Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition)

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To do this I spend many hours going over Curriculum Vitae's and doing citation analysis for them and their departments. It isn't as much fun as working with the students in the Teacher Ed program but it isn't as exhausting either. Thanks for the explanations, Benita. That's a quite different library from the one I work in. We have basically economics and sociological subjects, and the Swiss Economic Archives.

So we are a mixture of library and archive. We do also have material which is used in the department's curricula. But that's a very small part. I thought this title looked familiar. I'm waiting for it in English translation from the library. Though, the covers show different aspects of the plot: The German cover shows two members of the family sitting at a red empty table in front of a bleak red wall. I just read this one as well and came to your thread to see how you liked it. I really liked the slow reveal of the family's dysfunction.

Hej Kerry, it really starts off as a normal family meal preparation, everything OK. But the end seems almost like trying to get back to some normality - life must go on, almost as usual. A devotional book with a daily spiritual input. I got that as a Christmas present in from my wife. When I was away and couldn't read the message for the day, I read on the next day. That's I 'my' year is just over now. Very good daily messages. Wishing you a most lovely weekend, Paul. Thank you, Diana and Barbara for the good wishes. A delightful detective story for teenagers. Ah, another great Ecke.

I really enjoyed their readings when I was a teeny. I've seen that paperback laying around and took it home. I like his books okay, not as much as liked it when I was younger. Jan 15, , The author compares drinking coffee with our lives: We like different kind of coffees black, espresso, cappuccino, decaffeinated, sweetened So, we accept each others tastes so we also should accept each others temperaments. We filter the coffee and take only the best out of it - so it should be with spiritual things: And there are a lot of anecdotes and quotes about coffee and community.

Kriminalroman by Jacques Berndorf. The Eifel is a rural, quiet part of Germany. Nothing ever happens there and then a money transport disappears - the drivers were not hurt, only bound on a tree, hanging in potato sacks - 18 Million D-Marks are missing. The journalist Siggi Baumeister starts to ask around, the Bundeskriminalamt is clueless and thinks about international terrorists, internation organized crime Ah, you hit me with a BB. My library has got several books of this serie.

Have you read some more? I also read Der Kurier which I didn't like much. How old are dinosaurs? The author shows that the facts do not support the evolutionary theory. There is too much guessing and believing. To take a certain fossil in sediments and then define this as 'index fossil' and somehow give that fossil a certain age is very superficial. Once the Quastenflosser coelacanth was an index fossil in sediments believed to be 60 Million years old - then such fishes were found alive in different parts of the world. So how old can such a sediment then be? All over the world we have reports about a total earth covering flood.

The Bible reports that over a year the whole earth was covered with water - so any calculation with half-life of elements is useless for measuring anything before the flood. Using this method one needs to believe that the atmosphere and other things were always the same since the beginning - a strong faith. See you are off to a flyer reading wise this year Paul and long may it continue as we both have pretty weighty TBR mountains to reduce. Have a great last part of your Sunday evening.

Hej Paul, pleased to see you in these parts of the world. I had some time reading last week and I did my best to reduce my TBR mountains, as you rightly observed. So, now I've got other things to do and my reading time is used for other things. I wish you a good use of your time. Some diamonds were stolen.

Paul S' attempt to read at least 75 books and acquire less books in 2016

Then Perry gets a mysterious inheritance: With that cube Perry starts his true career as a detective in London. The first Perry Clifton detective story. A bit much of tomfoolery, but a nice story for teenagers well, when I was a teenager, I guess. A children's book with 11 stories about different animals: The first one tells the story of Sowieso Anyway , a chameleon, who wants to please all the birds in its tree and so changes its color whenever a group of birds appear Good, little stories for telling the kids.

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Written in Swiss German. They experience some adventures and free the dragon in the Beatenberg cave. Jan 13, , 4: Luke's Gospel in Bernese German - a challenge to read at the beginning but after some time it goes quite good. Sintemal sich's viele unterwunden haben, Bericht zu geben von den Geschichten, so unter uns ergangen sind. Lk 2,14 the angels to the shepherds: Lk 23,46 Jesus on the cross: Und als er das gesagt, verschied er. Have a lovely weekend! Josef, a 7-year-old child, is taken to friends by his parents.

The Nazis are looking for Jews in Belgium and so Josef's parents want to bring him to a safe place. He ends up - with many other children - in the orphanage of Father Bims Pons in French.

Synonyms and antonyms of Schneemann in the German dictionary of synonyms

The Catholic is very interested into Jewish theology and life and teaches Josef Hebrew and Jewish feasts. He has a collection of Jewish artifacts and thinks of himself as Noah who collected all the animals unto the Arc for safety. And so Josef becomes Noah's son A good story about being Jewish and Catholic in a time of turmoil. Respect of each other and the love to the word of God. Paul, I've been very much enjoying your reviews of your reading. If my German were better, I think I'd already have some books added to my wishlist -- and I may end up inspired to brush up on my German and add them.

I read that one just a month or so ago and also found it "a good old mystery". Love the photos of Basel! Paul, I wish you a relaxed weekend. Hej Harry, thanks for coming by. Some of the books are translated into English, but not the young adult ones. Yes, Jennifer, it was a good read. I am pleased that you enjoyed the pix. Today we became members of the Freie evangelische Gemeinde Riehen. And we sit inside and look out of the window, enjoying the falling snow. But the snow doesn't stay, it's too warm.

Jan 18, , 3: I read books last year and added books to my collection. The physically oldest book I read was printed in The influence of Bible Societies on the temporal necessities of the poor by Thomas Chalmers. I read three books printed in the 19th Century. The newest books were all from Fiction Bruno, Chef de police: Roman by Martin Walker Der Eindringling: Die gespiegelte Pilgerreise by C. Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen by Urs Widmer Rust: I better start with the add-ons before there are too many: Der Ruf der Zeit. Gehe weg von hinnen und wende dich gegen Morgen und verbirg dich am Bach Krith, der gegen den Jordan fliesst" 1.

A collection of 7 Father Brown-mysteries. A snob is murdered with the smallest hammer of a smith - but should the smith take the smallest of his hammers, as such a huge and strong man? Father Brown comes along and solves the mystery Der Mann in der Passage: Two men meet an actress at the theater, one brings a bunch of flowers, the other an antique knife with a short blade. The actress then is murdered with a short blade A foster-child should inherit a huge fortune but the three sons of the men challenged the will. They inherited everything and the cheated one vows to kill them. Two brothers were already killed and the man asks for police protection now.

They send Father Brown. Good stories, sometimes with strange combinations and conclusions. It is good to know that it is a favorite of yours so when I get around to reading it, I will know it is not a waste of my time. The reviews of it were very good but it is nice to know that somebody I know thought it was a good book. Hej Benita, I like Bruno as a character and also the way Walker writes.

I think it is worthwhile reading that book. Nice to see some normality over here Paul with the book add-ons continuing a pace. Thank you Diana, Barbara, and Paul. It was a very busy weekend. My wife planned to visit her mother sometime next month but then we got news that her health is deteriorating rapidly, so Suki flew over last Saturday.

Before that she had to go to the hospital for more checks - the resultas are not good but we didn't have time to look at them yet.

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  • DIAL LOVE: Divine Intelligence Almighty Love, Light Omnipresent Vibrational Energy: God’s Planetary Guide for Attaining Happiness through Spiritual Fulfillment.
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  • The Prophesy Rhymes of Tal Kator.
  • Francis of Assisi: Performing the Gospel of Life.
  • Then on Thursday friends of us from Korea informed us that they arrive in Lausanne on the lake of Geneva on Saturday and stay there for a week only. So I went alone to Lausanne on Sunday two-and-a -half hours by train one way. When we entered tha cathedral we realised that they were having a concert just then. The wife of our friend was so pleased that she wanted to stay - so we listened to a choir of a singers, two solists and the organ, they performed Giacomo Puccini's Missa di Gloria.

    That was a great experience. After leaving the church we saw an awesome sunset over Lake Geneva - they warmly thanked me for the perfect planning of the day: Jan 25, , 2: Later his father was killed in his presence. He worked for a newspaper - mixed messages. He meets a strange person who invites him to write a book for him - money should be no problem. But he gets into other problems. This time I didn't get warm with it. It's written in lively style, but two many characters and too many lengthy parts. Hi Paul, I'm so sorry to hear that Suki's mother is in a bad state and it doesn't make it easy that Suki's result aren't good.

    I keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you could enjoy a lovely concert. Lausanne is a wonderful town. Tam is the son of the Maire of Basel in His father despises him for his weakness - he should be strong knight and not a dreamer. And Tam is in love with Saphira, a Jewish girl in a feather shop.

    An impossible situation for the two at that time. Saphira is then is seduced by Tam's best friend and gets pregnant. Since all the knights and even the bishop of Basel are hugely indebted to the Jews, they seek a solution and start rumours against the Jews poisoning the wells in the city and others. So the poor citizens and some knights start rioting. The Maire then decides to burn all Jews and ban them from Basel for the next years A story of love and adventure against the backgroup of serious uplifting and turmoil in the Middle Ages.

    Most facts concerning the Jews and the earthquake really happened. A sorrowful time for Basel. History coming alive in a good story. Sorry to hear about the family health problems. Hope that your wife had a safe journey to see her mother. Your cathedral concert sounds wonderful.

    I'm sorry to hear of the health issues that your wife and her mother are facing. Hoping for comfort and healing. Suki arrived safely in Korea - one-and-a-half hour late because of bad weather in Seoul - the Asian 'Snowzilla'. The concertr in Lausanne was really a unexpected, very good experience - it was a benefit concert for the 'Offered Hand' or Helping Hand , the Swiss phone number which one can call when in trouble.

    Thank you, Harry, for your good wishes. Now, all her daughters arrived from all over the world. They are having some good time together, singing old songs, sharing old memories, crying, My mother-in-law looks very fragile on the phone. Jan 26, , Concerts of a serendipitous nature are always wonderful and remembered for a long long time. I am glad that you had the opportunity to attend and had a wonderful day.

    I see that you read Angels Game. I liked the novel and wasn't as hard on its imperfections as you. I have the third novel in the series on my shelves and will try to read it this year. I understand that Zafon is going to do four books about Barcelona that feature the characters from Shadow of the Wind. I'll read them just so I can try to understand what he is trying to do with these works of fiction. Great, I am very relieved to hear that.

    I hope you like the books. I first checked your wishlist and then I checked LT's feature about Comparing books. Roman by Georges Simenon. A young girl is found dead on the pavement near Montmartre in Paris. She wears a borrowed evening dress and was apparently very shy and inconspicuous. Inspector Maigret arrives at the scene after a long night of interrogation and is very much taken in about the personality of this young girl.

    A police procedure mystery with a lot of time - no special effects, but a sensitive detective doing his job. Roman by Alejo Carpentier. A revolutionary, a traitor is chased through Havanna, Cuba, and cornered in a concert hall, where they played Beethoven's 3rd. Carpentier is a musicologist. The story is not easy to read, interwoven are different people: A melancholic somehow fast, in a staccato, but then also more in the mood of a march or dirge.

    Interesting to read a Cuban novel but sometimes I felt a bit lost in his style. Jan 28, , 3: Elfenfluch by Nancy Farmer. Kann mir bitte irgendwer sagen, was das ist? King - As homecomings go, it was not auspicious. Roman by Bapsi Sidhwa - Meine Welt ist begrenzt.

    Feb 2, , 5: A Canadian architect looks at good playgrounds for our children. Adventure Playgrounds were started in in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they provided different parts on a empty space: And a competent leader needs to be on the place. The idea spread slowly to the USA and Canada. Now she is urging the city planners to plan such playgrounds today. I guess the idea of an 'Adventure Playground' was born everytime some kids came together and did something together with things they found laying around.

    Today the idea of children playing changed quite a lot. So our 'Robinson Playgrounds' as we call them here are not so well used anymore. But it's still a good place for children in the cities. Jan 29, , 9: Rust wrote several prayers and answers along the 'promises' of the Promise Keepers. All good basics for me being a Christian man. She meets another woman with a young child, Paul, and together they are given some land from the governor. Then Virginie is born and they live happily together until one day a letter from France arrives A nice little story about immigration and coming of age in Mauritius.

    A fun fantasy story for kids. A year-old teacher loses his job and moves into a smaller apartment. In the first night, he is knocked on the head by a burglar and wakes up in the hospital. His memory about the incident is totally gone. Then his ex-wife tries to help him, his youngest daughter moves in because she can't along with ther mother. I'm a big Maigret fan. Penguin are just reissuing Simenon in new English translations, so I am enjoying those a great deal although if I see a cheap green penguin Maigret I struggle to resist it!

    The first volume of this well-known children's books about the Lion who escaped from the zoo in Irgendwo Somewhere. He was lonely and homesick and there fore was looking for a way home. The people of the city were all afraid. Then Pips, a girl from town, found Lion in a pit where both fell into and she helped Lion because he had a thorn in his paw I loved the https: I love the cover illustration!

    Feb 2, , 6: Friedhelm finds a valuable piece of amber, made by the old Vikings, on the shore. Before they can bring the artifact to the local museum the piece is stolen Jan and his friends are invited to visit their uncle in Ulvsborg, Jutland today there they celebrate a knight's festival http: Then a film crew of a never-heard-of-before-company starts making a smuggler's film.

    But Jan and his friends soon find out that the filming is just a pretext Feb 3, , 5: Luke is the engine driver on Lummerland, a small island in the ocean. There is also a king, a subject, and a shopkeeper, yes, and the engine Emma. One day they receive a parcel addressed to xuMMRlANT, written in an almost illegible hand, on the back a '13' as sender. When they open it they find a black baby in it.

    They all love him, givbe him the name Jim, and are quite angry at the people who put a such little baby into a box and send it overseas. But later the king starts to worry about the space on his island: When Jim grows into a full citizen, the island was too small for everybody, so he asks Luke to get rid of Emma.

    But Luke doesn't want to abandon Emma and makes a plan to sail away with her. Jim wants to accompany his friend. So they leave Lummerland and sail to China A witty, fantasy story of my childhood. Just trying to catch up with all the threads. There are some great readings, Paul. I know most of the children books. Hej Barbara, it's fun to read these old classics again.

    It's a good change to other literature.

    Ebookers Free Download Ankommen Eine Wintergeschichte German Edition By Finlay Weber Djvu

    Kinsey Millhone, a private investigator, moves into her newly renovated apartment. And she gets a new assignment: Look for an elderly woman in a trailer somewhere in the Californian desert. At the same time she gets a hint that someone wants her dead and set up a few bucks for doing her in. She gets shot in the tyre when driving to the trailer and so hires a personal gumshoe, Robert Dietz, to protect her, and she goes on solving the mystery of the old woman A good mystery with a lot of abnormal people - and some words I had to check.

    Feb 8, , 3: Another book for young adults, this time girl-talk. Tanja is in a boarding school, somewhere in Germany, the Eulenburg castle of the owls. Two thirds of the pupils are girls, so it's natural that the girls are looking forward to the arrival of a new boy: Tanja is also working with others on a project: They find an old edition of Oliver Twist with strange numbers in certain pages. Tanja solves the riddle and discovers an old message written in the book by an unhappy Miss Constanze who planned to run away with a dubious cavalry captain, but the run ended deadly A lot of gossip about boys and their shortcomings but also interesting tales about an old castle in Germany.

    A cultural history of wine in the Swiss canton of the Grisons.

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    • Translation of «Schneemann» into 25 languages.
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    • Meaning of "Schneemann" in the German dictionary;
    • In some of the valleys North of the Alps there were growing white vines, the Romans brought the red grapes Pinot noir to the Southern valleys which belong to Italy nowadays. But the transport of wine overt the Alps becomes more and more important. Wine is a means of payment, part of the pay, daily beverage for most people in the three parts of the confederation during the Middle Ages.

      Then the climate became cooler in the Alpine valleys, so the Northern vineyards became smaller and smaller. Only since the s the wine production increases again. Once a German tourists wonders about the mountains he sees travelling over the Bernina to Italy, and asks the conductor: Then another passenger gets in and says: The next part of girl talk. Tanja's parents have a business trip over Christmas so she has to stay in the boarding school.

      It becomes more and more wintery, a lot of snow. And there are sightings of poachers - or are the rumours true that some criminals are waiting for a chance to kidnap a rich parent's kid? And Tanja's love goes home to his family and she feels totally abandoned Kriminalroman by Agatha Christie. But then the train is stopped somewhere in Yugoslavia and a man is found murdered with 12 stabs A classic deployment of Hercule's gray cells.

      Hi Paul, I thought I'd stop by to star your thread and wish you a happy belated new year. I've recently joined the 75'ers again and I'm still tangled up in all those threads. I'm sorry to hear about your wife's and mother-in-law's health-issues. My thought are with you. You read some interesting books, lately. Hej Monica, I am very pleased to hear from you again. Thanks for visiting my thread. I have no idea why they changed the title on Christie's mystery: Der rote Kimono is showing up in the train in order to distract Hercule Poirot, maybe the German publisher wanted to stress that point.

      My mother-in-law had a undetected pneumonia and had to go to the hospital, there they took 1. She is still in hospital and Suki and her siblings are celebrating Chinese New Year in hospital now. The mother is too weak to come home. I know pneumonia has been rough this year here as well. I hope your mother-in-law recovers soon. Feb 10, , 4: Suki and another sister are also suffering from a cold. I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and that your wife has a cold, but I think it is good that they were able to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

      It's good that the family is united, although I presume you miss your wife now. Suki is planning to come home next week. I hope that they will bring the transfer of her mother to a new home to a good end. Mar 3, , 4: The 3-volume-work by Wackernagel is the main work on the history of Basel, published So we scanned this work now into wikisource and I helped proofreading volume three, this we finished now.

      Volume 3 treats the area of humanism and reformation. It shows the formation of a new belief and therefore a new church structure, the difficult diplomatic acting of the city rulers the guilds , the closer attachment to the Swiss cantons, and the first ideas of democratic government. The 2nd part of this fairy tale.

      SCHNEEMANN - Definition and synonyms of Schneemann in the German dictionary

      At midnight the post ship bumps into the little island of Lummerland. So the king Alfons decides that there must be something done about it. Jim Knopf has the idea of bringing Mr. Tur Tur to the island, because he is a 'Believe Giant', a giant who only looks a giant from a great distance.


      On gthe way they repair the Marine Luminescence and invent the pertuum mobile which makes Emma fly Feb 10, , 1: The publisher also changed the illustrator of the books. Tur Tur, the believe giant - Mrs Mahlzahn. Feb 12, , 4: Roman by Caryl Phillips - England. Das Schiff war segelfertig. Beautiful illustrations, especially like the older ones on the left.

      Roughly how long did it take to get everything into Google for the Basel history? Is it something your library does a lot of sorry if you have said this before. Feb 12, , 5: Roman by Nora Roberts - Er wollte nicht hier sein.

      Ankunft #24: "Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte" - Creepypasta German [Creepypasta Adventskalender]

      Roman by Anne Cuneo - Es war wieder kalt geworden. Hej Charlotte, I like the older illustrations more than the new ones - maybe a nostalgic feeling because I remember from childhood Last year, somebody from the University of Basel scanned the whole work of Wackernagel's history. Then someone else transcribed the text from Fraktur to a modern script. A Wikipedian then put that into Wikisource and then three different people from our library were proofreading the text since beginning of December I did the difficult part for the time of the Reformation and some last check reading for the appendix.

      So someone has still to do the last reading for some parts of volume three. I will start with volume 1 next week I guess. We started projects like that three years ago. Feb 12, , Das Bettelweib von Locarno. Ei, wie es dir steht! Auf der iberischen Halbinsel, die auf drei Seiten vom Meer, auf der vierten von Bergen abgeschlossen ist, dauerte es fort. Roman by Scarlett Thomas - Sie haben jetzt die Wahl. Gott selber ist mein Ziel. Ich bin der mit dem Drachen-T-Shirt. Roman by Bernhard Schlink - Georg fuhr nach Hause.

      Roman by Colin Forbes - Nachdem der Mord geschehen war, nahm man an, dass Charles Warner - der doch immer so wachsam gewesen war - seine Unachtsamkeit der herrlichen Stimmung jenes Tages zu verdanken gehabt hatte. It was a fabulous time. I played the role of Frau W. Sorry to hear about your MIL bad condition. I hope Suki's cold isn't too worse. Hope your Mother in Law is on the mend. My mum has had pneumonia more times than I care to remember and the recovery process is a long and winding road. Then, you know the Jim Knopf stories well. They are really a highlight in Children's literature.

      Suki is not coming this week - finding a good home for her mother is much more complicated than anticipated. Hej Paul, too many books actually. There are some titles which I really want to read. I should stay home reading and not walking around listening to the pleas of the abandoned books to give them a home: My mother in law is feeling better now, but she can't come back home to her daughter's for sure. Will you get up early tomorrow? I wish you a wonderful Morgestraich, Paul. No, I will not go to the Morgestraich - it rains and alone doesn't make it any fun.

      A small village at the coast of Guatemala. A big American company is making money with the local bananas. But they just exploit the farmers and the land. DerWinter hat nun begonnen, auch Schnee wird bald ankommen. Die Kinder warten auf viel Schnee, denn dann beginnt die Rodelzeit, Juchhe! Thomas Arndt, Ursula Urmelchen, Ja, da stand ernun, der Schneemann , doch noch hatteer kein Gesicht. Die Mandel wurde zu einerfrechen Stupsnase. Friedl Dobler leitet seit vielen Jahren sehr Der Schneemann im Museum: Das Besondere an ihm ist: Engel begleiteten den Schneemann.

      Den ganzen Freitag Im Januar kehrte die zauberhafte Geschichte um den kleinen James und seinen Salzburg feiert Performancekunst und Carolee Schneemann war eine Pionierin der Performance und der feministischen Konzeptkunst. German words that begin with s. German words that begin with sc.

      Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition) Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition)
      Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition) Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition)
      Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition) Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition)
      Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition) Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition)
      Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition) Ankommen. Eine Wintergeschichte (German Edition)

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