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Seedlings remain in the nursery for about months before we plant them in the ground. Once planted, a tree takes about two years to bear fruit and about five years to truly establish mature roots. The journey of the bean starts as a dried coffee bean and grows into a seedling in our nursery. Peak production comes about three years after the seedling has been planted or pruned. It then plateaus in the fourth year.

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Meet the Farmers | California Bean Farmers

After the roots have been thoroughly established, trees will be routinely pruned in a cyclical manner to ensure maximum production. Large swaths of trees in select locations are pruned of all but one strong stem which usually prevents them from producing that year.

This technique allows the trees to reset and produce new growth and a more bountiful harvest. Our many years on the farm have enabled us maximum rotation allowing us to increase production while simultaneously caring for the needs of the trees.

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In Kona, we expect snow in March and April. Throughout this time the coffee hills are saturated with the pleasant, jasmine-like scent of the coffee trees.

The small, white flowers consume the branches resembling snow covered trees. Small green cherries develop from the pollinated flowers and grow into ripe red cherries in a few months when it's their time to be harvested. It is not uncommon to find flowers, green and red cherries on the same branch of a coffee tree, especially early in the season.

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To ensure quality, all our coffee is hand-picked. Only the ripe red cherries are chosen. The green cherries stay on the trees to continue ripening and will be harvested in one of the many picking rounds. The average picker on our farm picks from - pounds in an 8-hour day.

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It takes about 10 pounds of red coffee cherry to produce 1 pound of roasted coffee The hard-working pickers wear a basket strapped to a belt around their waist so they can quickly grab and drop the ripe cherry. After the coffee is picked the red cherry is brought to the wet mill. Here, the cherries are cleaned, then pulped separating the seeds from the outer skin. A thick mucilage remains on the seeds after pulping.

Vanilla Bean Farm

The seeds are then placed in a water bath to ferment for about 15 hours. The fermentation naturally loosens the mucilage which is rinsed off as the final step at the wet mill.

Following the wet mill, the coffee seeds need to be dried. Drying can occur using industrial dryers that can dry up to pounds at a time or large drying patios. After drying the coffee will have a dry brittle outer shell called parchment. Parchment provides additional protection from the elements and is left on the bean until it is sent out to be roasted. I like farming beans to help people eat healthier. I enjoy being my own boss, working outside and with the people in the I enjoy farming and working outside and being a steward of the land I love being outside and doing hands on work, however at the same I like the business aspect of it.

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Farming is a conside And then after harvesting I have a tremendous sense of a I am a fifth generation California farmer, so farming is in my blood! I enjoy dealing with the different farming chall What I like about farming is that you can always do better. Our family has been farming in the Newman area for over fifty years. I particularly enjoy farming beans because they are I'm a 3rd generation farmer and love being outdoors, working the ground and seeing things grow. I enjoy farming because I like producing something of value for society, and of course enjoy having the opportunity to w I have been enjoying farming for 31 years and find it tremendously rewarding You get to do many things as a farmer.

I enjoy the variety of farming, from growing, fixing things, being outside and ne I love farming because every day is different and provides great challenges.


I enjoy all aspects including planting, gro

BEAN on the FARM BEAN on the FARM
BEAN on the FARM BEAN on the FARM
BEAN on the FARM BEAN on the FARM
BEAN on the FARM BEAN on the FARM
BEAN on the FARM BEAN on the FARM

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