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He has his own family scandal in his past and has his own reasons for being wary of spiritualists. Presented as a likely future love interest for Ruby, there wasn't sufficient interaction between them in this book for me to really get a sense of how they'd work off of each other. All in all, it wasn't bad for a debut book but there is room for improvement, both in plotting, pacing, and characterization. I did like Ruby and the hotel setting enough to give the second book a chance to see how or if things improve. I hope they will.

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Even the covers mirrored each other; a woman in a fancy dress, umbrella over her right shoulder, gazing off into the distance. The answer to that question is a big fat no. I liked this one as much as I liked the first, average rating for an average read. I have an image of the characters in my mind, the location and some of the ending but not the big whodunit piece of the pie. I would normally downgrade it a star for this but I kind of feel like this is on me since I am still riding the average vibe from the other book. So three stars because negative me is cutting this book a break.

Aug 30, Okan Anuas rated it it was amazing. Ruby and her father have conned people all their lives. When a new idea goes wrong, Ruby is forced to flee the life she's known and live with an aunt she's never met. She tries to cover up her past but a series of deaths threaten to destroy her aunt's livelihood and unravel the new life she's made for herself. Desperate to help her aunt and herself , she decides to investigate a little on her own.

Jessica Estevao's debut is funny, cozy, and lovely to read. The characters are di Delightful read! The characters are distinct and develop well. The many side plots and details add up cleverly. However, it is the historical accuracy and engaging writing style that makes Whispers Beyond the Veil a must-read. I loved the characters, the dialogue which never becomes too tiresome or overdone , and the element of supernatural and magic in an otherwise realistic book.

The actual mystery is only revealed midway through the book. Whispers never lost my attention. I was eager to read it to the very end, and I am excited for future mysteries from Estevao! Apr 27, Scottsdale Public Library added it Shelves: Ruby escapes her ne-er do well father and heads to her dead mother's family, thinking she has killed a man. She hasn't but her father has and wants to pin the blame on her.

She is lovingly received by her aunt and surprised to learn the truth about her mother's family: She just thought she was going crazy.

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There are a few murders and mysteries as Ruby settles in to her new home, ever watchful about her past returning. This book is fun, not overly cozy or romantic, Ruby escapes her ne-er do well father and heads to her dead mother's family, thinking she has killed a man.

Whispers Beyond the Veil

This book is fun, not overly cozy or romantic, its historical aspects are perfect for the story and add to it rather than overwhelm. First in a series. Sep 06, Mark Baker rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are about to reopen the family home as a resort for spiritualists, and the summer of will be make or break for them. But when her past catches up to her and a murder threatens her new home, will Ruby be able to solve any problems?

The characters are charming, and I fell in love with them. When the murder does happen, the pace picks up and leads us to a logical conclusion. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. Aug 16, Kristie Dilcher rated it it was amazing.

I love historical mysteries. I found this book to be very well written and enjoyable. I thought the characters were interesting and likable. The story line was easy to follow and left me guessing until the end of the book.

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I never really read anything about the occult world, but I learned many things and look forward to reading more from this author. I highly recommend this book as it is a great read! Aug 22, Jaynie Flaherty added it. I enjoyed the book. It is a wonderful beach read. I live in Old Orchard Beach, Maine book setting. The main character, Ruby is a woman ahead of her time. The story takes place in , the year The Pier was built. Jessica develops the story and characters in a way that keeps the reader engaged. SO glad to know That this is the first book in a series.

Sep 27, OpenBookSociety. First in a dazzling new historical mystery series featuring Ruby Proulx, a psychic with a questionable past who suddenly finds her future most uncertain… Canada, The only life Ruby Proulx has ever known is that of a nomad, traveling across the country with her snake- http: Whispers Beyond the Veil is different from her fabulous cozy books, but her story telling talents are just as wonderful.

In the first of what promises to be a fantastic new series A Change of Fortune Mystery , this historical mystery is replete with fascinating characters, settings, intrigue and some paranormal activity as well. Starting out in Canada, Ruby Proulx is a protagonist that lacks confidence, but has a true will to survive whatever comes her way. Her father forces them to travel as he peddles outlandish cures and medical equipment guaranteed to heal anything. When things go horribly wrong while trying out his latest investment, the pair split up. Her father tells her they have to go their own ways in order to save their hides.

Luckily Ruby has been doing a bit of side work reading cards and has a bit of money saved. She takes all the money she has and gets a ticket to Old Orchard, Maine. She knows only that her mother and Honoria are in a photo that she has saved. Her mother has been gone since her birth. When she arrives in town, someone tries to steal her belongings, what little she has. She has been taught from an early age to never trust the police.

So when Officer Warren Yancy comes to take her statement, she holds back some information. The Hotel Belden is about to have a grand opening to entice Spiritualist. The whole town is full of them. Definitely a change of fortune for Ruby. She is able to take over for a medium that has cancelled last minute. Not that she thinks she is a real medium, but she has always heard voices so maybe they will assist her.

Things get hairy when one of the guests turns out to be the president of the Northeastern Society for Psychical Research and is known as a persistent debunker of the movement and its participants. Leander Stickney ends up dead, so suspicion lands on Ruby, her aunt and the other psychics at the hotel. It does not help that once friendly Officer Yancy has an entrenched suspicion of them. He especially does not like the friendship Ruby has with his mother and sister.

His boss wants him to get to the bottom of the death and the abundance of pickpockets yesterday. Is there more going on than meets the eyes? There an undercurrent making things even more intriguing. I am a cozy mystery reader through and through. I can honestly say, even the most staid reader will not find things to offend you in this wonderful historical mystery. Whispers Beyond the Veil is an entertaining read that kept me enthralled throughout.

Meeting the new characters, visiting a different time, getting to follow Ruby on her journey of self-exploration, all held my attention and pulled me in so I did not want to put this book down. I even enjoy that there are still questions unanswered, I cannot wait for the next book in this fascinating new series. I believe any fan of historical fiction and even cozy mysteries will love this new book and series. It is extremely well written. Take a chance and I am sure you will have a bright future ahead at least during the time it takes to read this fabulous journey into the past.

Mar 22, Leslie rated it really liked it. An intriguing protagonist in a fascinating time and place, and a solid mystery. A very promising start to a new series! Aug 07, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: It is in Canada and Ruby Proulx has not had an easy life growing up with her father. Her father hawks useless medicines and medical devices while Ruby earns a little extra money telling fortunes with her cards.

They live in tents and are always on the go. They have never been able to save much money, because her father is always spending their money on new get rich quick schemes that neve Whispers Beyond the Veil by Jessica Estevao is the first book in A Change of Fortune Mystery series.

They have never been able to save much money, because her father is always spending their money on new get rich quick schemes that never work. His latest waste of money is a medical device that will invigorate and re-energize a person. Ruby wants nothing to do with it, but her father can be very insistent. The voice warns her not to do it, but she flips the switch anyway.

He states they must separate and tells her to leave immediately. Ruby takes what little money she has saved up telling fortunes, and heads for Old Orchard, Maine. Ruby arrives in town and is immediately accosted by a purse snatcher on the pier. Ruby is rescued by Officer Warren Yancy. Her aunt is thrilled to see her. Honoria has just revamped the hotel, and will be re-opening it as a hotel for Spiritualist a big movement in the US at the time. The featured star will be the medium, Miss Flora Roberts. But when Miss Flora cancels, Ruby feels she must step in and help her aunt.

Without the medium, the guests will cancel and her aunt will lose the hotel she took out a mortgage for the remodel. Ruby has been hearing the voice for years, but she was afraid to tell anyone did not want to be put in an asylum. Will Ruby be a convincing medium? Ruby gets worried, though, when Leander Stickney checks into the hotel.

He is the president of the Northeastern Society for Psychical Research. Instead of promoting psychic phenomena, Mr. Stickney is out to debunk it. Stickney turns up dead, and this presents a new problem for Ruby—the police! Ruby needs to find the killer and save the Hotel Belden before it gets in the press. Join Ruby in Whispers Beyond the Veil. There is quite a bit going on in this book.

I have tried to summarize the main portions of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed Whispers Beyond the Veil. We are given a lot of background information in the book on Ruby, the hotel, Old Orchard, etc. Review "Old Orchard, Maine, at the turn of the 20th century provides the setting for Estevao's excellent series launch.

Berkley September 6, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention beyond the veil whispers beyond old orchard change of fortune orchard maine look forward next book ruby proulx horribly wrong jessica estevao exchange for an honest hotel belden historical mystery mother and sister aunt honoria medicine show mother family well written goes horribly highly recommend.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A well written piece of history. Engaging characters, both the likable ones and the not likable ones. As is so often the case, the location is a major character and plays its part well. There is the ongoing question of which people actually have a physic talent and how many a fakes. I enjoyed watching the main character evolve as the story progressed. I look forward to more. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

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One of the best cozy mysteries I have ever read. It doesn't break any of the "rules" of a cozy, but it isn't a fill- in-the-blanks standard cozy. It is far more literate than most. Fun read that keeps your attention. It is light yet interesting. The mystery is well presented and keeps you guessing right up to the conclusion! I look forward to reading more books by this author and definitely recommend Whispers Beyond the Veil to others. The book caught my attention in a Facebook post. Having read four other books by Jessica, I knew I was in for a treat, and I was not in the least bit disappointed.

I am familiar with the area and have personal experience with the occupations of the characters. I feel I was transported back to that era by the wonderful wording of each page. Needless to say I anxiously await Jessica's next book. Great book, can't wait for the next one. Whispers Beyond the Veil marks the beginning of a superb historical mystery series. Jessica Estevao manages to create an extremely likeable, flawed heroine, Ruby Proulx, and place her in an equally enjoyable setting, the charming seaside resort town of Old Orchard, Maine.

As the book opens in , Ruby is traveling in Canada with her father, a charlatan who enlists Ruby in his fraudulent schemes. After one of his supposed cures causes a death, Ruby escapes to Old Orchard, Maine to join her estranged Aunt Honoria and avoid being charged with the murder. Honoria owns the Hotel Belden which caters to spiritualists, a popular interest during this time period. Meanwhile, Old Orchard is building a large pier to attract more visitors, and the additional people mean an increase in crime. As the story unfolds, several individuals are murdered, and Ruby takes it upon herself to help the police solve the murders.

The historical aspects of the story are wonderful, and the characters well-developed. The story held my interest through the entire book, and the resolution was particularly creative. While I really loved the entire book, one of my favorite things about Whispers Beyond the Veil was how different it is from anything else I have read. As I mention frequently in my reviews, I feel like I encounter an overabundance of the same types of stories over and over again, and it gets old.

I highly recommend this clever, well-written, and very entertaining novel. Thank you to Berkley Publishing for this wonderful book. It is in Canada and Ruby Proulx has not had an easy life growing up with her father. Her father hawks useless medicines and medical devices while Ruby earns a little extra money telling fortunes with her cards.

They live in tents and are always on the go. They have never been able to save much money, because her father is always spending their money on new get rich quick schemes that never work. His latest waste of money is a medical device that will invigorate and re-energize a person. Follow this passageway to find the second book required for the later puzzle. There will be a range of leveled Seekers throughout the passage, as well as scryes to activate. Near the end is another book that leads to Blessed Bone: At this point, the Dragonborn can either drop from the ledge or follow the passageway back.

Either way that has been take, the Dragonborn must follow the opened pathway further into Apocrypha. The path leads to another teleporting book, which leads the Dragonborn to a maze of teleporting books. The idea is to determine where the books lead, because two of the teleporters lead to Shackled Soul and Binding Blood respectively and another leads to the area where the four books must be placed.

Veiled Whisperings A Collection of Poetry

When the Dragonborn has all four books in their possession, find the room with four pedestals around the edges this can be easily reached by navigating back to the stairs that led into this zone of Apocrypha and using the teleporter book found there and place the books on the respective stands. The puzzle solution is:. When all four books are placed on the right pedestals, the final teleporter book will be spawned, but a leveled Lurker boss must be defeated.

Defeat the Lurker and loot the body for anything valuable, before using the book in the center platform to reach the final area. Follow the pathway and defeat some Seekers and activate the scrye to open the passage onward. This section will rise and some pathways are wrong, but the wrong passages will guide the Dragonborn to the black book within the final chamber.

Veiled Whisperings Veiled Whisperings
Veiled Whisperings Veiled Whisperings
Veiled Whisperings Veiled Whisperings
Veiled Whisperings Veiled Whisperings
Veiled Whisperings Veiled Whisperings

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