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Protégée (Freedom Bound, #1) - Dakota Lynn • BookLikes (ISBN)

The different meanings of freedom have been shaped by the nature of women's oppression, their quests given focus by their different points of departure. Convict women protested - often violently - at the indignities they endured; Aboriginal women protested at the cruelty of the frontier and the paternalism of the mission; and white middle-class women demanded the freedom to participate in the public world.

It is an essential resource for students and teachers of Australian women's history.

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Brighton-based comic artist Warren Pleece is a well-known figure amid British comic creator circles, having spent the best part of the past three decades working on titles including AD , Grant Morrison's The Invisibles , True Faith with writer Garth Ennis and DC Comics' gritty supernatural series Hellblazer. His latest project, however, is a straight period piece with great political relevance — launching this week at Edinburgh International Book Festival, Freedom Bound places slavery within the context of its little-discussed importance to Scottish society of times past.

Freedom Bound 1

I was approached to work on the book by Simon Newman at Glasgow University, who - along with his colleague, Nelson Mundell - had been working on a research project on runaway slaves in Scotland and the British Isles in the s. They were keen to widen the audience for their original research in a way that would bring to life the experiences of these forgotten people, beyond the impersonal reports and transcripts they had come across in the course of their investigations.

Luckily, I was ably assisted by Shazleen Khan on inking and colouring duties for parts one and two and by letterer Robin Jones.

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The whole project has been very much a team effort from start to finish. This strip told the story of a light-skinned journalist passing as white in the s southern US states to investigate the lynchings of innocent African Americans, what Pleece calls 'a page-turning noir fiction very much based on hard fact from that time - interestingly, many colleges and universities chose to add the original book to their English and History programme reading lists. They're also probably not aware of how many black people actually lived in Scotland and the British Isles in the 18th century too.

We've tried to tell these personal stories with the book, maybe something you can only hint at in an academic study, and I hope that reaches out to the readers.

Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)
Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)
Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)
Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)
Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)
Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)
Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1) Protégée (Freedom Bound Book 1)

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