Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)

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Black Haze Over Aurora

Australian Recording Industry Association. Retrieved July 21, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved October 7, A greater limitation is that, unlike Lightroom, ON1 does not accept any third party plug-ins it serves as a plug-in for other programs. That means ON1 is not compatible with what I feel are essential programs for advanced time-lapse processing: Both programs work with Lightroom to perform incremental adjustments to settings over a set of images, based on the settings of several keyframes.

Lacking the ability to work with these programs means ON1 is not a program for serious and professional time-lapse processing. Now we come to the most demanding task: All require applying generous levels of contrast enhancement. You can then take the developed raw file into Photoshop for even more precise work. With ON1, its effects and filters all you have to work with. It always looked a little flat. I feel it is not possible to avoid dark star haloes, as any application of contrast enhancements, so essential for these types of objects, brings them out, even if you back off sharpening at the raw development stage, or apply star masks.

Star haloes are a sign of poor processing. But turn on the Remove Hot Pixel button and stars start to be eaten. Faint stars fade out and brighter stars get distorted into double shapes or have holes in them.

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Hot pixel removal is a nice option to have, but for these types of images it does too much harm to be useful. Use LENR or take dark frames, best practices in any case.

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  • Before any processing of deep-sky images is possible, it is first necessary to stack and align them, to make up for slight shifts from image to image, usually due to the mount not being perfectly polar aligned. Such shifts can be both translational left-right, up-down and rotational turning about the guide star.

    Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 winners – in pictures

    Once stacked and aligned, and as I showed above, you then have to manually change the opacities of each layer to blend them for noise smoothing. I use it all the time for deep-sky images. In ON1, however, all that has to be done manually, step-by-step. ON1 does do the job, just not as well. ON1 Photo RAW is a major improvement, primarily in providing a more seamless and less destructive workflow. But for astrophoto use, ON1 is missing a lot of basic but essential filters for pixel-level touch-ups. But then again, neither does Lightroom, another example of how ON1 is more light Lightroom with layers and not Photoshop.

    This is immensely useful for deep-sky images. I can live without it, but most astrophotographers would find this a deal-breaker. ON1 saves its layered images as proprietary. The image has already been saved, writing over your earlier good version. Nor can you Save As … a file name of your choice.

    Once you are happy with an image, you can Export the final. I encountered a number of other bugs, ones bad enough to lock up ON1 now and then. These will no doubt get fixed in Download the trial copy and test it for yourself. A handful of locations in the world are meccas for aurora chasers.

    Yellowknife is one of them and, for me, surprisingly accessible with daily flights north. The attraction of going in early September, as I did, is that the more persistent clouds of late autumn have not set in, and the many lakes and rivers are not yet frozen, making for superb photo opportunities. Lakes down Highway 4, the Ingraham Trail, such as Prosperous, Prelude, and Pontoon are popular spots for the busloads of tourists who fly in every year from around the world.

    On one magical night I and my local host and guide, Stephen Bedingfield, went to the end of the Trail, to where the Ice Road begins, to Tibbitt Lake, and had the site to ourselves. The aurora was jaw-dropping that night. On other nights with less certain prospects I stayed in town, and still got a fine show on several nights, the Lights so bright they show up well even from within urban Yellowknife. On another night we chased into clear skies down Highway 3 to the west, to a rocky plateau on the Canadian Precambrian Shield.

    Even amid the clouds, the aurora was impressive. Here is the finale music video from movies shot that night, September 8, , with two cameras: The movie is in 4K. Aurora Reflections from Alan Dyer on Vimeo. Each month includes many dates and diagrams for celestial sights and space exploration events and anniversaries. Do share the web page URL or this blog post.

    However, the PDF itself is for your personal use only. First published in , and revised several times since then, my How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and Time-Lapses eBook had been available only for Apple devices through the Apple iBooks Store. Over the years, many people have inquired about an edition for other devices, notably Android and Windows tablets. The only format that I can be sure the wide array of other devices can read and display as I intend it is PDF. Volume 2 includes all the same step-by-step tutorials as the Apple edition, but spread over many more pages.

    In the PDF version, however, those same steps are shown over several pages. The other main difference is that, unlike the Apple version, I cannot embed videos. It is now pages. Owners of the previous Apple iBooks edition can get the updated version for free.

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    • Both Apple and PDF editions are now in sync and identical in content. To learn more and to buy, see my webpage at my AmazingSky site.

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      I spent a wonderful week touring the star-filled nightscapes of southwest Saskatchewan. On their license plates Saskatchewan is billed as the Land of Living Skies. I like the moniker that Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Connie Kaldor gives it — the sky with nothing to get in the way. Grasslands National Park should be a mecca for all stargazers. It is a Dark Sky Preserve. You can be at sites in the Park and not see a light anywhere, even in the far distance on the horizon, and barely any sky glows from manmade sources.

      The lead image shows the potential for camping in the Park under an amazing sky, an attraction that is drawing more and more tourists to sites like Grasslands. This is a multi- panel panorama of the Milky Way over the historic 76 Ranch Corral in the Frenchman River Valley, once part of the largest cattle ranch in Canada. Mars shines brightly to the east of the galactic core.

      At the Two Trees site visitors can stay in the tipis and enjoy the night sky. No one was there the night I was shooting. The night was warm, windless, and bug-less. It was a perfect summer evening. From Grasslands I headed west to the Cypress Hills along scenic backroads. About stargazers and lovers of the night gather to revel in starlight. Most nights were clear, and warmer than usual, allowing shirt-sleeve observing. It was a little bit of Arizona in Canada. Everyone enjoyed the experience.

      I know I did! From Cypress Hills I drove due north to finally, after years of thinking about it, visit the Great Sandhills near Leader, Saskatchewan. The Sandhills is not a provincial park but is a protected eco zone, though used by local ranchers for grazing. However, much of the land remains uniquely prairie but with exposed sand dunes among the rolling hills.

      There are farm lights in the distance but the sky above is dark and, in the panorama above, colored by twilight and bands of red and green airglow visible to the camera. In the twilight, from the top of one of the accessible sand dunes, I shot a panorama of the array of four planets currently across the sky, from Venus in the southwest to Mars in the southeast.

      This is the kind of celestial scene you can see only where the sky has nothing to get in the way. Three perfect nights in July provided opportunities to capture the night sky at popular sites in Banff National Park. When the weather forecast in mid-July looked so promising I made an impromptu trip to Banff to shoot nightscapes and time-lapses under unusually clear skies. Clouds are often the norm in the mountains or, increasingly these days, forest fire smoke in late summer.

      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)
      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)
      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)
      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)
      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)
      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)
      Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3) Black Haze Over Aurora (Night Book 3)

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