U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society

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It starts with the inherent value of culture, continues through all the social and educational benefits and only ends with the economic. Otherwise we fall into Oscar Wilde's celebrated definition of a cynic: We instinctively know this. Imagine society without the civilising influence of the arts and you'll have to strip out what is most pleasurable in life — and much that is educationally vital.

Take the collective memory from our museums; remove the bands from our schools and choirs from our communities; lose the empathetic plays and dance from our theatres or the books from our libraries; expunge our festivals, literature and painting, and you're left with a society bereft of a national conversation … about its identity or anything else.

Then there's society — and I think we're all now agreed that there is such a thing. Although the arts do not pretend to be a frontline health service, we're coming to understand how they can function very effectively in a complementary role.

Look at the work of orchestras such as the Royal Philharmonic, which runs workshops for people with dementia, or the collaboration between the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and NHS Mersey Trust, which puts musicians in residence to work with adults with a complex range of mental health issues. Festival confronting, as they put it, the physical, mental and social challenges of life and death. There's the popularity of the Books on Prescription scheme in GPs' surgeries or the work done by Colchester and Ipswich museums for homeless people. All these projects are supported by Arts Council England.

That is, by you and me, via our taxes or our purchase of lottery tickets. In 18 years, the national lottery has transformed arts provision across so many of our communities and has been particularly valuable while government funding has been under pressure.


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Great art and culture really can be, as it should be, for everyone. There's a strong relationship between arts and cultural engagement and educational attainment. We see an improvement in literacy when young people take part in drama and library activities, and better performance in maths and languages when they take part in structured music activities. That's partly why the Department for Education is including arts subjects with the core subjects in maths, science, languages and the humanities in the first round of reformed GCSEs in two years' time.

The inherent value of culture, its contribution to society, its symbiotic relationship with education and, yes, its economic power but in that order … this is what we call the holistic case for public support of arts and culture.

The Arts Council's annual survey of public attitudes to this investment shows support rising significantly this year. Let's keep the debate going. I predict that in the runup to the next election, where economic issues will dominate, the arts will have more to say for themselves than ever before, particularly in relation to two intriguing elements: The creative industries have been growing three times as fast as the national economy.

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Last summer, in an infamous list of priority sectors for growth, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills left them out but included offshore wind turbines, for God's sake. They won't do that again. USSEA encourages information sharing and distribution by arranging meetings and sponsoring multicultural and cross-cultural programs at the annual NAEA conference, organizing symposia and conferences within the United States, and supporting projects, research, and publications that are in accordance with the mission of the society.

Click here to read a conference news. For those that would like to stay on campus, please register for housing at Shocker Hall: This conference will be of interest to all levels and ages. I sincerely appreciate your assistance and I wish you a relaxing and productive Summer. Link to register for housing at Shocker Hall: Nominees should be members of USSEA or InSEA and persons who have brought distinction to International aspects of art education through an exceptional and continuous record of achievement in scholarly writing, research, professional leadership, teaching, professional service, or community service bearing on international education in the visual arts.

This art educator actively implements an approach that builds respect for human dignity and diversity through art.

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E-Mail Nomination Materials to: Letters of nomination, acceptance, and support must be written in English. Recipients will be recognized at the annual NAEA conference. It might even be argued that the most crucial of all human rights includes the right to make your mark, model your most valued experiences, and map out your affinities, aspirations, beliefs, and counter-stories.

Collaborative, dialogic, social, cooperative, participatory, and process-based art is on the radar in a way that has not been seen since the s culture wars Kester, A sense of lingering threat not only affects our democratic and social public life, but most importantly to educators, our classrooms, teachers, and institutions for teacher education.

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The destabilization of democracy in favor of corporate privatization—ultimately the privatization of meaning—has animated contemporary art into new forms of collective action and civic engagement Kester, in which activism and art have become inseparable. These threats to our teaching and learning freedoms, social agency and critical thinking have also invited art educators to review the purpose of art as a collective process that can reclaim an effective connection to social and public life. Nato Thompson describes this new form of cultural production as increasingly focused on new experiences in which the activation of social discourse is the artwork.

For example, art forms of protest based on social aesthetics dialogic art and tactical media interventionist art are reaching expanded audiences.

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How can art teachers safely open new physical spaces where new ideas can happen? What is the personal, social, and political responsibility of art educators to build a civil society within the art classroom? What has been successful in establishing social justice in art education so far, where do we need to go? Complete and send the submission form to Lori Santos, lorisantosarted gmail. The one and the many: Contemporary collaborative art in a global context.

U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society
U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society U.S. Crisis: Art, Education and Society

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