Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete

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Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling of Concrete Structures

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Multi Scale Modeling of Chromatin and Nucleosomes

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Multiscale modeling of carbon nanotube reinforced concrete - ScienceDirect

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Already read this title? Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Add to Wish List. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents. Summary Increases in computer power have now enabled engineers to combine materials science with structural mechanics in the design and the assessment of concrete structures. Table of Contents 1. Request an e-inspection copy. The Bookshelf application offers access: The advanced characterization technologies employed includes X-ray CT technology, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, and X-ray diffraction.

Promising results have been made in modeling and simulation field, too. They use molecular simulation to model the real atomic structure of C-S-H and predict materials properties, e. However, molecular simulation is constrained by time and length scale limits. Even with the support of the most updated supercomputer, the molecular simulation size is still hard to represent a 1 millimeter sample. In addition, the representative volume element size in continuum method often ranges from centimeter to meter. There is a gap between molecular simulation and real structural scale. Basically, macroscopic characters of concrete structures rely on micro-pore structures and chemo-physical states that influence performance durability.

In turn, chemo-physical states of substances in nano or micro pores are greatly associated with structural mechanics with damages induced by loads and weather actions. Material properties follow from their atomic and microscopic structures and exhibit different properties at different scales. For example, the range of the microstructure of concrete, from nanometers C-S-H to micrometers cement paste to millimeters mortar and concrete to meters real structure covers nine orders of magnitude in size.

The multi physics effects of various materials include cement hydration, moisture equilibrium, constitutive law of hardened cement paste, and chloride equilibrium, etc. To fully model every effect, over 50 nonlinear governing equations need to be solved. Thus, to fully represent cement concrete behaviors a single scale modeling method is hard to address the cross-scale complex behavior from material scale to structural scale.

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To look at a problem simultaneously from several different scales and levels of detail is a more mature way of doing modeling. In this regard, two sub-fields of structural mechanics and material science have been investigated to combine micro and macro features together. In this method, features are investigated from a sequential manner, named hierarchical approach. Results from micro scale are transmitted to a higher scale, and then perform single scale calculations to gain macro scale results.

Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete Multi-scale Modeling of Structural Concrete

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