Riding the Florida Time Line

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Board of Commissioners of State Institutions created. Second state seal adopted. Florida played a decisive role in the controversial presidential election between Samuel Tilden and Rutherford Hayes. Florida was one of three states with disputed elector votes. After much political maneuvering, which led in large part to the end of Federal Reconstruction, Hayes was elected president. Hullam Jones constructs Florida's first glass-bottom boat, at Silver Springs. New state constitution ; replaced the constitution.

Served as framework for government until State Board of Health created, in response to the recent yellow fever outbreak. Thousands of soldiers and other who entered the state during the war returned afterwards as permanent residents. James Weldon Johnson and J. Everglades drainage begins, undertaken to create more farmland.

The Buckman Act consolidated and reorganized the seven state supported institutions of higher learning into three institutions, segregated by gender and race. Dreier became the first women in Florida and the South to vote in a local election, which was cast on 19 June in Fellsmere. Sydney Catts successfully campaigns for governor on the Prohibition ticket. Out-going governor Park Trammell was elected to the U. From , Florida was the scene of training for World War I fighting men, particularly aviators, as weather permitted year-round activity.

The World War I service cards provide the name; age; serial number; race; place of birth; and residence; for service men and women who were either from Florida or who entered service in Florida.

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Leasing of state convicts to timber companies and other interests was abolished as a result of the death of a prisoner in a private camp. Racial violence leads to the destruction of the town of Rosewood , a predominantly African American community.

Nathan Mayo elected Commissioner of Agriculture; becomes Florida's longest serving public servant 37 years - died in office in State Livestock Board created; begins mandatory cattle dipping for ticks. State Library Board created. Thrusts Florida into an economic depression. The University of Miami enrolled its first class. State Board of Public Welfare created in response to depression. Florida Forestry Service created to control fires and promote timber growth. Another hurricane struck South Florida.

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Effectively ends the land boom. Mediterranean Citrus fruit fly discovered; results in massive loss of citrus crops. Bok Tower opens in Lake Wales; begins golden age of roadside attractions. Dave Sholtz inaugurated as governor. Board of State Conservation created. Start of construction of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal. Florida Park Service created. Florida Citrus Commission created. Senators, Duncan Fletcher and Park Trammell, pass away. They are replaced through special elections by Claude Pepper and Charles Andrews , respectively.

On June 1, Amelia Earhart took off from Miami on the first over water leg of a round-the-world flight. She and her navigator disappeared over the Pacific on July 2. State Welfare Board created. Marineland opens as a tourist attraction and movie studio. Spessard Holland inaugurated as governor; later elected U. Florida is an important location for the training of American soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Fishermen discover the agents, who were then captured by the FBI. Truman begins visiting Key West for rest and relaxation. The house he stayed in becomes known as the "Little White House" and is used by subsequent presidents as well.

Everglades National Park established.


Florida History Timeline

Weeki Wachee Springs amusement park opened. Supreme Court ruled in the Brown v. Board of Education case that school segregation was unconstitutional. Many in the State of Florida resisted the decision, prolonging desegregation until well into the early seventies.

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One of the first public protests in what became known as the Civil Rights movement , eventually comprising numerous demonstrations and protests throughout the state to end racial segregation in places such as stores, schools, theaters, and public beaches. Legislature passes an interposition HCR to reject Brown v. Board of Education decision by the U. Supreme Court; rejected by Governor Leroy Collins. Civil War Centennial Commission created. The name was changed back in Claude Kirk elected Florida's first Republican governor since Reconstruction. Complete revision of the state constitution , which consolidated the numerous boards and commissions into more streamlined Departments and Divisions, such as Departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Regulation, Education, State, Agriculture, Commerce, and Transportation.

Four days later Armstrong advised the Earth: Roxcy Bolton successfully challenged the practice that many restaurants had of keeping a separate "men only" section. Both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominating conventions are held in Miami. The Miami Dolphins play a perfect season, winning every game they played that year, including the Super Bowl.

Bob Graham elected governor; in he was elected U. Old Capitol saved from destruction; opens as museum in Florida's first execution since the U. Supreme Court ruling allowing them to resume. Mariel boat lift ; increase in Cuban immigration to Florida.

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Florida News Service begins in Tallahassee. New state seal created to correct inaccuracies dating back to Space shuttle Challenger exploded over Cape Canaveral shortly after take-off. Halted the NASA shuttle program for several years. Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida on 24 August, with the town of Homestead suffering the worst damages.

At the time, it was the costliest disaster in U. Attorney General by President Bill Clinton. Bush, Jeb Bush , elected governor. Voters passed constitutional amendment to shrink the Executive Cabinet to four elected officers: Presidential election crisis; focus settles upon Florida's courts and voting ballots. Florida's history is your history. Timeline This timeline places selected documents and pages from the Florida Memory Project in the context of Florida history.

Florida History Timeline

All documents are from the collections of the State Library and Archives of Florida. Petersburg Times debuts as a weekly. Rollins College was founded. Tamiami Trail opens in South Florida. Claude Neal lynched in Marianna; creates nation-wide outcry. Cypress Gardens opens in Winter Haven. Fred Cone inaugurated as governor. The State legislature ended the poll tax. Chipola College in Marianna opened.

Seminole tribe of Florida formed as a political entity. Florida International University in Miami begins operations. Florida is the scene of the nation's first statewide teachers' strike. University of North Florida opens. Florida State Archives created. Population 6,, white 5,,, nonwhite 1,, TV show Miami Vice became a cultural phenomenon.

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The Florida Memory Project. Sign Up Thanks for signing up! Exhibits Significant Documents Florida Maps: Team Friendship will provide transportation from Key West to Miami on the morning following the end of the ride Tuesday morning. Cyclists will share a room with another Bike 4 Friendship member. All room requests and hotel accommodations must be submitted by February 1, so that Team Friendship will be able to best honor them.

Cyclists are responsible for their transportation to the Miami area and shipping their bike, if necessary.

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Welcome and Information Session. Bike 4 Friendship Kickoff. Cycle from Miami to Key Largo. Hotel Check in Playa Largo. Post Ride Recovery Meal. Afternoon and Evening Services. Day 2 Info Session. Bike 4 Friendship Kickoff Day 2.

Riding the Florida Time Line Riding the Florida Time Line
Riding the Florida Time Line Riding the Florida Time Line
Riding the Florida Time Line Riding the Florida Time Line
Riding the Florida Time Line Riding the Florida Time Line
Riding the Florida Time Line Riding the Florida Time Line

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