Ohhhh, Luc, how I love you so I'm not even exactly sure what to say about this man. He is one of the most delicious males. Despite his jealousy and refusal to admit his true feelings for Alyssa, he was amazing. In all parts of his life, he is some part dominant, some part tender, intelligent, and so many other things.

His desire to have a baby and family, while often frustrating because it inhibited his relationship with Alyssa, was sweet and made me love him more. I loved how possessive and protective her was of Alyssa while at the same time being tender and loving. The only thing that sucks is how long he insisted that Alyssa kept lying to him and how many times he basically called her a whore. She was funny, intelligent, creative, and I loved how she did everything she could to seduce Luc back to her bed.

I felt sympathy for her when everyone, particularly Luc, treated her badly for her profession. I celebrated in her victories when she showed the people around her that she wasn't just a no-account stripper. I wanted to punch his face every single time he came into the story. Even after Alyssa told him that she loved Luc he relentlessly tried to convince her otherwise. He was so smug when Luc came to his house and found Alyssa in his bed and I was really hoping that Luc, Jack, or Hunter would hit him or something.

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So, that being said, I was very, very satisfied when Luc said that he got a punch in on the dick when Tyler prevented Luc from talking to Alyssa. I'm pretty sure I almost cried when Peter tried to rape her, which he might as well have since he put his nasty fingers inside her. Primpton was a creep and disgusting. Taking pictures of the poor girl while she's having sex with Luc?! Joshua I wanted to kill. I knew the stalker was him, even if I didn't know his name, as soon as we found out that she was raped as a kid, but once she actually told Luc about it, my suspicions were confirmed.

And it really sucks that Tyler didn't say anything about it possibly being Joshua once it all started happening. Overall, this book was utterly fantastic and deserves all five of the stars I gave it. Really, if I could give it more, I would. Now I definitely need to get my hands on the other books so I can read them, too. The only problem is that there is no point to this story. It is like a scene from a larger story. It is very erotic in its descriptions.

It hints at BDSM.

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