Collins Camp- Sept.1864

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April 16, ; e. C Cobb's Legion of Cav. Ben McCullough Camp No. Abraham - Louisville, Ky. Served to close of war. Major and Assistant commissary on the staff of Maj. Haldeman, commanding the Kentucky Division. Hull Inspector of Steam Vessels. July 22, , e. A, Franklin Rifles, 7th Miss. May 20th, ; Corp. March 5th, ; m. Stonewall Jackson Camp No. Adams, Samuel Dudley - Milford, Tex. Legion, Hampton's Brigade, Stewart's Div. Sam Davis Camp No. May 17, ; pr. Baton Rouge Camp No. Alder, Emanuel - Louisville, Ky.

Joe Johnston, Stonewall Jackson and Longstreet, 3 years and 4 months; m. Coleman - Charleston, W. April 17, ; pr. June 12, ; pris. Camp Chase, Ohio; m. Entered Confederate service, as a private in the Greenbrier Cavalry, April 17, Promoted to 2d Lieutenant April, , and to 1st Lieutenant December, Wounded and captured June 12, Imprisoned in Camp Chase, Ohio. Exchanged just before Lee's surrender.

Died November 28, May 31, ; Brig. Longstreet, Army of Northern Va. Fred Ault Camp No. Kirby Smith and H. Sterling Price Camp No. July 2, ; e. April 19, ; e. June 6, ; e. April 17, , as a year old pr. April 22, 15 years old ; pr. Albert Sidney Johnston Camp No. June 20, ; e. Clay's Battalion; shot through left lung at Mt. Thurmond's Partisan Rogers; m. March 14, ; e. April 1, ; pr.

A, "Warren Guards," 2d N. State Troops, Iverson's Brig. John White Camp No. May 21, ; Corp. June 9, ; Lieut. McDowell - Pilot Grove, Mo. April 8, ; e. Joe Wheeler Camp No. June 5, ; e. March 14, ; pr. July 4, ; e. Surgeon, Spurgeon 31st Ga. Abe Buford Camp No. May 2, ; e. Davis Legion, then Co. Anderson, Byrd - Blacksburg, Va. December 24, ; e. June 1, ; pr.

Loring, later a prisoner at Point Lookout, Md. July 31, ; e. E Woodruff Rifles , 21st Ala. Maury, commanding defenses at Mobile; pa. Jan 12, ; e. May 1, ; pr. April 24, ; e.

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Wright's Battery of Art. April 20, ; e. Holly Pond Camp No. Maxey's 9th Texas Inft. Maxey; served to close of war; commander John H. July 27, ; e. April 27, ; pr. Pat Cleburne Camp No. Ben McCullough, and then Col. July 29, ; e. Humphrey Marshall Camp No.

Arnold, James Madison - Newport, Ky. May 7, ; Capt. Marshall, Preston, Williams and W. State Guard on breaking out of war; was in all battles in that state in ; Lieut. McBride; in prison in more than one penitentiary; s. Asbury - Higginsville, Mo. Entered Missouri State Guard at breaking out of the war, and took part in all battles in that State in Served as Lieutenant Colonel on the staff of Gen.

Was in command of many dangerous expeditions, but met with high commendation for brave action. Was confined in more than one prison pen. Surrendered at Galveston, Tex. Ashbrook, Benjamin - Covington, Ky. Tandy Pryor Camp No. July 24, to Co. Texas State troops, July 27, ; rapidly promoted to rank of 1st Lieut. Askew - Austin, Tex. Enlisted as a private July 27, , in the volunteer cavalry, Texas State Troops.

Rapidly promoted to staff positions in regiment and brigade and as Adjutant of a battalion of eight companies, with rank of First Lieutenant of Cavalry, in which rank he was retained through successive changes of service - viz. June 17, ; e. August 10, ; Serg. Atkison, Marsh - Paducah, Ky. April 16, ; Capt. Morgan at Corinth, Miss. Breckinridge; served to close of war; Lieut. March 15, ; 1st Lieut. May 23, , e.

March 13, ; e. Baber, William - Richmond, Ray Co. May 23, ; Com. May 18, ; e. Delaware, June 17, ; m. June 11, ; e. Bailey, Pleasant - Putnam Co. Elmira, May 15, ; m. Bailic, George Alexander, Augusta, Ga. April 6, ; served 6 months in Ga. State Troops in ; Lieut. June 1, ; e. Baker, Laurence Simmons - Brig. May 15, ; Lieut. Tom Smith Camp No. April, ; 1st Lieut. Baker, Raborn - Lexington, Ky. July 21, ; e. April 25, ; Commissary Independent Co. Commissary General, Mouton's Div. June 9, ; m. Ballantine, William Duncan - Fernandina, Fla. Florida State service fall of ; Confed. May 14, ; pr.

D, Hobby's 8th Tex. Ben McCulloch Camp No. Peter Bramblett Camp No. Barbour, Frank Snowden - Louisville, Ky. I, 17th Texas Inft. Military Institute; then in Army of Tenn. Bard - Bushyhead, Okla. In attended the Georgia Military Institute at Marietta for a short term, after which he served in Army of Tennessee. Disbanded near Augusta, Ga. March 26, ; Serg. Lee and Pettus; m. Barker, William - Sharpsburg, Ky. Mounted Rifles and Bryan's Art. Barksdale, Allen - Ruston, La. April 14, ; e. April 14, ; pr.

Barksdale, Joe - McKenzie, Tenn. April 28, ; e. Barnett, Albert Augustus - Washington, Ga. July 5th, ; e. June 17th, ; pr. Mammoth Cave Camp No. April 16th, ; e. G, 4th Texas Inf. May 5, ; e. May 15, ; e. Mounted Rifles; served until regiment was disbanded; Com. Mounted Rifles; on staff of Gen.

July 28, ; e. Kolbs Battery; served until close of war; m. June 26, ; e. July 22, ; e. April, ; was in Mo. State service 6 mo. July 7, ; e. Reserves was on duty at Andersonville, Ga. July 3, ; Adjt. Warren Grigsby Camp No. Bayse, Elijah - Louisville, Ky. March 19, ; e. Cadets; served, to close of war; m. Beam, Jesse - Lawrenceville, Ga.

Beard, Richard - Murfreesboro, Tenn. May 20, ; pr. E, 5th Confederate Regt. April 9, ; Commander John H. Bedford, Harry - Music, Ky. April 10, ; e.

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  • Beeson, James - Hytop, Ala. July 12, ; pa. April 9, ; m. Partisan Rangers, subsequently 6th Ga. May 4, ; Com. John Pelham Camp No. Bell, John Henry - Midway, Ky. July 17, ; pr. Bell, William - Anniston, Ala. April 1, ; e. Ripley; served to close of war; Adjt. April 10, ; pr. Mortimer Murray, Louisville, Ky. Confederate Navy as 1st Lieut.

    Berry, Anderson - Lexington, Ky. Berry - Oklahoma City, Okla. Was captured thirteen times.

    Escaped six times on way to prison, seven times from prisons; on two occasions while under sentence of death, and once just fifteen minutes before he was to have been executed. Was wounded twenty-six times, three of which were saber cuts, and two bayonet. Now carries in his body two bullets.

    Berry, James Henderson - Bentonville, Ark. Berry, Robert - Lexington, Ky. Basil Duke; first in Desha's Co. June to Sig. Raphael Semmes Camp No. August 19, ; e. May 5, ; pr. March 29, ; e. Biggs, John - Lexington, Ky. Bigstaff, Samuel - Fort Thomas, Ky. June 8, ; pr. Douglas' Battery, Army of Tenn. Bird, James William - Louisville, Ky. March 3, ; e. April, ; non-commissioned officer 2d Ga. Bird, Williamson - Monroe, Ga. May 22, ; e. Military Institute fall of , reported early in ; served as a pr. Ewell, and on picket line, between Grant's Army and Richmond; c. July 4, ; pr.

    May 31, ; again re-enlisted as Capt. Black, Frank - McKenzie, Tenn. Blackburn, Elley - Georgetown, Ky. Preston, 2 years, then in command of Co. Blackburn, James - Spring Station, Ky. April 30, ; e. May, ; prisoner at Camp Chase to Feb. June 6, ; pr. State Guards; served about 5 months, when the State Guards were abandoned; Com. Lee; died April 10, Blakely - New Orleans, La. Went to sea at the age of 15 and left ship in New Orleans.

    Lost right eye at "Second Manassas" August, After close of war entered hotel business as cashier in Old St. Was connected with leading hotels of the country until the completion of the New St. Charles Hotel, when he leased it, and was in charge of it at the time of his death. Colonel on staff of Commander-in-Chief, U. Died April 10, April 13, ; e. August 9, at Marshall, Tex. May 1, ; Chaplain 54th Va.

    Thomas Collins Camp No. April 19, ; pr. Bliss, James - Lexington, Ky. Buckner's Guards, Buckner's Div. April 17, ; e. July 26, ; e. March 18, ; pr. Spring of ; pr. Gladden's Brigade, Bragg's Corps; m. Boddeker, Joe - Galveston, Tex. Navy; served to close of war; m. Longstreet's Corps; served to close of war; Adjt.

    Confederate Veterans and Their War Records

    July 1, ; pr. Chief of Artillery by Gen. Bohon - Danville, Ky. Was exchanged in March, , and surrendered with his regiment at Mt. Also received the Cross of Honor at the hands of the U. Is a member of Robt. Bolling, Stith - Petersburg, Va. March 18, ; e. March 20, ; Corp. Ben Baker Camp No. May 4, ; e. May 1, ; m. May 22, ; 1st Lieut. D, 1st Maryland Inft. Bosworth, Squire Newton - Beverly, Va. March 22, ; e. March 7, ; pr.

    Boulden, John Wilkerson - Maysville, Ky. Bourne, Edward - Memphis, Tenn. June 23, ; e. May 20, ; Lieut. Stonewall Jackson Camp N. April 24, ; Capt. April 2, ; served to May 2, ; Capt. Bowles, Robert Samuel - Brooklyn, N. July 10, ; as pr. Boyd, John - b. Buckner Guard, Cleburn's Div; s.

    Boyd, John William - Cynthiana, Ky. July 1, ; e. Camp Ben Desha No. April 2, ; e. Johnston's Army; promoted Capt. Bozeman - Hawkinsville, Ga. Entered Confederate Service April 20, Promoted Captain for bravery at Bentonville, N. Surrendered at Greensboro, N. Colonel and Aid on staff of General Commanding. Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, Va. July 12, ; e. April 23, ; e. July 19, ; pr. March 4, ; e. Bradley, Oliver Lee - Lexington, Ky. July 20, ; e. Brantley, James Harris - Tennville, Ga. July 13, ; 1st Lieut. July 17, ; Col. Morgan; with the Cav.

    Joseph Wheeler to close of war; s. Magruder, May 9; Maj. Richard Taylor in La. March 28, ; e. June 12, ; pr. Brigade since its organization. Broaddus, Andrew - Louisville, Ky. Brooks, Samuel David - Louisville, Ky. March 16, ; e. Hampton's Legion, afterwards elected Lieut. Sterling May 1, ; m. Brown, Alford - Hillsboro, Tex. April 5, ; e. Brown, Charles - Red Lich. May 12, ; pr. May 16, ; pr. Brown, Henry Clay - Hawkinsville, Ga. Morgan - Tennville, Ga. Thompson - Richmond, Va. Thompson Brown - Richmond, Va. When it disbanded in re-enlisted in artillery.

    Promoted to Captain of "Parker's Battery. Served to end of the war. Is a member of R. Commander Virginia Division, U. Dealer in real estate. May 9, ; pr. Forrest and Wheeler; served to close of war. Entered the Confederate service at Petersburg, Va. Wounded September 14, , at Crampton's Gap, Md. Remained in service to February, April ; 2d Lieut. April 12, ; e. April 23, ; pr. D; served 1 year; m. May 20, ; e. April 19, ; Adj. Regulars; served until surrender, April 26, ; Com. April 15 ; e. April ; promoted Capt. Morgan's command; was in Rock Island prison at close of war; m.

    March 20, ; pr. A, Palmetto Sharpshooters, Jenkins' Brig. June 24, ; Com. Joe Shelby Camp No. Buchanan, Henry - Hickman, Ky. May, ; 1st Lieut. April 11, ; Capt. May 1, ; e. Buice, George Lamb - Charleston, S. Palmetto Guards; then Maj. Palmetto Guard Camp No. May 24, ; e. Bullitt, Neville - Louisville, Ky.

    Morgan's Command; served to close of war; m. April 6, ; e. May 8, e. Bullock, Robert - Ocala, Fla. Smith, Bragg, Johnston and Hood; served to end of war; m. Bunch, John Wesley - Lexington, Ky. June 10, ; pr. Lee's Div; served to close of war; pa. Forrest at Gainesville, Ala. Entered Confederate service June, Surrendered age 16 under General Forrest at Gainesville, Ala. Adjutant Sam Davis Camp No.

    While there Adjutant Jno. Lieutenant Colonel on Staff of Lieut. July 20, ; pr. Nash County Camp No. Bunn, Henry Gaston - Eldorado, Ark. June 12, ; e. Burgwyn, Harry King - b. Camp Instruction near Raleigh, N. Promoted Colonel August, , vice Col. Killed July 1, , in the assault on Seminary Ridge, Gettysburg, in which engagement it is said this regiment lost 90 per cent of its force.

    Fell enveloped in the flag of his regiment, which he was carrying. In his remains were removed and reinterred in the Soldiers' Cemetery at Raleigh, N. Later made Lieutenant of Company H, 35th N. After Battle of Fredericksburg promoted to Captain. Severely wounded at Cold Harbor, May 31, Taken prisoner at Fort Harrison and in prison till spring of March 24, ; e.

    Martin; served 3 years; m. Burnett, Pleasant - Middlesboro, Ky. March 10, ; e. Congress; served until close of war. July 10, ; e. April 17, ; 1st Serg. Freeman; in June , enlisted in Co. March 20, ; released from prison June, ; m. May 19, ; e. May 8, ; e. April, ; Drummer in Wright's Brig. March 8, ; e. Joe Johnston's Army at the surrender at Greensboro, N.

    Byar, John - Augusta, Ky. March 26, ; e. Johnston, May 1, ; m. Spring of ; Serg. Byins, George Samuel - Lexington, Ky. Byrd, William Leander, Ada, Ind. March 25, ; pr. Byrnes, Robert Kay - Lexington, Ky. Corps; Army of Tenn.

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    April 2, , a few days before close of war; m. April 21, ; Brig. March 4, ; commanded Dept. William Lewis Cabell, C. Major Quartermaster's Department , C. Brigadier General March 4, Commanded Department of White River, Ark. Died February 22, April 1, , Co. March 27, ; e. Cagle, James Pink - Ackerman, Miss. April 25, ; e. Longstreet's Corps; commanded Co. Delaware; released June 24, ; Adjt. Caldwell, Anthony Wane - b. May 16, ; Capt. Caldwell, James - Newport, Ky.


    Kirby Smith Camp No. Calfee, White - Bozeman, Mont. June, ; Color Bearer, 2d Ark. State Troops, under Gen. In response to the attack, many Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians joined the Dog Soldiers and mobilized war parties to attack white settlements and military outposts throughout Colorado. On January 7, , a war band consisting of warriors surprised and attacked Camp Rankin , at present-day Julesburg, Colorado, killing numerous soldiers and civilian volunteers.

    The Indians also focused their attacks on the ranching business in Colorado. They raided isolated ranches , farms and cattle drives in the territory in order to gather resources such as horses. Bill was harassed and tortured after being captured and his wife was abducted. Another attack took place the following day, January 15, , at the Godfrey Ranch near present-day Merino.

    The ranch, owned by Holon Godfrey, was attacked by a band of Lakota and Cheyenne warriors. Godfrey, his family, and his ranch hands were prepared and fortified their ranch for the attack. When the Indian warriors attacked the ranch, they were met by gunfire from the cowboys stationed inside. The battle lasted from night until morning, during which the Indians unsuccessfully tried to burn down the house with flaming arrows.

    By morning the Indians left, taking Godfrey's horses and cattle with them. Godfrey claimed that the Indians left the bodies of 17 of their dead comrades there that morning. Godfrey's ranch was one of the few ranches to survive the January attacks and after the raid, Godfrey painted and placed a sign bearing the ranch's new name, Fort Wicked , on the gate. The Arapaho, who were largely non-hostile throughout the war, were forced to give up their last territory within the State of Colorado, as were the Kiowa and Comanche. The tribes were forced to Indian territory in present-day Oklahoma.

    As a result, the only Native American presence remaining in the state was the Utes, regarding whom the U.

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    Army operations during the war were conducted largely out of Fort Laramie , the regional headquarters of the Army. In the fall of the fort was commanded by Lt. Collins of the 11th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Upon the initial relocation of the stage and emigrant routes southward to Colorado, relations were relatively peaceful between the U.

    The mountains just to the west were the firm possession of the Utes, who were descendant of the Uto-Aztecan people who had occupied the area for over a millennium. The Army established Camp Collins , named for the Fort Laramie commander, on the banks of the Poudre near present-day Laporte in early After a devastating flood in June, the Army relocated their camp southeast to high ground on the Poudre at present-day Fort Collins.

    The camp was initially occupied by the 11th Ohio Volunteers, and later by elements of the Kansas Volunteers, both of which were shifted to other duties. The Colorado Volunteers later occupied the post and would see much action in the southeastern areas of the state. The attacks on the stage routes led to a general hostility among the whites in the new Colorado Territory against all Native American presence, no matter how cooperative and benign.

    The participation of the U. Army in the war came to be seen as particularly brutal, forcing the Congress to take an official position condemning the actions of Colonel John Chivington of the Colorado Volunteers. Initial reports in the Rocky Mountain News had hailed Chivington as a great hero. Later more accurate accounts of the battle by survivors on the Cheyenne-Arapaho side reached the U. The evidence was enough to force Congress to hold hearings on the brutality in the spring of The Native American version was corroborated by a white Indian agent who survived the battle, whose testimony was printed in the Congressional Review as one of the most critical pieces of such testimony entered into the public record.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Black Kettle is second from left in the front row. Date — Location Colorado , Wyoming , Nebraska. Archaeological Institute of America. Retrieved February 8, University of Oklahoma Press. Encyclopedia of Indian Wars: Western Battles and Skirmishes, Mountain Press Publishing Company August 10, Fort Carson Camp Carson.

    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864
    Collins Camp- Sept.1864 Collins Camp- Sept.1864

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