Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)

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Dissection of a perfect kiss.

I know I haven't been working on my Big Bang Theory posts but I had been so busy with the book that is hard to find time to comment and recap. But this milestone is too amazing not to write about. It took me totally for surprise. And of course Raj and sometimes Stuart lack of love life gets showcased. Whatever was left was usually a mix of Am. My favorite show is back! We started with a bang as usual. Sheldon over active imagination making him dream Leonard getting eaten by a Kraken. I always liked the way the show introduces special effects. Subtlety and enhancing a funny concept and this first episode delivered the visuals as usual.

I expected a predictable beginning of the season with Leonard pining away for Penny in the cold waters of the Arctic wishing he was back in sunny Southern California. I wrote a book! I'm sorry for leaving the blog alone for so long but I was finishing up the last details of my book and I finally finished it! Here is the blurb: College sophomore Gabrielle Bridge is falling for the wrong guy. One would think a physics student would be smarter than that. In her defense though, he was wearing the most surprising disguise.

We meet our geek girl whil. My baby came with the Endeavor. I was due in October 15 My dad's birthday! In her four pregnancies sometimes she didn't felt the labor pains until the last minute. I had my clothes packed and ready with me in every hospital visit from week thirty three just to make sure. I wanted a natural birth and I even told my husband I was going to try and go without painkillers. He of course stared at me like I was insane and repeated what he told me many. The Bon Voyage Reaction.

This was a marvelous ending for this season. Penny and Leonard said their good byes and "I love you" like the most normal couple in the world. A delight to watch. I liked how they did mentioned again the M word and we again had Penny being the one in control. I think the distance will be revealing like last time and we are going to have a new development. I do wonder if Shamy is stalling them. I mean Leonard moving in or marr. Super-Franchise Launched I liked it. I didn't loved it but it was good and I will watch it again.

Here is my review, spoilers included. This was the action movie we had been waiting for since Donner movies. He used his powers well and the punches, flips, flying scenes were exciting and done in a creative way nothing you had seen before. They also effectively conveyed the threats that could actually kill Superman and how great were the feats he c.

Where I bitch about Ang Lee's Hulk movie. Given that Lee's wining for The Life of Pi has motivated some people, to re-evaluate this movie as not as bad as everyone seem to make it. I want to say is not only bad, is very wrong. White Labs were in the edge of bankruptcy. Queen White took over her late husband lifework and used all of White Labs resources to find the fountain of youth testing the genes of different plants and animals.

But this was not a scientific endeavor to help the world but a personal obsession to her: Her stepdaughter, encouraged to protect her father's memory, completed her education as geneticist and managed to get a sm. The Love Spell Potential. Shamy and Racy got closer in this episode. So Sheldon is not a virgin anymore. I know, sounds I'm reaching, but read my reasoning. Sheldon has demonstrated countless of times that 'imaginary experiences' are vivid and real to an extreme for him.

In fact maybe the reason he has such a hard time connecting with people in the real world is because for him the real world is so intense than the interaction overwhelm him in an unpleasant way. To expand upon my point, in many episodes. Clearly a filler, but this show has had better fillers than this one, much better ones. Maybe I was over-hyped by the presence of Bob Newhart guest starring, but in the end the plot was predictable and not much character development happened to the rest of the cast.

In fact I think we had character regression. I mean Penny never has been this clueless. It seems they were going for heartwarming when S. Geek mom of the Month: Sorry couldn't find a decent pic of her and settled for generic Egyptian doctors, meh I wanted to do something a bit 'vintage' this month. Merit Ptah is to this date the first female named scientist in all the history of humankind. Born in ancient Egypt around BCE she was the Chief Physician, according to the inscription done by her son on a tomb in the necropolis near the step pyramid of Saqqara.

Of course this is a bit of a controversial title. In Ancient Egypt ther. Best opening opening ever in this show. I also was a fan of Heroes, when it ended. If only Smallville would had taken the hint, stupid show Anyhow I like how Amy is so hands on right away. Putting her knowledge to work to better Sheldon's life. One of the many things I share with my beloved Sheldon is a need to know how things end.

My idea of hell is an infinite library with every single book ever written in it Greek torture for all eter. This is the most famous hole in the ground I had seen! Even though the term babymoon implies sadness, over our time as only the two of us disappearing. At least until the kids leave the house to create their own lives. We personally consider it a celebration of things to come. We couldn't wait for Orion to be in our arms as he was in our minds.

This just the last time he gets to travel for free! Flagstaff, Arizona was chosen as our destination because its a strategic vacationin. Geek Mom of the Month. This month I will be honoring an amazing mother, scientist, Latina and astronaut: She is the first Hispanic female cosmonaut and sadly so far the only one. She has around 1, hours accumulated in space and she also has researched extensively optics systems to detect defects in a repeating pattern, owning three patents to date. She is currently the Director of the Johnson Space Center.

She was born on May 10, in Los Angeles and we almost lost her to h. I liked this episode although the jokes about Sheldon being blind to politically correctness regarding to race are a bit old at this point. I have to give credit to Amy for incorporating her social skills to their relationship dynamic and to Sheldon to be 'humble' enough to accept.

What could be wrong? Choices by MadameMayI reviews Bella had to make a choice. Her unborn baby or her soul mate But we can't have a baby right now. My heart was broken. What if she was sent away for protection? Isabella Swan is leaving the life she knew to face her enemy and protect her family. But will her new family accept her for who she is?

Or will they walk away? Set after eclipse and start of DH.

Amanecer Parte 2- Edward y Bella conocen su casa...

Please Read and Review. It takes place years after Breaking Dawn and the Cullen's are getting ready to leave as people are getting suspicious. Bella gets ready to say goodbye to Charlie but what happens if Charlie finds out and somehow reads the books? The Marauders, Lily and her friends discover a book and a note, and begin to read. Narrated by the one and only Sirius Black. I know its been done before but I would be grateful if you read it and reviewed.

First Harry Potter fan fiction, so yeah T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Cuts by rosewept reviews In December, Bella takes a shower and begins to do the one thing she'd never thought she'd do—cut herself. Later on, Edward finds the cuts when he comes back. M for self-harm, language, and brief sensuality if you interpret it that way. K - English - Chapters: This is set during goblet of fire.

Cita para cenar by Gn Zimmerman reviews —Haces que me sienta hambrienta. Along the way she meets the Cullen's who are in for a shock when they find out little Isabella Swan, is really Ariana Malfoy, twin sister of Draco Malfoy and soon-to-be death eater. For me though, my life soundtrack was by Taylor Swift. I wanted the boy, but couldn't have him.

Although, I think i got him in the end. Written by jess Here's where you can find her other work just delete the spaces: Isabella Snape by discussionsonpaper reviews Bella was left alone in the forest, however she never told Edward, or any of the Cullen's that she was not Bella Swan — Chief Police Swan's daughter. Instead she is Isabella Snape, a sister to the most hated teacher at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, a witch and an unofficial Marauder.

Always there for you by wishIwasEdward'slove reviews What happens, if in Eclipse, Jacob had tried to go farther than a kiss? Will Bella get out? If she does, will Edward still love her? Story only mentions rape but is rated M to be on the safe side. Story is better than summary! She turns to cutting herself. But what will happen when fate throws her straight into the path of the Cullens?

Trigger warning for self harm. No guy wants anything to do with her. Edward Cullen is the popular jock with a secret. What if Bella really had a reason to have self-esteem issues. Can she overcome the fat stigma? Bella and the Motorcycle by JerinAnn reviews Bella is trying out her bike for the first time and something goes horribly wrong. Takes place during New Moon. Weasley and Harry didn't allow her to. What happens if the Cullens befriend the Quileutes before it's too late? Read the story to find out. I don't Own Twilight: Tratando de comenzar una nueva vida, se encuentra con los Cullen, seres tan parecidos a ella, pero al mismo tiempo muy diferentes.

Cullen reviews La Elegida debera volver a casa para ayudar a su hermano a derrotar a quien-no-debe-ser-nombrado Nada es lo que parece El amor llega cuando le da la puta gana, oficial Masen.

Hypothesis: The Hekapolis Trilogy #1

Traiga sus esposas, felizmente me entrego como su prisionera" Tattward. Primer Fic; tengan piedad y Entre Luna Nueva y Eclipse, es el primer fic que escribo, asique no sean muy duros por favor! Castigo Corporal, nalgadas, azotes, spanking, si no es lo suyo no lea. T - Spanish - Family - Chapters: Todos humanos Twilight - Rated: Pecaminoso by Angie M.

Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone by kubby12 reviews Christmas at the burrow with the Potters, Weasley's, Lupin and Sirius starts out like any other year. Until a strange present arrives followed by strange visitors. Y tercera estos libros iban a cambiar la historia. When I Fall by EmilyF. Set during New Moon. One of my followers, Olga Q, translated this story in Russian! To read it, go to: Powerfull by cielo carlie cullen reviews Isabella no es humana. El destino tiene muchos planes para ella. Para ella que significara ese chico de ojos dorados? Porque Bella es tan fria y cortante?

Entren y lean Twilight - Rated: Categoria M, por futuros lemmons y lenguaje vulgar. K - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Hija de un Vulturi by victoriaefernandez reviews En una salida de caza Aro viola a Renee y la deja embarazada. Carlisle la encuentra ya mordida y la lleva a su hogar pero mientras la lleva se entera de algo, esta embarazada Now 50 years later, she's in Forks to celebrate her best friends engagement. Haunted by memories of her past, Bella runs into a few very familar faces-The Cullens. What happens when Will is with his parabatai in the London Institutes training room and things get hot and heavy?

Will Jem push away from Will's request of love? Bella's Secret by jai ho x reviews Bella enjoys doing something without Edward's knowledge… or so she thinks. What happens when he finds out what she's doing behind his back? Weed, Stoner Bella, smoking, and mentions of a bong! This story contains a lot of abuse and is rated for such. Please don't read if abuse stories bother you. M - English - Angst - Chapters: After a tragic accident, her world collides with Edward's. She is expecting him, but he is not ready for her. Daylight by NewDawnFox reviews What would have happened if victoria had got bella when she cliff jumped?

Butterbeers and Flirting by Doubletheweiird reviews "Actually it is not making fun of you. I believe it is called flirting. Don't like the pairing don't read the story! Rated T because I'm paranoid. May get continued more but it will be a while. If you don't want to wait I understand and you can just read this as the ending. What would have happened if, the night Ana told Christian about her pregnancy, he hadn't met Elena and gotten drunk? What if he had returned to his wife and fixed everything? Emmett Saved me by Be. Bite reviews Emmett and Bella, brother and sister bonding moment.

Basically they go to Port Angeles and she almost has the same fate as someone very important to Emmett, what will Emmett do, how will Bella react? One shot, suggestive themes, details of almost rape, swearing and violence. The Tattoo by Emma. Vete a la mierda". Y lo acababa de mandar a la mierda. A Songwriter's Nightmare by loveinshadesofwrong reviews Bella is a songwriter, and none of the Cullens knew—until now. They're all up for a weekend of bonding and singing along to Bella's catchy break-up songs. Set before Breaking Dawn. Daybreak by kay reviews Bella Swan thought everything that she has dealt with was real, that she lived in a town where the supernatural exists.

One day she wakes up, only to find out that the reality she had belonged to was nothing more than one big elaborate dream. Cutting with the vampires by eefjepas reviews When Edward left, Bella's heart was broken in thousand pieces. She started cutting to hold the pain away. But now he's back and she can't stop.

Can he help her? Dont like, dont read! Alec and clary by That. What if Clary hadn't fallen for Jace? What if she had fallen for someone else? Saving the Future by Lily. SeverusPotter reviews Harry Potter finds seven books about his life and reads them with the professors of Hogwarts and his friends in the Room of Requirement. How does Christian respond when he finds that Ana has been hurt? And not by accident There is mentioning of past Relationship abuse: If any of these subjects are too intense for you; please do not read.

A Chance To Start Over by Missmudblood13 reviews It's been two years since the final battle of Hogwarts when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville are called to see Professor McGonagall, who has the ways and means to send the foursome back and inform a select group of people what's to come and how to prevent it. A, They read the books story. Heavenly Scent by Infinitypoet reviews On Bella's first day of school, Edward finds himself completely consumed by her scent. Everything about her sings to him.

The La Tua Cantante connection is much different canon. A feared coven for its many gifts its eleven members and for it containing 'geminae belli salvatores' they are vegetarian and more like a family than a coven. But then they move to forks and so do the Cullen's. All Vampire and Cannon. What will happen when Bella learns that she is a witch? And how will she react, four years later, when the Tri-Wizard cup rolls around and in comes the Cullens? Will she be able to forgive Edward for leaving and take him back? Or will she find love again else where? Only Time will tell Muchas emociones y lagrimas, cuando Hogwarts de conozca a sus hijos.

Anyway, yea Alec and Clary fall in love, etc. Pero eso era lo que provocaba Emmett en mi, una pelea interna tan grande que si no me lanzo por la ventana es Este fic pertenece bueno, no es que pertenezca a ellos P a el reto de apertura del foro "sol de medianoche" Mi pareja perfecta. Deals with the consequences their hasty departure has had on the family along with Alice discovering her past and how she deals with that. Contains disciplinary spanking, so don't read if this bothers you Twilight - Rated: What Happened to Goodbye? Victoria finds her and does the one thing Edward has tried to avoid from the beginning, changing Bella into a vampire.

When Bella awakes from her change she discovers she has more power than she had ever imagined. I do not own Twilight or it't Characters. I only own this story and any OC characters I include. Edward esta sumamente enamorado de Tanya Denali, la caprichosa, guapa y rica ex-novia de Edward. BxE Twilight - Rated: Es su escape diario, su particular rutina. The Cullens won't be able to keep their secret long this time.

The school of Vampires by Little Hope reviews Aro vulturi decide crear una escuela especial para los vampiros y tambien los humanos que sepan su secreto. Bella es su hija y llego a el despues de que Edward la abandono ahora tiempo despues se reencuentran ambos siendo vampiros En "la laguna negra". Mi Consorte by Little Hope reviews El la abandono. Ella fue convertida por los vulturis. El piensa que esta muerta. Ella no lo quiere buscar. Excelente Oneshot con mas de reviews en Harry potter Yo solo lo adapte Truth and Lies by uptillthree reviews Harry Potter has never hated Dolores Jane Umbridge as much as he does in this moment.

Honestly, reading his entire life out to Hogwarts? And the Minister, too? But he supposed he owed her, in the end. After all, if it helped defeat Voldemort, who's he to complain? T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Scheme Of Fate by thebugroom reviews Bella Swan is a vampire. She was attacked and turned before she even left Phoenix. How does Bella handle being a vampire, and finding out she is not the only one in Forks? Except now, the Cullens and the rest of the characters exist. The Cullens meet her and find out about the Twilight books. How will they react? How did she get there?

And how will the Volturi get involved? K - English - Family - Chapters: K - Spanish - Drama - Chapters: Unsurprisingly, someone doesn't take the news well and someone else has to knock sense into him. Followed by a hilarious Weasley family dinner. Slightly angst with a dash of humor. Menage by Kelxi Ylonen reviews Cuando los hermanos Cullen se encuentran a una herida Bella a un lado de la carretera, la llevan a su casa para cuidarla.

Por una apuesta by La chica perdida enel universo reviews -Bella te reto a A Rosalie,Alice yBella se les ocurre una apuesta Strong by mightymouse reviews First Fan Fic. Bella's experienced things no person should have to. What can the Cullens offer her? Rated M for violence, abuse, rape and sexual content. Piso 6 by L18 reviews Mini-fic. M - Spanish - Humor - Chapters: To end up in the hands of the Cullens - Who turn him. Back home Severus and Draco are arrested, Does he remember? Harry Potter and the Doppelgangers: How would Harry's first year at Hogwarts go with his best friends who were infamous third-year pranksters?

Well, read and find out! No pairings in this book! Nuestro Juego by emi. Valentine sabe que le es fiel, que no le defraudara Un resumen del asco, es una historia que surgio leyendo el tercer libro, un relato lleno de Lemmon, ojala les guste. Trying To Live Without You by Hard Living reviews "A sudden stillness in the far side of the cafeteria caught my scorched eyes and I turned my head to look. What if Bella was abused by Charlie and bitten by Victoria? What happens when she enrols back in Forks High School and they are there?

No es un adios, es un hasta pronto by vcullenv reviews Bella y Jasper son hermanos combertidos en vampiros por diferentes razones que se vuelven a encontrar cuando Jasper estaba con Maria y gracias a ella se separan otra vez que pasara cuando Bella vaya a forks y se encuentre con su hermano y su nueva familia Twilight - Rated: El chico de la nana by Casiopea Tortuga reviews Bella vive en Alaska, convertida en vampiresa, cuidando de su hija Annie.

Hiccups by SkipperSquirt reviews Edward may've come back, but it takes an innocent case of the hiccups for someone else's feelings to be shown. I guess its Implied Bella and Alice and just a dash of harmless fluff Ayudandole a Conquistarla by Ale Alheli reviews Estoy enamorada de edward Abused Harry, abuse mentioned.

Sirius is now faced with teaching Harry what it's like to have a real, loving family and to trust people more. If abuse and deconstructive thoughts trigger something for you, don't read. Rated M because I'm paranoid. Ella iba a morir. Inmediatamente regresaron pero ya no la encontraron. What if Edward had the chance to understand Bella's point of view about their baby? Alice doesn't call, and Bella fights her own battle. Can a hybrid pregnancy ever run smoothly? Charlie stories here lately and thought I'd try my own. Canon pairings, Cullens are vampires. There will be smut; I like smut.

Kick-ass big sister Rosalie and possessive Edward. Truth or Dare by hermyknee1 reviews This is just a regular game of truth or dare - that ends with James and Lily ; anyway check it out and please tell me what you thought by reviewing. Rated T for kissing. Edward abandona a Bella en el bosque, pero con lo que no contaba era con que Victoria mando a Laurent a asesinar a Bella. Laurent muerde a Bella, pero los licantropos llegan impidiendo que la mate por completo, sin embargo ya es muy tarde y Bella ya se estaba convirtiendo en uno de ellos Bella despierta siendo vampiresa.

No soy buena con los summary: P Twilight - Rated: Soy una inmortal, pero no soy cualquier inmortal. Mi nombre es Isabella Marie Swan y esta es historia. Bella is invited hiking with the Cullens one sunny weekend, and while the boys are out hunting, the girls find themselves sharing an erotic secret just between the three of them. Jace hosts a bachelorett party for Alec before he gets married to Magnus. Jace goes to a strip club to hosts it there when he see's Clary. But not serving people at table's but dancing and stripping.

This story is about Jace and n Clary forgive Jace or not? Que pensara su familia y amigos. Reading the Past and the Future by katie. Bella is pulled from time right before she moves to forks. The Cullens and Bella all sit down and read the Twilight Saga. Rated T for safety. Her not having Edward in her life created a whole where her heart used to be, but she was not a fragile human who went into a deep depression.

In fact Bella wasn't human at all, and she never has been. So what is she? How didn't the Cullens notice that she was different? When Bella remembers her time in Italy and gets a panic attack, what will come out of it? Rosalie descubre que existe otra cosa que te puede unir a un humano, pero quiza la felicidad no dure mucho si le robas la novia a tu hermano Seth falls and Edward is trapped by Riley in the clearing.

Victoria is granted the opportunity to have some fun with Bella. Very dark, Adult themes, Mentions rape. Hush, Hush - Rated: A Choice by bexie25 reviews The bond between human Bella and vampire Edward is rare in mated vampire couples. Both fiercely possessive of each other, their connection grows and they learn more about it as they unknowingly head toward a frightening sequence of connected events. Is their connection strong enough to withstand it? Or will they crumble? It all depends on a choice that begins their story.

Harry Potter conoce a sus padres parte 2 by lfuepal reviews continuacion harry potter conoce a sus padres parte 1 Harry Potter - Rated: Bella vs Lauren by Midnight reviews What happens when Lauren finally pushes Bella over the edge and Bella decides to put Lauren in her place.

Tatahasi | FanFiction

Harry Potter conoce a sus padres parte 1 by lfuepal reviews el ministerio le da una oportunidad a harry, es "harry y sus padres leen el caliz de fuego", solo que no me deja colgarla con este nombre Harry Potter - Rated: People Will Talk by EmilyF. Rated T por lenguaje vulgar ligero Terminado. When Edward came back he didn't realise how much damage he'd caused to a now anorexic Bella.

With the help of Carisle and the rest of the Cullens,can they get Bella healthy again? Entra y Descubre Twilight - Rated: How will they react to their own futures? James y Lily vuelven. Sacrifices by Enthralled reviews When Edward left Bella, he did so in the hopes that she would have a happy, human life. What would happen if she did just that, but it turned out that things didn't go as either of them planned?

The 5 Love Languages by crazyartfreak reviews Set during Eclipse. While the rest of the Cullen family is out hunting, Bella and Edward discover something new about each other - all thanks to a book and a test. T just in case. Isabella Swan Selwyn by ourfandomhp reviews She took in the blond hair, stunning eyes, and trade-mark smirk on his lips. Draco Malfoy was in the Cullen's living room. Y todos viven y soportan eso menos Rosalie. Esperando la llegada de Ice que se duchaba mientras tanto.

Mi Chico Misterioso by A. But, something goes horribly wrong, and she runs at the airport and escapes to Seattle. Once there she meets a man named Michael whom introduces her to his prostitution and drug trafficking ring The Cullens later find Bella, but she's no longer Feelings by trunks reviews Femslash. T - English - Romance - Chapters: The burns that cover his skin by JustcallmeRiley reviews Look at me, murderer, weak, and ars all over my body, constantly mocking me telling me how weak I am, A self-conscience coward.

A Jasper self-harm story. Self-harm described in detail, may be triggering. The Cullens realize exactly how much damage Edward's leaving caused Bella. A few simple words can cause immense pain and emotional wounds that only a family's love can heal, specifically the love of a father. Summary crafted by the amazing kr and anhanninen! No todo se olvida con el tiempo by belly bells cullen- salvatore reviews Ambientado luego de luna nueva. Bad Idea by EmilyF. Hoping to at least try to fix things, he heads to Forks, only to come face to face with the consequences of Edward's decision.

French translation is available thanks to Aladine98! Check out her profile if you're interested: D Twilight - Rated: Volverte a ver by Nightmare Terror reviews Jasper y Bella son hermanos de sangre, Jasper se va al ejercito. Tiempo despues Bella es convertida en vampiresa, una familia de vampiros la adoptan. And That's a wrap! This takes place right after the show gets cancelled. Also, this is my first fanfic, so be nice. Mistaken Trust by TheHiddenMemory reviews When faced with a betrayal that could tear them apart, Edward and Bella must put their faith in the healing power of love.

The Pastor's Son by Phoenixhp5 reviews Carlisle's been having a rough week and in a fit of temper he takes a punishment too far. Horrified by what he has done he runs, and it is left to Esme to keep the family together. A silly competition by Blue Heart 98 reviews Edward hates losing, but unfortunately for him it turns out that Bella is actually better than him at some things.

And everyone likes Bella messing with Edward's mind! A tiny bit silly and very fluffy one shot. Es mi primer fic Por favor pasen y lean Twilight - Rated: Timeless by FuegoFattuo reviews "Quisiera que Pudiera detener el tiempo. K - Spanish - Humor - Chapters: Esas palabras fueron un simple comienzo a una nueva aventura. In Remembrance by Professor McGonagal reviews Sick of the rumors about Snape that have been circulating since the end of the war, the Golden Trio wrote a brief biography of his life and published it in the Daily Prophet.

Please read, enjoy, and review! My Big Brother by Jessy-Whitlock reviews Bella confides in Emmett and he helps her keep her secret, then open up to others. Mention of self harm. Uma hibrida com muitos poderes que por causa do pai odeia vampiros. Feeling guilty, Bella confronts Jasper after he tries to attack her. Summary completo dentro del fanfics Harry Potter - Rated: He takes on the name Hadrian, rescues himself, determind to change everything.

Along the way falling in love with Severus of this time. Can Hadrian stop a war brewing by destroying Horcruxes and raise himself? Unfortunately Dumbledore finds out what he's up to what happens then? Reviews are loved but not required for me to update and the 1st chpt is short but they will get very long so please just give it a chance please. M owns all twilight charecters just in case i forget to mention it in my chapters. Beyond Sacred by the. Bella abandoned, adopted by Jordan-of-forksx Twilight - Rated: Salto de acantilado by Princesa sin prisas reviews Los minutos antes de que Bella saltara del acantilado en Luna Nueva.

Princesa vampiro by Bella Swan Masen 91 reviews Bella es transformada por orden de los Vulturis, se ve obligada a vivir con ellos Los Cullen leen Crepusculo The Cullens read Twilight by Anastacius reviews Los Cullen reciben misteriosamente unos cuatro libros de un visitante misterioso que los ayudara a prepararse para hechos imprevistos en el futuro. So, she stoops to old habits that she acquired when she was a teen and allows her anorexia to take control of her life once again. How does Christian take it? Is Ana going to make it out alive?

Includes Non-consensual spanking, don't like, please don't read More chapters to come soon ; Fifty Shades Trilogy - Rated: Es una lectura de los libros. De Magia , Luna Y Amores:: Teasing Edward by xLizzy14x reviews All Emmett asked Edward was to watch her twin sister for her birthday and keeping her company. It doesn't sound hard Right? He just has To remember to the promise he made himself in college which was to keep his hands of her.

Anna Bastow

Well Its Bella's Birthday and its the perfect time to tease him since her family wont be there. But Will Edward give in? My little fighter by ThatOneBook reviews Edward comes back from leaving Bella and has discovered that Bella has cut herself when he was gone Twilight - Rated: Broken Eclipse by Fallenheart reviews Jacob kissed Bella in Eclipse but it went a bit further betrayed not only by her best friend but by her father she turns to the Cullens and realizes they are her true family.

Under her skin by Delaney reviews Jacob didn't just kiss Bella in Eclipse, he betrayed her trust in the worst way. The Cullen's return from hunting to find a heart broken and now distant Bella, will they find out what's wrong? If so, will they be able to help her? Ask by SunKing reviews A man with many faces—shy in person but a god on the stage—meets a girl who carefully, joyfully discovers the real him. He's had offers from hundreds, but only one knows exactly how to ask.

Reading In Remembrance by Laughalot reviews Hogwarts is sent a mysterious package, one that, apparently, can turn the tide of war and save lives. Will it work or is it just a hoax? T for language and really, why not? One-shot Harry Potter - Rated: Un motivo que solo Harry y Ginny Potter conocen. Edward no estara solo.

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T - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: Her Way of Control by RMNicki reviews When Clary feels that she's lost control of her life, she takes up old habits she obtained in high school and allows her eating disorder to take control of her life once more. How does Jace react? They start to read it and they notice its a book that is written in Bella's POV about their whole entire life since she met Edward. Why is Clary so resistant to tell him where they came from?

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  • M - Spanish - Drama - Chapters: What happens when a package filled with home videos sent by Renee arrives in the Cullens house? How will the Cullens react when they see Bella's craziness? No Choice by glasscannon. Those minutes change Bella's life forever, and she must learn to deal with the consequences. Nominated for two Twific Indie Awards. Sucesos de Forks by Alli Robson reviews Una nueva historia en Forks comienza con Cam y su mejor amiga Max, que cada una por su lado se involucran en el mundo de vampiros, hombres lobos y cazadores de sombras sin querer But by some unexpected twist 1 baby must go.

    Her Brothers by EmilyF. Edward leaves Bella with Jacob when he goes hunting, but when her old friend forces a kiss on her, it brings back some unwanted memories, and she turns to Edward's brothers and father for help when her own father takes Jacob's side. My Twin Sister by mustang fan18 reviews What if Jasper had a sister when he was human? What if they did every thing together? What would happen to her if he left, and how long would it take for him to find her. What would happen if a wolve imprinted on her?

    Forbidden, Tabitha Suzuma - Rated: Snowflake Tears by brokenstatue reviews Luna is hardly ever self-conscious and when she is, George is greatly surprised. New Life Deal With It! She faces Anorexia, self harm, anger issues and has to deal with the death of her mum. Bella has a lot of piercings and a tattoo. She is not afraid of a fight and she is a rebel to say the least. Moralmente incorrecta by FuegoFattuo reviews Alice. Book of Assurance by thestralrose reviews The Weasleys are extremely worried about Ron, Harry, and Hermione after their escape from Bill and Fleur's wedding.

    Truth or Dare the Cullen way by ashleygreenpink reviews Bella learns what it means to be a true Cullen in an exciting game of truth or dare with the vampire teenagers. Shooting Love by Mel pixie cullen reviews Bella and the Cullens were going to school like a typical normal day, when suddenly theres a gunshot and everyone panics, who gets hurt or killed, who will survive Todos vampiros Twilight - Rated: Thicker Than Blood by PhoenixMirror reviews The saying goes 'Blood is thicker than water' but when Renee shows her true nature towards Bella and the wedding, Bella learns that there is something that is thicker than blood sometimes family comes from the most unlikely places, and when one member is hurting, they will rally together and fight for each other against anyone.

    The Cullens Read Twilight by cebgirl reviews The Cullens get sent a box of books with the truth of what is to come. You realize if I don't finish anything else I will finish this! Estoy segura de que fue el.. No, todos menos Cullen. Pero, reconozco esos labios. Bella's Big Secret by zoeyblahblahblah reviews What happens when a day of just hanging out with the Cullen's turns into getting a huge surprise?

    Bella has secretly been famous teenage country artist Taylor Swift since she was 15 years old. The Cullens receive a thick hardback book titled Breaking Dawn. After deciding to read it, they discover their future, will they stay were they are, or rush home to live as they desire, with Bella by their sides. Bella's Attacked by twilightgirl2 reviews Bella is attacked at home whilst enjoying a quiet night in.

    Will she be able to open up to the ones who love her the most and get the help she needs. Bella and Edward couple, but plenty of family involvement from Carlisle and Esme. Bella is taunted and teased at school. Then a new illness strikes Bella. Who will be able to save her? Alternate Version by Phoenixhp5 reviews Bella is tired of her overprotective vampire boyfriend, so she sets about a brilliant plan to assert her independence. However, things don't go according to plan, and she finds herself in a cell in Port Angeles. What will Carlisle think? Contains disciplinary spanking, so don't read if this bothers you!

    Can the Cullens make her see the light Rated M for self harm and attempted suicide! Searching by TwilightMommyof4girls reviews After Bella's 18th birthday, Edward is more protective, until he hurts her himself. He leaves, afraid of what he's done. The Cullens race after him. Gracias a Newton by A. He was always having to teach her things. But maybe he was the one who had learned the most.

    More importantly, how would Harry break-up with her? Those who aren't fans of Twilight should enjoy this. Whould she just take it or fight back! First Fanfic, Be nice. T - English - Angst - Chapters: M - Spanish - Fantasy - Chapters: Fathers at Twilight by Obsesive Reader reviews A week before Bella comes to Forks Charlie get 5 books with the instructs to get the Quiluete Elders, Carlisle, and Edward together to read about the future.

    Mi querido profesor by A. A hot scene between two unknown reading Fifty Shades of Grey! This is my first fanfic so please review! The Twilight Books by OceanaRich reviews Months before the wedding, Bella and the Cullen's get a package that has four book about Bella's thoughts from when she moves to Forks. What will happen when they read Bella's thoughts? Will everything be the same? El Dibujante by A. En un acto de desesperacion, agarra al chico mas cercano, pretendiendo que es su esposo. TH Twilight - Rated: Trauma, Trauma by Twilighter de corazon reviews Los Cullen salen a cazar. Jasper se queda con Bella.

    Bella aun es humana. Life Unexpected by GoldenEyess reviews Bella's life seems to finally be on the right track until her ex-boyfriend from high school shows up with an unexpected, life-altering surprise. So if Bella isn't afraid of deadly vampires Read on and find out K - English - Humor - Chapters: Her choices are to move to Forks or run in the opposite direction.

    What is a girl to do? Los Cullen y Bella van a ir al viaje junto con el resto de estudiantes. Creo que todos sabemos como va a acabar todo eso Rating for main story. Compassion by Cullen Cousin reviews Bella wants to lose her virginity to Edward while she is still human, but Edward knows that he doesn't have the self control to perform the act himself. Carlisle steps up to help after a request from Edward. May add in more characters as it goes. This is a couple months after Breaking Dawn has happened. Bella is changed and has had Renesmee, who is now 3 years old.

    Please read and Review, it makes me really happy to get the feedback. Edward finds a mysterious book at their front door. What can this tell them of Bella's future? Bella regresa por favor! Edward and the Cullens go hunting for the weekend without telling Bella! How will she react when she comes back from shopping and realizes they're gone? She thinks they've left her again! How will she react? How will Edward react when he sees her just how she was when he left her in New Moon?

    Together Forever by ms. Based on Bryan's video in The New Normal. Please read and review Twilight - Rated: Alice is haunted by the vision she had of the battle, and it's up to Carlisle to help her overcome her guilt and grief. Lies by Lamb'stown reviews One-Shot. He crossed a line, here are more appropriate reactions for chapter Wager, Eclipse, the forced kiss Twilight - Rated: Feliz dia de los inocentes, mi amor by Ivis.

    La apuesta by Aliena Cullen reviews Summary: Pasado, Presente, Futuro, todos ellos juntos en el Gran Comedor. O tal vez no by A. How will Bella deal with being raped, especially now that she thinks she's unfixable? How will she handle telling Edward about the rape, or will she try to keep it from him? Rated M to be safe. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: It hurts by Myra Bones reviews Bella and Jasper have a heart-to-heart talk. Someone dies in this, and mentions of self-harm.

    Shreds by Dooba reviews Torn outtakes and extras that won't make their way into the main story. Bella is scared that Edward will leave her again and Jasper is the one to comfort her. What if before twilight she was already being hunted? Follows the twilight plotline but has a few changes. Vamps are in here! Forever Beyond This Point by rosyp69 reviews Bella gets in a hit-and-run car wreck after an argument with Edward only a month away from the wedding.

    Wanting nothing more than to tell Edward that she loves him one last time, Bella spends her time waiting to get to the hospital completely distressed about whether they'll have to change her early or not. Post Eclipse, a one shot with a bit of fluff! Bella is abused by Charlie and she already knows the Cullens are vampires.

    Oneshot Twilight - Rated: Atrapados en el instituto by RachelCullen02 reviews Los Cullen, Bella y el resto de estudiantes del instituto de Forks se quedan encerrados en el instituto. Esto solo significa una cosa, problemas Fatty by kitkat reviews Edward Cullen can't find something that's very important to him But that's what happens when you are pounds.

    Bella Swan is his only chance to live a real life and find what's missing and so much more. No angst, a tiny bit of drama. Rated M Twilight - Rated: Bonding by BrookseyBoo reviews A short one shot I wrote for fun. M - Spanish - Angst - Chapters: Gracias por dejarme plantado by A. Instead of what happened in New Moon they recieved a package of 5 books 2 containing the past and 3 containg the future. Can they handle it? Mi amor Se Te Quiere!. Acaso tiene un secreto que no lo sabia nadie, ni siquiera Edward? Horrible Summary espero que eso les haya llamado la atencion!

    Impure by EmmettMonkeyMan reviews Bella hasn't visited the Cullen mansion in days, but suddenly she needs to speak to one of them, hoping they can help. But what has her so worried? And why is she acting this way? Will the Cullen family be able to help her, or will she sink further and further into self-destruction? Rated M for now. Es lo que he tratado de decirles, Por alguna razon ahora son humanos — todos los Cullen miraban a Bella sin comprender… Twilight - Rated: English Project by potterfan reviews Bella and Carlisle have a little bonding moment over a school project.

    The future children learned, never to trust James Potter with a time-turner near a rock. Scratch that, don't trust him with a time-turner at all.

    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)
    Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition) Secretos de Crepúsculo. Análisis de la saga de amor de Edward y Bella. (Spanish Edition)

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