The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2

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Tensions abound, including sexual tensions. Release from these tensions, and from the boredom of prison life, is often found in the consumption of drugs or in sex.

Killed to order: how China harvests body parts on Death Row

The use of contaminated injecting equipment when using drugs is one of the primary routes of HIV transmission in prisons. Many prisoners begin injecting drugs for the first time in prison. Within prisons it is difficult to obtain clean injecting equipment. Possessing a needle is often a punishable offence and therefore many people share equipment that has not been sterilised between uses.

There are a lot of people who come in, and haven't done drugs before who become addicted inside and come out with a HIV or hepatitis C infection. I saw a young guy who came in on a month sentence, became addicted to drugs and contracted HIV. He ended up hanging himself in his cell. If they had needle exchanges in institutions a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of people's lives. So many people have become infected from one dirty needle.

I was shocked to learn that drug injection in…prison was worse than on the streets of Gatchina, where I lived.

List of Prisoner characters – inmates - Wikipedia

The guards helped supply drugs and prison leaders made sure we remained addicted. Many of us paid with our lives. Some guys overdosed, others became HIV-infected like me and tuberculosis finished off the rest of us.

Assessing the Adequacy of Linkage to Care

Even though all of us were sick, seeing a doctor and getting care was nearly impossible. Prison populations consist mainly of 19 to 35 years old men - a segment of the population that is at higher risk of HIV infection prior to entering prison. What is known is that incarceration disrupts stable partnerships and prisoners face the risk of forming new and sometimes coercive sexual partnerships with several individuals in contexts where access to condoms and lubricants are extremely limited.

Even in countries where condoms are available, access is still problematic. Similarly, most prisons in the UK only provide condoms when prescribed by a doctor and will refer to section 74 of the Sexual Offences Act , which prohibits sexual activity in a 'public place'. A report by the Prison Reform Trust and the National AIDS Trust found that different UK prisons interpret the guidance on condoms differently so, while they are easily accessible in some prisons, in others they are difficult or impossible to access.

Additionally, prisoners often feel inhibited from asking for condoms because of lack of confidentiality. Prisoners often have to make an appointment in order to get condoms, which can have an impact on their right to confidentiality about their sexuality or HIV status. When this is the case, uptake is generally low.

Sexual activities are often forbidden in prisons, with some believing the provision of condoms condones such behaviour and potentially leads to an increase in such activities. However, various studies have found this is not the case. For example, a Australian study of prisons in New South Wales, where condoms are freely distributed, and Queensland, where they are not, found no evidence that condom provision increased consensual or non-consensual sexual activity in prison.

However, they did find evidence that, where condoms were available they were being used by prisoners engaging in anal sex. Indeed, prisons that have implemented condom programmes to date have not reversed their policies. Now condoms are hard to come by in prison. As I went down to the medical quarters twice a day to get my medication , I used to ask there. But I was rationed to one a day I was told that if I took the dirty condom back - to prove it had been used — they would give me more But even taking dirty condoms back didn't always guarantee fresh supplies.


While most sex in prisons is consensual, rape and sexual abuse is used to exercise dominance over other inmates. Allegations of sexual abuse in US prisons are increasing according to a Department of Justice study. Prosecution for crimes committed by staff is extremely rare. Over three quarters of staff responsible for sexual misconduct were allowed to resign before an investigation concluded or were dismissed.

Welcome to the world's nicest prison

The US government has warned states that they may lose some federal funding if they do not take steps to detect and reduce sexual assaults of prisoners. Women prisoners are also vulnerable to sexual assault, including rape by both male prisoners and male prison staff. They are also at risk of sexual exploitation and may engage in sex for the exchange of goods. Transgender people confront high rates of unemployment, homelessness, and marginalisation, which often force them to work in the underground economy, including sex work.

In the USA, one in six transgender people report a history of incarceration; and nearly half of African American transgender women have been incarcerated. During my incarcerations I witnessed innocence, vibrancy and youth snatched from countless transgender women of color, especially HIV positive women. At least eight of my friends probably became infected in jail. Once released, they had to engage in sex work outside to survive, just as in jail. None of them lived to the age of I live with the trauma of this experience daily. Tattooing is still commonplace among prisoners.

It usually involves multiple skin punctures with recycled, sharpened, and altered implements including staples, paper clips and plastic ink tubes found inside ballpoint pens. Episodes Theme song Home video.


Cast members Inmates Prison staff Background prison officers Miscellaneous characters. Retrieved from " https: Lists of Prisoner TV series characters.

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Use Australian English from April All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. But officials here maintain that their methods do make a difference, and they follow it up with post-release programs. The aim of Bastoy is not to punish or seek revenge, Nilsen said.

The only punishment is to take away the prisoner's right to be a free member of society. Jan Petter Vala is serving part of a year murder sentence on a posh island in southern Norway. To understand Norway's pleasant-prison philosophy, first you have to get a sense of how life at a cushy, low-security prison like Bastoy actually plays out. There are few rules here. Prisoners can have TVs in their rooms, provided they bring them from "outside" when they're sentenced. They wear whatever clothes they want: One man had a sweater with pink-and-gray horizontal stripes, but that's as close as it got to the jailbird look.

Even guards aren't dressed in uniform, which makes conducting interviews tricky. It's impossible to tell an officer from a drug trafficker. Everyone at Bastoy has a job, and prisoners must report to work from 8: Some people garden; others farm. Some chop down trees and slice them into firewood It's hard not to think about the wood chipper scene in "Fargo" when you see inmates filleting tree trunks with an enormous circular saw.

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Others tend to a team of horses, which are used to cart wood and supplies from one part of the island to another. Everyone moves about freely during these tasks. Guards are sometimes present, sometimes not. No one wears shackles or electronic monitoring bracelets. The idea is for prison to function like a small, self-sustaining village. For their work, inmates are paid. They can save that money or spend it on odds and ends in a local shop. Kitchen workers -- that's another inmate job -- serve Bastoy residents dinner each day.

For breakfast and lunch, inmates use their stipend to make purchases in the local shop and then cook for themselves at home. Many live in small houses that have full kitchens.

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  6. Others have access to shared cooking space. The goal, Nilsen said, is to create an environment where people can build self-esteem and reform their lives. I am nothing,' " he said. This prison, he says, gives them a chance to see they have worth, "to discover, 'I'm not such a bad guy. In locked-down prisons, inmates are treated "like animals or robots," he said, moving from one planned station to the next, with no choice in the matter.

    Here, inmates are forced to make choices -- to learn how to be better people. Kjell Amundsen, a year-old who said he is in jail for a white-collar financial crime, was terrified when he rode the minute ferry from the mainland out to Bastoy. On a recent afternoon, he was sweeping up in a plant nursery while John Lennon's "Imagine" played on the radio.

    He plans to keep up the task after his sentence ends. Some prisoners get schooling in a yellow Bavarian-style building near the center of the island. On a recent afternoon, three young men were learning to use computer programs to create 3-D models of cars. All expressed interest in doing this sort of work after their prison terms end. Bastoy Prison functions like a small village.

    Everyone has a job, including chopping firewood.

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    Tom Remi Berg, a year-old who said he is in prison for the third time after getting into a bar fight and beating a man nearly to death, said he is finally learning his lesson at Bastoy. He works in the kitchen and is seeking training to become a chef when he's released.

    He also plays in the prison blues band -- Guilty as Hell -- and lives with his bandmates. The prisoners are required to check in several times a day so guards can make sure they're still on the island. Prisoners have tried to escape in the past. One swam halfway across the channel and became stranded on a buoy and screamed for rescuers to help, prison officials said.

    Another made it across the channel by stealing a boat but was caught on the other side. Many, however, don't want to leave. If they tried and failed, they would be forced to go to a higher-security prison and could have their sentences extended. When inmates come to his island jail, Nilsen, the governor, gives them a little talk.

    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2
    The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2 The Rich Prisoner - Parts 1 & 2

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