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No analysts cover Enice Holding, future earnings growth has been estimated based on fundamentals. The future performance of a company is measured in the same way as past performance, by looking at estimated growth and how much profit it is expected to make. Future estimates come from professional analysts. Annual Growth Rates Comparison. Unable to determine if Enice Holding is high growth as no revenue estimate data is available.

Past and Future Earnings per Share The accuracy of the analysts who estimate the future performance data can be gauged below.

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We look back 3 years and see if they were any good at predicting what actually occurred. We also show the highest and lowest estimates looking forward to see if there is a wide range. Performance in 3 years In the same way as past performance we look at the future estimated return profit compared to the available Also known as ROE Return on Equity. We do this looking forward 3 years. X Future performance checks We assess Enice Holding's future performance by looking at: Is the annual earnings growth rate expected to beat the low risk savings rate, plus a premium to keep pace with inflation?

Is the annual earnings growth rate expected to beat the average growth rate in earnings of the Global market?

ENC Future Performance

Full details on the Future part of the Simply Wall St company analysis model. Enice Holding's last earnings update was days ago. The past performance of a company can be measured by how much growth it has experienced and how much profit it makes relative to the funds and assets it has available. Past earnings growth Below we compare Enice Holding's growth in the last year to its industry Wireless Telecom. Past Earnings growth analysis We also check if the company has grown in the past 5 years, and whether it has maintained that growth in the year.

Earnings and Revenue History Enice Holding's revenue and profit over the past 5 years is shown below, any years where they have experienced a loss will show up in red. Performance last year We want to ensure a company is making the most of what it has available. X Past performance checks We assess Enice Holding's performance over the past 5 years by checking for: Has earnings increased in past 5 years? Some checks require at least 3 or 5 years worth of data.

Full details on the Past part of the Simply Wall St company analysis model. A company's financial position is much like your own financial position, it includes everything you own assets and owe liabilities. The boxes below represent the relative size of what makes up Enice Holding's finances. The net worth of a company is the difference between its assets and liabilities. This treemap shows a more detailed breakdown of Enice Holding's finances. If any of them are yellow this indicates they may be out of proportion and red means they relate to one of the checks below.

The 'shares' portion represents any funds contributed by the owners shareholders and any profits. Historical Debt Nearly all companies have debt. The graphic below shows equity available funds and debt, we ideally want to see the red area debt decreasing.

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If there is any debt we look at the companies capability to repay it, and whether the level has increased over the past 5 years. X Financial health checks We assess Enice Holding's financial health by checking for: Are short term assets greater than short term liabilities?

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  7. ENICE HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED (ASX:ENC) - ASX Share Price & News, page-1 | HotCopper Forum.

For companies that are loss making and have been so on average in the past we replace the last 2 checks with: Dividends are regular cash payments to you from the company, similar to a bank paying you interest on a savings account. Dividend Amount Here we look how much dividend is being paid, if any.

Is it above what you can get in a savings account? It is up there with the best dividend paying companies? This graph shows you the historical rate to count toward your assessment of the stock. We also check to see if the dividend has increased in the past 10 years.

Enice Holding Co (ASX:ENC) Share Price | RNS News, Quotes, & Charts | viwacylu.tk |

Note all dividend per share amounts are annualized and not quarterly or other period. Current Payout to shareholders What portion of Enice Holding's earnings are paid to the shareholders as a dividend. Future Payout to shareholders. Firstly is the company paying a notable dividend greater than 1.

Enice- Crazy Over You (112)

Full details on the Dividends part of the Simply Wall St company analysis model. Management is one of the most important areas of a company. ENC Enice Holding receives a proposal to privatise company. ENC Enice Holding seeks trading halt. China Mobile Group tender awarded to Enice. Enice response to ASX query on fund repatriation from China. Enice Half Yearly Result. Final Director's interest Notice - Drew Kelton. Results of Annual General Meeting. Notice of Annual General Meeting.

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  • Change in substantial holding. Enice reported recorded revenue for FY Notice of initial substantial holder.

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    ENC Enice Holding requests trading halt. Appointment of Non-Executive Director. Amendment of employee incentive plan. Enice doubles revenues for FY

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