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Out of the Darkness Killian Nicholas Langley has spent most of his life as a member of a covert team, living in the shadows, working among people who accept danger as part of their lives. When an explosion nearly took his life, he thought he'd do wel Chosen to be the ultimate secret operative, Helen Roston has become the most dangerous woman in the world. Two years of training and she's now ready for the final phase--a risky combination of virtu The Target Lily Noretski is as dangerous as she is beautiful.

She's also a sleeper in possession of a devastating weapon. Armed with a file on his target, Ree In a place where the only law is kill or be killed, passion can be deadly Now he's on the trail of a drug and arms-trafficking kingpin hiding somewhere in When the best of intentions gets Jazz arrested overseas, he couldn't be more surpr What Danger Hides in Yesterday's Shadows? Nikki Taylor is a woman with no past. All she knows is that she was a government agent, and that her last mission had gone horribly wrong.

If she plays her cards right this time, she might just win back her man and get the real treasure she's always loved and wanted. Svenni, master thief, gets the surprise of his life when he bumps into his straight fantasy man in a bar one night.

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When the six foot five hunk makes a move that he had only fantasized about for years, his world his is turned upside down in more than one way. But there is more to Martin Branson than meets the eye. In the middle of a spy game, he hadn't been able to show his feelings. Now he's finally free. And determined to get his man.

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Everyone around wants in on The Game, to be the one to find the mysterious map, but Martin is hunting for a different kind of treasure. The Best Books of The concept of chesed is an overwhelming expression of loyalty, faithfulness, and kindness that originates in God, the "initiator" and "keeper" of the covenant. He graciously extends chesed covenantal loyalty to us, and we in-turn are favored to extend that same loyalty and kindness to others. Rahab's use of chesed in verse 12 is a request that the spies, as representatives of the God of Israel extend to her and her family covenantal loyalty and kindness.

Just as she bestowed covenantal loyalty to them by hiding and lying for them, she is requesting covenantal loyalty from them. After the spies hear her confession, they immediately accept this converted prostitute into the full fellowship of the covenant community 2: It is here that the author inserts Rahab's good work! As long as the spies remain in Jericho, they remain vulnerable to being detected.

Her faith leads her to good works, helping the spies escape from their perilous location inside her house, in order that they might complete their mission. Original Implication As the original audience finished hearing the dialogue between Rahab and the spies, they would be reminded that faith is the instrument by which a person is saved. They would find Rahab's "testimony" remarkable for a person who was the very antithesis of what Israel should be morally and religiously.

Rahab had heard of the mighty acts of God and had placed her faith in that God.

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  • Her confession of faith begins with the words "I know that," a formulaic expression used more than once when a foreigner acknowledges Israelite truth e. Membership in the covenant was a result of faith and not of birthright or of keeping the Law.

    Gennita Low

    Israel, at the time of reading this story, consisted of a mixed multitude, not only in ethnicity but also within the covenant community itself. Israel had turned to the idolatry and syncretism that exemplified the nations within Canaan. She was playing the harlot. However, the story of Rahab reminded Israel anew that it was faith that brought people into God's family. She was a paradigm of hope for Israel.

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    If their God would show grace to a Canaanite harlot then His grace was readily available to those who had been unfaithful and disobedient in keeping the covenant. Modern Application The modern audience has also been informed that entrance into God's kingdom is not restricted. The Lord revealed this to the disciples at Pentecost Acts 2: God is impartial when it comes to bestowing His saving grace Acts Paul, also clearly understands God's intentions for he declares in Romans 1: This should be an exhilarating promise to those who are praying for friends and relatives.

    But it should also be a warning to those in the Church who are living a shallow and faithless life. Church attendance, tithing, baptism, etc. Each person must acknowledge Christ as Lord of his life and Him alone, as his means of salvation. The New Testament reminds us that good works accompanied Rahab's faith Heb. Faith that unites us with Christ is not dead Jam 2: Instead, it is alive and active, "working through love" Gal. Just as good works accompanied Rahab's faith, so believers today should express their love for Christ through doing what pleases Him.

    The Spies Return Safely 2: Now the pursuers had sought them all along the road, but had not found them. The conflict which crested in phase 2 rapidly unravels and dissipates within phase 3. The sequence of three waw consecutives each attached to imperfect verbs in the first four words of verse 22 vayeleku vayabo'u haharah vayeshebu reflects the hasty movement of the spies into the hill country.

    At the same time that the spies were hiding, the king's men were futilely searching for them. This is expressed by the use of the imperfect verb tense vayebaqshu "and they searched" , specifying preceding action. Once the three days had expired, the spies left for the Jordan River, but not "until" the king's men had left the area. This is distinctively noted by the use of the adverb 'ad "until" in a dependent verbal clause 'ad shabu harodephiym.

    The report of the pursuit by the king's men along the Jordan road is inserted to maintain the protection that Rahab still gives the spies. Just as she protected them from the king's soldiers in phase 2, she continues to protect them from these same men by the wisdom of her advice in this phase i. Verse 23 continues the rapid movement of the spies by means of a sequence of five waw consecutives and imperfect verbs.

    In verses , the spies had promised protection to Rahab and her family on condition of obedience. The threefold stipulations are 1 a scarlet cord must be tied to the window from which the spies escaped; 2 Rahab must gather everyone she wants to protect into her home; and 3 she must not report any information which might compromise the safety of the spies. Once Rahab agrees to these stipulations, the narrator immediately lets the audience know that the first condition was met in verse 21b, and another condition was met in verse 23 when the Spies reached Joshua, leaving the audience anticipating the fulfillment of the last requirement to be met sometime in the future.

    The author continues artistically to weave the faith and character of Rahab into these final details of the story. Original Implication As the story drew to a close, the original audience would have gained a sense of assurance of God's trustworthiness as they heard of the spies' safe yet cautious return to the west bank of the Jordan. The spies' mission from the very start had been fraught with danger.

    The narrative depicts the Cannanites resolute in their hostile and aggressive "pursuit" of the spies. They were hounded for days knowing that their capture would surely mean torture and ultimately death. Yet, despite their harrowing sortie into hostile territory, God brought them back to Joshua unharmed and their mission was accomplished.

    When this story was received by God's people, the military victory of Canaan was unfinished and possibly even thought of as unattainable. God's people needed to be reminded anew of God's goodness, and also reminded that divine guidance was predetermined always to rescue God's people from the pursuit of their enemies. Just as these spies were hunted day and night by hostile Cannanites, yet saved by the goodness and loving-kindness of Yahweh, so this original audience would be rescued from all of their enemies by the goodness and loving-kindness of Yahweh as they persevered in their mission of conquering the Promised Land.

    Modern Application Today, God's covenant people have also been given a spying mission, and we too are being pursued and hunted, not by physical Canaanites but by the "spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places" Eph. This enemy of the church schemes and works for our destruction and is likened to a cunning lion who hunts unsuspecting animals for sustenance 1 Pet. God is well aware of the forces opposing His church 1 John 3: Yet, He doesn't leave His covenant people defenseless. He grants us weapons to use in fighting these spiritual forces Eph.

    Rahab and the Spies, part 2

    We employ these weapons knowing that these spiritual forces of wickedness are too strong for us in our own power to defeat John Yes, we too are the hunted and the pursued in our responsibility of proclaiming the gospel. Yet as God's chosen ones, we are guaranteed rescue and deliverance Ps.

    Joshua receives the report 2.

    And came to Joshua the son of Nun, and they related to him all that had happened to them. The spies, after evading the king's men, faithfully report to Joshua concerning their mission. The repetition of "Joshua son of Nun" in 23b is used by the narrator to form an inclusion with verse 1, and closes the movement of the narrative. Here, as in verse 1, Joshua is depicted as the Israelite's divinely appointed authority. The narrator reinforces the main theme of the story in the spies' words to Joshua.

    Their assertion is strikingly similar to the first and third statements of Rahab's initial faith proclamation found in verse 9. The principal dissimilarity is the elimination of the independent verbal clause veki naphlah 'eymatkem 'aleynu which is located toward the middle of verse 9.

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    Rahab, the pagan prostitute who was under the ban, believed that the God of Israel had secured the Promised Land for Yahweh's people. The spies believed this too, and their repetition of Rahab's words only underscored this point. The promise of God was indeed certain Deut. Original Implication These words of Rahab excerpted by the Spies for their report to Joshua would have evoked powerful memories from their past history for the original congregation.

    First, the spies' words were the fulfillment of the prophecy found in Moses's words after God's miraculous salvation of the Israelites from Pharaoah at the Red Sea Ex. And secondly, the faithful report of the two Spies diverges strikingly with the faithless majority report of the twelve men who explored Canaan under Moses Num. These concluding words by the Spies would motivate, encourage and exhort this particular Israelite audience to go forward boldly and finish the conquest of the Promised Land.

    The days since the inaugural victories of Joshua might possibly have left the people shrouded in doubt and dispirited because Canaan was not completely subdued. These concluding words would passionately reinforce that what God had promised earlier in their history had come to fruition, and that victory was theirs if they continued in holy war. Modern Application Who of God's people today does not need encouragement and exhortation to continue with holy war initiatives? We have been called to proclaim to the nations that the kingdom of God has come Mk.

    What a wonderful message to proclaim! Yet, this message is not readily acknowledged by all, and becomes an ongoing battle Matt. Our gracious heavenly Father knows that holy war is a fatiguing duty for His church, and that our souls can become doubtful and discouraged. Since He knows our frailties so well that He furnishes us with encouragement and exhortation through His written word.


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