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It has been graced over by the death of Christ. It has been nailed to the cross of Christ, who paid its full penalty [Colossians 2: Our relationship with God is totally secure and permanent [Ephesians 2: God no longer holds our sin against us [Romans 4: Grace outlaws feelings of personal pride and superiority or inferiority in the presence of others [Ephesians 2: Grace instructs us to be compassionate and kind to each other, as God has been to us [Ephesians 4: This principle of grace and forgiveness is radically different from the basic principle of this world.

How would you describe the difference between “grace” and “forgiveness”?

The world, including its religions, operates by the principle of merit - you get what you deserve, either punishment or reward. And our own self-centred hearts have a built-in bias to relate to God and to others by that same tit-for-tat principle of merit. But the principle of grace and forgiveness challenges us, calls us, commands us, to distance ourselves from all merit-based thoughts, attitudes and actions, and to extend to others the same grace and forgiveness that God has freely given to us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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The Principle of Grace and Forgiveness. It is, at one and the same time: The two words used for forgive in the New Testament are: In terms of our relationship with God this principle of grace and forgiveness means that: Comments Grace is forgiveness without consequences. Grace is all encompassing.

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Endless Grace: A Story of Forgiveness

Donate to Keep Us Going. Connect With Us Here's where you can find us on social media. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Love makes us ready to pay for the sins of others.

As a dam blocks the flow of a river, anger blocks connection to grace. Forgiveness removes the dam of anger, restoring the flow of grace. One of the most moving and inspirational illustrations of the power of forgiveness is the story Jesus' life and death. For some people, the most painful part of this story was not the crucifixion, but that his friends and devoted disciples abandoned him, leaving him to suffer alone.

Forgiveness and Grace

Even, Peter, his best friend and his "Rock" denied him three times. Although they abandoned him, Jesus forgave them, "Forgive them for they know not what they do. He realized that each person is shaped and fashioned by their upbringing and their history.

Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness
Grace & Forgiveness Grace & Forgiveness

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