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He will have to release all his animal instincts, before giving her the ultimate love bite. This romance contains sexy shape-shifters and sensual love scenes that may offend some readers. Fire retardant underwear required. The first book in the Phantom Warriors series, Bacchus grabs your attention on page one with some sizzling sex that's sure to burn the sheets, it's so hot.

Summers quickly whisks you away to planet Zaron, to earth, then back to Zaron once again without you realizing you've left the couch. This is an enjoyable story that promises to be the first in a series of Phantom men finding their mates on planet earth. Bacchus's strong domineering nature is offset by his deep feelings for Carrie; while Carrie's past pain makes her a perfect candidate for Bacchus' tender touch.

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Their sex is arousing, explosive and sure to send anyone to their knees. The story's pace is quick from beginning to end without a sag in sight, which kept me easily engrossed in Bacchus and Carrie's world. I eagerly await any follow up books from Ms. I'm still trying to settle down so I can give an intelligent review of this sssensational story of a shifter with the forked tongue and a domination complex. In this new series by Jordan Summers, she introduces us to another alien clan that looks to be hotter than her Atlantean race of people.

Bacchus is a male with extraordinary powers who is unafraid to use them when it comes to getting what he wants, which happens to be Carrie. This book is sweltering and just what you need to get the blood flowing and tingling. She is a member of Novelist Inc. Phantom Warriors , Book 1 Category: Writing was passable; editing could use a little work.

Jul 12, Ren rated it did not like it Shelves: Ummm, why I read this? At last when you read erotica, you can't hope to find an interesting story to keep you reading. So why I read this until finish? Well, this novella is short and it just a guilty pleasures after all ,then I don't like the idea of this book. Reptilian-vampire alien, red sperm yikes!! May 05, Sarah rated it it was amazing. I almost didn't read this book because of the bad reviews let me just say it's not beastiality granted they do watch dogs mate and get turned on but the main people are not animals having sex well the hero is reptilian forked tongue red silted eyes three hearts but I liked this book it was erotica lots of sex voyeurism omg sexxxxxxxy enjoy.

Wasn't bad This story wasn't too bad. I liked the snake alien theme. You don't see that too often. A little steamy in parts. Just a little too short. Bacchus lives on a planet where they have a shortage of women. He was given a mission to find a planet that has females that they can mate with.

He is drawn to her and he has to find her. He has a feeling that she is his mate. Jill studied Reptiles in colleg Bacchus lives on a planet where they have a shortage of women. Jill studied Reptiles in college but that is not what she does for her work. She does dog training classes and dog breeding for the owners. When a man shows up claiming to know her ex he reluctantly spends time with him. She finds herself very attracted to him, extremely so and finds it a little odd.

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Bacchus only has a short amount of time to find out if Jill is his mate and convince her to go to his planet with him. In order to find out if she is his mate he has to put her through a series of tests that she doesn't know about. One of them is giving her his other form also which is a Reptile. Will Bacchus be successful or will Jill decide she wants to stay on earth. I thought that this was a good book. I found one part in particular while Jill was breeding some dogs a bit weird and disturbing , which is why I gave a 4 star review. Most shifter books deal with the usual shifters, wolves, cats, bears, etc So for this one to have a Reptilian shifter was definitely different.

As I was reading some of the other reviews for this book I seen a lot of poor reviews and everyone has their own opinion but keep in mind that this is a short story and it and the characters will not be as well developed as a longer Novel. I would definitely recommend reading this but I do hope that you keep in mind that again it is a short story and with it having a reptilian shifter it is different on many levels.

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I will be reading more from this author. Apr 05, Samantha Woods rated it really liked it. Sep 18, Patricia Eddy rated it really liked it. The Phantom Warriors series of books has some issues. It's not the best written series or the most women's lib series out there. Don't get me wrong The The Phantom Warriors series of books has some issues.

These are candy books. You know they aren't the best thing for you, but you can't put them down. You'll stay up late into the night reading and you'll move from one book to the next so you can find out what happens to each of these warriors. My biggest complaint was that every book used the same exact language. Was the language bad? But when you buy these books as a boxed set and then you read seven of them in a row, you're going to get a little This is where a good, solid edit could come in handy.

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But that said, the sex is hot, the warriors strong and completely and utterly protective of their mates, and the women have their own distinct personalities. All in all, a nice way to pass the evening, even if they might not quite be worth losing sleep over. Sep 10, L. Miller rated it liked it. I read this book and the rest of the series before reading her Atlantean series.

Not necessary to read that series first but will help later when characters are mentioned. Overall it was a good book, one that can be read in a day, great beach book. Is the story plausible, no, but that's why its called fantasy. Kept my interest enough for me to read the rest of the series.

Fun Sexy Read nice easy short read a bit predictable, would have been better with a bit more character development and story details but sweet and romantic. I'd definitely recommend it to others. Jan 03, Djg rated it liked it Shelves: Bacchus by Jordan Summers I wish is was a little longer. After reading the newer re-edited edition I went back and read this and I can appreciate more. It's sexier and after all it is erotica.

Still not crazy about the reptile aspect but I can over look it.

Bacchus (Phantom Warriors, #1) by Jordan Summers

Feb 01, Leanne rated it it was amazing. I was really surprised by this book. It was so much more than I was expecting. I loved the chemistry between these two. There was so much sexual tension and anticipation that I felt like my kindle would blow up. The whole series is like this. Jordan Summers still rocks! Jan 16, Jeanine rated it did not like it Shelves: What would bumping uglies with a reptile be called?

The forked tongue is just one of the things that grossed me out to such a degree I couldn't come near finishing the book. Sep 02, Kyra Dunst rated it liked it.

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After reading hundreds of vampire and shifter romances, it was a little startling to read one with a snake hybrid. I'm still not too sure about the whole snake alpha male, but the writing was good and the romance was decent. I would read more from this author. Jul 21, Vanessa Derrett rated it it was amazing.

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This was a Good book but I felt it could have been bigger.. I read the whole book in an hr. Oct 14, Lori rated it it was ok. Quick reads for the series and sort of the same story with different characters.. Okay premise, but there were some problems. There were a few continuation errors in the story which took me out of the story. Mar 10, Amy Kuklis rated it really liked it. Delicious and straight to the point! May 16, Tricia rated it really liked it. Though it was short I actually enjoyed reading it: Now time to read the one: Mar 01, Kadensmomm rated it did not like it.

Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus
Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus
Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus
Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus
Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus Phantom Warriors 1: Bacchus

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