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When you reach the trees, turn around and come back, and this time, instead of taking the left fork of the river, look further left, in the area where you were getting Maw to eat some Gloobers. You will notice a grassy path. It splits into two, the right-most going up-hill towards a large Beetull, and the left-most going along ground level to two more Gloobers. There is nothing else for us to get along this path yet, so go back to the path's fork, and now go uphill to the large Beetull.

You'll see some large laser turrets, but don't worry; we're not going past them yet. Go across, behind the bound large Beetull, and you'll see many platforms that Frank can jump across. A couple of times during this route you'll jump and slide down a hill onto a lower-level pathway. You'll come to an area where the river flows down into waterfalls, and there's a glowing orb plant at the highest point.

Grab it with the leash and fire it at the Gastro on the opposite ledge. It will fall off into the water. Return to ground level, get Maw, and get him to eat the Gastro you just knocked into the water. Immediately to the right of where the Gastro was, there will be some trees. Some Yums will pop out when they trees are set alight. To the left of where the Gastro was, there will be some more trees. Burn them and eat the Yums that pop out. If you do not have the Deleted Scene: Brute Force DLC and in continuation, do not yet have the "Time For BBQ" achievement , at this point you will want to use Maw to go around burning all trees and plant-life that you can, as there are an enormous amount of burnable objects in this level.

Assuming you have done the Deleted Scene: Brute Force, or have followed the instructions above, you should have the following achievement, no matter which method you have used:. We can continue on. Go along the right fork of the river again, right to the end, and burn the trees there.

Two more Yums will appear. Follow the grassy path on the left side. There will be a lot of foliage, including two large sets of green trees.

Nearby, there will be some living plants. Follow the path around to get Snuffle 3. Now, finally return to the large Beetull. Free it by using Maw's flame attack on the three binding locks. After a small cutscene follow in the direction where the large Beetull went. Move along the path until you come to a clearing.

You'll now see your first Puff-tors of the game. This can be quite confusing if you don't know what to do. You may notice some of those electric creatures from the second level. Leash one with the B button, rapidly press A to tug it out of the dirt, move over to the large stone area in the middle of this clearing. Slam the electric creature onto the stone, and leave it there. One of the Puff-tors should predatorily stalk it. When it attempts to eat it, it'll slam into the stone, stunning it, allowing Maw to swallow it.

Maw will take on the ability of the Puff-tor, however, when he has the Puff-tor ability, he cannot be led by the leash to eat other Puff-tors. The solution to this is to leash the stunned Puff-tor with B button, and throw the leashed Puff-tor at Maw with the X button. He will then eat the Puff-tor this way. Maw will then grow. When we leash onto Maw in his Puff-tor form, we can press A and use the 'floaty-jump' technique, which allows us to get to much higher ledges than we normally can by jumping.

When we jump up, and we are in line with the force-field generator, press X to release the leash, and Maw will do a body slam-like move which will break the force-field generator. You should notice two breakable rock structures to the left.

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Break them with this new body slam technique. Don't forget to break the three rock structures on the ground in the area where the Puff-tors were floating about. Continue on, destroying all breakable rock structures. When you get to the end of the canyon path, use the air-geyser to blow Frank and Maw to the right, and destroy the first two large, red toadstools.

Follow the path of air-geysers along, and you'll come to a stone platform in front of a waterfall with a containment unit on top of it. Smash it with Maw's Puff-tor ability, and once freed from inside, Maw will be able to eat Snuffle 4. Continue along the air-geyser path, and destroy the next breakable rock structures that you see. Once you eat the Yums that come out of these destroyed rock structures, if you have the Deleted Scene: Brute Force DLC, the following achievement will pop:. Destroyer of Yums 14 10 Find and eat Yums. If you don't have the DLC, then this achievement will pop slightly later than the point we're up to now.

Destroy all the trees in the area, and somewhere around this area, you'll get the following achievement:. Once all the trees have been destroyed, and the Yums have been eaten, we can continue on. In the side of the hill in this area, there will be a small set of trees, indicating this is where we need to go next. As soon as you move into the next area where all the water is , turn to the right, and you'll see a breakable rock structure. Break it, follow the air-geyser up and destroy the trees there. Continue on along the air-geyser path, destroying the force-field generator when you come to it.

Jump along the platforms at the side of the cliff after the air-geysers, jump to the top, and go along the path to complete the level. You will also be awarded a nice gamerpic for completing this level, which shows a close-up of the top of Maw's head, staring at you with his one eye. At the start of this level, you will be treated to what is, in my opinion, the funniest cutscene in the game. Once it's over, we can lead Maw up to the Loofer, to see another example of Maw being scared. Move yourself past the Loofer, towards the other floating question mark in the background.

You will see that underneath the floating question mark is a spiky, explosive plant. Leash it with B, rapidly tap A to pull it from the ground, and when it does, pull it over to the Loofer. Either slam it down on the Loofer with A, or throw it with Y. Either way, the Loofer will lose all of its feathers. The Maw will gain the Loofer's power, which allows him to shoot lasers from his eyes Yes; eyes. Maw now has more than one eye. You may notice you can't leash Maw when he's in Loofer-Maw form. Instead, he sticks his tongue out, and puts you on top of him.

You can move Maw the same way as you move Frank, except pressing A will shoot lasers, instead of allowing Maw to jump. Using the Loofer's eye-laser power, we now need to laser objects for the 'Eyes of the Beloofer' achievement. This is the only level that we can get the Loofer's power, so as we progress through this level, laser everything in sight.

You can use Maw's eye-lasers to shoot most of the things that Maw can eat, such as the Yums, and this will count towards the achievement mentioned above.

The Maw Walkthrough

However, as there are easily enough environmental items to contribute towards the achievement, shooting your prey is not mandatory. Don't forget to laser the rock structure that Maw hid behind at the beginning of the level, and the rocky structures near where the Loofer was. Progress straight forward to where the spiky, explosive plant is. Next to it is a big piece of spaceship debris. Around this debris are two Bounty Hunters. Just ahead and to the left, there is a large piece of spaceship debris blocking a short charred path into the cliff.

Destroy the debris with Maw's eye-lasers, and you'll find Snuffle 5 at the end of the short path. Come out of this small cliff path, and turn right at a right angle. Come back out of the charred crater, and follow the grassy path that's very obvious to the right of it. As you go along the path, use the eye-lasers to destroy all debris in your way.

After a left turn and some more destroyed Debris, you'll come across a small area with some force-field generators, some large, red toadstools, and a pair of rock structures. Take the right path, with the trees. You'll see some Gloobers, but before you can get to them, an alien spaceship flies over and drops some sentry turrets. You may notice that your eye-lasers can destroy the rocky shells on the Gloobers back. When you eat the first Gloober, Maw will grow.

Continue on, destroying trees with your eye-lasers, and eating the Yums that appear. After the second set of trees on the path, you'll come across a small clearing with some large, red toadstools, and some Bounty Hunters. Shoot them all, and then eat the Bounty Hunters.

You will see two Gloobers, but before you can get to them, an alien spaceship drops four more sentry turrets. Again, these are no match for Maw! We are now back to where we were before going down the path. Now take the path that's directly in front of you; This would be the path that would have been on your immediate left after coming to the small clearing the first time. It's a thin path and has a destroyed force-field generator right in the middle of the ground in front of it.

3. Story Walkthrough (including DLC)

As soon as you go past the deactivated force-field, an alien spaceship will again drop four sentry turrets. As you reach the part of the path with the second Gloober, you'll get a short cutscene showing more Bounty Hunters arriving into the clearing ahead of you. Go into the clearing, and shoot the Bounty Hunters and the force-field generator. Now progress through the deactivated force-field. We're back in the clearing where all the force-fields were, but now they're all deactivated. Go through the deactivated force-field to your immediate left. Some alien ships will arrive, dropping Bounty Hunters and seven sentry turrets in the large clearing.

Destroy everything in this clearing, including the Bounty Hunters, the sentry turrets, the large, red toadstools, and the force-field generator. Eat everything that you can. At some point during your rampage in this clearing, Maw will grow. You will also, during your rampage in this clearing get the following achievement: If you do not get the above achievement, you will be very close, so continue playing this level and it'll pop. Continue through the deactivated force-field.

You will see a fairly long cutscene involving an alien spaceship firing a missile at Maw, who then eats it, letting the explosion explode inside of his body, which destroys a breakable rock structure to Maw's right. Back in control of Maw, there are ten sentry turrets in front of him. At some point in this second large clearing, if you did not get the above achievement, you will definitely get it in this clearing.

Don't forget that you can shoot the Bounty Hunters, if you're worried about your count for the above achievement. To get past the arrow at the end of the level, you need to use Maw's eye-lasers to shoot the spiky, explosive plants to explode the large missile turret around the corner. Once you've done that, continue down that path to complete the level. River Redirect - If you do not have this deleted scene, scroll down to the next level, "Deleted Scene 3: When you start this level, there will be a holo-bridge with a Bounty Hunter on directly ahead of you.

To your 4 o'clock there will be a platform with a glowing orb on it. To your left there are five trees. Jump up the platforms, get the glowing orb, and toss it at the holo-bridge generator. It will explode, resulting in the Bounty Hunter becoming incapacitated by his own weapon.

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Continuing down the path, Maw may get scared by the living plants. If this happens, just re-leash him, and continue on. With Maw unleashed, use Frank to jump up the platforms to the left, and follow the path around to a spiky explosive plant. Toss it at the small collection of breakable rock structures to make them explode, and reveal a stone piece of ground. Leash one of the electric creatures in the middle of this area, with B, win the tug-of-war with it by rapidly pressing A, and then drag it to the stone ground.

After a few seconds, a Puff-tor will come over in an attempt to eat it. It will faceplant the stone ground, and become stunned. Before going anywhere else, go back to the start of the level. You can destroy the trees if you want, but they hide no Edibles. From the start, use Maw's Puff-tor ability to float up onto the left side of the holo-bridge or the right side if you're looking at the starting area from the path. Go back to where the Puff-tor was, and go up the air-geyser. Destroy the two breakable rock structures if you wish they contain no Edibles. If you fall to the ground floor at any point in the next section, just go back to the start and there will be a couple of air-geysers there to lift you back to the raised platforms above ground-floor.

Follow the first air-geyser along to a raised platform with three trees on. The next air-geyser is a timed one, so before you jump, make sure you're jumping the moment it's become active, so you have enough time to float to the next platform. After the first, he'll grow. Jump down to the right, and then follow the three air-geysers up to the grey-stone area.

You'll see some more Gloobers, with grey-coloured rocks for shells this time. There is a small air-geyser to the left. Use it to get up onto the first brown platform. You now want to get to the third brown platform by avoiding the air-streams coming from the next two air-geysers. When they shut off, jump across. You'll see another large air-geyser, and this one you want to jump into. It will take you up through two more air-geysers to the next flat area of the cliff.

In this new area, you'll see a total of six Gloobers there will be some on the opposite side of the water. If you have followed this walkthrough exactly, and have all of the DLC, this will pop the following achievement:. Tastes Like Snot 14 10 Find and eat 30 Gloobers. If you do not have this DLC, do not worry, as there are more than enough Gloobers later in the game for you to be able to pop this achievement.

The second Gloober will make Maw grow, and alert you to the fact that Maw can now go to the end of the level, but we've got plenty to do before that. Use Maw's ground-slam ability to destroy the nearby force-field generator. Follow the water downhill. There will be three more Gloobers; one on the left, two on the right.

Now use the air-geyser to float up to the next force-field generator. Follow the air-geysers again. Behind the fourth air-geyser is the force-field generator. Destroy it to extinguish the debris on fire, and also provide the ground-floor of the previous area with a river through it. You'll see a Gastro to your left. Maw will now take on the Gastro's abilities, and lose the Puff-tor's abilities. Go clockwise around this area, without going down-stream to where the burning debris was extinguished. Go back the way you came. Now you can go down-stream.

Do so, burning the living plants in the way. In this area, burn all the barrels to destroy the breakable rock structures, and burn all the trees as well. Continue down the path. Maw's fiery breath can break through a Gloober's rocky shell, so eat the Gloobers on the way. There are a couple of Yums hiding in the flower patch on this side of the red force-field, so get those. Move over to the ledge near the force-field generator, and you'll get a cutscene with Maw destroying it with his fiery breath.

Once the force-field generator is destroyed, go back through the deactivated force-field. You will notice there's a chain reaction of explosive barrels set up. Go down the slope where the holo-bridge was. After climbing back up the slope, you'll see the arrow right ahead of you. Do NOT go through it. Instead, pull a hairpin-right turn and you'll see a small pathway. Upon eating the last Gloober, you'll get the following achievement:. Speeder Lane - If you do not have this deleted scene, scroll down to the next level, "Mesas".

This level is a break away from the normal camera angle, and will have a top-down camera angle.

Note that if your hoverbike takes too much damage, it'll explode, and you'll have to back a little in the level, so avoid all missiles and orbs fired at you! The hoverbike has missiles that it can drop by pressing the A button, so test that now on the explosive barrels up the path, which then take out the orb-firing sentry turrets. Destroy the force-field generator, and continue on. There are three hexagonal buildings, a force-field generator an explosive barrel, and an orb-firing turret ahead. There are also three hexagonal buildings, a force-field generator, an explosive barrel, and an orb-firing turret on the right side of the area.

The force-field surrounding the building in the middle will be deactivated. Blow up the building with the missiles. Avoid the fire-geysers to destroy the generator ahead.

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This will stop the fire-geysers. Proceed to the right, destroying the two hexagon missile launchers and the force-field generator. The next bit is clearly a shout-out to the bullet-hell shooters such as Triggerheart Exelica, Ikaruga, and Mushihimesama Futari, but don't worry, it's not that difficult! Dodge the orbs fired at you, and use your missiles to explode the six explosive barrels.

The orb-firing generator will then be destroyed. At the top left of this area there is a seventh barrel. Use it to destroy the barrier blocking the pathway. Charge up this pathway, dropping missiles. Do not stop or you will die. Go past the first three missile launchers, dropping your own missiles on them to explode them. Also destroy the building next to them. Ignore the orb-firing turret, and go into the next area for a lot of missile turrets. Again, do not stop, or you will die. Keep circling around this area, dropping missiles until all of the missile launchers and the buildings are destroyed.

Continue on up the path, exploding the barrels to destroy the two extremely-easy-to-dodge orb-turrets, and then continue forward to destroy the next three missile launchers. Destroy the next set of missile turrets, and the force-field generator. We are now back where the bullet-hell generator was. Now go to the right. There's another barrier blocking the pathway, so blow it up with the explosive barrel nearby. Continue down the path, using exploding barrels to destroy the orb turrets.

Very shortly after you'll come to a small clearing with a waterfall and a lot of enemy buildings. Destroy everything, and the circulating orb turret to the left side of the demolished buildings will deactivate and disappear. Continue north, avoiding the fire-geysers, and then quickly destroying the three missile turrets.

Dodge the orbs fired from the orb turret to destroy it by using missiles on the explosive barrel. Destroy the next two in the same fashion, and then destroy the force-field generator. Go left slightly and go up the path that's just been revealed by destroying the force-field generator. Continue on, destroying the next three missile launchers, and then the next two orb turrets. Get to the force-field generator. Now, if you miss this hidden Snuffle, you should hang your head in shame, because it's so obvious, it's ridiculous. Above and to the right of the force-field generator are two large, brown, breakable rock structures.

Destroy them with your missiles, and go up the path to DLC Snuffle 3 , then return to the force-field generator, and destroy it. Follow the path and destroy absolutely everything. It is very possible that you'll die with all the orbs and missiles that you'll have to dodge, but you won't lose any progress on destroyed buildings or eaten Bounty Hunters.

Once everything has been destroyed, you'll be able to eat the last Bounty Hunters of the level, from the large building in the middle of the water. Go up and to the left along the path to get another area with another 'bullet hell' section. Destroy all the generators. It is very possible you'll die in this section, because the controls for the hoverbike aren't exactly suited for dodging in a bullet-hell environment. Once all the generators are destroyed, you'll get a small cutscene. Maw will now be providing you with explosive barrels.

I have no idea where he's getting them from.

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Keep using the exploding barrels until you get another short cutscene. Five Missile launchers will now spawn, as well as more generators. Sign In Don't have an account? Master Qui-Gon, more to say, have you? This article is about the black hole cluster. You may be looking for the Dark Jedi named Maw. Contents [ show ]. A black hole of the Maw The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance Mentioned only Star Wars: Jump to Lightspeed Star Wars: Forces of Corruption Star Wars: Rogue Leader Star Wars: Rebel Strike Star Wars: Edge of Victory II: Outcast Fate of the Jedi: And there it sits in vast silence.

Soon after, they start to arrive. The monstrous, sweating, hungry guests. All seams bursting, bodies bulging, eyes dead with boredom. They shuffle up the gangway and into the mouth of The Maw. And then they are no more. From Little Nightmares Wiki. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Gamepedia Gamepedia support Help Wiki Contact us. This page was last edited on 17 June , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

The Maw The Maw
The Maw The Maw
The Maw The Maw
The Maw The Maw
The Maw The Maw
The Maw The Maw

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