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You don't have to have an amazing camera to do a good job of this, but do make use of the macro mode if you have one and use autofocus, both of which will work wonders for up close shots. Natural daylight is always the best option for offering the clearest pics possible, but a little extra lighting for example, using your desk lamp can also make a big difference if you don't have much natural daylight where you are. Also remember that 12 photos can be uploaded to your account for free at one time!

Therefore, if you're going for the maximum 10 day auction which is always the best option as this increases the chances of getting more bids , list it on a Thursday evening for maximum exposure to potential buyers. As mentioned previously, if you're selling a themed or seasonal product — think about when the right time would be to put it online. For example, the start of October would be the perfect time to start listing any fancy dress items you have as people start searching for their Halloween party outfits online.

John Fischer — Flickr. It's crucial that you take your time over this, as a good description can really make or break a deal. There's also an added layer of security so people can't scam you for your product. Remember the job ain't done when the sale is made! No relaxing just yet! Once your sale has gone through wahey! Make sure you also dispatch the item as promptly as possible and beware of being too ambitious with your 'handling time' declaration.

It's how the eBay world works after all, and as the saying goes — what goes around, comes around y'all!

💻 💰4 Best Items To Sell On Ebay To Make Big Profits

Always get proof of postage! Send every item you sell by recorded delivery or at least get proof of postage. Hopefully you're now be equipped with all of the super skills you'll need to be a pro eBayer. Be sure to let us know how you get on, and if you think we've missed any tips — give us a heads up in the comments section below. We've got a guide crammed full of tips on how to make money from your wardrobe. For more ideas on how to start raking in the cash, head over to our make money quickly guide!

Like most sites, we use cookies to optimise your experience and serve personalised content. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Make Money 10 vital selling tips for eBay success. Selling on Ebay Making Money Online. Create an eBay account. If you don't already have one, you'll need to go online and create an account on eBay.

The account is free and allows you to operate as a seller or a buyer. Once you have an account, you can log in to My eBay and track your auctions, view bids and send and receive emails.

Put some thought into the name you choose for your eBay user ID. This is how you'll be known in the eBay community. Pick something that's memorable but not weird, inoffensive and positive. When you sell on eBay, you can operate under the standard fee arrangement or choose to become a subscriber. Among the differences are the number of free listing you get per month and the add-on fees you'll pay. As someone who's new to selling on eBay, you'll probably want to operate under the standard fee agreement.

There are three paid subscription accounts available on eBay. Open a PayPal Account. PayPal allows your buyers to use a credit card or a checking account to pay for the items they buy from you. It also allows you to sell internationally. Buyers initiate the payment transaction with PayPal, and PayPal, in turn, transfers the money to your account.

It's not required that you have a PayPal account in order to sell on eBay, but it can be difficult to succeed without one. Decide what to sell. It's best to start by selling things that you already have around your home.

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Go room by room and look for things you no longer need or wear or perhaps have never even used. Ebay offers an online tool called "Selling Inspiration House. It's also a good idea to look around on eBay to see what other people are selling and at what price. Check to see how many "bids" an item has to try to gauge its popularity. Sell what you know. Not only will you need to write a detailed description of your item, but potential buyers may contact you with questions.

It can be difficult to thoroughly explain the benefits of a product and answer detailed inquiries if you're not all that familiar with the item yourself. Determine what sells well and look for more of it. Local garage or estate sales can be a good way to buy things inexpensively that might sell for more on eBay. While your ultimate goal may be to become an eBay Power Seller, you want to take things one step at a time.

10 vital selling tips for eBay success

Starting with just a few items to sell gives you the chance to learn the ropes and establish yourself as a reputable seller. Like any new enterprise, selling on eBay may present you with some unexpected challenges, and you're bound to make a few mistakes--everybody does. Begin by selling just a few items so you can familiarize yourself with the responsibilities that come with being a seller.

To become a truly successful seller, you need to have lots of positive feedback. When you're first starting out, you won't have any. Build your business slowly and give great customer service so that you can earn positive feedback.

That way, you'll earn the trust of buyers, who will be more likely to do business with you once they see you're an established and honest seller. Choose how you want to sell. Consider how quickly you want to sell your item, whether or not you'd be willing to let it go at lower price than you'd hoped for and how much effort you want to put into the whole selling process. If you list your item auction-style, you establish an opening bid and then allow a set number of days for buyers to submit their own bids for your item.

Whatever the highest bid is at the end of the auction period, that is the final selling price of your item. The hope, of course, is that interest will be high and the price will rise over the auction period so that you come out a winner. You can set an auction to last 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Sellers with a feedback rating of 10, will also be given the option of a 1-day auction.

Many buyers watch items for a while and think about them before placing a bid, so a longer auction could be to your advantage. While it may bring a bit of unwanted drama to your life, using the traditional auction method could pay off. If you want to ensure that an item you list for auction doesn't go for a price you can't live with, you can set a Reserve on the item. A Reserve is the minimum bid you must receive in order to sell your item.

Top 10 tips for working eBay like a pro

If you set a Reserve, be aware that interested buyers may be in touch to find out your Reserve amount, so you may be spending some additional time answering questions. The BIN feature lets you set the price you want for an item right from the get-go. Buyers who look at your listing will immediately know the price, and they can purchase straight out. BIN gives you the opportunity to perhaps sell your item quickly for the price you want and be done with it or move on to your next listing. You can add a BIN option to an item you have listed for auction. That way, interested buyers can submit to you a price they'd be willing to pay for your item.

You do not have to accept any Best Offer bids that come in unless you want to. You can hold out to see if anyone will purchase your item at the BIN price. Decide on your price. The best way to price an item is to see what similar items have sold for on eBay.

Log in to your eBay account and choose "Advanced Search" and check the box marked "Completed Listings" to see what items have sold for across multiple categories. Look at how the items were sold auction, BIN, Best Offer or Reserve and pay particular attention to those that used the selling method you've decided to use for your own item. It's important to look for items that are similar to yours in as many ways as possible. That means condition, age, color and a variety of variables should be taken into account when comparing your item to those that have recently sold.

You can see information about items that have sold within the last 90 days and for items that didn't sell within the last 30 days. When determining how much to charge for your item, use an eBay profit calculator. It's important to do this so that you will factor in all the costs involved such as fees, shipping, packaging, cost of the item. An item may sell at a loss if calculations are not completed prior to setting a price.

It won't be enough to simply talk about your item, you have to show buyers what you're offering. In fact, as of July 31, eBay requires at least one photo for each listing. Cleaning out your closets, kitchen cabinets, attics and garages can uncover stuff that someone else thinks is amazing and is willing to pay for. Another factor to consider is the availability of particular products in your area of the country.

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  • Allow that to serve you well. You might live in an area of the country where clothes are manufactured or distributed, thereby making those types of items plentiful throughout thrift shops and the like. College towns likewise will offer items that are commonplace there but will be coveted by buyers without that access.

    Take advantage of what is around you if there is a market for what you have readily available. For example, if you want to sell used tennis racquets, then you may have to get them from places such as Craigslist or apps such as Letgo, 5miles, etc. For my one of my dropshipping businesses I sell futons, and I have partnered with a few dropship-friendly manufacturers.

    I set up an LLC business just for that. Dropshipping and buying wholesale are a great way to get products to sell, but there is a lot more involved than reselling used goods. More manufacturers than you would think are willing to work with small companies that dropship their products. Not all brands are created equal, and it might surprise you that not all widely known brands sell for the most profit.

    There are recognizable brands of clothing that do sell consistently, but not for the kind of money you would expect. Also, cycles come and go where hot items become so saturated on the selling platforms that they no longer bring top dollar. As you move through this adventure, you will begin to learn what consistently sells for you.

    4 Ways to Make Money on eBay - wikiHow

    When something sells fast for me, I will look for that item again and again. It is important to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Seems a bit daunting when you have piles of items to process. Although a gung-ho attitude is fine, I would suggest you moderate your impulse to go out and source above your capacity to follow through to completion to avoid early burn-out. With social media today, it is easy to connect with other eBay sellers in your community or even in an online community who will lift you up and who you might be able to network with by exchanging ideas and expertise.

    Beware of social media drama, however. Wasting time listening to negativism, complaints, conspiracy theories and getting sucked into a victim mentality is to be avoided. Gather the necessary supplies to aid you with your listings. To create great listings, you will need some or all of the following supplies:. Another must-have item if you plan to grow your business is a scale to weigh your packages so that you can charge the correct shipping fee.

    If you are not planning to go full throttle, you will have to be content with paying full post office prices and having them weighed. Of course, you will need to pace yourself and create a schedule that is feasible to avoid burn-out or paralysis. If you have lost your job or if you have just retired from a job it is especially important to set up a schedule. It is easy to fall into bad habits without structure. When you are not in the workforce any longer for whatever reason, it is not uncommon to fall into a stagnant or even depressed state, even when the day job stressors are eliminated, or maybe because the stressors are gone.

    This newfound time may cause an empty void —— one that must be filled with new goals, and, of course, a workable routine. What makes sense for one eBayer may not work for you. What type of business model you want to have is an individual decision. You will grow your business to the scale for which you set your sights —— but be patient, as it takes time.

    Sourcing, listing, shipping, customer service and keeping up with inventory have their own challenges. I enjoy spending a couple of hours a week just researching recently sold brands, then doing further research on a category or one or more brands that I am curious about.

    Here is how I do it:. If you delight in learning, researching and treasure hunting, you can grow big and thrive in the eBay world. A successful eBay seller is a seller whose interests can be integrated into their business. From experience, I can say I get super excited about shipping items out to buyers when it is an item that I have a fondness for, and there is nothing more boring to me than shipping out items that I know nothing about and have no interest in.

    I know, I know —— it can also be exhilarating when an item sells for a heap of money —— even one you would never buy for yourself. However, it is important to note that shopping for, listing and shipping things that are thrilling and interesting to you has its own rewards. On the other hand, to grow as an eBay seller, you must be willing to stretch outside your area of expertise, expand your knowledge, hone your skills and be motivated to prosper!

    With an insatiable desire for knowledge and determination to succeed, she devoured as much information from as many sources available to her to implement her plan to grow a successful eBay store. It became apparent that more in-depth research would be a valuable asset, so she along with her son, Kent Hamilton, put their heads together and developed an eBay tool, ProductGenie to aid in her quest to find the best selling products along with the most sought after brands as well as useful statistics that would give her a competitive edge selling on eBay.

    She enjoys the freedom afforded her by a thriving eBay business which allows her more time with her husband, 3 sons, and 10 grandchildren. How Modern Consumers Shop Across Channels Consumers shop on their own time, in their preferred channels and compare across stores and prices.

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    How To Make Money From EBay How To Make Money From EBay
    How To Make Money From EBay How To Make Money From EBay
    How To Make Money From EBay How To Make Money From EBay
    How To Make Money From EBay How To Make Money From EBay
    How To Make Money From EBay How To Make Money From EBay
    How To Make Money From EBay How To Make Money From EBay

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