When an Angel Intervenes

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As Christians, our commitments should be focused on 2 things: As we grow closer to God, the Holy Spirit is able to work through us—no matter where are or what we are doing. From experience, God has brought people for me to encourage while I was at work a student found a piece of my writing , while I relax and graded papers a guy was having a hard time and needed to remember that God was still there for him and while I was calling someone to take care of a business matter.


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Remember what all the angels were singing? That was actually the reason for all the miracles that the Holy Spirit worked through Jesus. Every miracle in the Old and New Testament was because the Spirit was seeking to bring glory to God in extraordinary ways. One example is found in Acts An earthquake opens the prison doors, all chains are broken but nobody is trying to escape. When the jailer sees this, he immediately asks how to have the salvation of God that Paul and Silas had been preaching and singing about all night.

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Ezekiel 37, the chapter talking about the dead bones coming to live, records this promise from God: As Christians, we need to be making sure that people are being pointed to the God we love, and the Spirit is the one giving us power to do that Acts 1: Maplewood Academy Brennan Hallock , September 5, So I must ask, do you need an angel intervention?

Every man is scared of a woman rejecting their advances.

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It's not the most wonderful time of the year if you Did Jesus Have a Tattoo? You may feel surrounded by a warm glow or sensation. You may feel a rush of energy down your spine, then spread throughout your body. You may even sense or feel angelic hands touching you on your shoulders or clasping your hand.

There are many other ways in which angels give us signs that they are present in our lives. Some of these include:. Angels sometimes appear in cloud formations, particularly over sacred sites or when you have asked for angelic assistance.

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Clouds will also sometimes appear as feathers. White feathers can appear in the most unlikely of places. These are little angel signs. When one presents for you, take it as a signal from the angels that they are with you. Words are very powerful. Angels are said to be able to suddenly appear in these crystals after you have started reaching out to the angelic realm.

3 Ways the Holy Spirit Divinely Intervenes In Our Lives | OUTLOOK magazine

We all have access to angels. These powerful spiritual helpers are beings of light who have never been in a physical body, differing from spirit guides who have experienced human life on the earth plane. When you open your heart to the angels your life can be filled with wonder, love and miraculous joy.

Protection, guidance, support and nurturing are there in abundance for us and is actively flowing in our direction influencing and improving all areas of our lives.

11 Things You Can Call on Angels to Help You With

Working with angels most often challenges our outworn patterns and belief systems, shaking us out of our comfort zones. It takes courage to open the doors to healing. At times, the most beneficial life changes can be challenging. An infinite number of angels are available to assist us at any given time. These angels offer us their wisdom, help and advice, but never interfere with our freewill. Angels are obedient to Cosmic or Universal Law.

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According to the spiritual Law of Free Will, angels are unable to intervene or help us unless we specifically ask. The only exception to this rule of free-will is if we are in mortal danger of dying before our time. That is the only time angels are able to intervene un-asked.

The angels are here to help us heal from issues and challenges that are seemingly mundane, to those that seem important and urgent, or spiritually profound. They can help us heal our relationships, career concerns, finances, housing or accommodation issues and any other challenge we may face in our lives. There is a perfect solution for every problem. The answers lie in the Higher dimensions — and often our human-self cannot access them. In order to find the solution, we have to hand the situation over to the angels, then listen to and act on the prompting of our intuition.

The angels ask that we turn to them and ask for help with the smallest and largest of our problems.

When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes
When an Angel Intervenes When an Angel Intervenes

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