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My knowledge and skill come with continuing education and working alongside doctors, yoga instructors, and chiropractors.


‘You have a good day’: The daily grind of Philly’s One Step Away vendors

I have a unique approach to massage by incorporating the results oriented style of my medical training and my spa experience of pampering. I believe every person deserves the most beautiful skin possible. No matter what your skin has been through, I believe that it can be improved with the proper treatment and lots of attention.

My practice with One Step Away Day Spa is dedicated to providing superior skin care services to men and women of all ages.

Do Americans Understand They’re One Step Away From the Abyss?

As an Esthetician I am licensed with the State of California. The person in charge of these camps produced a set of spectacular Orwellian denials. Did the head of state come to his senses? Let us now think one step ahead. By passing a bill, or an executive order, or both. Go ahead, pick something.

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Let the dark corners of your imagination run wild for a moment. Strip people en masse of citizenship. Put residents and citizens in camps.

Enslave the prisoners in them. Put people in ghettoes, based on their ethnic status. Does this sound like fabulism to you? Who is going to stop it? It is something he is capable of as a human being. I want you to see the point. The worst abuses and acts imaginable in human history can happen overnight now. They can become a reality now with a single simple signing of a pen to paper. Do you see what I mean by: Do you still think that I overstate it? The world cannot stop it, can it? And who would intercede anyways? The courts will stop them!!

They will not really stop any of the above. They may claim some sort of victory, after a time, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory. History, Nuremberg, tells us that much. So in the end there are only two safety nets left in society that can stop the plunge into the abyss.

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The first is the people. The American people are brave and noble and kind.

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But they are also traumatized and wounded and broken, by the depredations of predatory capitalism.

One Step Away One Step Away
One Step Away One Step Away
One Step Away One Step Away
One Step Away One Step Away
One Step Away One Step Away
One Step Away One Step Away
One Step Away One Step Away
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