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Tue, 15 Aug 4 comments Suzanne Kraft collaborates with D. Fri, 05 Aug 4 comments L. Mon, 13 Jun Adjust slider to filter visible comments by rank. Fascinating; the application of speckle interferometry to photography in real time. If they can do it with natural light, this will be a major advance in optics.

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They tried speckle interferometry on seeing the surfaces of stars in the s. It was a bust.

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They produced some fanciful images. Had it not been a flop, it would have been refined today to the point where the largest, closest star surfaces would be somewhat detailed.

Also, why, if this technology is remotely refined would it take a decade to migrate into the visible region? Had it not been a flop, it would have been refined today to the point where the largest, closest star surfaces would be somewhat detailed No. Speckle interferometry can only get you up to the diffraction limit of the telescope.

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It works but very few stars are resolved at that low resolution. Optical intereferometers can achieve resolutions up to 30 times higher and even they don't produce very detailed images of the surfaces of stars, again because stars are small. It's been widely eclipsed by adaptive optics.

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It's a very limited technique in astronomy but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Actually, amateur astronomers have re-discovered one technique for speckle imaging: A lot of planetary enthusiasts use this, because planets are nice bright targets amenable to very short exposures. There are people out there getting some amazing images with webcams and fairly cheap small telescopes using this technique.

The computer power would probably be about the same as a new smart phone. Read more Click here to reset your password. Sign in to get notified via email when new comments are made.

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Using technological imagery as their point of departure, the artists here propose unstable positions that question and subvert the photographic construction of visual power. Many of the resulting forms are recognizable, some not, but all carry with them a mark of familiarity that is difficult to shake free. These images focus on the oil refineries of Louisiana, transforming ubiquitous yet forbidden landmarks into ghostly, mysterious constellations of light. For the installation Proposed Vortex Mamou uses photographic practices to explore the visual appropriation of metaphysical space by those that would use it to fulfill their own spiritual desires.

In After Candide Mattingly photographs tourist activities then digitally combines them with collected images of disaster sites masquerading as industrial landscapes. Southworth is another story, so to speak. In The Deep Empty scheduled for January , an installation produced for this show, he brings together many places by using his body as material to transform pages from the popular magazine National Geographic into a grotto-like installation.

For the ongoing project Landscape Acquisition Present , Wiener combines manipulated images from the history of military surveillance with radio-controlled RC drone technology to survey picturesque landscapes. Brochure design by Kloepfer-Ramsey-Kwon.

Distant Images Distant Images
Distant Images Distant Images
Distant Images Distant Images
Distant Images Distant Images
Distant Images Distant Images
Distant Images Distant Images

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